Bimbo Life Coach [v.]

A browser based game Bimbo Life Coach where you play as a young, but aimless man with a string of failed relationships behind him. Rather than find yet another young woman to turn into his project to build the perfect bimbo, he decides to work as a life coach – New York’s first Bimbo Life Coach.

Added 3 new random early coaching sessions to increase money output in the early game.

Stacy – new bootycall option, post transformation
Natalie – new photoshoot
Skylar – 3 new meetings
Sarah – 4 new sessions
Elle – added start of Elle’s path
Kira – added start of Kira’s path
Lauren – added 3 new meetings
Charles and Evelyn – added a new couples path

June –
– Added 2 discussion scenes
– Added 2 implant scenes
– Added multiple transformation scenes and outcomes

Charlotte College Path –
– Added ways to make money
– Added Porn options
– Added Club options
– Added Photoshoots
– Added Magazine options
– Added a new scene with Charlotte and Sofia

Added Events for the following characters:
Minor bug fixes
Grammar fixes

Big UI Changes
Story Event
Tan Event
A possible new client
Stacy Event
Diamond Event
A new client
Anna Event
2 new Skylar Events

Part 1
– Complete refactor of the variable system to better facilitate new features.
– June
– Event with Tiffany.
– Four new events at home.
– First bimbo coaching session.

– New UI
– Color scheme adjustments.
– Game information has been split over to a new right hand sidebar for easier readability.
– All menu screens use buttons for easier navigation.
– New Sofia Content:
– Changed Jasmine Jae to
– Changed first transformation scene to give model option.
– Four bimbo training scenes.
– Five random scenes.
– Four repeatable scenes.
– Second possible transformation.
– Two new scenes featuring Priti.
– Various game fixes and coding improvements.
– All game images have been updated to standardize sizing and quality.
– Spelling corrections.
– Improved code checking, particularly around random events.
– Implemented new functions for easier time checking.
– New version variable to reduce manual changes.
– Fixed trigger for Stacy call scenes occurring early.
– Fixed bug where random day triggers were not being called.
– Removed the options to refuse Stella’s transformations, Charlotte’s modelling and path options, and Mom’s relationship as they are dead-ends which do not provide anything to the story.
– New finances dynamics based on game stats.
– Updated the “Dream Files”
– Stella Two new repeatable scenes.
– Diamond Strip club scene, Text scene, Body Werx workout scene.
– Raven Text scene, Photo shoot scene.
– Stormy New character at strip club, Text scene, Strip club dance scene.
– Wilde Downtown scene, Stacy workout session scene.
– June Home gym scene, Bathroom progress scene, Bedroom photo scene.
– Sofia – BLC aunt scene.
– Stacy Random text scene, Photo shoot scene, BLC visit scene.
– Natalie – Cosplay convention scene.

– Improved a number of backend variables.
– Added mute option to sidebar.
– Fixed bug where renovation did not take into account money.
– Implemented new player inventory system. This also includes items at the downtown fashion store.
– Downtown gym has membership and workout options added.
– Random BLC sex event after grand opening.
– New route for Hang to start photography modelling after grand opening. Currently seven events.
– Four events where Hang explores porn after grand opening.
– Added new description content to Hang’s journal page.
– Dani BLC study event after grand opening.
– Added new description content to Dani’s journal page.
– Event after grand opening for Stacy to begin new workout sessions at BLC.
– New workout events to go along with this (12 in total).
– Three new random events that occur at BLC.
– Four new repeatable bootycall events (Bedroom).
– Added new description content to Stacy’s journal page. Also improved some of the hints.

– Complete re-design of UI sidebar and menu.
– New images on sidebar.
– Permanent dark mode.
– Charlotte photoshoot (bimbo & college) and logo scene.
– Charlotte college bar scene.
– Charlotte college friend scene.
– Charlotte college friend scene part 2.
– Elaine backstory scene.
– Journal rework to include a more in-depth guide and new images.
– Bug Fixes

– Back-end coding and structure has been re-written to allow for more efficient variable management and extensibility without breaking compatibility with older saves.
– Journal pages have all been upgraded to new common structure based on character descriptions. This removes the emphasis on grinding stat values.
– Construction on your new space is complete.
– New BLC meetings.
– Dream files updated (Patreon vote).
– Co-op board additions.
– Interactions with Rosa Hernandez.
– Interactions with Elaine.
– Interactions with Stacy.
– Interactions with Tan.
– Interactions with Natalie + Photoshoot.
– Interactions with Dr. Yanovic.
– Interactions with Sofia.
– Repeatable and Training sessions with June.
– Repeatable scene with Jessyka.
– Interactions with Erica.
– Training with Stella.
– Text with Tiffany.
– Interaction with Ana.
– Interaction with Charlotte.
– Scene with Ana + Charlotte.
– Events with Dani.
– Events with “Designers”.
– Final event “scene”.

– A lot more June content Bimbo Life Coach
– Transformation of Ana from her SFW model to Bonnie Rotten
– More Sofia content
– Tying up some loose ends, like introducing Hang to Sofia

Content Bimbo Life Coach:
– New series of e-mails and interactions with Tan regarding Hang’s transformation
– Charlotte goes to college – two events for Charlotte’s college path
– New Tan sex scenes and development
– Two new Ana scenes (girl from the coffee shop)

Bugs and fixes:
– Fixed the save text colour
– Friday option to wakeup and skip to BLC meeting
– Made a fair few changes to how the game itself is programmed, cutting down on the confusing code on my end and allowing the game to expand more naturally.
– New autosave method, autosaves at sleep page each morning. This is because sometimes you will be unable to go back, due to the above changes.
– Consolidated some pages to limit duplication/etc.
– Fixed an issue with the 8-hour sleep system
– Fixed the Isaac guide count error

Release date: 2024-03-02
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Sex toys, Multiple penetration, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Big tits
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Hugo Games
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android (any platform play Flash videos)
Language: English
Size: 1.4 GB

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