Community Service [v.2.7.1 hotfix]

After an encounter with an unusual storm, the main character and the people around them start to develop abnormal abilities, known as Powers. With a power of your own, and a dark vision of the future, it’s up to you to find your place in the chaos, and prepare for what comes next. Community Service will see you interacting with a wide range of characters across several locations, completing quests and making choices that will affect the future of the narrative. Each character has their own personal story that all works towards a final ending point.

v2.7.1 – The House Update
New Alli Content
(1 Main Quest, 1 story choice)
(3 Free-Roam Events: Health Centre, Bar, Bathroom)
New Carolina Content
(1 Main Quest, 1 story choice)
(2 Free-Roam Events: College, Mall)
New Lexi Content
(1 Main Quest)
(2 Free-Roam Events: Health Centre, Bathroom
New Events are unlocked at the end of the new quests
Exception is Lexi Bathroom Event, which is unlocked at her trust stage
New Character – Dee Williams
(2 Free-Roam Repeatable Scenes)
New Character – Molly Jane
(No current Free-Roam content, coming in a future update)
New Location – Dee’s House
116 new images, 74 new video clips
Approx 29’000 additional words (Includes code)

v2.6.1 – The Peta Update
Peta’s Questline Complete
(3 new quests, 3 story choices, 1 free-mode menu, 1 background event)
Melanie Quest
(1 new quest, 1 free-mode menu)
New Background Characters
Bonnie Rotten
Casey Calvert
Dillion Harper
Jessa Rhodes
(These characters are introduced as part of a new faction, and will receive content in a future update)
111 new images, 34 new video clips
Approx 30’000 additional words (Includes code)

Community Service v2.5.1 – The Expansion Update
The Brothel Quest Complete
(1 new Quest, 1 minor choice)
A Misc Quest will lead you to the brothel at the start of Chapter 2
New Background Character: Ana Foxxx
Introduced with the Brothel Quest
(1 free-mode menu)
New Background Character: Kagney Linn Karter
Introduced with the Brothel Quest
(1 free-mode menu)
New Background Character: Lulu Chu
Introduced with the Brothel Quest
(1 free-mode menu)
New Background Character: Monique Alexander
Introduced with the Brothel Quest
(1 free-mode menu)
Several New Locations have been added to the World Map
Many locations now also have specific titles/names
Brothel, Health Center, College Campus, Casino, Nightclub, Office Block, Ice-Cream Store
Many of these locations are currently empty, with content being added across future updates
166 new images, 26 new video clips
Approx 20’000 additional words (Includes Code)

Community Service v2.4.2
Fixed an error that was appearing in Lauren’s Home
Fixed an error with Lauren’s Home Hub redirecting the player
Fixed the chat links on Lauren’s Home Hub
Fixed the background events for Kendra and Alex H
Fixed an issue with Riley’s dossier incorrectly saying that she had no power
Fixed an issue with Ava’s dossier displaying the wrong image
Fixed an issue with Kylie, Cadey, and Lauren images not displaying due to a coding typo
Fixed several grammatical and programming typos
Fixed an issue where Alex H wasn’t appearing at her home
Fixed an issue where the “Leave” option at Alex H’s house exited to the Town Center instead of the Estate

Community Service v2.4.1 – The Lauren Update
Lauren’s Questline Complete
(2 new Quests, 2 story choices, 1 free-mode menu, 1 background event)
Her quest line starts after starting Chapter 2
New Background Character: Maya Kendrick
Introduced with Lauren’s Questline
(1 story choice, 1 background event)
New Side Character: Lily Adams
This character and their quest was co-designed with Red Claw
(1 new Quest, 1 story choice, 1 background event)
Her quest can be started after starting Chapter 1
New Background Character: Alex Harper
Her repeatable event is accessible on the estate after starting Chapter 2
New Background Character: Kendra Sunderland
Her repeatable event is accessible in the MC’s home after starting Chapter 2
New Locations:
Lauren’s House, Lily Adams’ Flat, Alex Harpers Flat
196 new images, 67 new video clips
Approx 46’000 additional words (Includes Code)

All profiles have been updated to a new format
All profile images have been changed, altered, or renamed
The credits button now links to an external Google Doc with the full cast list
Added the option to change the MC’s name from the Settings Menu
Added Trust code for Anya, Chloe, and Lily C
These characters can now reach Trust status
Trust Status unlocks when returning to the characters after their background event
Added Lock code for Alex, Anya, Ava, Chanel, and Veruca
Through player choices, the content for these characters can become locked and unavailable
This was always the case, but code has been added to tag when the character is locked
Added an easter egg that leads to the Debug Menu

Community Service v2.3.1 – The Intimacy Update
Added the Dossier
Dossier contains: Character Profiles, History of Choices, Current Character Locations, Power Roster, Timetables
Added the “folder-layout.png” file to the download folder
Added avatars for Harry, Lucius, and Hoodie
Added profiles for Brian, Cadey, Harry, Kylie, Lucius, Melanie, Siri, and Winston
Word count increase of approximately 4’000 words (Including code)
7 new images, 0 new videos

All Interactive Sex Events overhauled
New format
Progressive Unlocks
Added text and dialogue to each scene
Several source files have been renamed
Several UI adjustments
New backgrounds and reworked sidebar
Re-added the UI Toggle Button
Since the beginning, toggling the UI would make the entire UI bar disappear. This has now been fixed.
Changed the starting passages slightly
The majority of profiles now contain the character’s timetables
Some characters are unaccounted for, and so their timetables are unknown
Added some hidden easter eggs

Release date: 2021-10-10
Genre: Real Porn, Animated, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Creampie, Footjob, Interracial, Lesbian, MILF, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Adventure, Parody, Sandbox, Superpowers
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Blue Phantom
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 2.7.1 hotfix
Language: English
Size: 1.66 GB

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