The Headmaster [v.0.12.3]

The Headmaster — in the near future, in a small island country, a crisis arose. The number of high school graduates has fallen sharply and university places remain unfilled. Faced with the prospect of massive unemployment and potential economic disaster, the government is forced to take urgent action. All students over the age of eighteen who have failed or been expelled from school must be forcibly returned to school in a number of special institutions. Our hero becomes the director of one of these institutions. Using your unique disciplinary methods, you must transform an entire school of young women offenders into hardworking and obedient students.

By popular demand, Priti will be the main star of the update with her own storyline and punishment system. The other characters with significant content will be Charlotte and Harriet. Although there are also some big group punishment scenes featuring several other girls. As decided by a recent poll we’ll also finally be getting unrestricted access to the girl’s locker room.

v0.11 Beta
New student quest for Cassandra
Cassandra’s punishment system now goes to level 5
Blowjobs from Cassandra at your apartment and at your office
A lesbian scene for Debbie and Cassandra
Added new spanking animation for Cassandra being punished in class
New extra service from Lucy (handjob)

v0.10 Beta
Four new repeatable sports events
Four football practice events
New scenes for Lucy
Lucy will now clean naked
Lucy will offer extra services (currently spanking, dancing and kiss)
Double spanking for the twins from HM and Claire
Public punishment for the twins
Poolside punishment for the twins
A spanking scene for Samantha or Arabella
Sex scene with Amy in the girls’ locker room
Threesome with Rachel and Debbie
Body searches for: Emily, Alice, Priti
You can unlock the cafeteria (just a placeholder there for now but unlocking it will trigger new scenes)
Two new students (Jasmine and Arabella)
New lunch lady (Patricia)

Strip search for the twins
Strip search for Liz
Body search for Lucy

0.9.1 beta
Introduction scene for chapter 2
Five new/updated patrolling-the-halls events.
One new and four updated weekend patrol events
Three new repeatable class events (including spankings) for Priti, Liz, Faye
New classroom spanking from the headmaster for Rachel
New repeatable punishments in your office: Priti, Liz, Faye
New classroom punishment: Girls can be made to sit through class topless (implemented for Rachel, Cassandra, Faye, Priti and Liz)
New Friday quiz, where you can pick which girl to punish
Girls can now be made to clean the school grounds in their underwear.
New headmasters privilege rule: Can give a body search to anyone on campus
A scene for Maxine in your office
A scene for Miss Chang at her apartment
Sex ed lesson from the nurse
Swimming pool added.
New student: Olivia.
You can spend time in your office watching porn
You can watch TV with the girls on Sunday evening
Strip search for Nina
Spanking and Tit job scene for Alice
BJ scene with Sally
Sex scene with Miss Swallows
Spanking and masturbation scene with Sally and Liz

New scene for when you lose because grades hit zero
New repeatable scene for Rachel in your office after she gets a promotion
New scene in class for Rachel
Lucy will now clean your apartment topless
New scene when spying on Lucy changing in your apartment

The Headmaster 0.8 Beta
Three new scenes for the English teacher, Claire
Rachel can now go up to level 7
New punishment action for Rachel
Several new scenes for Rachel
Part 2 of the Dungeons and Dragons event
Punishment system implemented for Cassandra (only to level 2)
New spying scene for Cassandra

v0.7.1 Beta
A missing frame of an animation when Amy was getting paddled by the mc without her underwear causing a crash
A crash for some people in the sex scene for Amy
The spying event for Maxine not showing as complete in the replay menu
A crash when taking Amy’s picture
Amy can now be summoned to your office for punishment after level 5

The Headmaster v0.7 Beta
Punishment system implemented for Amy
New quest-line for Amy with several new scenes — Follow her Quest-log
New spying scene for Debbie and Maxine (visit Rachel’s room when prompted to)
Movie night scene at the dorms on a Friday evening
D&D game at dorms on Sunday afternoon
Scenes for Amy and Donna at the lake on Saturday afternoon
A scene for Emily at the lake on Sunday Morning
New scene for Lucy at your Apartment

There is a cheat menu built into the replay screen.
On the school map screen, top right, you can see the replay button.
Now you should be able to see a red button saying, don’t press me!
Press it three times to see the cheat menu.

Release date: 2022-02-11
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Bdsm, Corruption, Male Domination, Sex Toys, HandJob, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lesbian, Groping, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Altos and Herdone
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.12.3
Language: English
Size: 4.81 GB

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