Hail to the King [v.0.4]

The sex game Hail to the King – a modern day take on 17th century monarchism. You belong in a family tree comprised of kings and rulers and must uphold a legacy that has been built and sustained up to the present day. Carry your father’s torch after his demise and become the CEO of Nexus Industries, the biggest company in the city of Emerald Bay. Make decisons involving your company’s affairs as well as those involving personal matters. These decisions will determine your destiny along as the one of the people around you, the company and even the entire city. Will you be a worthy successor or the one who finally breaks the line?

Developer Notes
This is Zanzibar Interactive, a newly formed studio composed by two members with the objective of creating Adult Visual Novels, in which you will play the role of the Main Character and make decisions that influence the story’s outcome. We aim to engage our readers in compelling and interesting stories, putting quality first in every aspect of our products, which is the reason for why we do the best we can in their development process. We hope that you enjoy what we have to offer, and with your support, we will constantly improve the quality and scope of our projects.
v0.4 Beta
– Chapter 3 added
– New characters
– Animations for Evelyn night scene at the end of chapter 2
– Animations for Lucy night scene in chapter 3
– Stats icon on screen
– New animated menu
– New gallery images
Also state file is named 3.1 but it really is the 0.4 beta

– Fixed a bug concerning one of the alternate scenes in Chapter 1.

– Added one more relationship parameter to every girl. This will add more immersion and “realism” to some conversations.
– Removed the stats icons appearing at the left upper corner of the screen after a making a choice and replaced it with a message notification. There was also a glitch with the stats icons, so this change will definitely remove that glitch.
– Added more player freedom in regards to which girl they want to romance. Choices now are more impactful. This will be the last time we change something regarding the stats so from this point you won’t have to restart the game with every release. We were experimenting before, and now we found a point of consolidation in where we definitely decided how to manage story branches and player choices.
– Changed some dialogue here and there, nothing that changes the story in a major way.

– New chapter (Hail to the King Chapter 2)
– Restructured relationships and stats
– Replaced castle image in intro
– Minor changes in some dialogue lines.

v0.2.5 Final
– Fixed issue with one of the choices in Strip Club scene.
– Added Stats Screen in Preferences menu.
– Removed chapter “King of the Hill”. Merged some of it’s scenes with chapter 1 and moved h-scenes to “Bonus Scenes”.
– Added more scenes and choices to chapter 1.
– Added Corruption, Honor and Relationship stats.
– Added gallery images.

– Chapter 2: King of the Hill
– Image Gallery: Unlock extra images by progressing through the story. If you already played through Hail to the King chapter 1, be sure to replay theclothing shop, pool and bathroom scenes to unlock their corresponding images.
– Added images when defining character relationships.
– Intro remake: Removed bar and pier scenes and replaced them with different images and a lot less text that explains the backstory in a more concise way.
– Removed fishing scene.
– Minor adjustments on text and music/scene transitions.
– Changed the look of the choice boxes.
– Added Change Name and Modify Relationships features in Preferences.

Evelyn: mom
Madison and Lucy: sisters

Release date: 2023-05-02
Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big boobs, Teasing, Romance, Incest, Milf, Handjob, Threesome, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Lesbian, Oral sex, Titfuck, Interracial, Harem, Anal
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Zanzibar
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.4 beta
Language: English
Size: 2.36 GB

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