Element-174 [v.0.19]

«Element-174» is an adult sci-fi visual novel with a focus on choices and how our decisions cause ripples in our story. You play the role of the main character, a man who has just been accepted into Branchfield University. As he meets the various students and faculty, a mystery unravels which will change him and those around him forever. «Who will you choose to be?»

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another update in the world of Element-174! This update is pretty straightforward with lots of new scenes added for Day 11. The Chloe scene in particular is one of the longer ones and contains a bit of plot and sexiness. A few other changes have been made to the game to add a little more polish. Here are the changes this update:

Added additional scenes for Sarah, Emma, Chloe, Jenna, Ash, Jules, Katy, Malia and Zoey
Added new sounds and effects to the Zoey fight
Added new sound effects throughout the game
Fixed bug where leftover sound effect would continue to play after exiting to main menu
Fixed bug which kept Jenna’s route open on week 2 even if you didn’t see her on Day 7
Fixed bug where trailing Emma would end her route instead of continue it
Fixed bug where Malia’s spying lesson scene didn’t register properly
Dozens of grammatical and spelling errors across the entire game have been fixed

Added additional scenes for Jenna, Rachel, Katy, Holmes, Emma, Trish, Ash, Caroline, Jules, Madison, Chloe, Zoey and more
Changed the main character’s appearance during a Day 4 Night scene
Added console access (press Shift-O). Don’t play around with this unless you know what you’re doing!
Fixed a bug where Zoey’s Day 4 scene awarded no points
Fixed a bug where Malia’s point was awarded to Penny on her Day 6 Morning scene
Fixed a bug that states you visited Jules on Day 7 Morning when you didn’t
Fixed a bug involving Day 8 choice priorities
Fixed a bug involving Zoey’s Day 3 flag not being defined (v0.15b)
Fixed a bug involving Emma’s Day 9 scene if you didn’t trail her on Day 8 (v0.15b)
Fixed a bug involving Emm’a trail scene progression (v0.15b)
Fixed a bug where Jules’s Day 9 Evening scene did not play (v0.15b)
Fixed a bug where Chloe’s Day 9 Evening scene did not play (v0.15b)

Release date: 2021-01-02
Genre: Anal, 3DCG, Big tits, Group sex, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Lesbians, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Groping, Corruption, Seduction, Virgins, Prostitution, BDSM, Mind Control
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Knotty Games
Platform: Windows, Linux
Version: 0.19 + Walkthrough + Gallery mod + Walkthrough Mod
Language: English
Size: 1.63 GB

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