Goblin Layer [v.0.44.5]

Goblin Layer is a man with serious goblin fetish, a man on a mission: To wipe out every goblin nest! After saving a Priestess in distress, you arrive in a frontier town, where all the men have all mysteriously gone missing, and all the women are becoming increasingly horny. And things escalate from there! Will our helmet-wearing protagonist ever be able to form normal human relationships with the thirsty townswomen, or will he lose himself to thicc goblin girls?

I accidently deleted the original changelog, but this is the tldr version based on what I remember:

Spicy Art/Scenes:
Added Gobelle to the preg system (xmas special goblin) + ‘art’ for the finale
Added Gobelyne to the preg system (grinder goblin)
Added preg art for Gobelle, in book of offspring
Added preg art for Gobelyne, in book of offspring
For these “side-gobs”, aka not part of the main quest-gobs, I added an option during the ‘finish’ for pregnancy, rather than making a separate scene like with the others. So basically start a scene and then there’s optional cream at the end.
That’s all of the current goblins in the system! Now it’s time to add new ones…

Other Art/Scenes:
Added offspring dialogue for Gobelle
Added offspring dialogue for Gobelyne

New Frontier Conquest mission – Ceremonial Circle!
World map visual upgrade, there’s moving clouds and shit now
Town hall of fame updated
Cheat room updatd
Tileset polish
Edited the rewards for frontier conquest to work with the new loot lists.

Goblin Layer 0.43.9 Baking-Edition
Serious Business in the Cottage (new scene after the office is repaired)
Child support debt increasal system, version 1
On-Screen Quest Journal
A shitload of other things
New Animations/Scene! Gobsicca inaugerates her office. (this happens after you renovate the office in this Cottage)
New Scene – kind of! Amazon combat training (this happens in town, directly after the intro cave & Goblinette). (Uses already existing art in a new context)

The new patreon password is: not working

Gobiscca finally gets her office, the first Cottage upgrade!
Romance cards
cheat room makeover
Lots of adjustments

Goblin Layer 0.43.6 Release!
The Xmas-mini-special from 0.43.5, plus:
3D (like without the painting effect) Art for all the stuff from the Xmas Mini special
Interactive calendars for Goblins/Townspeople
New art for Amazon!
More gameplay in the Xmas special!
Two new Frontier Conquest missions!

0.43.4 Hammer & Anvil – Edition
Art/Scenes/Story/etc etc
New Scene(s)/Mini-Quest! Part 1. Anvil wants try out a potion, but some ingredients are missing. Go to Sorceress shop to trigger. Required: Finished Watertown.

0.43.3 Catnip Edition II
New Romance Cards for:
– Catgirl Merchant
– Anvil
– Bar Girl
– Town Hall Girl

More 2d portraits for Goblinette

Goblin Layer 0.43.2 “Catnip Edition”
Companion Quest for Anvil added! Companion Quest will be quests centering around your party members, Anvil, Barrel, Priestess. This is the first of many 🙂
New location, New enemy encounter!
A Catgirl!
Running Shoes!

Church Maiden offers some blessings!
GG needs help with some quality control!
Texture/Outfit/Lightning work behind the scenes

Lots of behind the scene texture upgrades & fixes (for stuff like, environments, hair, some clothes etc)

New scene with Bar Girl! (in Hubtown)
New scene with Bath Girl! (in Hubtown)
New scene with Town Hall Girl! (also in Hubtown)

Goblin Layer 0.42.8
New scene involving Hoblina & Sorceress
Bug fixes!
Balancing, and some more loot!

Goblin Layer 0.42.6
Added in final pinups/Romance/Character cards, inluding some spicy ones, for Amazon, Bar Girl and General Goods Girl, hereby known as G.G. (according to the poll results).
A mildly spicy new scene in the Capital City… (during night time, look for someone stuck in a wall – east/business district) (animated!)
How to get to Capital City? Either during the Watertown quest, or afterwards (clear the Overrun Outpost first)

General Goods Girl, hereby known as G.G, gets a little dialogue adressing the name change (during your first meeting)
Randomized greetings for the guards in Hubtown. I will probably use this technique more often for random npcs in the future
Changed the district names in capital city
An abandoned house added to Hubtown. But why? No reason. For now. At the moment, its a slightly safer place to save when moving from one version to another, since there’s no scripts/events in there.
Updated Hall of fame
Updated Cheat Room

Goblin Layer 0.42 Let’s See Paul Allen’s Card – Edition
Updated the intro animations to use the newer looping method (basically everything after ch2 uses this) (this means new system not new anims)
Fixed CH5/Added CH2 Cart Travel Cutscene (also added retroactively to previous public versions in case you feel like you’ve already seen them)
First New Batch of Character/Romance cards (with new character Art) added! 11 in total.
Added animations to Hoblina (in the Cave after the quest)!

Frontier Conquest – New Mission
Some small dialogue for Hobina in the game + nametag
Added Chapter 5 to Chapter selection, might need some fixing in future tho
Travel back to Capital City whenever you want (accessible after finishing the new FQ mission)
Skip video plugin disabled by default now (its fairly obsolete now, and was causing issues for a small group of people)(If you want it back, its in the optional fixes folder + instructions)
Small notification when Quest Guide get updated (Just once or twice at the moment, I’m testing it)
Priestess Bonk attack – adjusted hit rate/accuracy
Priestess Holy Light attack – slighly increased cast speed
Balanced some encounters
Fixed up the Quest guide with proper images and updated texts
Updated some item icons
Small edit to the main menu options
Updated Cheat Room
Updated Hall of Fame

Release date: 2023-07-12
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Male domination, Ahegao, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Groping, Cheating, Big tits, Big ass, Humor, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated, Teasing, Spanking, Lesbian, Oral sex, Anal sex, Titfuck
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Parodos
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.44.5
Language: English
Size: 2.15 GB

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