Triangle [v.1.0]

Вы 35-летний мужчина, который находится в счастливых отношениях со своей красивой девушкой Сарой. Ваша жизнь становится намного сложнее, когда в один прекрасный день Дженни, 18-летняя девочка и дочь недавно скончавшегося друга Сары, приходит жить с вами. Между вами возникают чувства, но вы уже находитесь в отношениях с Сарой. К чему это приведет? Играйте и узнайте!

As previously stated this is the last part for Triangle. The story is complete. It is also an epilogue, so it has quite a few time jumps in it. So sorry if the pacing is a bit all over the place.

Also there are a few different version/scenes depending on previous choice. I will attach 2 save-files with this post. So if you don`t have saves of your own you can use these. (The saves for renpy-games are usually located in user/appdata/roaming/renpy/triangle. Drop the saves in there. If you have the two slots already occupied with your own saves you have to either overrive or rename them)

The two saves are:

4-1 is you want to have a baby with Jenny and had anal sex with her

4-2 is you decided to wait and stuck to vaginal sex

Also in both saves you said that you wanted a girl during the conversation with Sarah about the baby`s gender. If you want something else you`ll have to use your own saves, replay or use console commands.

Lastly I want to thank all of you for your support with Triangle. I had a blast making this game. I will soon start working on the next game. I hope you`ll like it just as much. More info on it will follow in my next progress report.

Have fun playing and have a nice weekend.


Дата релиза: 2019-07-13
Жанр: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral sex, Romance, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: Neverlucky
Платформа: Windows
Тип издания: Completed
Версия: 1.0 + Saves
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 1.25 GB

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