Brothel Megacorporation [v.0.22]

Epifania is a city where money can buy everything. This autonomous territory is managed by megacorporations. You are an ambitious person who came to this sinful city hoping to make it big. A mission for you: renovate an abandoned building and transform it into the best brothel in Epifania City! Brothel Megacorporation – train courtesans, accumulate resources, buy facilities and upgrades, manipulate markets, crush your competitors, manage a corporate harem, and build the most successful adult entertainment megacorporation in this brothel management game!

-Rank A training for Zoe, Nicole, Ayaka. (24 new animations)
-New “Special Cow” status screen added to the milk farm
-Fix for Denise-Julia rank A mix-up and other bugs
-New Denise repeatable animation in the club

-Rank A training for Julia and Denise (16 animations)
-2 Specialisations paths for Julia: Porn, Breeding
-New expertise events for Julia and Caroline
-Fixed bug where climax animations and other cutscenes would not be displayed for some players.
-Sauna is now correctly displayed as being purchased.
-Other Bugfixes.

-Rank A progression for Caroline (8 new training animations)
-6 unique porn and breeding specialisation events for Caroline
-Breeding specialisation training with the Doctor (Tutor)
-New Room interaction for Caroline (Breeding specialisation events)
-New expertise menu
-New STATS screen after promoting a Rank A courtesan

-Acting lessons with the Witch: 4 Events (optional)
-New threesome event for Sophia + Shannon
-Breeding content now available for The Pianist
-“Observe Nancy”: New event chain at the milk farm (3 timed events)
-Tweaked requirements for the first Witch event
-Fixes for vacation and contraception errors and other bugs

-Story event added for the Witch during corporate meeting
-New special solo animation for Julia in the reception
-Degenerate games added to the Casino: Breeding Roulette and Mystery Cum Donut
-Content Poll: Breeding room content for Denise, Hannah + an alternative breeding scene for The Doctor
-Added loading screen
-New contraceptives option for Corporate Wives
-Fixed raid stats being displayed incorrectly

-New District: Oriental Town
-New special employee: Ellie, the spa therapist
-New Facility: Spa
-New Upgrades: Bathhouse, Sauna
-New raid available at Abdel Heights (optional)
-Caroline: Remake for 2 training animation sequences
-Overhaul for Caroline’s first evaluation event
-Fixed Piano cost error
-Fixed bug that caused some courtesans to not earn daily revenue
-Removed wallet money cap

New optional District: Abdel Heights (req. Breeding Room upgrade)
Special Employee: Nancy
Private ranch: Milk Factory upgrade
Pregnant courtesans can be milked
Daisy, the milk cow, event chain
New repeatable event for Shannon + Sophia
Performance/optimization improvement by clearing useless data whenever player sleeps
MCT in wallet now capped at 1 trillion
Money cheat: it now sets your total money to 10 billion MCT
New cheat: Bypass Raids: instantly win raids with this cheat activated

Brothel Level 4
New corporate wife: Shannon K.
New autotrainer system
Shannon: Full intimacy and story progression.
Shannon + Sophia event
Breeding content for Caroline, Julia, Nicole

New courtesan pregnancy system available for The Doctor
‘Visit Room’ content for The Pianist, Clara, The Doctor
2 Gifts added

New district: Academic District
New Courtesan: The Doctor. Full progression to rank B.
New facility: The Ranch, upgrade: Breeding Rooms (WIP)
Groundwork for upcoming “rooms” updates
Code for some animations have been changed to conform to the other animation sequences in the game.

Brothel Megacorporation: Entertainment District Part 2
New courtesan: Bunny Girl Clara (full progression to rank B)
New Facility: the Casino. Upgrade: Prizes

New district: The Entertainment district
New courtesan: The Pianist (full progression to rank B)
New restaurant upgrade: The Piano
New CCTV animations for all courtesans

Practical exam for the Rank B training license (unlocked after you get all the recommendation letters from the 4 generals).
Full progression to Rank B for all 7 courtesans (29 new animations and 7 ranking events).
New training system for Rank B: specialise your courtesans by selecting different perks.
New gameplay feature: Courtesan Raids.
Courtesan raid enemy: The Genoa Family. 4 events.

New feature: Mobile phone
New feature: Sophia Alignment! (wip) Influence your wife’s personality.
2 events and animations for the content poll winners.
9 Training Animation Remakes

New corporate takeover area: the Red Light district
Progression to B rank part 1: train MC skills.
Moaning sounds added to some animations.

-New Feature: Quickly cycle between courtesan train/CCTV menus by clicking on the sides of the screen
-Porn event for Nicole
-Bar FFFM Foursome event

– Evaluation: Brothel Level 3
– Daily financial reports feature
– Corporate Harem: The accountant, Sophia.
– Harem: Sophia interactions, event chain, pregnancy feature

– Room visit feature: Unlocked in Rank C. You can now visit the courtesans in their rooms to get to know them better.
– Relationship level: Talk to the courtesans and give them the right gifts to increase your R level.
– 14 casual sex animations

– 2 new unlockable D rank courtesans: Ayaka and Hannah.
– New events for Ayaka and Hannah
– New district with 3 competing businesses.
– 4 new CCTV animations for the girls

– Quick Train Mode: new option to skip training animations.
– Added “thousands separators” to make numbers more legible (1000000 will now read as 1,000,000).
– Gloryhole Bootcamp: a new alternative for training courtesans based on RNG.
– New event chain for the Nightclub + Threesome animation.
– Remade 3 Rank C animations (Caroline G, Zoe G, Nicole A).

Initial Release Brothel Megacorporation

Release date: 2024-04-25
Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, animated, big tits, creampie, male protagonist, milf, multiple penetration, prostitution, swinging, trainer, virgin, voyeurism, oral sex, vaginal sex, titfuck, group sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Khing Orchestra
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.22
Language: English
Size: 2.65 GB

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