Wild Life [Build 24.02.2023 Patreon]

Wild Life – we live in a mad universe, indescribably vast, full of wonders and terrors. And amidst all the chaos, sometimes things even turn out, sexy! Play as one of many possible characters, female, male and fight and fuck your way through a wild experience. Our story plays on a small and rather unknown planet called K’apal. Only few civilized humans have ever ventured here, some miners guilds to claim the precious rare minerals that can be found here, scientists studying the natives and the flora and fauna. And also raiders and poachers trying to make a fortune selling rare creatures to rich and eccentric collectors.​

Wild Life Patreon Build 24.02.2023
Added 5 new sandbox sex animations
Added outfit Exotic Dancer for Maya
Added new hairstyle for Maya and Shey based characters

Resolved Hyena, Spacedeer and Rabbits not spawning via T
Resolved cum material being transparent
Resolved broken image in VR
Resolved camera offset in VR
Resolved Old Wild Life Map teleporter line not working
Sandbox editor: Resolved duplicating custom poser breaking control pop linkage
Sandbox editor: Improved conversion between custom and default poser
Sandbox editor: Look at now works with custom poser
Sandbox editor: Resolved custom poser linking to the wrong set of control props if they have the same name. Notice: If you have a scene where this has happened, you need to manually update the control prop linkage in the posers “Custom” tab
Sandbox editor: Resolved triggers placed during edit mode not working
Sandbox editor: Resolved some selections not being added to the undo history
Sandbox editor: Resolved undo poser settings resetting custom hand pose
Sandbox editor: Resolved transform gizmo collision not updating when selecting multiple props
Sandbox editor: Resolved shower and fireplace props not having sound
Various improvements to characters
Various improvements to physics
Various improvements to animations
Various improvements to levels

Known Issues:
Due to DirectX 12’s on the fly shader compilation there will be significant lag spikes whenever new materials are loaded
Fur is temporarily disabled due to incompatibility with Unreal Engine 5
Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear
Clothes textures will not fully load in the character creator
Physics break if you scale characters in the sandbox editor

Wild Life Patreon Build 17.02.2023
We have added the first installment of the sandbox full body poser. This tool allows you to convert any regular character pose to a full body controllable setup where you can manipulate arms, legs, fingers, toes, torso, head and extras individually using control objects spawned at the respective locations. We are very excited to see what you can do with it and are looking forward to your feedback.
We recommend that you update your OS and graphics drivers as we use the latest SDKs and APIs.
Added 48 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added Max x Scrof MaxTopBed sex minigame (28 animations)
Added Maya x Chakkar Pillory sex minigame (19 animations)
Added Maya x Djablo x Djablo Pillory sex minigame (15 animations)
Added new character: Koodie, a cuddly and caring healer from Lake Village
Added outfit Tuxedo for Maya, some Max and Sethro based characters, Bol, Ziad and Kral
Added outfit Raider for Shey
Added outfits Kooders, Straps, Blue Dress, Lingerie, Sci-Fi Citizen, Wench and Succubus for Koodie
Added outfit Dress Elegant B for Maya
Added outfit Towel for most Bol, Max and Sethro based characters and Ziad
Added outfit Pirate for Mercer
Added outfit Succubus Style for Maya and Shey
Added outfit Red Dress for Kenda
Sandbox editor: Added free posing to the character poser
Sandbox editor: Added 3 new properties to Player Follower and Camera Follower props to allow you to choose whether they will follow position, rotation and scale
Sandbox editor: Added eye offset controls to poser with options for individual control
Sandbox editor: Added breast offset controls to poser with options for individual control (breast physics need to be disabled to use this feature)
Sandbox editor: Added Vaginal/Anal spread sliders to poser for changing the size of the respective openings
Sandbox editor: Added a bunch of Lake Village architecture props
Added logic LODing for characters which decreases the CPU load if they are far away
Added quality settings for Lumen Global Illumination and Reflection

Patreon Build 22.12.2022
After some intense bug-fixing this week we are now almost ready to release the last version of 2022. We fixed many crashes, the animation desyncing, a performance issue due to memory management, sandbox gizmo, and many other smaller things. Overall we have made massive improvements on the stability compared to the testing version from last week. Sadly there are still several issues that will require more time to fix, jittery physics are still there, as well as generally weaker performance, and the lighting and materials are still work in progress. But rest assured, things will get better in the coming year 🙂

Added 20 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added outfit Red Dress for Maya, Shey, Mercer and Shiva
Sandbox editor: Added refraction to custom materials

Patreon Build 16.12.2022
Upgraded Unreal Engine to version 5.1
Added 100 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added Max x Lala On Floor sex minigame (29 animations)
Added Maya x Locu Stargazing sex minigame (37 animations)
Added Maya x Rawn Good Boy sex minigame (17 animations)
Added new character: Karu, a councilman of the Sky Village
Added new character: Shiva, a huntress from the Warrior Village
Added setting for Global Illumination to Video settings (defaults to Lumen, which can be very expensive, so you might want to turn it off)

Wild Life Patreon Build 21.10.2022
Added 17 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added outfit Pirate for several Sethro based characters
Sandbox editor: Added import button to sandbox scene select and sandbox editor
Sandbox editor: Added Start/End Travel Time Multipliers for transformer prop
Sandbox editor: Added parameter passthrough event dispatchers for condition prop
Sandbox editor: Added OneMinus and Negate operations to operation prop
Sandbox editor: Added search to scene select
Sandbox editor: Added a couple Halloween decoration props

Patreon Build 14.10.2022
Added 68 new sandbox sex animations
Added Maya x Minotaur Throne sex minigame (31 animations)
Added Max x Tali Bed sex minigame (37 animations)
Added Maya x Zuri Playtime sex minigame (25 animations)
Added new character: Zyke the warrior
Added new character: Grace the head physician
Added outfit Pirate for some Max based characters
Added World Map tab to inventory menu
Sandbox editor: Added custom materials
Sandbox editor: Added custom mesh prop
Sandbox editor: Added scene exporter
Sandbox editor: Added favorites system for sex pairings and animations
Sandbox editor: Added goto button to camera props
Added character customization: Makeup roughness and specular
Added character customization: Nail color
Added character customization: Eyebrow colors
Added character customization: Wing growth
Added face pose alpha slider to character poser
New Wild Life Map: Added Warrior Village blockout

Patreon Build 19.08.2022
Added 24 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added outfit Sci-Fi Citizen A+B for Mercer and Shey
Added a bunch of poses for many characters
Sandbox editor: Added logic prop: transform data (allows you to directly manipulate an object’s transform)
Sandbox editor: Added props: various candles, various prototype shapes
Sandbox editor: Added input to rename objects (F2 by default)
Sandbox editor: Added abs and sign operations to operation prop

Patreon Build 12.08.2022
We are excited to announce that the new build is almost ready to be released. This time, we have some lovely new characters for you, first introducing Kerpali hyena man and hyena woman Scrof and Sadora, as well as scientist Lee, added plenty of new animations, 2 new minigames, the sky village blockout and some long requested sandbox 2 features.
And now for the full list of changes and additions see the changelog below:
Added 53 new sandbox sex animations
Added Max x Shey Bench Boobjob sex minigame (24 animations)
Added Maya x 4 Goatmen Ganbang sex minigame (30 animations)
Added new character: Scrof the hyena man
Added new character: Sadora the hyena woman
Added new character: Lee the scientist
Added outfit Pirate for Maya and Shey
Added outfit Sci-Fi Citizen A+B for Maya and Lee
Added grappling hook prototype for Max (currently only usable in the “Grappling Hook Test” level when selecting “New Game”)

Patreon Build 01.07.2022
Added 13 new sandbox sex animations
Added outfit slaveA and slaveB for Maya
Added outfit black dress for Aoi and Sonia
Added outfit virgin killer for Shey
Added outfit lingerie for Mercer
Added input to take screenshots (F9, resolution of the screenshot can be changed in the game section of the settings)
Sandbox editor: Added logic props: delta time, vector creator, and color creator
Sandbox editor: Added event reordering
Sandbox editor: Added context menu for the object outliner
Sandbox editor: Added hide option to camera prop

Patreon Build 24.06.2022
Added 45 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added 3 new sex minigames (Max x Tanya, Max x Tali, Maya x Tali)
Added new character: Vark the horseman
Added new character: Kenda the horsewoman
Added new character: Morris
Sandbox editor: Added event system (we included a showcase scene in the Showroom)
Sandbox editor: Added prop collections
Sandbox editor: Added auto save (an auto save is created every 2 minutes)
Sandbox editor: Added box selection (click and drag in the viewport to select multiple objects)
Sandbox editor: Added Copy/Paste/Cut to object outliner (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X)
Sandbox editor: Added props: media player, portals, player follower, sine movement, and a bunch of logic props for the new event system
Sandbox editor: Added weather preset setting to level settings window
Added sex minigame selection when starting a sex minigame via dialogue
Added search to pose selection drop down

Wild Life Patreon Build Release 06.05.2022
Added 38 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added outfit hair BodyFX for Shey and Ziad
Added outfit BlackDress for Mercer
Added outfit cum BodyFX for Max and Ziad
Added outfit ElfEar for Lala and Leah
Added Leah hairstyle for Maya and Shey
Sandbox editor: Added outliner search and filters
Sandbox editor: Added inputs to switch between camera props (PageUp/PageDown)

Wild Life Build 29.04.2022
Added 83 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
Added 2 new sex minigames (Max X Kral, Max X Shey)
Added new character: Leah from the Dead Chicks
Added new character: Lazra, lizard lady
Added new character: Ishtra, wolf lady
Added outfit BodyCumFX for Maya, Shey and Kerpali males (except lizards)
Added outfit RaiderExposed for Max
Added outfit Towel for Maya and Shey
Added outfit KerpaliCitizenMaleA for Kral, Chakkar and Rawn
Added outfit KerpaliCitizenFemaleA for Kira, Karra, Ishtra, Rasha, Zuri and Tali
Added outfit MaleScientist for Max and Lyndon
Added outfit DesertCosplay for Alissa
Added 6 Sethro hairstyles for Max
Added hairstyle for Maya and Shey

Release date: 2023-02-24
Genre: 3d game, anal sex, animated, female protagonist, furry, group sex, lesbian, male protagonist, monster, oral sex, sandbox, sci-fi, titfuck, vaginal sex, virtual reality
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Adeptus Steve
Platform: Windows (x64)
Version: Build 24.02.2023
Language: English, Russian
Size: 10.92 GB

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