Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy [v.0.9.11]

Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer’s guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

Updated mountain maps near Golden Leaf (location of the second temple);
1 New scene (Rahib at night, at the statue near the Red Dune);
1 New scene with Gabriel (cheerleading path);
Final scene for the magical carillon;
Janet-Karen collaboration to develop new weapon added to the game;
Final scene with Ronald (cheater+cuckquean couple)

Changed costs for the pocket dimension spell (4k for each new room, 8k to get a mirror to link to Golden Leaf);
Added new scene with Gabriel;
New scene for Marjorie’s sub path (final scene);
New scene with Ginnuk (orc village ending);
Added Final Outcasts’ quest;

Added 3 more mini-game sessions to the enchantment lessons, and a new reward for completing them (Witchy Hat, +4 to magical attack, defense and MP)
Added confrontation with Marjorie if you fall for the bathroom trap too many times. Now you can be expelled again if you fall completely for all 3 of her traps
Added new class with new mini-game (you gain +2 MAT for completing the 3 challenges)
1 new scene for the exhibitionist girl (she is in the class for the new lessons, after you see her first scene AND partecipate in the “truth or dare” event)
Added way to turn the the tables on Marjorie (after seeing one of her traps, go talk to the old professor to get things started)
1 new scene with Ginnuk

Tweaked willpower cost to resist Marjorie’s traps (from 4 to 2) added in previous hotfix
Tweaked Eloise last scene, splitting it in two in order to improve the pacing and writing added in previous hotfix
Added 1 new scene for the orc village path
1 new scene for Charles (studying at the library)
1 new scene for Marjorie (submission path)
New Outcasts quest (you must be a noble, reached at least chapter 3, must have completed the previous quest involving them, to trigger a cutscene outside your house in Tarkas and get you started)
Removed reference to the nudist area in Solina and the path to go deeper in the forest in the central mountain (since these are going to be cut from the game), added a hidden gold chest to the central mountain map
Changed Marjorie’s traps during the enchantment lesson to appear every other time you attend, instead of using a random chance

New study scene with Charles (also, made the male dormitory accessible, which I think I didn’t do last update, really sorry about that)
Added alternative scene if you didn’t seduce Charles but are still in a good relationship with him, so you can get on the “seduction” path and see his scenes
New scene with Eloise (after shower scene, might need to watch it again once to unlock this one). This scene will likely get tweaked in the next update, since it’s a bit too fast as it is and will probably get split in two to better pace it
New scene during enchantment lessons (if you antagonized Marjorie): 50% chance you get hypnotized to strip naked in front of the class (after 3 times, gain the exhibitionist trait)
Follow-up scene if you get hypnotized 3 times if you go again to the lesson (Marjorie confronts you, and you can either submit or get expelled)
New scene for visiting the library (if you antagonized Marjorie): 50% chance you get hypnotized to be a bimbo and suck someone off (after 3 times, gain the bimbo trait)
Orc village intro. Follow up to Ginnuk’s scenes, there is currently no sex content, so I wouldn’t recommend trying this out, unless you already have a savefile for the quest with Ginnuk (so you can take a look without wasting too much time)

New werewolf challenge added
2 new scenes at the secretary job
Made some improvements to the Travel Sphere
Added chapter tracking to the save files info

New quest (chapter 5, check outside your house in Tarkas during the day to get started, must have also interacted with the mermaid in the second temple)
1 new scene for Jin (“Erica in control” path)
gloryhole option added to the brothel job (must have met all the random customers during the “regular” job, for the option to unlock)

2 New scenes for Jin (one for each path)
Final section of the mana smuggling quest! Re-enter the bank to start the new part, if you played the previous update to completion

Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy v0.985
Introducing the succubus brothel, with 2 new scenes;
1 new scene for the vampire doctor;
new challenge in the werewolf path + miscellaneous writing + 1 new scene;
2 new scenes for Ginnuk;
1 new scene with Dominique;

Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy v0.984
1 new scene for the model job;
2 new scenes with Lord Kairos;
1 new scene with Lea (latex bracelet required);
1 new harem scene (+ writing for the path);
1 new scene with Carla;
2 new scenes with Kira (one sexy, one “normal”);
1 scene with the vampire lover (if you told Beatrix to keep her around);

Caliross, The Shapeshifter’s Legacy v0.983b
1 new scene with the young man at the beach (finally, he gets to have sex with you!);
new summon mini-dungeon complete;
1 new scene with Kira;
added 1 trainer in each guild (magical attack from the fire mage and defense from a new NPC in the adventurers guild);
1 scene if you buy an item from the merchant outside the slave market (the scene can only be triggered from your room in Tarkas, for now);
3 new scenes in the Harem path;
Early test for the memory room;

Added visual cues options for audio puzzles in the game (Second shapeshifter temple and Fort Andor ruins);
1 new scene with Chief Neroma;
Added 1 new scene with Dominique;
Added Zanark to fast travel system with carts;
Added 1 new quest with Gaspar;
Added 1 new scene with Lord Kairos;

Pregnancy content (chief Neroma)
wrote 1 new scene for the drunk guy outside the pub, and removed the randomness to them showing up (needs Marintas’s charm)
1 new scene for Lea (if you freed her)
1 new scene with the bikini shop owner in Solina
Final part of the mage guild main quest completed

New intro for visiting Lord Kairos (as well as a new map, adding the area in front of the mansion);
2 new scenes for visiting Kairos (anytime after the first visit);
2 new scenes for the harem path;
1 new scene with Eliza;
added way to remove cursed items (visit priest at the “pantheon temple”);
made the Zanark inn visitable;
1 new scene for Marintas’ Charm (a girl staying at the Zanark inn)

Added a new quest for the adventurers guild;
Added 2 scenes for visiting Lord Kairos in Zanark (must have gotten his vote and then met him at your party to gain access)

Added 4 scenes to the girl path (completed)
Added 2 scenes for the Keicow path
Added Eliza’s mini-quest
Added 2 scenes for the harem path (they are mutually exclusive)


Release date: 2024-04-28
Genre: 2dcg, big tits, corruption, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, group sex, interracial, lesbian, mind control, oral sex, sandbox, sex toys, spanking, vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: mdqp
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.9.11
Language: English
Size: 988 MB

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