Bright Past [v.0.98.5]

Erotic simulator Bright Past which takes place in an open world, a new work by the author of the popular game “Bright Future”. According to the author himself, the new project will be completed at a significantly high quality level, as you can see for yourself when you start playing! The protagonist will be a girl from the provinces with a cute face and firm ass, who dreams of becoming a musician. Perhaps her story will make someone believe in themselves!

New event with Leo and Snake. Will open if Alex had a relationship with both.
A small event with Irma (the girl in the library). To activate, you need to read at least one book.
Alex’s dressing scene in the cafe.
The magazine shop in the Red Quarter will no longer be open in the morning.
1 new recipe and 2 ingredients for it.
You can also make apple pie again. It will be more expensive to manufacture, but it improves mood more.
The motel has been updated, including an overnight meeting with the police.
In the scene with the Mistress and Paris, Alex will display pubic hair.
Beer in a can went on sale.
I also fixed some bugs of the previous version.

!Due to global changes in this version, old saves will not work! Only new game. But I will give you the option to jump straight to the new content.

Complete reworking of ALL dialogues in the game. Now the game will not have character sprites against the background of the location. Each dialogue is a “live” render. (I might have missed something. Please tell me if you find it.
The list of all NPCs has been completely redone. Now the characters are divided into categories and will be displayed as a sticker book. As you get to know the NPCs, the sticker book will be filled out. The NPC menu has become much more convenient.
Also, I started the creation of the Gallery of hot scenes. At the moment it has 47 scenes.
New webcam scene with unexpected guests.
New beach event with Tanya and Bonnie
Along the way, some scenes and locations have undergone changes:
– Appearance of the Director and the scene with him.
– Updated music store and Bonnie and Ash casual outfit.
– Changed appearance of Leyla + one additional scene with her.
– Updated image of Colonel White.
– Updated college entrance.
– Updated cinema. New movies in the cinema, categorized by genre.
New car park on Rose Street
Now you can work in the Glory Room 2 times a week, and on webcam broadcasts – 3 times.
Intimate haircuts were added to some old scenes.
The “Webcam Broadcast” section has appeared in the character’s menu
Characters with new dialogues will be marked with a special icon (does not work everywhere yet)
The starting quest has been slightly changed.
3 new magazines in the kiosk
Read magazines will be marked with the words “read”
New bonus card
Basement renovation prices have been reduced
Anal training was greatly accelerated
Accidental night meeting near the house.
The sports round will now be always available
I also made a lot of minor edits and improvements.

Bright Past 0.97
Main plot:
Alex will visit Jill and Michael’s house.
There will be unexpected changes in the composition of the group.
Alice will invite Alex and Tanya to visit. Most likely this will be the last event before the big final quest.
If Alex walks around the apartment topless and wants to have breakfast alone with Barbara, there will be consequences…
I replaced the old images and animations from the very first webcam in Barbara’s room. Pubic hair is also included.
After this broadcast, Barbara will give Alex her glass toy. (If you have already completed this event, the toy will appear in your inventory automatically)

New animations:
The glass toy given by Barbara can now be used in Alex’s room.
The suction cup toy given to Molly can also be used more than once.
Animations take into account the time of day, the presence of pubic hair, etc.

Now Alex can buy a new car!
The car is fully functional, including relaxation scenes.
A new car costs more, drives faster, holds more fuel, but uses it faster.
The gas station has also been updated.
Now there you will be served by a pretty gas station worker.
Your car will be displayed next to the gas station and the soda machine will start working.

Another scene with a trucker. This time there will be three of you. The meeting point will also be new.

The newsstand has been completely renovated. Now the location will be available even at night. A salesman appeared inside. I also added my AI cover images, including explicit ones. Near the kiosk you can meet background NPCs. In the future, I plan to add some magazines to buy and read.

Updated images:
I completely replaced the dialogues with Valerie (including the intro) and partly with Barbara, Jane, Amanda and some other NPCs. I want to get rid of the “visual novel” presentation of “background + sprite” dialogs.
I updated the “relaxation” scene in the cafe (hand and vibrator). Now Alex will not fully undress, and her actual clothes will be taken into account in the scene. The scene also includes pubic hair.
Updated subway near the house, including background NPCs.
I also “refreshed” the images of the hallway and bathroom.
New start page of the site for adults.

I decided to add a feature that I wanted to implement a few years ago, but changed my mind. Now if you have available dialogues with this character, a special icon will appear above the NPC. I want to save you from having to click on each character to check for new dialogue. So far, this feature has only been implemented for Valerie, Barbara, and Jane. So far, some gaps are possible, but everything will be decided as testing progresses.
I have changed some news in the phone. The branch with Schuttenbach and strikes in the mines did not realize itself, and I decided to remove it altogether. I replaced 2 news with neutral ones. The electronics store ad image has also been replaced, and the rest of the images have been updated.
1 new dialogue with Rick about getting naked on stage.
Some old bugs have also been fixed. If you find others – write to me. No bug will remain unfixed.

Bright Past 0.96
This update contains the biggest event in the history of the game. This is a porn casting for Letty’s movie. 8 people will participate in the casting, and Letty, Mistress and Alex will act as a selection committee.
The event contains a lot of hot content. I hope you will enjoy.
But the update doesn’t stop there:
I further reduced the amount of grind in the main story. The number of required rehearsals, vocal and guitar lessons has been reduced.
The system of correspondence with characters was also redesigned (not all dialogues yet). Now you will see images of the interlocutors. An imitation of the fact that the interlocutor is typing a message has also been added. And a few more visual details.
I decided to gradually redo the scenes where the dialogue is presented in the style of a visual novel (sprite on the background of the location). Now I don’t like how it looks anymore, and the graphics power allows me to create full-fledged scenes. The following scenes have been changed:
– Dialogue with Jane in the cafe
– Conversations with Ash and John in the cafe
– Ash and John in the Chamber of Secrets
– Barbara in her room at night
– Rick next to Qian’s car
– The first meeting of Kian and Michael
– Valerie and Barbara invite Alex to breakfast
– Conversation with Leo in the Bar (the appearance of the bar has also been slightly redesigned)
– Ruth and Tina in the dance studio (some dialogues)
The appearance of the porn shop has been changed. Now, as posters, I use images created by me using a neural network.
Pop-up messages have been completely redesigned. I use a completely new module for this. Messages should no longer get stuck on the screen. Also, you should no longer see strange and inappropriate messages.
I slightly changed the quest with the search for a rock club. Now you won’t need to give Ash your poster. The dialogue of the first acquaintance with Ash and John has also been changed. These characters have subsequently changed, and now the dialogue looks more believable.
The list view has been removed from the inventory and store, but a title has been added under each product.
The Portuguese translation has been substantially improved. Thanks Zero for that.
And some other little things:
– Flavi and Celeste will not appear in the rain and at night.
– In the sports complex you can pay for subscriptions by card.
– Now when you save the game, you will see a confirmation window.

Bright Past 0.95
Alex will be able to visit Barbara at work and learn her next secret. In a hot new scene, Barbara will help Alex discover new secrets of her own body.
Now Alex can relax in the kitchen. Fresh vegetables will help with this.
Trucker Magnus will be able to talk Alex into closer contact.
A food cart appeared near the bus stop. A juicy hot dog will help satisfy your hunger. + Hot dog eating scene.
New scene with Leo. Now you can have fun with him right in the forest.
Sarah’s secret business. What leads to the thirst for easy money …
Small nude scene with Ruth in the dance studio
Depilation scene in the bathroom of the shelter
Smoking scene next to the house
Updated scenes:
Scene at Leo’s house (completely updated lighting and added pubic hair)
One of Barbara’s webcam scenes (pubic hair added)
Broom sex scene (pubic hair added)
Barbara scene in living room (pubic hair added)
Dressing up for a basketball game (pubic hair added)
Morning wake up scene after concert (pubic hair added)
The ending scene of Flavi and Broom has also been redone.
Picture of Jane in the yard
1 new bonus card.
In the music store you can hear the music played by Owl
Slightly updated appearance of the rector of the college
Interface changes and improvements
Bug fixes and some minor gameplay improvements.

Bright Past 0.94
The main story received the most content.
The group is recording their first single, which will be played on the radio.

Owl invites Alex to visit. There we learn something about her intimate life.
Alex again goes to visit Alice, and meets the guitarist “Steel Maiden” (the appearance has been changed). There is also a new character waiting for you. In other words, you will have a long and hot event.
The fourth concert, where Alex allows himself something obscene.
After the concert, the group goes to the after-party. After a dose of rock and roll, it’s time to get a dose of sex and drugs.
The bad client event has been updated and expanded. All images will display intimate haircut and butt plugs. It will also be possible to go further and have sex with a client. The event includes animation and the ability to choose safe sex.
Several polls have shown your interest in this character. I started her storyline. You will have to find a new seller for her store. Hot content is also present.
Intimate hair will now grow back after some time. Alex will be able to shave them completely or leave a little. The hair growth option can be turned off.
Intimate haircut display has been added to some old scenes:
Solarium (including animation)
Harassment at the casino
“Room of Glory”
Night with Jane
Home yoga

Bright Past 0.93
Updated toilet in the Hot Arctic. Well… Now it’s not really a toilet… The opportunity to “work” in it is also provided.
Nude Alice and her frank memories of a turbulent youth.
New scene with Flavi and one of our friends.
Alex will now have pubic hair. Yeah, you didn’t ask, but I did it anyway:) While this function works in test mode and is enabled in the settings menu. In total there are 2 degrees of “unshavenness”. Scenes in which pubic hair is displayed are listed below.
Alex notices his face in an advertisement.
The ability to walk around the apartment topless (Barbara and Valerie will not leave this without attention)
The song quality system has been removed. Now you can’t write a song without enough inspiration. The writing skill has also been removed. You don’t need it to write songs. The inspiration UI will be hidden after writing 10 songs, as there is no need to improve the quality now.
But now you can rename your songs.
The part of the main quest with the old mine has been completely removed. Now, instead of looking for pyrotechnics, Owl will immediately send us to acting classes.
Alex and Alice’s kiss will be in the news.
Sex with Snake became repetitive
The kitchen cleaning scene with Barbara can also be repeated
Bonus art with Tanya in the NPC menu
New font
Several new dialogues with Rick at night. Some appear during the story.
Alex will be able to use wet wipes without opening the bag.
Status icons have been moved to a different location. Now they won’t move when pressed.
Kian found a replacement for Tina
Added the ability to quickly use the pill Plan B
The underwear in the garberobe is now placed on a separate tab. Now it may be different from home clothes.
The taken pills will be displayed on the status icons
New news is shown immediately when you open the phone.
Few people appeared in the center

New scenes:
Drying hair in a shelter.
Coffee on Rick’s Bus
Evening at Michael’s house with family

Updated scenes:
Old bus at night and nightly gatherings with Rick
Rick and Owl’s first meeting scene
Breakfast with Barbara

Updated scenes with new underwear:
Strapon with Barbara in the kitchen
Guitar lessons at home (now you can play without clothes)
Hugs with Tanya
Watching a series in Val
Sex with Ash and John
Relax on Rick’s Bus

Updated scenes with pubic hair:
Sex with Ash and John
Relax on the beach
Relax on Rick’s Bus
Relax in the casino toilet
“Cleaning” the kitchen with Barbara
Laundry scene
Sex with Snake

Bright Past 0.92.5
A new quest related to Jesus and his mafia family.
Alex will try on a new image and meet influential people. Will she like this acquaintance?
+ 2 new NPCs
A new set of frank translucent underwear. Underwear will be displayed in game scenes.
Alex and the band will participate in the first photo session.
+ 1 new NPC
Random event with a naked stranger in a clothing store.
Alex was first recognized on the street!
Beach smoking scene
Updated wash scene.
Updated clothes shopping scene.

Bright Past v0.92.0
Continuation of the plot. The love triangle in Kian’s life.
New level of cam modeling (very hot)
Molly’s piquant secret from the casino and a nice gift from her.
Will Valerie and Alex remain friends or will they become something more?
Now Alex has the opportunity to practice yoga at home with Valerie. After completing the Penelope branch, you will be doing it naked.
A new opportunity to go for a massage in a beauty salon, as well as watch hot additional services for men.
Completely new appearance of the secretary Tina, including all the old scenes with her.
New character – Qian’s wife.
New toy for Alex. Currently used only for the quest.
Qian’s office is available at any time
1 new bonus card.
Fixed some old bugs (including bug with apples and rain)

Bright Past 0.91
Attention! Version 0.91 does not support old saves. Only new game.
Attention2! The new content is not translated into German. I have lost contact with the good man who has been creating the German version for you all these years. I can’t say anything about the translation in the future yet. Sorry.

Alex will attend the concert of Alice Dark and will be on stage.

First hot scene with Tanya.
New heterosexual relationships. Very close relationship…
The next visit to the Mistress will end extremely unpredictably.
The quest menu is now displayed on the main screen in an abbreviated form. Turns off with one key.
The amount of grind in the main story has been greatly reduced. This applies to rehearsals, vocal and guitar lessons.
New sexy outfits for Tanya and Ash.
2 new achievements
Dressing up scene on the beach.
A separate button for writing songs.
The appearance of the clock has been changed. Rewinding time has become more convenient.
Interface and bug fixes.

Attention! The new content has not yet been translated into German. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
Attention 2! Cooking in the kitchen may not work on older saves. I can’t fix it yet. All is well in the new game.

The game supports save version 0.80 and higher.
Bright Past 0.90 (announcement)
Alex can now work in Hot Arctic.
New uniform for a new job.
A new level of webcam work (including 2 animations)
Barbara “takes revenge” for the incident in the kitchen.
Alex helps Jill get back to normal. Will she succeed?
Alex and the band are invited to the radio.
The beginning of a future relationship with one of the male characters.
+ 1 sexy new NPC in the Hot Arctic.
Alex’s new erotic dream
Casino staff room + mirror + dressing scene
Alex dressing scene before the basketball game
One of the characters has a twin sister.
Separate button for calling a taxi.
Early Wake Bonus + Morning Image
Jane will talk to you personally instead of the first call if you are in a cafe.
2 new images in the intro.
The café uniform hat has been completely removed.
Images of Alex in uniform have been updated.
A help menu with basic symbols has been added.
Alex will smell bad after work.
1 new bonus image with Valerie.
Animated rain while riding in a bus, taxi and car.
Some fresh images in the scene with Valerie and pizza.
Hotkeys for some menus (Q – NPC menu, M – mood menu)
Lots of UI fixes
Updated scenes:
A conversation between Alex and Barbara on the couch.
Work in a cafe
Diary reading
Visiting Jill’s house during the rain.
Driving a car
Updated locations:
Living room (total overhaul) and watching TV
Paris’ new office (total overhaul)
Bus stop near the house
Updated sprites:
Naked Barbara
Valerie and Ruby’s tennis sprites have been updated.

Bright Past 0.89
Continuation of the main story and Rick’s love affairs.
The next level of webcam show.
Unexpected meeting in the Glory Room + 1 animation.
Hot chatting with Ruby.
Animated rain.
Christmas decoration (can be turned off in the UI menu)
Updated kitchen cleaning event with Barbara.
Updated cooking system.
1 new food recipe.
Several new food items and soda.
Collectible pickup notification.
A usable washbasin in a cafe.
Jill will be at Michael’s house.
1 new achievement.
Many minor fixes and improvements.

Continuation of the main plot and close acquaintance with Alice.
Colonel White takes over the security of the quarter.
Alex finds Flavi at work and gets to know her personally.
Flavi has a new hairstyle.
The news about the last concert will appear on the phone.
New menu for buying clothes.
Alex will be able to feed the kitten.
Updated and expanded trucker scene.
Bonnie and Tanya’s updated daily routine + home outfits for them.
In the bathroom, Alex can open or close the front door + Barbara’s light visit while taking a bath.
The ability to display only characters with quests in the NPC menu.
In “Hot Arctic” you can meet Paris.
2 new achievements.
Minor fixes to the starting history.
Changing the time of day in the Castle.
Multiple fixes.

Bright Past v0.87.0
A big event after the 3rd concert with many familiar ladies. If you have already played this concert, then this event will start automatically.
Tanya will now sometimes paint in the park. You can talk to her.
Alex will be able to visit the Mistress in her office. You can learn more about the Red Quarter and about the Mistress personally.
Webcam broadcasts have become repeatable. There are now 2 stages of nudity available.

New collectible – Tara’s paintings. At the moment there are 3. For them you will receive special art points. Points can be spent on changing the appearance of some characters in the NPC menu. Just for fun.
New hot event from Kevin and Julia.
Alex’s new outfit is a robe. Alex will wear it after showering.
Acquaintance with the competitors of the Mistress. Go to the highway. (+ 2 new NPCs)
Lots of new pornhub images.
During casino harassment, you can afford more.
During pregnancy, Alex will feel nauseous until she has an abortion.
+ 5 new achievements
After creating a tattoo, the mood spoils.
Ingrid’s new appearance

Security guard in the casino. If you get harassed, he can help.
If you persuaded Margie to buy a sexy dress, she will sometimes wear it.
Alex will be able to shower while Valerie is in the tub.
Alex can get rid of nicotine addiction by abstaining from cigarettes. However, quitting smoking causes depression. We’ll have to endure.
A new state: depression and pills for it.
Ash and John are now shown in the park.
Fix display of goods from a candy store.
+ 1 bonus card
Some interface improvements.
Many other fixes.

New scenes:
Hair drying scene after shower and bath.
Lack of panties on the subway.
You can show off your new car to Valerie.
A reading scene has been added in the library.
Vaping on a park bench.

New locations:
Bathroom in the dorm.

Redesigned old locations:
City center
Rose Street
Rose Street library (+ cute library worker)

Redesigned old scenes:
Director and Jill
Ruth’s Lessons
Record yourself on video
Solarium scenes
Meeting Ash on the stairs at night.
Some scenes in the Glory Room.
Shared morning with my sister.
Valerie is in the bathroom.

Updated sprites:
Jill’s house owner

Main plot
Continuation of rehearsals and classes
Purchasing a new guitar
3rd concert on a new stage

Red Quarter
Complete transformation of the “Arctic” cafe under the guidance of the Mistress
“Teaching” Jane and Amanda a new profession
New outfits for Jane and Amanda
The ceremonial opening of the establishment with the participation of the Mistress’s closest people.

Jane’s Secret Toy Event
Penny’s updated appearance on the posters
Possibility to smoke in the casino toilet
The smoking button in cafes and casinos is available not only in the booth, but also in the common room
Jane and Amanda’s reaction to the soiled Alex
Reduced frequency of handbag spawn when working in a cafe.
Increased tip for a personal order in a cafe.

Updated old scenes
Valerie Night Toy
Valerie’s lingerie presentation
Valerie and the courier
Ash and John in the park
Amanda caught with a plug
Second dream-memory

Updated sprites
Ruth Lane
Some of Jane and Amanda’s sprites
Casino boss

Michael is unable to continue rehearsals due to personal problems. Get to know his wife and try to resolve the conflict. You will have two options to choose from.
Complete arrangement of the basement, including the construction of a webcam studio, kitchen and toilet.
The builders are doing their rituals again. Perhaps Alex would like to join?
First personal webcam broadcast.
Updated appearance of Tara.
Scenes in the updated basement:
Sleeping on the couch
Cooking and fridge are available in the basement.

Bright Past v0.84
First casting in the modeling business and shooting in advertising.
Visit to Jill at the hospital.
Now you can chase away the maniac on the bus or “make friends” with him.
Continuation of acquaintance with Alice Dark.
New sex scene with Jane.
Penny’s completely revamped appearance and all the scenes with her.
Updated webcam scenes with Barbara. Including tattoo and renovated room. (WIP)
Using butt plugs in the Glory Room.
Butt plugs during sex with Leo.
Image of sleeping in a motel. You can also select the number of hours.
You can visit Owl at her home. + dressing gown for the Owl.
Change of time of day in China Town
New dialogue with Mrs Benoit if we saw her naked on the beach.
Updated Margie’s sprites
Random event in the Red Quarter
3 new NPCs
2 new locations
You can go on a date with Ruby by car.
Barbara sometimes comes to Martina’s office.
Some updates to the NPC menu
Updated bench image
Simplified butt plug icon.
Many small fixes.

Bright Past 0.83.1
Main story:
Closer acquaintance with the group
Naked Owl
Second concert
The ability to invite friends to the concert
6 new themes for songs
4 new songs

The opportunity to visit Ruby at home and have fun with her.
Ruby’s night at the motel has been updated.
Anal sex with Broom, including butt plugs.
The basketball and all Broom scenes have been updated.

Side activities:
Image of Alex at the barbershop.
Image of Alex smoking at the bar.
3 new selfies. All old selfies have been updated.
Advertising featuring Simone.

Updated scene of eating ice cream.
Updated kitten and stroking scene.
Renewed concert of “Combat Fagots”.
Updated college posing scene.
Updated lessons with Falsetto.

New locations:
Southern region
Bus stop
Owl’s apartment
Ruby’s apartment

This time Alex will take part in deciding the fate of the Arctic cafe. Will Paris make her dream come true? What role will the Mistress of the Red Quarter play?
The opportunity to retire in the toilet of the sports complex.
Random event in the cafe toilet.
Random event in the magazine store in the Red Quarter.
Jane has a little secret hidden in the cafe.
Valerie and Monica can now be found in the park.
Lucas returns to the park with his new dog.
New images of Alex with a phone.
The sports store has been updated.

Bright Past v0.81.1
Continuation of Valerie’s story. Why is her personal life not going well and what to do about it?
Complete renovation of the basement. Stock up on money. Renovations and good furniture are not cheap. Also, access to the basement now opens much earlier. After a complete renovation, the following functions will be available to you:

– sleep
– storage of things
– wardrobe
– mirror

Alex can retire in her car and masturbate. Available only near the house.
You can repeat the laundry event with high anal sex skill. You can even earn some money.
Alex will be able to buy butt plugs. There are 2 sizes to choose from. To insert the plug, you need to find a quiet place. Some scenes take into account the presence of plugs:

– masturbation in a cafe toilet
– masturbation in the car
– laundry

A new meeting with Evelyn and changes in her life.
Updated renders of deep blowjob lessons.
A shower room has appeared in the gym. You can see Barbara there after her training.
Acquaintance with the seller in the porn magazine store. And also a random event in this store.
You can have free coffee on Rick’s bus and the staff room at the college.
Alcohol rates are now rising much faster.
1 new NPC
1 new sexy costume for Valerie
Renovated interior of the laundry room.
New renders of a walk with my sister.
In the red street you can see sex right on the street.
Updated student uniforms on college screen.
Bug fixes, including a critical bug with Margie and the clothing store.

Second attempt to fix a bug with Margie
Blowjob lesson has been fixed
Crash when visiting the gallery has been fixed

Release date: 2023-07-14
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, anal sex, big ass, big tits, creampie, exhibitionism, female protagonist, group sex, handjob, interracial, lesbian, masturbation, oral sex, sandbox, sex toys, vaginal sex, voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: KosmoGames
Other game: Bright Future, Lust Affect, Familiarity
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.98.5 + Cheat Mod + Walkthrough + Rollback Mod
Language: English, Russian, German, Portuguese
Size: 4.44 GB

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