Son of a bitch! [v.0.30 Full]

The protagonist of the porn game “Son of a bitch!” a young boy who had just graduated from high school. Before him is a difficult choice of a further life path, the responsibility for which falls on your shoulders. This is where the official part of the description ends… And sex, sex and more sex begins! Marina, Dasha, Masha, Alena, teachers at the university, our hero simply does not have time to rest. The game is overflowing with 18+ content…
Added English version!

Son of a bitch! v.0.30
– Tech. code changes
– Added a description of all the major locations in the game
– Added passages of some characters, see faq
– Added new items to the game
– Added a new car for purchase
– Added a stash in the GG’s home, in his room
– Added a house in the valley of the “beggars”
– Adjusted the description of the character cards
– Adjusted the reactions of the characters in the modules
– Redid all the remaining night locations in the game
– Redid the buttons and text in the bathroom
– Redid the locations in the business center
– Redid the triggering of events in the backyard of the house
– Changed bonuses and debuffs for the initial Persians aside player 🙂
– Changed the start of events in the valley of the “beggars” and the business center
– Changed the phone and redid all the photos with it
– Reduced the grind for Amina
– Reduced the grind for Elsa, to meet with Lena
– Fixed the device to work as a promoter after the promotion
– Partially corrected and added the text
– Partially replaced photos on video for GG
– Partially replaced photos of home locations
– Partially replaced photos of events for several Persians 🙂
– Added a hint for Sasha in the form of GG thoughts
– Now enough for 10 times, not 1 time as before 🙂
— Female Exciter
— Body Butter
– Gopniks in the park
— Changed the outcome of skirmishes in favor of the player at high levels of pumping
— Now they have more money 🙂
— Fixed text and button
– Upgraded:
— Prologue (before the start of the game)
— Night club
— Strip club + reduced grind
— GG’s dreams
— All purchases in stores
— Shopping center
— GG’s laptop
— Alarm clock + now it’s added to the hut in the center
— Getting and finding money in the game
— Sex shop
— GG’s diary
— GG’s room
– Added a backyard near Shurik’s house
– Updated info about GG
– « Quick start” extended
— Now GG will have a million at the start 🙂
— Bazhena has been added to it
— Yulia has been added to it
— Nina has been added to it
— Memo has been added
– Oksana and Bazhena
– Some scenes were broken
– Antonina
– Grind was slightly cut off, in different places 🙂
– Photos were replaced with video + mini scenes were added
– Some scenes were modernized
– Elsa
– Her rescue was modernized
– Added a choice of scenes in ballet
— Photos replaced with others + mini scene added
– Nina
— Photos replaced with video + mini scene added
– Events with Zhenya expanded
— Events at work added with her
— Events in the bedroom added with her
— Events added with her with boyfriend
— Events in the kitchen added with her
— Events in the bathroom added with her
— Night events added with her
– Added events with Shurik with her
– Expanded and remade the diary into viola. branch and start events
— Added new stats
— Upgraded some scenes
— Fixed double exit in module
— Changed start parameters
— Changed output of base text in module
— Changed laundry theft
— Some scenes broken
— Grind reduced in places
– – Now you can give a helper earlier
— “Incidents” at the beginning of the game
— Completely rewritten their text for different levels of relationships
— Changed their launch
— Now her clothes do not change overnight during sleep as before: D
— Photo replaced with video
— While peeping through the door
— While peeping through the keyhole
— During the “search” + mini-scene added
— In the GG’s room + mini-scene added
— In various small scenes
— Replaced videos with better ones
— In the bathroom
— In the bedroom
— In the kitchen
— With a boyfriend
– Added continuation of the event branch with Yana
– Fixed cleaning the room
– Fixed the description in the shower
– Increased bonuses to relations for the actions of the GG
– Reworked the purchase of things in the shopping center ( now it will be faster)
— Reworked the launch of the event in the apartment
— Events were added with it during cleaning
— Morning events were added with it
— Events in the park were added with it
– Added events in the kitchen with her
– Added events in Chkalovsky with her
– Added weekly events with her
– Added alt. branch of events with Rada
— Events in the club were added with her
— Events in the kitchen were added with her
— Events in the bathroom were added with her
— Events in the hall were added with her
— Events in the bedroom were added with her — Events were added with her in the backyard
— Sleep events added with her
— Weekly events added with her
— Weekend events added with her
— Night events added with her
— Continuation of events branch with Katya and Galya added
— Reduced grind with Galya
– – Added Gali card
– Adjusted house. Katya’s crucifixion
— Added weekly events with both
— Added events with Stas at home with Katya
— Added events in the bathroom with Katya
— Added events in the gym with Katya
— Added events in the bedroom with Katya
— Added events during the time with Galya workouts
— With Galya, events were added during the massage
– A new character Anna Asmus was added — A card was added with her
— A module was added with her
— A work for GG was added with her
— Events in the workroom were added with her
— With her were added office events
— Daily events added with her
— House events added with her
— Minor character added as well
– Added continuation of events with Maya
– Added a card with her
– Added events in the city
with her – Added events in the cafe with her
– Added events in the sports complex with her
Cheat Mod
Cheat Mod for Son of a bitch! version 0.29
Drop into the standalone content folder with file replacement

Release date: 2022-02-13
Genre: Real Porn, Blowjob, Titfuck, Anal sex, BDSM, Incest, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Avenger
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.30 + cheat mod
Language: English, Russian
Size: 13.99 GB

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