House Party [v.1.0.2 completed]

House Party — 3D симулятор вечеринки. Можно выполнять просьбы девушек и за это они начинают раздеваться. Есть несколько путей к истории и разные результаты, основанные на ваших решениях…

Stable Release
Major optimizations to draw calls, shadow caster counts, and culling behavior(s) while the Player is in the back yard, and to a lesser degree, in the house. This should result in a noticeable performance gain for most users
Significantly decreased the amount of VRAM the game uses by cleaning up numerous scene objects, fine tuning the light bake, and combining HQ light map compression + HQ light map encoding
Very minor optimizations of certain game load code
Per their request Arin and Dan (Game Grumps) will not be available for use in Custom Stories
Greatly mitigated the chance that a Character can inadvertently get warped off of the NavMesh if they were warped to another Character that was in certain corners of the yard, against fences, walls, etc. This fix also cuts down on the chance that Characters can get warped into a room where the target Character cannot see them, or behind a door dividing the two Characters
Fixed the Eek! Games intro being stretched awkwardly when using ultrawide resolutions
Prevented a NullRef Exception that could occur if a CSC user tried to use certain Item-related GameEvents without adding an entry for that Item to the Main Story script/file
NonPlayerCharacters will no longer instantiate anywhere other than in the LoadingDock. Any Custom Stories that relied on NPCs starting at their Default Locations somewhere in the house/outside will need a WarpTo added in order to position them as intended. This incidentally fixes an NPC placement issue with our Vickie Vixen Valentine story
Fixed an issue that could cause some NullRef spam if an NPC was disabled anywhere in LOS of the Player
Fixed a MissingReferenceException that could occur if an NPC was disabled shortly after an ActionItem StopAction was called
Refactored Audio system so that NPCs have the same mouth animations no matter how attenuated their volume it
Fixed a bug that would prevent the Mute DMCA Music option from working with the Female Player’s Intro Cut Scene
Fixed a bug that would prevent EntersZone Event Triggers from firing if a Character previously did not have a Zone assigned
Fixed an issue that was causing NPC Background Chatter outside of CutScenes to be too quiet
Enabled the Duct Tape, and more, as Interactive Items
Fixed an issue that prevented the Player from being able to open the Inventory UI while using the Player Action Radial or a Radial Menu for an item outside the Inventory
The Clothing Console Command will no longer attempt to remove Clothing from “Asexual” Characters. At this time this only affects the Game Grumps (who could not be nude anyway) and our future myster…oh, right. Mooooo. That one
Certain Console Commands that were already impacted by, or are newly impacted by, Asexual Character settings have had various pieces of feedback text updated
Certain NPCs will now have a Default Emotive Blendshape Configuration that they will use, should they be idle, not socializing with others, speaking, moving, etc.
CutScenes that do not include the Player will behave much more fluidly now. Automatic UI toggles, movement/input restrictions, and the removal of other misc. constraints should make them more easily enjoyable
Touched up the NavMesh to remove a number of gaps and slightly expand walkable areas where reasonably possible
Removed a number of duplicated bushes and small plants from the yard and garden area that were essentially invisible to the player, yet were still being rendered
After NavMesh and Yard object cleanup, refreshed Occlusion and Light Bakes
Various existing (and new) items are now grabbable by the Player
Added Debug Logging to track successful change of, loading, and unloading of scenes
Fixed an issue that was causing VA bundles for stories to erroneously duplicate themselves in asset folders for other stories
Cloth Components will start fading out their simulations at lower, more reasonable distances
Eliminated or mitigated several per-frame or frequently called sources of Garbage Allocation
Added a new ItemFunction to InteractiveItems that allows Disabling or Enabling of a ScriptObject referenced by appropriately configured InteractiveItems
Made a number of performance-related tweaks to Occlusion Culling-related settings and behaviors
Slightly increased crossfade time in default animations
Fixed an issue where converse animations would continue to play long after a character stops speaking
Tweaks to look at durations and timings to create more realistic lookat behavior, particularly in dialogues
Added Polish as an official entry to the Languages list on the Main Menu
Fixed a niche Nullref Exception that could affect intended auto-close behaviors of the Fridge and Pantry doors
Fixed a possible niche nullref that could occur on some transitional scenes like the Disclaimer screen
For RayCast/layering purposes, certain parts of the Front Door and the Garage Doors (more specifically, the big fucking parts that block stuff) will count as “Walls” instead of whatever the shit “Default” means. They just want to be like their other door brethren
The windows in the front of the house, facing out to the street, will now function as a “Wall”, similar to other suspiciously window-like objects
Added a MoveTarget near the windows in the DiningRoom that face the Front Yard (DiningRoomNearFrontWindow)
Added a MoveTarget (KitchenNearFruitAndMicrowave) in the Kitchen near the new pile of fruit. Fruit smorgasbord? Fruitapalooza?
Added a second MoveTarget outside near the Air Conditioner, daringly named OutsideNearAirConditioner2
Adjusting in-game font/font size now applies to InventoryUI item name, UseWith header, ResetCSCPrefs button, and FOV value in Graphics
Added translation functionality for DialogueUI social meters and Opportunity popup messages
Added translation functionality for Gender Tags in Load Game tooltips
Added translation functionality for default NPC “doesn’t want that right now” texts and item added-to-inventory text
Asexual NPCs will be prevented from being included in any sex cutscene that do not explicitly designate them as involved by default (as a default Star or NPC1, etc.). At this time this only applies to the Game Grumps, but additional Characters in the future may also be affected by this change
Fixed an issue that could allow “canceling out” of a Narration Pop-Up to inadvertently close UIs open behind said Narration
Added a very slight delay before allowing Player Input to progress through queued Narration. This should help curb any accidental skipping of Narration Pop-Ups
Fixed an issue that could cause NPC erections during CutScenes to, under certain circumstances, not behave as girthily as we would all hope for
Fixed an issue that was allowing an extra character into certain Custom Story Browser Story Titles
In the Combat Training Story: removed old references to “F1” for viewing keybinds/help
CSC: added PlayerTookCameraPhoto Event Trigger. This will fire after the Player successfully takes any picture with the Camera item and all “Photos”-related Player values are incremented

In the Original Story: added the following Achievements: “A Friend in Need”, “Love Conquers All”, “The Crush”, “The Crush(es)”, “Host Hijinks”, and “Hijinks Averted”
Fixed the neck seam of the female player
In the Original Story: Ashley will try to leave/roam out of her room after her Clean Clothes are given to her, in the event she was not Humiliated/made sick
In the Original Story: standardized the Social threshold for a few additional Derek dialogues that were meant to refer to him having a Friendship level of “Friends” with the Player, rather than “Acquaintances”
Fixed an issue that could cause the Story Selection Dropdown to misbehave if a Custom Story was built using an older version of the CSC. Instead, a Debug Warning will be logged
Fixed an issue that would prevent users who had DebugMode on and were playing a corrupted/broken story from exiting to the Main Menu, Restarting, or Loading a Game
Added additional Debug Logging in case of certain StoryData Load failures
Removed the MaxLights setting from the game’s Graphics UI, as this setting was deprecated some time ago and no longer exerted any control over the game’s graphics
Standardized controller/keyboard UI navigation loop behavior across several menus
Fixed an issue that was causing controller-based interactions with Items in the Inventory (that did not result in the Item being destroyed or removed from the Inventory) to immediately select the first Item in the Inventory, as opposed to trying to re-focus on that same item
Fixed an issue that would let the Player throw a punch while their UI Radial was open or in the midst of being closed, which could lead to inadvertent and extremely unfortunate (usually, for the Player) violent situations
Added a MoveTarget in front of the bushes outside/nearest the Living Room window
Implemented a minimum input deadzone. The amount of movement on a controller/gamepad needed before actually moving is otherwise unchanged. This will fix an issue that could cause controller/gamepad users to move backwards if they used very slight motions on their analog stick, or get very easily kicked out of a chair, bed, etc. with the slightest touch of the analog stick
Made the processing of motion and the setting of the Running state more consistent for the Player. This will prevent the Player from being considered as Running if they are standing still, etc.
The Female Player will now use the same movement mechanism as the Male Player, which should only slightly affect movement speed and prevent diagonal running from doing anything nice for you fucking cheaty cheats out there
When the Player picks up/grabs an item (via RightHand action or grabbing from inventory/Holding in Hand), hand collider size will be adjusted somewhat to better ensure that the Player can still Interact with that item while it is held
LookAt GameEvents that instruct a Character1 to look at another Character2 will no longer instruct Character1 to look at Character2’s scripted object, but rather Character2’s eyes, whenever possible
Minor optimization of Character instantiation time by removing old and now unused class members, initializations, transform searches, etc.
CPU usage optimization of various core game loops and method calls by removing calls to InteractiveStates.Alive, which is always True. CSC users should not be manually changing this State
Implemented several protective checks to limit the number of unintended LookAt behaviors that might fire during a CutScene, as well as if a Character is already near another Character they are looking at
LookAt behavior for all Characters entering a CutScene will be “reset” just prior to the CutScene Playing
Fixed a few minor issues with Player Character head/eye motion in niche situations
Fixed an issue that could prevent Player : LookAt : NPC CutScene GameEvents from targeting the correct Character if the CutScene Actors were customized via CSC/Custom Story
Enabled Steam Cloud Sync
The Pantry Doors in the Kitchen will now auto-close in a fashion very similar to the Fridge Door (if the Player is too far away after a number of seconds, or quickly upon detecting nearby combat)
Fixed an issue that would prevent NPCs from trying to immediately Evade in cases where that Evasion attempt is classified as VeryImportant. This should address situations where a speaking NPC without State DontMoveForOthers set to True would still not move out of the way for other Characters
Fixes for scrolling in inventory, load game, and dialogue menus
Minor garbage alloc and CPU optimizations to interaction (crosshair system) manager
Fix for radial menu highlighting and selecting incorrect option
Various input configuration fixes as a new menu layout was implemented
Fixed bug in inventory menu where player could still scroll when the inventory radial menu is open
Fixed bug in inventory menu where player could make an inventory item selection when holding inventory hotkey and another button
When a player makes a save, the Player Gender is automatically added to the end of the displayed save name
Fixed issue where the female player was see through
Changed female players hair tie UV’s to be a single color/fabric
Added hair physics to player female
Fixed issues with the player female’s head having no shadows, her hair material, skin material and clipping clothing
Improved Ashley’s hair physics to reduce clipping
Updated MainMenu’s Ashley and female player hair physics, also changed all characters their size to be the same as during gameplay
Improved the big gaps between Brittney’s teeth
Added female player threesome cutscenes for Vickie and Brittney’s content.
Added female player voyeur cutscene
Added female player variant of the intro cutscene
Added female player master bedroom (lesbian) scene
Added female player Vickie finale cutscene
Added female player garage (lesbian) scene
Fixed some minor cutscene related visibility bugs
Updated the company logo on the MainMenu
CSC: the Speakers no longer have a LoadOriginalTrack ItemFunction available to them, as it is no longer necessary
CSC: Global Responses will also be searched when inputting text into the Search Response Text field in a Character’s Dialogue Filter
CSC: added an ItemFunction to some doors that can be used to immediately “snap” them partially open
CSC: as forewarned in the update notes for 0.20.0, the IsAloneWithPlayer criteria has been deprecated from House Party. CSC users should now make use of IsOnlyInVisionOf as a replacement criteria, as it performs the same check and can be used between any two Characters. IsOnlyInVicinityOf and IsOnlyInVicinityAndVisionOf can be used to further supplement proximity/vision-based logic
CSC: several more GameEvent types will “self clean” erroneous data in case of copy-pasting, etc.
CSC: the selected Filter Character can now be searched for within CutScene GameEvents

Дата релиза: 2022-10-01
Жанр: 3D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Corruption, Dating sim, Exhibitionism, Groping, Humor, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Multiple endings, Oral sex, Romance, Sandbox, Sexual harassment, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Voiced, Voyeurism
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: Eek! Games
Платформа: Windows x64
Версия: 1.0.2 completed + The Doja Cat DLC
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Multi
Размер: 3.25 GB

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