Picture Perfect [v.0.12]

In the game Picture Perfect photographer lives with three young women — 18 year-old, Miracle who is so shy and introverted she won’t leave the house without him, 20 year-old, Sasha who dreams of starring on Broadway, and 22 year-old, Paris who dropped out of college to mooch off him once more. Ever since the girls’ mother abandoned them several years ago, our middle-aged MC has had a tough time managing everything, to say the least. He’s in danger of losing the house, though he keeps it a secret from the trio of girls.

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth [v.0.14]

Sex game Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth by beWilder. Our heroine Noemi is the only child of an Italian immigrant to the United States, who is also an entrepreneur and chef. She runs her own restaurant in a small suburb of Philadelphia with her fiancé Brad and waitresses who are like sisters to her. Life was good for her, too good. It all crumbles around her as her father goes to the grave and his secret debts are revealed. As his only heir, she inherits these debts and takes on the burden of a 6-figure debt.

Mirror Mine [v.0.16.1]

Mirror Mine — sex game from the developer Lemonkey Games. You’re finally coming home from college, and things hasn’t been great recently. Your dad left — not that you’ve particularly been close, quite the contrary. But to make things worse, you’re also out of funds. So now you’re back. Living at home again with all the restrictions it entails. You’ll be choosing between two paths — love or corruption. The scenes and endings will differ greatly depending on which of the two paths you choose to embark!​

Luke’s Way [v.0.25]

Luke’s Way is the story of a guy named Luke who moved to a new city in search of a better job and a better life. He manages to find a job that will change his life at a company called L.P. On his first day at work, he is invited to a party that turns out to be a massive orgy. A few days later, the boss admits that she liked Luke at first sight, and they began a romantic relationship. She offers him a big role in her company and a free pass to have fun with other girls.

Avalon [v.8.2]

After a traumatic experience leaves her broken and alone, Avalon moves in with her Uncle. As they reconnect after being disassociated for several years, they begin to find solace in each other. As their relationship grows, it attracts new friends, old foes and exciting adventures. Download

Summer with Mia 2 [Episode 2]

Okay Summer with Mia, so this is the first part of Living with Mia Ren’Py remake. To avoid confusion, the game will be called Summer with Mia ACT1. A lot of time and effort have gone into this one. All the images have been updated and converted into FullHD and new updated animations have been added.
Added actual russian version!

Mystery Of Magic [v.0.1.4p]

This game Mystery Of Magic takes place in the parallel universe. So it might be slightly different from the canonical one. Professor Albus Dumbledore was killed by The Dark Lord. The Ministry of Magic forbid all the students of Hogwarts which were not yet 18 years old take classes for this dark period. Severus Snape was put into Director’s role.

Сокровище Надии [v.75031]

Сокровище Надии — продолжение Эпидемии Похоти. В игре вы возьмете под свой контроль парня, который хочет стать известным охотником за сокровищами. На своем пути вы встретите множество сексуальных спутниц!

Glamour / Гламур [v.0.35.1]

Игра Glamour представляет собой эротический симулятор, новое творение автора популярной игры Big Brother!.. Главная героиня Кейт прожила всю свою жизнь в маленьком сельском городке, но однажды ее семья распалась, отец уходит, а старшая сестра переезжает в большой город. Кейт 18 лет, она недавно окончила среднюю школу, и пришло время получать высшее образование. Ее старшая сестра Джулия приглашает ее переехать к ней и поступить в тот же экспериментальный колледж, что и она, с очень уникальным подходом к образованию. Кейт принимает предложение Юлии и надеется начать новую жизнь на новом месте. Но, может быть, ее жизнь не будет такой гламурной, как она надеется…

SexNote [v.0.13.2]

Living with his two adoptive mothers and stepsister made him shy with girls, until one day, he was sitting in the classroom and saw a book falling from the sky… That book was a SexNote, a book that will introduce him into the magic power, where he will acquire a lot of magical skills with the help of Brixxida the guardian demon of the book, changing his life forever and the way he interacts with his friends, family, and new enemies…