Dating my Daughter [Chapter 1-4 v.0.31]

In Dating my Daughter, you take on the role of a divorced father who hasn’t seen his daughter in years. Now that she is 18 years old, she contacts you and says that she would like to meet you. You will have the opportunity to get to know your daughter better, build a special relationship!

In-game Walkthrough Code: notoriety

• Having anal sex for the first time now results in a different scene than if you were already on the anal path (Day 35)
• The final renders of the F/D/Georgina threesome now properly reflect whether F climaxed in D, Georgina, or both of them (Day 38)
• Added a sex scene featuring the MC, Elena, and Jennifer (Day 40)
• The sex scene with Georgina now appears without needing to be on the Cassandra path (Day 41)
• The in-game walkthrough now indicates the points from the pill choice (Day 41)
• Added some more animations to the F/D/Jennifer threesome (Day 42)
• Added renders of Cassandra on the phone when you are at the afterparty (Day 42)
• The narration at the end of the chapter was changed from a second-person point of view back to first-person
• The results of Cupid Night from Chapter 1 will be automatically transferred to Chapter 4
Things we’ve fixed in this update:

• Fixed a lot of grammar and some plot holes (remember, the game is written in British English, except for some minor exceptions) 😉
• Added sound FX and music for all of Chapter 3 (once the game is completed, we’ll look to add more sound FX in wherever we can)
• Music is now properly controlled by the «Music Volume» instead of «Sound Volume” in the game settings
i.e. Any scene where music tracks are playing (mainly club or dance scenes). The “Sound Volume” controls the audio for the sound effects
• Background sounds and foreground sounds can now play at the same time, instead of interrupting each other
• If you accidentally click «New Game», you can now return to the menu without having to answer all of the questions first
• Added a “Deleted Scenes” section to the menu for Chapter 3 (you’ll see this on the Home Screen)
My main writer HearszAM had already written two extra scenes for Day 40 which I didn’t have time to create renders or animations for.
However, I have added those scripts into this section so you can read how these scenes played out.
He has also written scenes for Olivia and a scene for Margo (also for Day 40 originally), but at some point, I’ll look to use them in Chapter 4 instead.
• Added “Pat’s Gallery” (you’ll see this on the Home Screen)

Things we’ve changed:
— Changed some lines to the Chapter 3 endings montage screens.
— Several renders fixed/replaced.
— Replaced Ruby with Cindy during the orgy scene at the competition after-party. We’ve also added a scene where Ruby decides to leave the party in disgust, which is more in line with what her character is like.
— Fixed any plot holes, bugs, continuity errors listed by fans.
— Updated and fixed any errors on the Chapter 3 Walkthrough.
Things we’ve added:
— Discussion between F, D and Georgina about her moving in with them.
— A sex scene with F, Dee and Jennifer on Day 42 (plus animations)
— A sex scene with F, Dee and Georgina on Day 42 (plus animations)
— A sex scene with F, Dee and Ryan on Day 42 (plus animations)
— A sex scene with F, Dee and Martin on Day 42 (plus animations)
— Added Martin to the Chapter 3 endings montage screens, and changed some lines for the Georgina and Jennifer screens.
— Music and sound effects added to every day in Chapter 3 (Chapter’s 1 and 2 will have sound FX added in very soon!)
Additions to the Settings Menu:

— For those with the walkthrough, there is now an option to enable an “In-Game Walkthrough” in the menu. You can enable it in the Settings menu.
When choices come up onto the screen there will be details (shown in yellow) to let you know what the best choices are to make for extra love points, bonus scenes, or scenes with other characters. (See picture 1)
— We’ve also added an option to enable or disable animations in the game Dating my Daughter. You can get access to this feature in the Settings menu.

Thanks to anyone who sent me or any of my team any errors that you found in the game.
With not much of a break in between working on both VN’s, we sometimes don’t have the time to go back and fix certain problems which is why this revision month is in place (to give us a chance to do that).
We want our games to be as perfect as we can possibly make them, and that doesn’t happen without your help.
So again, we thank you 😀

Animated scenes:
Day 42:
Georgina+Dee+F sex scene:
— D and Georgina dual fingering scene
— D blowjob in shower scene
— Georgina blowjob in shower scene
— F doggy shower sex with Georgina (full shot)
— F doggy shower sex with Georgina (close-up penetration)
— F doggy shower sex with D (close-up penetration)

Jennifer+Dee+F sex scene:
— F missionary sex with Jennifer (full shot)
— F missionary sex with Jennifer (close-up penetration)
— F doggy sex with Jennifer (full shot)
— F doggy sex with Jennifer (close-up)
— F doggy sex with Dee (full shot)
— F doggy sex with Dee(close-up)
— D handjob with Jennifer

Ryan+Dee+F sex scene:
— Dee blowjob scene (Ryan and Dee)
— Ryan spoon sex with Dee and blowjob for F (with Ryan and F together)
— Ryan spoon sex with Dee (close-up penetration)
— Dee blowjob for F (close-up oral)
— F spoon sex with Dee and blowjob for Ryan (with F and Ryan together)
— F spoon sex with Dee (close-up penetration)
— Dee blowjob for Ryan (close-up oral) x 2
— D cowgirl sex with F and blowjob for Ryan (with F and Ryan together)
— D cowgirl sex with F (close-up penetration)

Martin+Dee+F sex scene:
— 69er scene (Martin and Dee)
— 69er scene (Dee close-up oral)
— 69er scene (Martin close-up oral)
— Martin missionary sex with Dee (full shot)
— Martin missionary sex with Dee (close-up penetration)
— Dee blowjob scene (Martin and Dee)
— Dee blowjob for Martin and sex scene with F (with Martin and F together)
— Dee sex scene with F (close-up penetration)

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we will be doing a full revision of this chapter during the first few weeks of December, and we are aiming to release a FINAL version of Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 just before Christmas.
It’s been a long but satisfying ride that has taken us to this point in our game-creating careers, and we thank you all for your patience with what is arguably our biggest ever release to date, in terms of content, lines of code, the number of renders used.
There’s been several times where we’ve wanted to end this game sooner, and even when we tried to make Chapter 3 the last one, we found that we still had too much story left to tell.
We don’t want to finish this game where we’re left asking ourselves that “we still could have added so much more”.

During the first year of making Dating my Daughter (2016/17), we already had specific goals, fetishes to cover, and character combinations/paths that we wanted to see eventuate at some point in the game.
A lot of those initial plans have finally been worked on this year, and we will continue to do so right up until the conclusion of the story.
With Chapter 4, we intend to put a lot more emphasis on the father-daughter relationship, and where the two of them could potentially end up in the future.
There have been numerous endings mapped out to hopefully satisfy every kind of fan of our game.
About this update Dating my Daughter
The start of the prestigious “Seaside Modelling Competition” that your daughter has been entered into has finally arrived!

My team and I have had numerous talks about this particular update all year, and we’ve done everything we can to make it as perfect as possible.

The last thing we wanted was to create a “half-baked” competition, and the other focus was to give it a realistic feel.

There have been a lot of messages from you guys (and girls) about what you’re hoping to see in this final part of the story for Chapter 3.

Not all of the scenes that we had mapped out for these final two days of Chapter 3 have been added into this update, due to time constraints.

But that’s what our revision month is for! We have around thirteen extra sex scenes still to be added into this Chapter.
So don’t panic if a combination or a specific scene you were hoping would feature in this update doesn’t happen.
It could very well be included within the December update. 😉

We have however left some clues in this release to give you a fair idea of what these scenes could feature in the December update.

Some paths will come to an end in this Chapter Dating my Daughter, characters will say their final goodbyes and some will become very important in Chapter 4, our final chapter of the game.
There may even be the odd character or two that will return 😉

We don’t really want to give too much away, so it’s probably best that you all play the update and then leave your feedback in the comments section below.

We’ve also dropped in several TV and film references into this update. See if you can figure all of them out 😉

For those of you who are interested to find out what eventuates with Ryan (plus you and D), we have added a “Ryan/F sharing” path into the Relationships Menu.

It should appear in the menu as soon as you start Day 41. In case it doesn’t, it’s best to play a save from the evening of Day 40 through until when Day 41 begins.
We created this new option to avoid any confusion with the Margo/D path, a path that Ryan was originally attached to.

NOTE: If you went to the “Rave Cave” club with Margo and Ryan on the night of Day 39, then the “Ryan/F sharing” path will automatically be set to YES when Day 41 begins.

If you didn’t, then it will be set to NO. You can manually change this in the Relationships Menu if you need to.
*See picture attached to the post
And if you didn’t happen to notice this during the last update, a “Cassandra” path was also added to the Relationships Menu, to make it easier for you to view her scenes with D or to avoid them altogether (just like with every other possible combination in the game!)

We’re edging ever closer to the end of Chapter 3, and we still have so much more of the Dating My Daughter story to tell!

This update has again been an incredibly challenging one, mainly because we’re currently in the middle of balancing the various character paths, and all within one update each time.

We have to try and do this while making the “D-only path” satisfactory for those of you who purely want to be loyal to your daughter only.

It’s no easy task because we have fans that would like to see Dee explore more with other characters in the story, but to also keep the D “pure path” interesting.

The former will become a huge focus in Chapter 4, and for the remaining updates of Chapter 3.

For the two days that feature in v27 — Days 39 and 40 — most of the first day is focused on your relationship with your daughter, and Day 40 will be all about “D” being separated from you for the first time since the start of Chapter 2. It will also be about how you can build on your relationships with other love interests (if you’re on their paths).

And then there’s your ex Rachel’s presence in Seaside to contend with as well!

Unfortunately, we were unable to include all the scenes that were written for the Day 40 evening part of the update.

These will be added in at the end of the year and they will make for a much bigger two days in the game, in terms of content. It will also make replaying the third chapter even more worthwhile.

However, there are still a few different combinations and alternate paths that will feature in this release, as well as some character paths that are building towards major moments in the game/story.

For more details on all of this, please refer to the Walkthrough as this will explain things in better detail.

We will also have a “revision month” before years end. These are just a few things we will look at adding to DMD — Chapters 2 & 3:

— fixing plotholes

— fixing grammar errors (that you guys have listed for us for the past couple of years!)

— fixing bugs in the game

— adding in extra scenes

— extending some scenes

— adding in more animations

— adding in a bonus gallery (like we did for Chapter 1)

— anything else we can think of!

Relationships Menu

We’ve made a few changes to this menu, to make the various relationship paths easier for you to follow and choose between.

From Day 39 onwards, the Elena and Georgina paths have now been merged into the Elena/D threesome and Georgina/D threesome paths respectively.

The Jennifer path still remains, but it will eventually merge into a Jennifer/D threesome and/or Jennifer/Elena/D foursome path.

We have also added a “Cassandra” path into this menu. There will be a decision that you have to make during your meeting with Cassandra on Day 39, that will decide

if Cassandra will come onto your daughter (set to “YES”), or not (remains set to “NO”), later in this update.

We will build on this path more during the last update for Chapter 3.

Last of all, there is an “Anal” option in the menu. Having this option available will make things much easier for you all, and saves you having to go back to the start of Chapter 3 and change your decisions to view any anal-related scenes.

Day 39:
· Morning — D missionary
· Morning — D Reverse cowgirl
· Morning — F playing with D’s boobs before D leaving to the park
· Evening — Kissing D
· Evening — Latex suit — Handjob
· Evening — Latex suit — Blowjob
· Evening — Latex suit — Pussy licking
· Evening — Latex suit — Vaginal doggy
· Evening — Latex suit — Anal doggy
· Evening — Latex suit — Anal doggy
· Evening — Latex suit — Doggy sex (with sex toy in D’s ass)
· Evening — Margo — Side sex (D)
· Evening — Margo — Reverse Cowgirl (Margo)

Day 40:
· Morning — Georgina — Boobjob
· Morning — Georgina — Doggy
· Morning — Georgina — Sitting Fuck
· Morning — Georgina — Sitting Fuck — Grabbing boobs
· Morning — Georgina — Missionary
· Evening — Elena — Reverse Cowgirl
· Evening — Elena — Missionary
· Evening — Jennifer — F teasing her with his dick

Dating my Daughter is back with a brand-new update — v26!

As most of you would know by now, we are currently developing Chapter 3, with plans for a fourth and final chapter that should take us through until the end of next year.

It will also allow us to include all the endings and fetishes that we have in mind for the story, and to also tie up any loose storylines as best as we can.

About this update

Quite a bit has happened in this chapter so far, and as you would know if you have played up until the end of Day 36, everything is gravitating slowly towards D’s debut in a major modeling competition. She’s still in the middle of her preparation and aside from Angie and Cassandra booking her in for photo sessions, she now has your former co-workers Georgina and Martin (if you are on his path) to help you both out.

There are also characters that are hoping that D fails in her quest to become the next most talked about model on the scene.

Will Rachel find out where you and your daughter are when she finally arrives in Seaside, or will she give up her search and head on home?

What will be the repercussions of sleeping with your daughter at the end of the last update, with Martin staying over and asleep in the next room?

Will Georgina say anything to you or D about how she knows about your forbidden romance with your daughter?

And how will you and D celebrate your engagement? Will it be a memorable occasion?

Now that a few different sharing paths are in play, you will also have to decide which ones you want to stay on or which ones you should end.

Most decisions that you make from here on in can change the way the game ends for better or worse, so if you have the Walkthrough, you may want to consider using it.

Try and keep an eye on how the Relationships menu changes while you are playing the game.

And for those of you who are on the D-path ONLY, don’t forget to pick up those LOVE points when they are available.

They will be vitally important when the game comes to its final conclusion!

Thank you! MrDots

About this update

With more time on our hands now for what we have in mind for how to end Dating my Daughter, the next few updates will each be dedicated to one or two various paths that you may or may not be on. This update may seem a little shorter in playing time due to two things:

— If you are only playing the D path, and

— We didn’t start working on this update until late January, giving us less time than usual. That time was dedicated to our very first release of Sunshine Love, because we want it to be a big opening release for you guys who are subscribed to either of our two pages (Patreon and Subscribestar).

If you have played Dating my Daughter up until the end of v24 (Day 34), you may have noticed in the “D menu” the number of sharing paths that have been added to the girls that you can individually date (Elena, Jen, Georgina).

This update continues on where Day 34 ended, with our two main characters reflecting on their adventures from the night before, and how or if it will affect their relationship in the future. Some of their close friends already know about your forbidden romance with D, but what happens when the wrong person finds out that you’re dating your own daughter?

A couple of D’s best friends will feature in this update, as will a couple of yours. There’s a very risqué photoshoot that D will model for, and one huge moment, possibly the most important in the game thus far that will also happen.

Now that a few different sharing paths are in play, you will also have to decide which ones you want to stay on or which you think that you should end.

Most decisions that you make from here on in can change the way the game ends for better or worse, so if you have the Walkthrough, you may want to consider using it.

Thank you!

This update in a lot of ways is all about setting up the various sharing paths that we have in mind for F and especially D.
You will find by the end of this update that we have added four “sharing” paths into the main menu under “relationships”.
If you have the Walkthrough, we have left details on how to access the scenes where you and your daughter interact with other characters in some very special and saucy situations!
V24 also looks at how you and your daughter prepare for the all-important modelling competition in the next week of the game.
Be mindful of what day it is when the characters mention them in their conversations or thoughts. (Hint: the two days in this update are a Friday and a Saturday).
There will be three new characters that feature in this update, and D’s mother Rachel unexpectedly finds a new friend that you’ll all remember from Dating my Daughter Chapter 1.
One thing that we sometimes like to do with our two games is to reintroduce characters from the early parts of the game, who may have been favorites with a section of fans. They may or may not have some influence on D’s modelling career, or even her sexual progression with you, her father.
— New menu options and changes
Aside from adding more relationship options into the menu bar, the biggest change that we have made to this update is removing almost all of the points scoring system.
So once Day 33 begins, you will notice in the menu section that the boob, ass, sharing, exhibition and BDSM points have been removed, but we have kept the LOVE points.
We’ve kept these points because your final total score here will be very important towards the back end of the game. It may determine what endings you get by the time Dating my Daughter is completed.
The reason for this is that it was becoming more increasingly difficult to keep track of the points and it was a nightmare from a coding perspective.
We also looked at it from a player’s point of view, and saw that it would be frustrating for you all to have to go back a day, or even several days in the game to pick up those one or two extra points from these categories, just to see an alternate scene.
So we’ve found an easier way to monitor this.
With the new additions of the sharing relationships, this will make things much simpler for you all to view alternate scenes.
So for example, if you are on the D-only path and you are out to dinner with Olivia and Graham, you can change the Olivia/D threesome option from “No” to “Yes” to see what happens after dinner with those two. Or you can keep it set or change it to “No”, to see what happens between you and your daughter instead!
And even if you decide not to be on any of these sharing paths, they will pop up in the menu during various points in this update anyway.
This is just to give you all the option to view alternate scenes, in case you change your mind.
If you have the Walkthrough, then there will be clues as to when and what scene these sharing options will pop up in the relationship’s menu.
Lastly, the various points that we have just taken out are still relevant up until the end of Day 32. So, for those of you who have not played up until the end of that day,
if you have the walkthrough, be sure to continue to collect the necessary points if you want to see specific scenes (e.g. collect ASS points to do anal-related activities with D).
The WT will still show these points up until the end of Day 32, but from Day 33, we will tell you what choices you need to make to get certain scenes
(e.g. sharing D with another male or female character) or specific options (e.g. anal sex, DP) in future updates.
So, from this update onward, choices that refer to sharing your daughter with other people, her doing sexual things in public, anything related to bondage or anal play, will be determined by decisions that you make at certain points during each update, rather than having to accrue a set amount of points.
— The “Elena issue” during the Q and A at the start of Chapter 3
At the start of Chapter 3, you were asked to fill out a questionnaire that asked you what characters you are in a relationship with, what specific choices you made in previous chapters, etc.
There was an issue with the Elena questions in particular, specifically the questions: “Have you rejected Elena?” and “Do you intend for Elena and D to have a sexual relationship?”
The issue was that the second question wasn’t necessary if you chose “Yes” as your answer to the first question.
If you select “No”, the very next question will be: “Do you intend for Elena and D to have a sexual relationship?”
If you select “Yes”, then this second question will not come up.
We have fixed this issue now. Thanks to one of our supporters on the discord for bringing this to our attention.

Animated and Bonus scenes:
Day 31
— D rimming F at the beach (bonus scene)
— D giving F a blowjob (animated)
— E masturbating D (animated)
— Titfucking D in the bedroom (animated)
— D riding F (animated)
— D riding F facing away (animated)
— D riding F facing away and E kissing D (animated)
— E jerking F off while D watches (animated)

Day 32
— Elena normal and anal sex (animated)
— D giving F a blowjob in the morning (animated)
— D giving F a handjob in the morning (animated)
— Elena handjob in the shower (animated)
— F having sex with Georgina from behind (animated)
— D dressed up as a schoolgirl in the evening (bonus scene)
— D blowjob in the evening (normal and schoolgirl) (animated)
— D boobjob in the evening (normal and schoolgirl) (animated)
— D footjob in the evening (normal and schoolgirl) (animated)
— D cowgirl in the evening (normal and schoolgirl) (animated)
— Trying anal sex with D (bonus scene)
— Spanking D (bonus scene)

Release date: 2021-06-12
Genre: 3DGC, Visual Novel, Seduced, Romance, Voyeur, Corruption, incest, Lesbian, Groping, Anal Sex, Interracial, Handjob, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Masturbation
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: MrDots Games
Other Game: Melody, Sunshine Love
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Chp.1 v.0.14.5 Extras / Chp.2 v.0.21.5 Extras + Walkthrough / Chapter 3 v.0.29.1 Extras + Walkthrough / Chapter 4 v.0.31 + Walkthrough + Lain’s Walkthrough Mod 0.30
Language: English
Size: 3.4 GB / 3.16 GB / 5.03 GB / 1.24 GB

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