Sunshine Love [Chapter 1-3 v.1.01i Extras Completed]

Sunshine Love – new game from the creator “Dating my Daughter” and “Melody”. You play as the main character who finds himself having to travel from his home to Sunshine Bay. He goes there to help his sister run a Bed and Breakfast Hotel. Your objective is to help her create more business for her flailing hotel before it goes into receivership. You will also be given the task of helping her to recruit other people or characters for specific positions at the hotel. You will have the option to choose to see them as a work colleague, friend or maybe even something more!

Chapter 3 v1.01i Extras
– Fixed various spelling errors
– Minor coding changes to some of the endings
– Additions to the storyline:
-Mentioned that Ashley is bisexual on the Ashley+Nicole path
-Added dialogue to further explain why your Sis is angry with the MC about seeing other girls during the All Girls Bad Ending, even though she initially was okay with you being in a casual relationship with you.
– Added the points required for each girls’ game ending to the In-Game Walkthrough
– When playing the Shortcake ending (non-incest), there were missing jumps points that were needed for the logic to jump back to. This has been fixed now.

An issue with the BFF ending:
We had a number of members mention that “The BFF” ending icon was not unlocking in the endings replay gallery. This has affected anyone who had the incest version (disabled).
It has been fixed now so if you’ve played through until the end of that ending, the unlocked icon will now be visible and unlocked in the ending replay gallery.
The same for the All Girls Harem endings. Those endings should have only been available on the incest version of the game instead of both.
That has also been fixed now.

Broken Saves from the previous update:
As stated in the Game Day post on Wednesday, some of your saves might not load due to ongoing issues with Renpy.
We have made some attempts to fix this issue, but we could not replicate it in house to confirm if it solved the issues.
We did try to have some of our members who reported the issues try the new versions before this release, but we have yet to hear back from them.
So for those of you who are still struggling to find some of the endings because of save issues or lack of points (and have the Game Walkthrough), and don’t want to play from the very start of the game again, there is a simple solution to this.
When you open the Chapter 3 app, select “New Game” and look for “Manual Entry”.
Then answer each question and when you get to where it asks you to enter the points for each girl, put 350 for each.
It will give you the max totals for each girl automatically.
Then simply speed run through to the new update and you should be able to find all the endings you’re missing.

Chapter 3 1.00i Extras
Animated Scenes
1 x Sis
1 x Ashley
1 x Shortcake
1 x Victoria
1 x Yuki
1 x Trisha
1 x Kristina
1 x Connie
1 x Nicole and Victoria
1 x Nicole and Sis
1 x Nicole and Ashley

– Sis doggy style in the bathroom
– Sis up against the wall in the hotel corridor
– Sis blowjob in the bedroom
– Sis 69er sex scene in the bedroom
– Sis missionary sex on the bed

– Ashley reverse cowgirl sex (2 x angles)
– Ashley shower sex (2 x angles)

– Kristina spoon sex on the bed
– Kristina cowgirl sex on the bed
– Kristina blowjob in the hotel room
– Kristina against the wall sex in the bathroom

– Shortcake beach handjob
– Shortcake bedroom scene – grinding
– Shortcake bedroom scene – fingering
– Shortcake missionary sex on the bed
– Shortcake reverse cowgirl sex close-up
– Shortcake doggy style sex (3 x angles)
– Shortcake doggy style anal sex
– Shortcake cowgirl sex on the bed
– Shortcake spoon sex on the bed
– Nicole sex on the table sex
– Nicole reverse cowgirl sex on the sofa

Chapter 3 v0.02i Extras
All up, there are 20 x new Doughnuts to locate and 20 x Peeping Tom images.

Animated Scenes:
1 x Sis
2 x Cousin
1 x Ivy
1 x Lily
3 x Kristina
1 x Cousin & Jazmin
1 x Connie, Victoria & Yuki
1 x Kristina, Ivy & Lily
1 x Sis & Cousin
1 x Ivy & Lily
– Sis morning blowjob (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Sis cowgirl sex with the MC (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Sis spoon sex with the MC with legs up (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Sis missionary sex with the MC with legs up (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– The Twins missionary sex in the shower (2 x angles)
– The Twins doggystyle sex in the shower (2 x angles 3 x angles)
– The Twins spoon sex in the shower (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley blowjob on the sofa (2 x angles)
– Ashley foot job on the sofa (2 x angles)
– Ashley titfuck on the sofa (2 x angles)
– Ashley cowgirl sex on the sofa (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley reverse cowgirl sex on the sofa (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley missionary sex on the floor (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Cousin blowjob (2 x angles)
– Cousin missionary sex on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Cousin cowgirl sex on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Cousin doggystyle sex on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– various other Cousin animations
– Sis blowjob on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Sis thigh sex with the MC on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– MC standing sex with Sis near the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– MC quitting over Sis sex on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Sis riding sideways sex on the bed (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

So as mentioned above, this update will contain all of Week 12.
How this final week plays out will largely depend on whether you were able to help the Mayor win the local election or not.
It might also be the difference between the Lighthouse Hotel being rated as a five-star hotel, which was one of your many objectives to achieve when you start playing the game.
However, it’s not all doom and gloom.
You can still get a number of the game endings even if you don’t manage to help the mayor win the election.
If you download the latest walkthrough, on the last page it will tell you what you need to do to get all the different endings that we have created.
If you have played until the end of the last update, you, the main character, have shown every intention to return home.
But what if you want to stay? Or perhaps you’re considering going with one of the girls that are leaving town?
Or maybe returning home to your loving girlfriend, Nicole, has always been the only choice?
This final week of the story will be quite heartfelt, but if you did everything right during the last update, the hotel is now safe from being taken over by Anthony D’Amico, then there is also cause for celebration for you, your Sis and the hotel staff.
And there may even be some late inclusions to the staff roster who will become permanent full-time workers before and after you leave town.

Chapter 2 – v1.01i Extras
– Fixed an issue with four of the five new scenes not being accessible from the replay gallery once they were unlocked.
– Fixed an issue with the wrong name being said by Vicky during the “MC + Vicky” only path’s dinner scene.
– Fixed the wrong animation filename being referenced during the “MC + Friend” Lighthouse sex scene when selecting a specific set of choices for Anal sex.
– Minor fix to some dissolve steps being after a jump step during Week 10 Ashley scene.
– Fix the scene not jumping to the correct path/script after your call with Nicole ends during Week 11 if you break things off with her.
– Fixed an issue with a Kristina scene replay from the Week 9 sex scene not ending properly if certain choices are made during the replay.
– Added an image that was missing from the Week 8 date scene with Shortcake, near the Alleyway-Kitten moment.
– Fixed the wrong images being displayed during the Week 8 Shortcake sex scene after the climax.
– Fixed an issue with sound not stopping after Shortcake and MC kiss after Week 8 sex scene.

Chapter 2 – v1.00i Extras
As mentioned in a previous post, this will be the final update for Chapter 2 of the game (due to the size of the game app).
The second half of Week 11, all of Week 12 and all the game endings will be included in Chapter 3, which will be the final part of Sunshine Love.
We are looking to have the game completed by the end of the year!
Due to Week 11 being split because of the game size being stretched, this is a shortened update, but it’s certainly not short on content or important scenes on the various paths.
We’ve spent around four weeks working on this update compared to the normal six weeks that we regularly dedicate to each release.
So you’re getting this update a bit sooner than usual 😉
As always we appreciate anyone who has emailed or posted errors/bugs that they’ve found on either of my pages or the fan discord.

About this update
So as mentioned above, this week of the game (Week 11) will be split across two updates.
If you’ve been following the story up to the end of the last update, you will know that this is the week where our two lead characters and everyone in town will find out who will be the town mayor for the next few years.
Your job is to do everything you can to stop Anthony “The Boss” D’Amico from winning that election.
If you fail with this task, then it could have huge ramifications for the future of Sis’ lighthouse hotel.
While the townspeople are weighing up who to vote for, you also have some big decisions to make.
Mainly, regarding your love life and where you want to be after the summer ends.
And if you are on multiple relationship paths, this might be your last chance to stick or flick with one or more girls in order to get the ending you want (and maybe even deserve).
If you have the Game Walkthrough, then this will be a huge help, especially for these final few updates.
And don’t forget to keep picking up love points for your favourite character(s), as your final tally will be vitally important by the end of Week 12.
Your Sis, Ashley, Cousin and Vicky are the main girls to feature in this update.
If you’re seeing two or more of them at the same time, then you definitely have some big decisions to make.
You’ll have a night out for dinner and drinks with Sis and Vicky, see what Cousin is up to in reception, and receive a visit (or two) from the very MILFY Ashley.
How much longer can you keep this up (if you have multiple relationships going) before the girls discover your secret?

How will they react?
And for those of you on the Open Relationship path with your girlfriend Nicole, are you definitely sure you want to continue seeing her before you return home, or have you fallen head over heels for one particular girl in Sunshine Bay that you might have a (better) future with?
Plenty of decisions to be made for you, the player, in this new update of Sunshine Love…
Week 10 Plot Hole Fix

During the night when Sis goes out clubbing with Vicky, only on the Sis+Vicky path is it mentioned that they should have a night out with the MC the following week (which happens in this new update).

We have added dialogue where it mentions having a night out with both girls if you are on the:
– Sis only path
– the Vicky only path, and/or
– the path if you are not seeing either girl

Saving Your Progress
When you get to the end of this update, you will see a screen similar to the one at the end Chapter 1, where it will show all the girls you are currently seeing (they will be in colour), and how many points you have accrued for each.

IMPORTANT: When you choose “Save Your Progress”, it will ask you to name your save file.
When the very next update is released, you will be able to load this save in the Chapter 3 game app.
When that new game app is available, all you will need to do is choose “New Game” from the Main Menu, and then “Load” which save you want to continue the game from.
See the example below to see how you can make your game save for when Chapter 3 is released.

Sunshine Love Chapter 2 – v0.06.1i Extras
Main changes that we have made
As mentioned above, we have made some script changes to the Twins scene and also the Vicky and Sis scene.
With regards to the twins’ scene, we’re well aware that the direction we took for Ivy and Lily was not to everyone’s liking, but at the same time, we didn’t want every character to be angels or to have similar interests or backstories.
However, we’re now aware why some were upset and fans rightfully pointed out that the twins lacked likeable qualities that most of the other love interests in the story contained.
So with that in mind, we have made significant changes to their backstory, how they came into their “special line of work”, and during the next update (Week 11), you will discover that Ivy and Lily do have some redeemable qualities after all.
Just like real humans, not all of our characters can be 100% perfect, and sometimes showing their imperfections can be just as important as displaying all the characteristics and assets that make us like or even fall in love with them.
For the Vicky and Sis scene, HearszAM, who wrote that scene was angry at himself for portraying Victoria (his favourite character) in such a bad light.
That was never his intention, and like the adjustments made to the twin’s scenes, he has made some great edits to the scenes with Sis that better represents why Vicky was such an engaging character from the very first update of the game.
We have also added an option (during the scene back at Vicky’s home) where Sis can reject her advances, and that will lead to some redemption for Victoria which will also be seen during Week 11 (for this choice).

Changes to the Game Walkthrough
As mentioned above, we have added an option where you can “Accept” or “Reject” Victoria’s advances when she is sitting on her sofa with Sis in her home.
Choosing to “Reject” her advances will eventually close the Vicky path, but not until later in Week 11.
If you “Accept” her advances, the “Girl on Girl” scene will still happen, and there will also be another special scene which will also take place during Week 11.
Originally, if you were on both girls’ paths you would get +10 points for each.
However, that was incorrect. You are meant to lose -10 Sis points instead of gaining +10 points.
That has been fixed now.
Thanks to “The Hunter” for letting us know about that error and a couple of other ones. 🙂

Sunshine Love Chapter 2 – v0.06i Extras
2 x Sis
1 x Victoria
1 x The Twins
1 x The Twins and Kristina
2 x Himari
1 x Connie

NOTE: The “Threesome” path must be set to “Yes” to view this scene and animations
– The Twins – Lily blowjob in the office (2 x angles)
– The Twins threesome sex #1 – Ivy riding the MC’s face and Lily riding the MC (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– The Twins threesome sex #2 – MC taking Ivy from behind while Ivy goes down on Lily (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– The Twins threesome sex #3 – MC takes Lily while Ivy rides Lily’s face (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

– Himari handjob with her robe on at the massage parlour (2 x angles)
– Himari handjob with her robe off at the massage parlour (2 x angles)
– Himari cowgirl sex at the massage parlour (3 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Himari spoon sex at the massage parlour (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

– Trisha dressed in leather animation
– spanking animations
– dildo penetration animations
– standing on the bed sex penetration with Trisha
– standing on the bed sex with Trisha (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– spoon sex on the bed with Trisha (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– standing on the bed anal sex with Trisha (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– spoon anal sex on the bed with Trisha (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Missionary sex with Connie on the beach (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Doggy style sex with Connie on the beach (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Standing sex with Connie on the beach (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

Sunshine Love Chapter 2 – v0.05 Extras
About this update
When the last update concluded, we discovered that Anthony D’Amico (aka… “The Boss”) had asked your girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) Nicole to deliver you and your Childhood Friend a message, one that could have huge ramifications on the upcoming election for who will be the next mayor of Sunshine Bay.
The outcome of the election could ultimately affect what happens with the hotel and how things will be when you return home at the end of the summer.
Will you play ball and give in to D’Amico, or will you and your Childhood Friend be able to find a way to get out of this?
And what if you are on the Shortcake path and you spent the night at her place?
Will you freak out and rush back to the hotel before your Childhood Friend discovers you were gone all night?
Or will you play it cool and spend some more “quality” time with the redheaded cutie?
And if you do decide to hang around a bit longer than planned, what are you going to do if a certain someone shows up unannounced?
Someone like, Trisha? 😉
During this new update, you will find yourself back at the local church, intent on learning more about the angel painting that hangs inside Kristina’s father’s office.
What was Mister Roshi trying to tell you when you found that image inside his work office at the hotel?
How will it be able to help you and your Childhood Friend?
And what about your relationship with Kristina (if you are on her path)?
Is it possible for you to get really serious with each other despite your differing personalities and predicaments?
What do you think will happen if her father were to find out that you’re not really ‘Father Ted’?
As for your relationship with your Childhood Friend, have you given any thought as to how she will feel after you leave Sunshine Bay at the end of the summer (a few weeks from now)?
She’s certainly grown quite attached to you, but will she be able to handle being separated from you again?
Will you be even more difficult to say goodbye to her a second time?
Or maybe she will do “everything” she can to convince you to stay, which may begin during this next update 😉
After the success of the Egyptian-themed night, the hotel was able to raise enough money to have the lighthouse repaired after the recent fire.
However, despite the damage there fire caused, there will be something that you will discover that neither you nor Sis had noticed before.
What could it be?
And who could you speak to in town that might be able to tell you more about the history of the hotel?
Maybe a previous owner, like Ashley for instance?
You will meet with the sexy MILF for lunch to get some advice and if you make the right choices, you might get to have a long-overdue date with her in this update.
However, play your cards wrong, then you’ll either be having a night in alone or, you maybe you prefer to spend the night with another, much to her dismay.
In other words, you have a HUGE decision to make that could have significant consequences on your love life.
Speaking of which, for anyone playing the Open Relationship path with your girlfriend, Nicole, how will things be between the two of you when
you ultimately speak with her in this new update?
Will you be angry at her when you find out who she’s been working for, or will be calm and composed, and try to see things from her point of view?
And what about your agreement?
She said she wanted to know more about some of the girls you have been dating during your time apart, but just how much will you tell her,
or perhaps, “show” her?
There are a few scenarios that could play out in the next few updates but that will all be dependent on which girls you are seeing and whether
you are in an Open Relationship with Nicole or not.
As always, keep collecting those Love Points for each girl and making multiple saves, as they will be important at the end of the game.

Loading your saves from Sunshine Love Chapter 1
When arriving at the end of Chapter 1, you were able to save your game and name it whatever you wanted to.
Before starting Sunshine Love Chapter 2, you will see a screen that lists all your saves that you can load and continue from.

However, there is also an option to manually enter your choices.
Simply choose “Manual Entry” and then you can:
– put in the name of your character, Childhood Friend, Shortcake and Kristina the church girl
– choose which girls’ paths you are on
– put in the points you have accrued for each
– select whether you are in an “Open Relationship” with Nicole or if you are now “Single”
– answer various questions that relate to Chapter 1
NOTE: When you put in the points that you have scored for each girl if you put in an amount that is over the max total (for any love interest) at the end of Chapter 1,

then it will default to the maximum score when Chapter 2 starts.

i.e. if you put a score of 50 points for Victoria, then it will default back to 44 points as that was the most amount of points you could have accrued for her by the end of Chapter 1.

For those of you who use the manual entry option and are also on the Twins path (Ivy or Lily), if you chose to “Go back to Childhood Friend” when you were in the hotel room with one of the twins during Chapter 1, then ten points will automatically be taken off your score if you choose the maximum amount (or more).

i.e. If you put a score of 42 or more for the Twins, and you also chose to “Go back to Childhood Friend”, then your starting score for Chapter 2 on the Twins path will be 32.

Searching for Doughnuts!

For our members, we have a heap of NEW Doughnuts for you to find, plus plenty of new Peeping Tom images as well.
When you locate the new doughnuts, it will unlock some special renders of our female characters in the Rewards Gallery.
All up, there are 20 x new Doughnuts to locate, and 20 x Peeping Tom images.
Can you find all the doughnuts in this update? If you have the Rewards Gallery walkthroughs, they will certainly help!
Slight error in the Chapter 1 Walkthrough
During Week 4 (Start of the Week) when you visit Yuki and her father in the hospital, there is a screen option where you can choose: “Wait around”.
This is meant to give you +3 Yuki Points but it wasn’t listed in the Walkthrough.
Therefore, her maximum points total at the end of Ch1 should be 42, not 39 as previously stated.
Our apologies for this error. By the end of this new update, Yuki’s maximum points total should be exactly 100.
However, you won’t be able to manually enter in 42 points at the start of Ch2, as it will automatically revert back to 39.
Unfortunately, we can’t change this, so if you want the maximum points for Yuki by the time you begin playing Chapter 2 then you will have to play through Ch1 again on her path, make your save at the end of Ch1, and then load your save at the start of Sunshine Love Ch2.
A big thank you to “Bunny” for letting us know about this oversight.

Animated Scenes & ROLLING WIPS:
3 x Ashley
2 x Kristina
2 x Friend
1 x Nicole

– Shortcake handjob in the shower
– Shortcake “doggy style” shower sex
– Shortcake “up against the wall” shower sex

– Kristina blowjob (2 x angles)
– Kristina missionary on desk (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Kristina spoon on sofa sex (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Kristina doggy on desk (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

These options and scene will only happen if you are on the Friend path and NOT on the Kristina path
– Friend blowjob (2 x angles)
– Friend titfuck (2 x angles) (require 300 Friend points or more for this scene)

– Blowjob from Ashley (2 x angles)
– Footjob from Ashley (2 x angles)
– Ashley missionary sex (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley reverse cowgirl sex (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley doggy style sex (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley reverse cowgirl anal sex (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Ashley doggy style anal sex (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

– Friend blowjob on the hill (2 x angles)
– Friend spoon sex on the hill (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Friend from behind sex on the hill (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)
– Friend reverse cowgirl on the hill (2 x angles, 3 x speeds)

In-game Walkthrough
The code for unlocking this feature is: rebound

Sunshine Love Chapter 2 0.04i Extras
Animated Scenes & ROLLING WIPS
3 x Sister
5 x Cousin
2 x Jazmin
2 x Connie
1 x Twins
1 x Yuki

– Jazmin squatting sex (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Jazmin riding the MC while he lifts her (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Trisha handjob (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Trisha cowgirl sex (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Trisha bended knees sex (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Connie bath blowjob in the bathtub (x2 angles)
– Connie cowgirl sex in the bathtub (x2 angles)
– Connie reverse cowgirl sex in the bathtub (x2 angles)
– Ashley blowjob in the store changing room (x3 speeds)
– Cousin being fingered at the restaurant
– blowjob from Cousin (x2 angles, x2 speeds)
– 69er scene with Cousin (x2 angles, x2 speeds)
– Cousin cowgirl sex with the MC (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Cousin doggy style on the floor (x2 angles, x3 speeds)
– Cousin riding the MC while he lifts her (x2 angles, x3 speeds)

Sunshine Love Chapter 2 – v0.03i Extras
1 x Jazmin
2 x Sis
1 x Svetlana
2 x Vicky
2 x Yuki

Chapter 2 – v0.02i Extras
Animated Scenes & ROLLING WIPS
4 x Ashley
4 x Connie
2 x Cousin
3 x Himari
1 x Svetlana
1 x Sister
1 x The Twins

Ch.2 v0.01 Extras
Animated Scenes

Sunshine Love v1.0.0 Extras
Animated Scenes:
– During Week 4 – Childhood Friend rides the MC cowgirl style down by the beach.
We have added in a shot of your Childhood Friend facing the MC for the “(Childhood Friend) On Top” option – previously there was only a behind shot.
– During Week 4 – The MC goes down on Shortcake.
– Fixed Trisha BJ animation (Week 4)
We have added an animation for when the MC goes down Shortcake during the Bonus scene.

Changes to this update Sunshine Love:
As mentioned during our preview posts throughout this month, we have been keeping track of all the errors, plot holes, and rendering issues

Changes made to the Intro, Game Menu, Music Player and FX (plus other things)
– We have added an option where you can skip the flashback scenes at the start of the game.
If you do that, the game will begin when the MC is in court (Present Day)
– Improved the quality of the kissing sound effects
– Added some more tongue kisses with various characters (fan suggestion): – Ashley, Shortcake, Jazmin, Kristina, Childhood Friend, Ivy/Lily, Victoria
– All the sound effects and ambience are now optimized versions, meaning the quality is better than previous
– Added sound effects to most of the sex scenes that were previously missing (or silent)

We’ve added the “sex player” to three more scenes. You will now be able to change the sex position and speeds during:
– The sex scene with Jazmin during Week 3.
– The sex scene with Ivy or Lily in the motel room during Week 4.
– The sex scene with your Childhood Friend on the beach bed during Week 4
– We have also supplied four save files for the start of each week of the game.

– when you are sitting on the hill and having a picnic with your Childhood Friend, we have added an extra part to this scene where
we see a flashback of how the MC and Nicole first met, their first kiss, and the first time they slept together.
– when your Childhood Friend returns home to the hotel after being confronted by Lucas, she tells the MC about what happened the night before and why she didn’t come home.
We see a flashback of her outside Vicky’s place who returns from a night out. Friend sleeps in Vicky’s bed and she has black underwear on.
But the Peeping Tom image the next day when she returns to the hotel has her wearing red underwear. That has been changed to black underwear now.

– we have deleted out double dialogue when the MC chats with Childhood Friend in the health centre.
– added an “Open relationship” icon to the Nicole profile in the Characters Info section. If it is coloured, then you will be in an Open Relationship with her.
If it is not, then you are now single and are no longer dating Nicole. This icon becomes available during your video call with her.

– extended the Jazmin/MC sex scene. There are now two options to choose from before you climax.
– when you visit Ashley’s house and she shows you her burlesque outfit, we have added a couple of extra poses while she dances for the MC (fan suggestion).
– there were issues with the Heart icon not working correctly on the Twins path. That has been fixed now.

– added a phone call scene between The Boss and Svetlana, where he asks her to pick up a special guest (Nicole) at the airport the following morning.
– during the hospital scene, if you are on the Yuki path, we have extended that scene so you have the chance to take her home and she invites you in.
Check the Walkthrough to find out how to unlock this scene!
– we’ve added more dialogue to the Trisha/MC office scene. She explains her reasoning for using blackmail and more about what she likes in her male interests (fan suggestion).
– during the evening sex scene with Ashley in her cabin, we’ve added a couple of extra renders when the MC is spooning Ashley in her bed.
– during the morning sex scene with Ashley, we’ve changed the angle and positioning of the blowjob she gives the MC.
We’ve also added a new angle of the sex scene that takes place.
– we have deleted out double dialogue when Victoria leaves after they have sex in the alleyway behind the restaurant.
– during the MC’s phone call with Nicole on the Open Relationship path, Nicole will ask you to tell her about one of your dates.
There will be five girls to choose from with different sets of dialogue for each.
If a girl you are dating is not among these five, then the MC will tell you about a girl he has been seeing, who is actually his Childhood Friend who he’s referring to.
– during the evening sex scene down by the beach, we’ve added a front view angle of your Childhood Friend when you choose the “On Top” option.

1 x Jazmin
1 x Svetlana
1 x Trisha
2 x Kristina
4 x Childhood Friend
– Ashley handjob (3x speeds)
– Ashley blowjob (2x angles)
– Ashley doggystyle sex (3x speeds)
– Jazmin handjob (3x speeds)
– Jazmin blowjob (3x speeds)
– Jazmin titjob (3x speeds)
– Shortcake ball tickle
– Shortcake handjob (3x speeds)
– Shortcake blowjob (3x speeds)
– Childhood friend blowjob in the bedroom (3x speeds)
– Childhood friend titjob in the bedroom (3x speeds)
– Ivy missionary sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)
– Ivy reverse cowgirl sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)
– Ivy from behind sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)
– Lily missionary sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)
– Lily reverse cowgirl sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)
– Lily from behind sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)
– Childhood friend missionary sex by the beach (3x speeds)
– Childhood friend side-facing sex by the beach (3x speeds)
– Childhood friend doggystyle sex by the beach (3x speeds)
– Childhood friend cowgirl sex by the beach (3x speeds)

Sunshine Love v0.0.7 Extras
Version 7 of Sunshine Love our BIGGEST update yet!
In this update, there will be another major event that you and your childhood friend will start to prepare for. Again, it will greatly benefit the hotel and you will have to work together to be able to take advantage.
You will also be able to reach Level 2 in this update, therefore, a new set of tasks will become available for you to check through.
During this update, the tasks will appear in the “Tasks List” in the Hotel Menu individually as each character mentions.
Don’t worry, there will be an on-screen notification to let you know when each task gets added to this list.
Again you will have some big decisions to make in regards to who you date and who you have no interest in.
For those of you who have played up until the end of the previous update, we know that you’re eager to find out how you, the MC will get out of the situation that you find yourself in.
How will Connie react, now that she has seen you and your childhood friend together in her bedroom, late at night?
What will be the repercussions of Connie’s father cutting her off after you and your friend hosted her birthday party at the hotel?
You’ll get to visit new places in Sunshine Bay and also see the town from a different perspective. But which characters will you spend time with, in these new locations?
Sunshine Love V7 will answer these and many other questions!
Changes to this update
With regards to the main walkthrough, we have added a list of all the main female characters at the bottom of the walkthrough pdf,
where you can find out exactly when and in which scene you can get onto each girls’ path.
If you are already on a girls’ path, then there will be scenes with them in future updates where you can back out or jump off.

NOTE: Not all combinations will be possible by end of the game, given what we can or cannot do due to Patreon rules.
There will also be an option in the future where you can just be friends with your “Friend”, however, much like what we did with Melody, we may not implement that option until after the story-part of the game is finished. We’ll see how that goes though.
You’ll also notice that we’ve added some extra special sound effects to a few of the sex scenes in this update.
How to jump ON and OFF character paths
We have NOW added an option in the “Character Info” section for each character so that you are able to switch their paths ON and OFF.
That way it saves you from having to go back to the point in the game when each girls’ pathways begin, in case you are not already on their path.

To do this, all you need to do is:
– go into your tablet in the top-right corner of the screen
– select the “Char. Info” button
– under the “Characters Info” section, choose the character whose path you want to set to ON or OFF.

v0.0.6 Extras
Animated Scenes:
– Ivy handjob
– Lily blowjob
– Rosa handjob (2 x angles)
– Rosa blowjob (2 x angles)
– Cowgirl sex with Rosa (2 x angles)
– Friend handjob (3 x angles)
– Grinding scene – Friend on top (2 x angles)
– Friend blowjob (3 x angles)
– Oral on Friend
– 69er scene with Friend
– Grinding scene – spoon position with Friend (3 x angles)

v0.05.1 Extras
– Some renders fixed
– Grammar fixes
– Fixed various bugs that fans had reported.

Animated Scenes:
– Jazmin handjob
– Jazmin blowjob
– Jazmin cowgirl (2 x angles)
– Jazmin (2 x from behind)
– Friend handjob
– Friend makeout scene
– Friend (fondling her breast)
– Shortcake makeout scene
– Ashley blowjob (2 x angles)
– Sis (Handjob+masturbating – 2 x angles)
– Ashley x 2
– Shortcake x 1
– Connie x 2
– Ivy
– Jazmin
– Lily
– Friend
– Trisha x 2

Animated Scenes in Sunshine Love:
– Nicole’s fantasy of the MC and Sis, hand job from sis
– Ashley and the MC make out
– Jazmin hand job happy ending massage
– Ivy or Lily and the MC make out
– MC and Vicky sex scene – 2 x positions
– Vicky handjob
– Friend and the MC make out
– Blowjob from “Young Ashley” (Fantasy sex scene)
– Sis gives the MC a handjob
– Sis licking MC’s penis

– 3x Sister
– 1x Ashley
– 1x Cousin
– 1x Kristina
– 1x Vicky
– 1x Ivy & Lily
– 1x Sis & Vicky

About this update Sunshine Love
One thing we should address is how we set up each of our updates, in terms of the days and weeks that pass with each release.
It’s pretty similar to what we did for our second game “Melody”. Normally there will be two days in the game, and they will be set during a specific week.
Each day could be either the start, middle, or end of the week. Be sure to keep an eye on your tablet in the top-right hand corner of the screen (see pic below).
This new update is set during Week 2, and the two days are for the start of the week, and the middle of the week (a few days later).
Time skips may become a regular feature across the duration of the game, and we will be sure to let you know more about that with each release.

This update again has some focus on you helping your sis fix and replace things at the hotel to make sure it’s ready when it’s officially re-opened to the public.

There are a number of characters that you will continue to build your work relationship with as well. So make sure to pay attention to the information and tips that they give you.

But this update isn’t just about work. You’re in Sunshine Bay to have fun too!
What kind of fun you might ask?

How does learning how to surf with Cousin sound?

Or being invited to a special evening event in town by The Twins, Ivy and Lily?
What about taking a “special trip” with the adventurous teenager Yuki?

Are you able to resist the “Milfy” Ashley’s charms while you’re desperate to learn the truth about why she and sis moved out nine years ago?
What about a night out with the desirable but mostly “off-limits” Victoria? And will it be a simple evening between future work colleagues, or will either of you consider it to be an actual “date”?

And what about your girlfriend Nicole that you left behind? Do you think you can make your relationship work with her over the summer, despite the long-distance that currently separates you two?

About this update Sunshine Love
Unlike the first release, every character (that we shared previews of before the game was released) will feature in SL v2.

That won’t always be the case with every update, but there will be several scenes in the game where you can build your rapport or relationship with each of these girls/women.

This update focuses a lot on learning more about the characters you have already met during the first update, and also being introduced to some new characters for the very first time.

Make sure to pick up relationship points for the girls that you might be interested in romantically, as that will be highly important once you complete the Task List and then move on to the Hotel being at a Two-Star rating.

We have added 14 new sound effects (50 in total) into this update to hopefully give a bit more of a realistic vibe/feel about them.

There has also been 12 new animations, 25 donut gallery images, and 34 peeping tom gallery images added to this update.

Changes that we’ve made
After the first release, there was always going to be a few things that were going to work well for us and some not so well.

So in other words, it was a typical first release for any developer.

We received a lot of suggestions for what we could do to improve your game-playing experience and we’ve done our best to include some of these changes for you.

Changes and edits:
– Fixed previous grammar errors and bugs, changed some lines from v.1 that were minor plot holes.
– For this update, we have spaced out the locations of the Doughnuts in this release, rather than grouped them all closer together.
This will mean the Doughnut notification sound won’t come up too frequently (unless you’ve switched it OFF of course.)
– We have also put another new option into the menu for when you are searching for the doughnuts.

From this update onward, once you have found a doughnut, you no longer have to find the same one again, and the special render attached to each doughnut will remain in the special gallery Sunshine Love. This will be known as the “Doughnut Reappearing” option.

So to have the Doughnuts not appear again once you’ve located them, set this option to “Disabled”.

Music player hides properly now.
Fixed Navy terminology (opening scene) and a few dialogues/renders. Thanks to the Navy members of our community for the feedback.
Animations loop properly now.
Fixed a few animations that were having playing issues (Flicker)
Android animations work now.
Grammar errors fixed (any other errors found after this post will be corrected in the next release of SL).
New Features Sunshine Love:
Added a black text box for those who are having a hard time reading some of the dialogue. You can turn it on/off in the settings menu.
Audio Preferences are now in a separate tab, and I’ve also added an option to turn the “Peeping Tom” and “Donut” sounds on and off.

Gallery / Walkthrough Code
opening for gallery
rebound for walkthrough

Release date: 2023-12-23
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Incest, Romance, MILF, Loli, Big tits, Lesbian, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Female domination, Footjob, Grouping, Handjob, Interracial, Masturbation, Titfuck, Twins, Anal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: MrDots Games
Other Game: Dating my Daughter, Melody
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Chapter 1 v.1.0.0 Extras (completed) + ipatch + Walkthrough + Guide + Walkthrough Mod / Chapter 2 v.1.01i Extras (completed) + ipatch + Walkthrough Mod / Chapter 3 v.1.01i Extras + ipatch + Walkthrough Mod (completed)
Language: English
Size: 3.16 GB / 2.48 GB / 4.4 GB / 1.88 GB (Ch.3 Official compressed)

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