EraStorm [Episode 1 SandStorm v.0.9.5b / Episode 2 SnowStorm v.0.1.5]

Erastorm — you just joined some friends on what was supposed to be a fun trip in Egypt. However, things turned sour and you got thrown into an epic adventure full of ancient mysteries and sexy girls.

Developer Notes
This game Erastorm is an Adult Novel Story made with Renpy and Daz3D.
It contains many choices, routes, music, events. It is not a sandbox game and there are no grinding features either.
It is quite replayable as choices have strong impacts and therefore you will get different stories, romances, and endings.

Explanations on parameters :
Relationship points (0-100%) represents how close/in good terms, you are with the girl at that moment (it can increase and decrease quite quickly)
Romance level (0-10) can only increase 1 by 1 and represents how romantically involved you are with the girl in the story. Recommended when you want to dedicate yourself to one main girl.
Lust level (0-10) can only increase 1 by 1 and represents how sexually involved you are with the girl in the story. Recommended when you want to fool around.

Romance related matters:
— no harem ending. You can try to date multiple girls, but girls will mind it most of the time
— no NTR with the girl you decide to romance (except Netori with one of the LI)
— the girls you decide to not romance (ie. low score), can have their own story progression and romance
— scenes can go from very romantic to very wild.

Contains the following endings (A, B, D, E, M) following Maddie’s and Evil’s paths
No content for Rion and Nora in this release

This version adds 3 main story events.
Renders: 1100
Script: 9300 lines
Hot scenes: 8
Secrets: 15
Songs: 45
Playtime: 110-150min
Replay room updated
Treasure chest updated
GUI reworked for better visibility

Episode 2 SnowStorm v.0.1.0
This version is the complete start of SnowStorm with additional events to discover more about the characters, clans, gameplay, and lore.
Renders 870
Script 7500 lines
Hot scenes 7
Secrets 10
Songs 40
Playtime 90 to 120min
Replay room added
Treasure chest room added with 10 secrets
Fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes
Reworked a few scenes for better immersion

Adds story progression to all possible paths (N, M, R1, R2, RN, E1, E2) and will take you just before the grand final of SandStorm.
600 new renders (from v0.8)
4700 new lines (from v0.8)
25 new animations (from v0.8)
7 path contents

This update EraStorm contains advancement on all paths involving Rion. (R1, R2, RN, E1). If you only follow Maddie’s and/or Nora’s story, you should skip this update and wait for the next one which will feature M, N & E2 paths).
280 new renders
2400 new lines
14 new animations
4 sex scenes (with Rion)
4 path contents (R1, R2, RN & E1)

Episode 2 SnowStorm v.Demo
This demo presents you about 1h of gameplay with a big intro and 3 paths
490 renders
4000 lines of code — 2500 lines of dialogue
25 music tracks — 15 sfx tracks
8 animations — 5 lewd/hot scenes

This action-oriented update Erastorm brings you to the middle of the 4th day with very different paths.
Complete rework of the Music Room with 80 songs to unlock divided into 4 themes
New feature: Replay Room, to review/replay important scenes and animations
Gallery updated up to v0.8
350 new renders
4000 new lines
4 new animations
6 different paths/endings

This update EraStorm will bring you to the morning of day 4 and contains mainly lewd content Erastorm.
425 new renders (total 3000+)
3200 new lines (total 25000+)
15 new animations (total 60)
10 new soundtracks (total 100)
6 different paths during the night
2 hidden bonus scenes
Up to date evil path
Gallery updated (from v0.5.5 to v0.7, so you may need to restart from a v0.5 end screen save if you want to unlock everything)

This update Erastorm is mainly focused on the main story with a few revelations (mostly Maddie/Priestess) and a few lewd scenes (mostly Rion/Nora).
Note: The route where you follow the priestess is short in this update on purpose, to not reveal too much mystery compared to the other routes. You can expect bigger content for that specific route in the following update.
275 new renders (total 2600)
2800 new lines (total 21800)
A few new animations (total 45)
A few new soundtracks (total 90)
The font has been arranged to be easier to read.
New end screen with hints

Release date: 2022-05-10
Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, interracial, male domination, male protagonist, milf, multiple endings, ntr, oral sex, vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: GleenX Studio
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Episode 1 SandStorm v.0.9.5b / Episode 2 SnowStorm v.0.1.5
Language: English, Italian
Size: 3.05 GB / 1.46 GB

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