Real Life Sunbay [v.1.4.3 beta]

In the sex game Real Life Sunbay, you will play the role of Mike. You got kicked out of college. Keeping this a secret from his parents, he travels to his relatives in Sunbay City to start over. How this story goes is up to you! You can spend time working as a courier to make enough money to start dating girls, or grab a gun and try to get what you need from Sunbay City. Or use other dirty tricks to get the girls to do whatever you need!

v1.3 Beta
Major changes:
[added] Fetish club location integrated, updated, balanced and optimized
[added] Sex scene on stage with Futa girl (Fetish Club)
[added] Sex scene with club slave girl
[added] Sex scene with a female visitor
[added] Updated skin shaders (wet glossy effect), added new NPC characters, clothes, items and animations for NPC
[added] Interactive NPCs, story dialogues and sexy events in the club
[added] Inside the club you will be able to change music by interacting with the Jukebox
[added] Inside the “Memories” app – all sex scenes that are available in the club
[added] Numerous small tweaks to boost performance
and more…

v1.1 Beta
[added] full story quest for Olivia ACT 3/3
[added] background music to all quest scenes
[added] gain obedience level for girls in BDSM basement
[added] 2 sex training for Olivia (blowjob and anal) with sound
[added] sex training for Amelia (blowjob) with sound
[added] Amelia available to Hang Out
[added] Changing clothing presets for a character on a date
[added] mission complete bonus
[added] nitro sound to drivable cars
[added] optimization componen

[added] big quest for Olivia Act 2/3
[added] anal training in the BDSM room
[added] new sexy sports shorts for Olivia
[added] backyard of Olivia’s house
[added] new character Chief’s assistant
[added] audio manager updated
[added] background music in quest scenes
[added] option to change volume in main menu and inside quest scenes
[updated] updated Breeze Beach restaurant
[updated] sex shop code, fixed item bugs

[added] quest for Tina (act 2)
[added] Anna’s new dress
[added] Paola updated
[added] house for Paula
[added] ~ 140 poses and 17 sex animations
[added] new items to Sex Shop
[added] Fernando store updated
[added] Fernando salesgirl updated
[added] Noah locomotion
[added] new locations (Cheat Menu)
and more..

[added] Sex scene with Tina with the pose selector
[added] Street sexy whore with her outfit
[added] Sex scene with street whore with the pose selector
[added] Updated Mike’s apartment building
[added] Unlimited Sprint item in Item Mall
[added] Help app for smartphone
[added] Memories (sex scenes) selector (preview)
[added] World updated
[added] other minor improvements and fixes

The main thing that was added:
New parts for the quest with Tina.
To start with the last added content, simply open your smartphone and click on the “Continue” icon.
Fernando’s shop and home closet are linked to the economic system.
In short, everything you buy in Fernando’s store will now be displayed in your home closet. You can buy new clothes in the store and view the ones you have already purchased.

[added] New parts for the quest with Tina
[added] New sex poses and animations for Tina
[added] Fernando’s shop and home closet are linked to the economic system
[added] Magnetic pickup of items
[added] Added lock picking minigame
[added] Player camera update, with the option to set the previous camera setting (in OPTIONS)
[added] New 3d models
[added] Improved code of World Map app, mouse buttons were rearranged
[added] Quick jump to continue quest with Tina (open smartphone and press Continue App button)
[added] Tina’s obedience stats in the Characters tab (Journal app)
[added] other minor improvements and fixes

Real Life Sunbay v2021.03
[added] 24 animation improved and added 14 new animation
[added] character rig updated for better and more natural deformations in animation
[added] new character – Bull
[added] footsteps sound (8 different surfaces) both for interior and updated world (also one of the patrons asked me to add barefoot sound, now I added such a feature into game code – it will be available in the updated city when you take off your shoes).
[added] new door interaction system (also will be used later everywhere)
[added] interactive trainer selection menu
[added] training system updated and improved
[added] other minor improvements

Updated city:
[added] new world, more space, wider road and better look of the city for upcoming new dynamic quest system.
[added] updated day and night system
[added] new swimmable ocean with camera waterline effect and underwater effect (we will finish a night view of the ocean next build).
[added] new optimized traffic system with distance glow effect at night
[added] new street lights and traffic lights (destructible) with distance glow effect at night
[added] new landscape, palms, trees, bushes and plants
[added] new smart loading system (the level will load as fast as your computer is fast)
[added] new open world sound system manager (integrated but will be fully launched next build or two)
[added] new AI controller for pedestrians (integrated but will be fully launched next build or two)

Real Life Sunbay v2020 December
[added] new interactive sex scene on stage (Lewd Club) with sound
[added] new interactive adult scene to seduce visitors
[added] 18 new animations
[added] new visitor character with outfit
[added] new club girl and bartender
[added] new sexy outfit for Mia (top and skirt)
[added] breast physics simulation
[added] bar zone for Lewd Club
[added] notifications and splash screens
[added] VFX for “Flip a coin” mini game
[added] Lewd club overall improvement
[added] hair simulation for ponytail hairstyle
and more!

Real Life Sunbay v2020 July
[added] new interactive sex scene with sound (Fetish Club)
[added] new sexy lingerie for Mia (panty, strockings, garter belt)
[added] new lap dance animations to Fetish club for Mia
[added] Fetish club improved, added new mini games, scene selector
[added] new Fetish club app for smartphone
[added] update to Journal app (all quests combined)
[added] Stats app updated
[added] Mia’s house has merged with the game world
[added] spawn stations for bike all around the city
[added] height change for camera
[added] breast and butt physics improved
[added] keyboard arrows to control the character movement
[added] Tab button to open smartphone
[added] improved transparency material for lingerie
[fixed] bug fixed

Real Life Sunbay v2020 May
[added] Ability to seduce that black guy which helped you to clear the police wanted level.
[added] Ability to undress girls on the street (beta). For now it’s working only with the walking girls.
[added] Traffic controller.
[added] Global avoiding system for peds.
[added] Random spawn point for sexy bunny.
[added] Beware of jellyfish. They can hit you with the electricity if you get too close.
[added] Underwater exploration (beta). While you dive, find and collect treasures. Later there will be npc where you can trade some stuff. The treasures will appear every time in different places.
[added] Second summer bikini set to outfits smartphone app.
[added] Now you can buy a penthouse at Royal Palm Hotel. You can save the game there, change time of day and it will be much faster than coming back home. Also you can call the black guys and have sex with them.
[added] New time values to day time switch. Morning is set to 9:00 and evening to 18:00
[added] The day time added to the main interface.
[added] You can visit Fetish Club after the main quest.
[added] Notification manager (beta). Also new notifications will appear when you’ll meet a new character and they have a quest for you.
[added] New fading shader for notification icon.
[added] Vehicle AI improvement.
[added] A numerous other small improvements…

[fixed] The characters no more pushing the vehicles like a beach ball.
[fixed] Double black blink after exiting the dialogue.
[fixed] Front window in the Item Store.
[fixed] No more random killings therefore no more unexpected police activation.
[fixed] Ragdoll activation when the players are colliding with the stopped vehicle.
[fixed] Distortion of the man body in some scenes.
[fixed] Ped rotation relative to movement now not so fast.
[fixed] and other small bug fixes…

Real Life Sunbay v2020 April
[added] new character Policeman
[added] new character Maid cafe girl
[added] new character Gang Dealer
[added] the outfits application is added to the phone with saving and loading, and the dressed outfit is synchronized with the bike and the dialogue system
[added] hair shader updated and improved
[added] skin shader updated and improved. Now all outdoor npcs use this shader.
[added] rewards to bunny
[added] physics objects on the street, such as street signs, fire hydrants, bins… you can hit them by your car or bike
[added] hover tips to icons on the world map (more will be added soon)
[added] maid cafe delivery service with random customers in random places
[added] new AI controller for peds (beta) – they can stare at you when you are nearby, they can choose direction and walk there, you can knock them by your car or bike – other peds nearby will run away from you if you do it.
[added] footsteps to all peds
[added] rewritten traffic system, added more cars and now they will try to avoid collision with peds, also headlights are turning on at night, added sound, optimization and general look improvement
[added] the police can stare at you when you’re close enough,
[added] the police will chase you when you are the suspect
[added] sounds to all police system states (initiate search, lost the suspect, suspect is found)
[added] the police icon to the mini map
[added] a numerous of sounds
[added] new swimsuit for Mia
[added] maid cafe added to cheat console
[added] general world improvement and optimizations
[update] custom waypoint disappear when reached
[update] bike improved
[update] crossover movement controller
[update] no more jitter effect when picking up some items
[update] aiming are now moved to the right mouse button
[update] reported bugs fixed

Real Life Sunbay v2020 March
In this release you’ll see a lot of changes. Economy now launched. Play mini games at Jeff’s Storage or inside the Imperial Club to gain more money. And soon will be added a few more to the underwater world and to the Maid Cafe.
Spend your money buying useful quest items at KingQMart store or on some other good stuff.
Added one more quest in Edgewood! Find Aunt Laura and help her sexy daughter Betty.
The underwater world is merged with the main world. To swim you need to buy a diving mask at KingQMart store. You can buy an energy potion in a vending machine and use it to stay longer underwater.

[added] Quest with a new girl Betty
[added] 18 new animations
[added] new character Laura
[added] new character Betty
[added] new character Professor Stone
[added] new location: underwater 1.0
[added] new location: Prof.Stone home interior
[added] new traffic system 1.0 (now it better but yet still need a lot of work)
[added] randomisation to Jeff’s Storage jobs and updated rewards (get up to 250$ per shift)
[added] new loading screens with sounds and random images, random tips popups at the top left corner of the screen too.
[added] underwater sound, ocean tides sound
[added] auto sort to inventory (soon there will be sorting options)
[added] new icons to mini map (they are linked to character stats)
[added] energy potion (you can use it even underwater) and vending machines
[added] KingQMart store added to the cheat phone
[updated] stats app redesigned and added two new parameters
[updated] general world improvement
[updated] visiting filming locations and the sports center now required some money
[updated] dance inside the Imperial club to gain more money
[updated] crossover improved
[updated] Mini map code updated
[updated] optimization improved
[updated] yoga activities
[fixed] autosave (the game is saving when when entering or exiting buildings)
[fixed] mojo potion
[fixed] reported bugs
Cheat Menu
Press Ctrl+Shift+Q outside of the buildings to open the cheat console.

Release date: 2024-02-19
Genre: 3d game, adventure, animated, big tits, exhibitionism, interracial, male protagonist, oral sex, vaginal sex, adult, open-world, anal, lesbian
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Tom
Platform: Windows (x64)
Version: 1.4.3 beta
Language: English / Русский
Size: 5.6 GB

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