Medschool, Love and Friends [v.0.8]

The story Medschool, Love and Friends will take place in the same world than School, Love and Friends. Explore the life of a new medicine intern. College, hospital, home, evolve in this sandbox as you want. More real choices, a lot of character old and new, less grinding. Enjoy this game.​

– Main event: a new weekend in family with several choices and a lot of fun. Fen, Rudy, Axelle, Mercedes and you will have a good time.
– Lisa & Amy: time to conquer Amy’s heart (and else), but Lisa will be jealous, so prove her you didn’t forget her.
– Fen: three different paths. You don’t care about her, you let her having fun with her boyfriend, or you make her break up. Each choice will bring you some contents.
– Mercedes: the same thing with your best friend. Let her be with her boyfriend or not. There is no good answer, just what you want.
– Hospital: new consultations and hospitalization case are available.

– Main event: after Fen (your best friend little sister’s), living with you and Rudy, another person will join you, a member of your family. Maybe she will live with you too, and her presence will unlock a lot of new situations, including with other characters. And you will also discover the heavy secret in your family.
– Hospital: a part that I wanted to add for a long time: hospitalization. From now on, you could do consultations and find the diagnosis thanks to a lot of examinations. The hospitalization unit will work differently. This is a new base to make you feel like a real young doctor.
– Hospital: new consultations are available.
– Side event, Fen: after moving in, Fen will have her own event. It will be separate into two distinct parts: one will focus on Fen and her friends, the other one on Fen and her boyfriend, with a choice to make. There will be no good or bad choice, just the one you want that will lead you to different scenes in future updates.
– Side event, Lisa and Amy: your tutoring will continue, and now it’s time to learn more about Amy and her boyfriend. Will you help her to get rid of him, or will you focus on the sweet Lisa? Why do you have to choose? Do both!
– Side event, internship: a new intern, not from your school, will join you in the medicine unit. Make her your friend, learn about this particular girl and share your difficulties.
– A new party scene with your class.
– Rudy will now have a sex life too, bringing girls home to have sex with them.

– Updated: Main event. After meeting your father at the restaurant, the story with Fen will continue, you’ll be surprised.
– Updated: Continue the tutoring for Amy and Lisa. I think your relationship will evolve. And you’ll also have two new interactions with them at college.
– Updated: Main event at hospital. With a new kind of consultation, where your choices will change the future of the quest.
– Several new consultations. One will depend on the previous one, another will make you meet an old character from SLF.
– Updated: You’re doing naughty stuff with Caprice, the little neighbor for a long time, maybe now, serious things will begin.
– Updated: Meet Tamara, your booty call, in her dorm and meet another old character from SLF.
– New interactions at Sophie’s home
– New interactions at home, more interesting for the beginning of the game.
The Russian and French translation will come later.

– Updated: Main event. Meet your grandmother again, your father and also a new character relative to Rudy who will hang around in house.
– Updated: College main event. Continue the tutoring leading to new story.
– Updated: Neighbors story. Increase your relationship with Sophie AND Caprice. But be careful, dating Caprice could not please to everyone. New interactions in Sophie’s home are available.
– New story: As a tutor, help Amy and Lisa to become a doctor. And first they need to learn new exams, and what’s better than training together.
– New weekend event with Sophie & Caprice

– One new consultation
– Updated: Neighbors event. Progression with Sophie, depending of your choices. At the end you’ll be able to sleep to her home. A threesome route with Rudy is also available, depending on your choices (and facultative).
– Updated: Nurse Jane event. She’s your girlfriend or your booty call, anyway, make things more serious with her.
– The new weekend system: A new menu to invite someone during the weekend. You can set something for Saturday and Sunday, cancel if you don’t want. For now, you can invite Mercedes and Tamara at the beach, as long as Jane, and also Tamara using your hot tub.
– Gameplay updated: the quest tracker won’t show the undiscovered quests and the finished quests (thanks Reflexbound for his help)
– Gameplay updated: all the dialogue will now show the characters’ face. With expression depending on the dialogue. This will help to know for example if the character is angry or happy. It’s been a lot of work to do that.

Medschool, Love and Friends v0.3
– 3 new consultations
– Updated: Neighbors event. Progression with Sophie, depending of your choices. See her in your shower, or go to her place. Meet her little sister and choose which one you prefer (or maybe both)
– Updated: Main event with the newbies. Organize the freshman initiation with different outcome depending on your choices.
– New event with the nurse Jane: choose to make her a romantic partner or a booty call.
– Every times you can talk to someone, the icon will appear near them, reducing grinding.
– The face of the characters present in room will now appear on the icon (except in college because there is too many people).
– You can now change the quest followed without going into the menu (but sadly, the inactive will appear, I can’t find a solution).
– Some old animations with Tamara have been remade.
– More save slots
– The game now keeps in memory your language. If you change, you have to restart the game.

Medschool, Love and Friends v0.2.1
Here’s the first version of Medschool, Love and Friends. There is already a lot of thing to do.
– Home and college implemented.
– Hospital partially implemented.
– The main story and three side stories.
– Mini game at hospital: do your own consultation.
– Few choices which will impact the future
– A replay gallery, for the erotic scenes
– Basically, you have something to do during all the first week.
– Several sex scene, with animations and sounds.

The grinding has been reduced:
– all the characters are available to talk all days.
– a lot of shortcut are here to move faster between the scenes
– a story can be followed directly from the HUD
– no need to be at home for breakfast or dinner (like the previous game)
– you can wait in the map menu

Release date: 2023-11-10
Genre: 3dcg, big ass, big tits, cheating, male protagonist, oral sex, sandbox, twins, vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Walkius
Other game: School, Love & Friends
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.8
Language: English
Size: 1.27 GB

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