Picture Perfect [v.0.12]

In the game Picture Perfect photographer lives with three young women — 18 year-old, Miracle who is so shy and introverted she won’t leave the house without him, 20 year-old, Sasha who dreams of starring on Broadway, and 22 year-old, Paris who dropped out of college to mooch off him once more. Ever since the girls’ mother abandoned them several years ago, our middle-aged MC has had a tough time managing everything, to say the least. He’s in danger of losing the house, though he keeps it a secret from the trio of girls.

The Office Wife [v.0.66]

The Office Wife you play Stacy Jones, recently married and newly employed at a fairly typical office job. When a mysterious amulet in your hands, however, your life begins to radically change. Consumed by desires and impulses you’ve never felt before, you’re soon wearing less and less to work and indulging not just your new husband, but just about any man who wishes to partake.

Real Life Sunbay [2021.02]

In the sex game Real Life Sunbay, you will play the role of Mike. You got kicked out of college. Keeping this a secret from his parents, he travels to his relatives in Sunbay City to start over. How this story goes is up to you! You can spend time working as a courier to make enough money to start dating girls, or grab a gun and try to get what you need from Sunbay City. Or use other dirty tricks to get the girls to do whatever you need!
Added russian version!

Uncontrollable Lust [v.0.9]

Uncontrollable Lust — as you realize your increasing lust, What will you do? Claim all the women? Or keep on living an ordinary life as you have been?
Added actual russian version!

Become A Rock Star / Стать рок-звездой [v.0.80]

Главный герой эротического симулятора Become A Rock Star молодой человек, который переехал в большой город, где хочет создать свою музыкальную группу. Новые знакомства, новые возможности, всё это теперь в ваших руках!
Added lite version!

Our Red String [v.0.7 final]

Our Red String — sex game by EvaKiss. Lena and Ian are two very different people who find themselves in a very similar moment in their lives. Both struggling to achieve their dreams, both hurting because of love. They will be able to experience the heights of love or the depths of lust, friendship or betrayal, moral or immoral, success or failure… And you will be the one to choose. But one’s choices can often tangle together and lead to an unexpected mess, so be mindful, for you thread the thread of their Red String.

Luke’s Way [v.0.25]

Luke’s Way is the story of a guy named Luke who moved to a new city in search of a better job and a better life. He manages to find a job that will change his life at a company called L.P. On his first day at work, he is invited to a party that turns out to be a massive orgy. A few days later, the boss admits that she liked Luke at first sight, and they began a romantic relationship. She offers him a big role in her company and a free pass to have fun with other girls.

A Mother’s Love [Part 1-10 Plus]

Erotic game A Mother’s Love from the developer OrbOrigin. Your girlfriend’s mother doesn’t love you. More than anything, she wants you to leave her daughter because you are interfering with her education. She’s desperate to get rid of you, and you both make an agreement. An agreement that can change all your relationships!
Added compressed version and walkthrough mod!

Время любить [v.0.4.1]

«Время любить» — визуальный роман, основанный на игре «Мечты фермера». Мы изначально планировали, что он расскажет ту же самую историю, что и оригинал, только изменив ее формат, чтобы люди могли наслаждаться им без геймплея оригинала. Но в конце концов мы отошли от этой идеи, потому что хотели предложить что-то новое, и поэтому мы изменили некоторые вещи…

Lily of the Valley Ren’Py Remake [v.1.7]

This unofficial port is not released by developer, download at your own risk. This is a port of P and P RPGM version. You will be playing the role of «Lily» and making decisions about the course her life will take.