EraStorm [SandStorm v.2.01 completed / SnowStorm v.0.4b]

Erastorm – you just joined some friends on what was supposed to be a fun trip in Egypt. However, things turned sour and you got thrown into an epic adventure full of ancient mysteries and sexy girls.

Developer Notes
This game Erastorm is an Adult Novel Story made with Renpy and Daz3D.
It contains many choices, routes, music, events. It is not a sandbox game and there are no grinding features either.
It is quite replayable as choices have strong impacts and therefore you will get different stories, romances, and endings.

Explanations on parameters :
Relationship points (0-100%) represents how close/in good terms, you are with the girl at that moment (it can increase and decrease quite quickly)
Romance level (0-10) can only increase 1 by 1 and represents how romantically involved you are with the girl in the story. Recommended when you want to dedicate yourself to one main girl.
Lust level (0-10) can only increase 1 by 1 and represents how sexually involved you are with the girl in the story. Recommended when you want to fool around.

Romance related matters:
no harem ending. You can try to date multiple girls, but girls will mind it most of the time
no NTR with the girl you decide to romance (except Netori with one of the LI)
the girls you decide to not romance (ie. low score), can have their own story progression and romance
scenes can go from very romantic to very wild.

EraStorm Saga 1: SandStorm v2.0
Complete version of EraStorm SandStorm including all the bonus content that were made during the lifetime of the game, some new content, and an interesting new ending. The gameplay has been simplified for better control of the story, and the dialogues should be more pleasant to read as the game went through a complete proofreading. The interface has been reworked to be more practical. Thanks again to all the helpers.

Gameplay rework:
Added an NTR filter switch at the start of the game to disable the options that can lead to such contents
For each ending (except the bad ones), you will receive a mark (xx/20) to rate how well you completed that path
You well get a hint to know it the ending you reached will lead to a sequel or not.
Lust & Romance points have merged to become Relationship points and the Mood/Affinity (%) has been reworked for an easier control of your story.
The evil points are replaced by mystical points and those will be visible in the stats interface for easier control of your playthrough
Removed the hidden “Rionora” variable. To enter this path now, you just need to maintain a good relationship with both girls.
The triggers for the night event in the Oasis have been reworked. This event’s outcome will mostly decide your paths later on.
When pursuing Nora, if you’re in her path, you will share Rion’s quad and not Maddie’s quad anymore. The possibility to switch from Nora to Maddie has been removed as it didn’t work out well.
The Rion&Nora endings can now also be reached from Nora’s path
Two endings are now available for Rion&Nora depending on whether you gave the stone to Maddie or not
Forcing Rion to do nasty stuff in the factory will now necessarily push you to the mystical path

Gui rework:
New main menu EraStorm
Transformed the Music / Gallery / Replay / Endings Rooms into a Tribute Room for each girl, which allows you to store and unlock all the important content of your favorite girl
Removed the vignettes with the heads to give more space to the text
Improved the GUI to give more visibility to the text
Improved the live stats screen to have better control of your playthrough
Improved the summary screen at each end of day, with a compass to indicate where you seem to be heading to

Art/Media rework:
Replaced ~100 renders for quality improvement, especially during the first part of the game
Added ~100 sliding HD renders to improve the art and the immersion of important scenes
Added ~200 new renders for the new scenes and endings
The long Ghajareya Bellydance movie clip with Nora has been transformed into an interactive scene
Replaced a dozen songs with even more suitable ones
Reorganization of the soundtrack, SFX sounds and music tracks are now linked to the proper audio channels
You can now click during the “auto-play” atmospheric scenes, to scroll through the images at a faster pace without skipping the scene.

Script rework:
A lot of grammar and spelling mistakes have been corrected. It went through a few proofreaders and editors, and you should feel a noticeable improvement on that aspect.
Many sentences have been rewritten in the few first scenes to reduce a bit the childish behavior of the characters at the start.
Rion’s love story has been slightly reworked. A few alternative choices that didn’t bring much to the story were removed. Rion is naturally cute and kinky, so she can make lust and romance work together.
Nora’s love story has been significantly reworked to make it more plausible considering the context and the timeline. Her reaction toward mystical actions will be more consistent.
Maddie’s love story was already pretty solid and lust/romance was not affecting much her path so it didn’t need much rework but there are more content in the same playthrough due to the merge of lust and romance scenes.
The evil/mystical path has received several tweaks and is now more straightforward.
The dialogues on the bus, in the back of the truck, and on the quad are reworked accordingly.

New content in EraStorm Saga 1 SandStorm:
Reworked the jazz option in the jukebox which leads to a slow with Maddie (day 1)
Reworked the bellydance show of the Ghajareya troop
Added a funny/lewd scene with Maddie when visiting her room after Nora’s night show when not enough points (day 2)
Completed the locker room lewd scene with College Maddie. (day 3)
Completed the romantic version of the dream scene with Nora swinging on her ring (day 3)
Completed the mystical version of the dream scene with Nora swinging on her ring (day 3)
Added a “mystical” scene with Nora in the Anubis temple (day 3)
Added a lesbian scene in the Oasis (day 3)
Completed the cumflation scene with Rion in the factory (day 4)
Completed the cumflation scene with Maddie in front of the gate (day 4)
Ending L (Rion) has been completed with a striptease scene
Ending S (Nora) has been completed with more lewd scenes and animations
Ending F (Maddie) has been completed with more hot/lewd scenes
Ending P (Rion&Nora) is a new ending which happens if no one opens the portal

This update brings you into some epic and wild action, with a good progress on the main intrigue. It will mark the end of the chapter 4.
This version is still considered as a beta as the proofreading is not complete yet. That aside, it should be pretty functional.

300 new renders
3000 new lines
10 new tracks
5 affinity points can be earned (Astrja, Candrid, Katja, Mathilda, Sonja)
No affinity points but some nice/cute content with Astrid and Lizgard
Nox and Yrsa get low screen time on this update but their turn will come next.

Completion of week 3 of gameplay, with several new events.
You can get an affinity point with Astrid, Mathilda, Katja, Lizgard, Nox, Yrsa, Sonja
450 new renders (total 2350)
4500 new lines (total 21800)
20 new tracks (total 110)
6 new lewd scenes
6 new secrets (total 30)

EraStorm Episode 2 SnowStorm v0.2.5
This update adds pretty distinctive story content for each clan
Two in-game days of gameplay, featuring almost all the casting.
You can earn an affinity point with Astrja, Candrid and Katja
350 new renders (total 1900)
4000 new lines (total 17300)
15 new tracks
Few hot scenes
3 new secrets
Treasure room and replay room updated
Changed the OldNorse font to one that is a bit easier to read

EraStorm Episode 1 SandStorm v1.0 (completed)
This update completes all endings of the game and represents the first version of the completed game.
Each girl has one story ending, and one special ending.
There are also 2 bad endings, 2 evil endings, and 1 threesome ending.
Contents in regards to v0.9
11 endings
6500 lines of code (total 38500)
750 renders (total 4750)
35 animations (total 140)
22 sex scenes
10 tracks (total 160)
1 new menu: endings collection room
Changed GUI for the choice menu

Release date: 2023-05-20
Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, interracial, male domination, male protagonist, milf, multiple endings, ntr, oral sex, vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: GleenX Studio
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Episode 1 SandStorm v.2.01 completed + Walkthrough / Episode 2 SnowStorm v.0.4b + Walkthrough + Cheat gallery Mod
Language: English
Size: 3.59 GB / 3.39 GB

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