College Kings [Season 1 v.15.1.0 / Season 2 Act 1-2 v.4.0.0 Part 1]

Sex game College Kings! Just an innocent freshman at San Vallejo College, you are oblivious to the path that lays ahead of you. Growing up gets real when you learn about the unique cultures of the place you must call home. As loyalties form and tensions rise can you lead your fraternity to the crown and with it become the king on campus?

Act 2 v.3.3.7
– Added Cameron’s surprise scene
– Added Sebastian scene
– Added Aubrey model scene images
– Added Aubrey sex scene images
– Added image to Chloe/Nora swimming race scene
– Added image to MC making drinks scene for Nora
– Added variables to avoid using the label history too much

– Renamed an enum to avoid bad encoding

– Removed unused images and label from Aubrey model scene
– Removed unused image from MC ape/wolf in bed scene



Includes Steam Api Replacer:
Activates the Gallery Unlock/Lock button.
Activates replay mode for Episodes 2 and 3.
Activates Episode selection in Path Builder.
Activates scenes in the gallery for Episodes 2 and 3.
Activates Episodes 2 and 3 after completing Episode 1.

Fixed “label_history” not being the correct type
Fixed AttributeError from “character” check in fights
Fixed Amber Strip Dance in scene gallery
Fixed “Mood” typo causing crash
Fixed “Adam” not being defined on old ck1 saves
Fixed relationships being reset to Friend on certain saves
Improved Frat compatibility
Added “ClueV2” to compat
Fixed incorrect type for relationships
Fixed inventory not being converted on save load
Fixed TypeError “object() accept no args”
Fixed saves starting at ep2 incorrectly
Fixed NPC being referenced in ep2 replies
Fixed “Mood” typo
Fixed v11s38_amber_kiwii not being remapped
Fixed NPC missing “pending_text_messages”
Fixed “kiwii” not being an instance of Kiwii
Fixed planning board background
Fixed “label_history” not existing
Fixed messenger contact not being of type NPC
Fixed missing “text_messages”
Fixed AttributeError NPC has no sent_messages
Fixed AttributeError kiwii_posts doesn’t exist
Added “Opponent” to compat
Added “TutorialPage” to compat
Added “ChecklistItem” to compat
Added v1s47_kiwiiReply1 to compat
Added v1s47_kiwiiReply2 to compat
Added v1s47_kiwiiReply3 to compat
Added v1s47_kiwiiReply4 to compat
Added v1s51_reply2 to compat
Added v1s52_reply1 to compat
Added v1s52_reply2 to compat
Added v2s1_reply1 to compat
Added v2s1_reply2 to compat
Added v2s2_reply1 to compat
Added v2s2_reply2 to compat
Added v2s13_reply1 to compat
Added v2s18a_kiwiireply1 to compat
Added v2s18a_kiwiireply2 to compat
Added v2s18b_kiwiireply1 to compat
Added v2s23_reply1 to compat
Added v2s23_reply2 to compat
Added v2s35_kiwiireply1 to compat
Added v2s35_kiwiireply2 to compat
Added v3s4_reply1 to compat
Added v3s4_reply2 to compat
Added v3s11_reply1 to compat
Added v3s11_reply2 to compat
Added v3s11_reply3 to compat
Added v3s11_reply4 to compat
Added v3s25a_reply1 to compat
Added v3s25a_reply2 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_clean to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_not_clean to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_2a_1 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_2a_2 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_2b_1 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_2b_2 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3a_1 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3a_2 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3a_3 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3a_4 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3a_5 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_1 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_2 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_3 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_4 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_5 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_6 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_7 to compat
Added ep2s1b_reply_3b_8 to compat
Added ep2_s19a_reply_autumn_yes to compat
Added ep2_s19a_reply_autumn_no to compat
Added ep2s21a_yes_reply to compat
Added ep2s21a_no_reply to compat
Added ep2_s23_reply1 to compat
Added ep2_s23_reply2 to compat
Added ep2_s23_reply1dot1 to compat
Added ep2_s23_reply1dot2 to compat
Added ep2s30a_reply_woof_woof to compat
Added ep2s30a_reply_grr_into_it to compat
Added ep2s30a_reply_no_thankyou to compat
Added ep2s30a_reply_im_a_dog_now to compat
Added ep2s41a_reply1 to compat
Added ep2s41a_reply2 to compat
Added ep2_s44_reply_lindsey to compat
Added ep2_s44_reply_lauren to compat
Added ep2s46_reply_fuck_that to compat
Added ep2s46_reply_sure to compat
Added ep3s10_reply_1 to compat
Added ep3s10_reply_2 to compat

Bug fixes.
22 new scenes including 8 sex scenes.
Many small changes to exiting scenes to better capture the characters.

More authentic romance and love
Wilder and steamier sex scenes
~4 hours total new playable content
~1.5 hours for a single playthrough
Gorgeous graphics and cinematic artwork
More beautiful, high-definition animations
Countless player choices with loads of replayability
A more entertaining, engaging, and hilarious story

Adjust phone applications to prevent empty phone screens when loading saves
Redefined application home_screens to prevent phone crashes
Redefined Kiwii post image locations in accordance with CK1 -> CK2 version changes
Improved backwards compatibility when loading CK1 NPC characters
Deleted unused NPC character objects – preventing crashing when loading relationships app
Redefined a couple of NPC character names in accordance with CK Styling
Add CK1 non-optional Kiwii posts to CK2
Included additional CK1 classes and functions to handle pickle errors
Renamed KCT to Reputation for clarity of actions

Added a phone tracker app, only enabled through path builder advanced options (BETA)
Removed deprecated code from Kiwii and Messenger apps
Removed Simplr in accordance with polls and community feedback

Handle rare instances of contact object throwing an error
Explicitly handle NPC after_load data
Numerous adjustments to CK2 Act1 in preparation for Episode 1 update later this month
Removed voice acting, in accordance with Patreon poll and community feedback
Fixed an issue where loading a save would result in MC’s name being changed to Emily

We’re excited to release 15.1.0, which brings some new features and a ton of bug fixes to Act IV Part 2.

As you know, Act IV Part 2 early access came with a few bugs, the most significant ones being some saves breaking and relationships with girls resetting.

Our goal with 15.1.0 was to not only fix those bugs, but to ensure that you guys don’t have to replay the entire game from the start just because we messed up. That’s why we’re proud to introduce advanced path builder settings.

Path Builder UI Update & Advanced Settings
You can now use the path builder to accurately recreate your lost Act IV saves. Not only can you choose relationships, but you also get to decide a lot of extras in the advanced settings that ensure you won’t be locked out of things like completing Imre’s checklist for example. You also have the option to start directly in part 2, or to enhance your gameplay by showing KCT point changes or the girls’ preferred KCTs.

Relationship Screen
There is now a relationship app that opens up the relationship screen. This was a suggestion on our discord server that we loved. Many of you had issues, especially after the relationship bug, to find out who you’re smushing in what save. The relationship screen makes this super easy. Beware that girls only unlock once you’ve talked to them. So if you load a save from before the introduction of this screen, you might have to talk each girl once before finding out your relationship status. This is so that girls aren’t shown on there before you’ve met them.

– Adds some extra renders that we didn’t have time to add beforehand, improves story flow with some new conditions
– Adds a save compatibility system to warn people of incompatible saves and fixes more engine related bugs

– Fixed Kiwii Crashing after 8.0
– Force unlock Lindsey in saves
– Force added Lindsey contact
– Force unlock Penelope in saves
– Fixed typos
– Added Chloe conversation
– Fixed Chloe conversation not exiting correctly
– Fixed Lindsey profile picture
– Fixed soft lock-in Chloe conversation
– Added gallery labels to 9.0 scenes
– Added 9.0 scenes to the Scene Gallery
– Fixed Emily’s letter-size
– Fixed numerous phone conversations in 8.0
– Fixed incorrect renders during 9.0, scene 28

There’s exciting storylines, amazing sex scenes and multitude of community suggestions that were implemented.

New content:
1200+ New Renders
20+ New Animations
3 Dates
2 Sex Scenes
Wolves Rush Party
Lots of main & side story progression Gameplay:
Even more pathing, making your choices matter more than ever before
Added new achievements
Added new scenes to scene selector

General Improvements:
Changed a lot of the code, including revamping the entire phone code to enable a better foundation for the future
Bug Fixes:
Fixed spelling & grammar errors from previous versions

General improvements
New overhauled game & menu UI
Bug fixes
Grammar fixes
Fixed incorrect phone timing
Fixed incorrect dialogue

New content:
Progressing the main story (Chloe, Lauren, Nora, Riley, Amber, Imre, etc.)
400-500 new renders
Added a new Fight
Additional Chloe arc added
Fighting on Android: You can now use buttons as well as keybindings to fight, making fighting on android ports possible
Previous & new choices matter more: No more railroading
Additional modular events and arcs added
Added new achievements
Added new scenes to scene selector
General Improvements:
Changed the fight overlay to a modular one, showing your actual keybindings and available moves
Added more realistic decision making to previous updates
Updated Credits (shows new patrons)
Bug Fixes:
Grammar fixes
Fixed spelling errors
Fixed a bug where you couldn’t chat with Chloe after closing the phone

College Kings v0.4.1
General Improvements:
Removed “Water” choice
Fixed spelling and grammar errors
Made history screen more readable

College Kings v0.4
New content:
Progressing the main story (Chloe, Riley, Penelope, Autumn, Imre, Josh, etc.)
300-400 new renders
Optional side stories (Julia)
Overhauled Aubrey sex scene
Added to Lauren date scene

Additional modular events and arcs added
Added Achievements for special choices and accomplishments
Scene selector added in menu
New achievements app in phone

General Improvements:
Updated menu screen design
Updated end screen design
Updated Credits (shows new patrons)

College Kings v0.3.1
Sex scene was made optional, with your choice having a lasting impact on the story.
Getting Evelyn’s number was made more difficult to enhance realism
Slightly altered some of Lauren’s dialogue

General Improvements:
Fixed a lot of spelling and grammatical errors (Special thanks to Storm for the detailed list)

College Kings v0.3
New content:
Progressing the main story (Chloe, Lauren, Riley, Aubrey, Emily, Imre, Ryan, etc.)
First real (non-dream) animated sex scene
Optional side stories
Second chances with girls you might have missed in the past
Added date arc with Lauren (if you managed to get the date)

Additional modular events and arcs added
Added Achievements for special choices and accomplishments

General Improvements:
Changed the MC’s penis to a more realistic one
Updated End Screen Design
Updated Credits (shows new patrons)
Updated the real life mode on /off screen

Release date: 2024-02-16
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Blowjob, Voyeurism, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, School Setting, Male domination, Footjob, Oral sex, Spanking, PoV
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Undergrad Steve
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: College Kings 1 v.15.1.0 (Game before rework) / College Kings 2 Act I v.1.3.17 / College Kings 2 Act II v.4.0.0 Part 1 + Walkthrough
Language: English, Русский
Size: 16.12 GB / 13.67 GB / 13.11 GB

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