Lord of Desires / Повелитель желаний [Chapter 1 Part 1b Extra]

Lord of Desires — игра о парне, вернувшемся из летнего лагеря для гениев, в свой дом, в котором его ждут близкие. За лето произошли события, которые круто повлияли на жизнь и нашему главному герою придётся со всем разобраться. Используйте современные и интересные гаджеты, играйте в новые интерактивные игры, решайте каким вы будете человеком — станете доминантом и кровожадным ублюдком или же будете любящим защитником.

Chapter 1 Part 1b (0.138.73) Extra

Chapter 1 Part 1b (0.138.73)
— Fixed game optimization, now it will not load the GPU 100%
— NTR-like content REMOVED from the game
— Added +250 plot images!
— Added / Modified scenes at the end of Nicole’s storyline mission, the Jacob character has been replaced with a new Susan character who will have her own story arch (Jacob will return in the future)

Chapter 1 Part 1a (0.136.71)
— Fixed bug with crash of the game on the Android version during animations
— Fixed Resolution Settings interface
— Slightly changed translation in English

— Slightly improved some frames
— Updated phone, namely:
New overall phone design
New Clicker Mini-Game Design
New Design Tasks
New SMS design (Russian will be added soon)
Added a little functionality for the future

Chapter 1 Part 1 (0.134.68)
— Contacts in the phone will be added as they open
— Girls for masturbation (room MC) will open as they open
— Places on the map will be added as they open
— Alerts are now a little animated
— Details about the characters have become animated and more informative.
— The scene with Kate in the shower was returned to the game!
— Added control tips to the pause menu

— Added Chapter 1 Part 1 — Nicole! (+350 pics and 15260 words!)
— Android port decreased in size by 3 times! 2gb -> 660mb
— Added a new mini-game for money — Clicker! (test)
For every 100 clicks, you can output $10!
— Added small dialogs to SMS
— Added: Howard, Emily, Jessica, Otto to the Patreon Cheat Menu — Change Relations
— Now in Patreon Cheat Menu you can choose how much money you want to add to yourself
— Now your position in the rooms is saved (before loading was only in My Room)
— A Skip (test) and Settings! Button has been added to the dialog box.
— Dialog History added to the pause menu! (Test)
— Added contextual prompts
— Redesigned masturbation interface in bed

Дата релиза: 2020-04-24
Жанр: 3DCG, anal, bdsm, romantic, big breasts, corruption, doggy style, exhibitionism, group sex, handjob, lesbians, masturbation, milf, public sex, seduction, striptease, voyeurism, oral, vaginal, slaves, titfuck, big tits, sex toys
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: Dragon Cake
Платформа: Windows, Android
Версия: Chapter 1 Part 1b Extra (0.138.73)
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский
Размер: 592 MB

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Android version:

Download Turbobit Download Hitfile
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