Innocent Witches [v.0.11a]

Innocent Witches is an amazing and strange story told by an old acquaintance. About the time when he was just a simple guy yearning for young female flesh. But a series of events in which he was drawn into, led to a disastrous end. His birth was shrouded in mystery, and his youth could be the envy of many. He will tell you a story about students, many women who changed his destiny. Events in a magical world that has not seen wild debauchery since the fall of the Enchanting Guild. An old magic school that valued purity and chastity above all else. We learn about a young doctor who dreamed of young and innocent witches … It’s time to set sail! Come to Hogwarts!

0. All the fixes and adjustments that were added in 0.10.7B are also present in 0.11A
1. Added a new chapter that continues the events of the prologue in Act 2
2. Added two new locations – Great Hall and Hufflepuff Common Room, which are a part of the new chapter
3. Added a new fullscreen scene with Elf-maid
4. Added an expanded fullscreen scene with Minerva which includes a new item and interactions with it based on the existing scene at the table
5. Reintegrated most of the art involved in Minerva’s scene from the old plot
6. Added new music tracks for the Great Hall and Divination Classroom
7. Added a first iteration of the spellcasting mechanic for certain events
8. Added a botched cake art to Susan’s Halloween event for better immersion
9. Fixed many typos, grammar mistakes and other game bugs in general based on your reports

v0.10 Beta
1. Added chapters 5 and 6 to act 1 (new plot)
2. Added two new fullscreen scenes with two prefects
3. Added a new fullscreen scene with Helena
4. Added a new fullscreen scene with Minerva
5. Added a new fullscreen introductory scene with Xandria
6. Added Live2D animation for the first Ginny’s scene
7. Added Live2D animation for Susan’s “Inner Rod punishment” scene
8. Added first part of casual dialogues for prefects
9. Added a new location – “Road to Hagrid’s Hut”
10. Added a new location – “Gryffindor male dorms”
11. Some of the side quests, like Ginny’s quest and seasonal events, are now available in more chapters and will carry their progress between chapters
12. Slightly expanded the scene with Moaning Myrtle
13. Implemented numerous fixes and adjustments specific to 0.10.4A, based on your reports in Discord and other platforms (<3 thanks!)
14. TODO: don’t forget to add more bugs before the release!!!

Gallery code: engorgio mentula

v0.10 alpha
1. Chapter 4 in Act 1 was updated and integrated into the new story
2. Swimsuits quest in updated chapter was remade and remastered
3. Added 6 new locations – Faculty Entrances, Abandoned toilet and Prefects Bathroom
4. Added a fullscreen scene with a new side character
5. Added Live2D animation for Luna’s bedrooms scene (available in old plot and as a memory for now)
6. Carefully ported the most popular bugs from Python 2 version of the game to Python 3

v0.9.2 beta
1. Integrated Community translations into the game
2. Ported the game to Python 3 (Ren’Py 8+)
3. Updated some of the art for many characters to make them more unique
4. Fixed pause button placement on Android
5. Updated Sonya’s leveling mechanic
6. Vampiress’ quest can now be repeated if it was failed
7. Improved performance during several transitions (such as when a new day starts)
8. Nola now correctly blocks the door in chapter 3 (new plot)
9. Fixed interaction with perverted magazines in chapter 3 (new plot)
10. Text will now scroll in the dialogue window if it goes outside the frame
11. Added new backgrounds to the dressing room
12. Dialogue history is now accessible during the interactions at the table
13. Added two new polaroid photos
14. Added xray and drinking game to act 2 (new plot)
15. Fixed many bugs that caused the game to crash
16. Added Christmas and Halloween quests from act 1 to act 2, as well as other quests (new plot)
17. Added several new memories
18. Added icons next to the cursor for many objects when hovering over them
19. Added explanation about the difference between new and old plots
20. Added exit zone for Hagrid’s Hut location
21. Numerous other fixes and adjustments based on your feedback and reports <3
22. At least three new bugs were added for each fixed one

v0.9 beta
Hi all!
This time… it’s time! Innocent Witches 0.9B is finally ready for release!
In this update, we’ve expanded the second chapter in act 2 with side content. Most of it is introduced in the new side quest, which starts automatically on Friday’s night. It includes three full screen events, with main and side characters, as well as a bunch of mysterious and lewd encounters. On top of that, numerous fixes and QoL (quality of life) improvements were added as well.

Here’s the full changelog:
Expanded chapter 2 in act 2 with new side content
Added a new side quest with multiple sub-quests
Added three fullscreen events, two with main girls, one with a side character
Added Live2D animation for a certain scene at night near the lake
Removed consequent skip cap when sleeping without any activities
Added several costumes and other items to the dressing rooms
Added an ability to activate community translations
Adjusted continue button functionality during scenes to be more player friendly
Numerous corrections and adjustments based on player feedback and reports (thanks!)
Long-awaited bugs were finally added to the game

0. All changes and fixes introduced in Innocent Witches 0.8.3-beta update are also included in this version
1. Added a continuation to the new story – chapter 2 in act 2
2. Added two new fullscreen scenes (available in new chapter)
3. Added a new location – Hagrid’s Hut
4. Added 6 collectable photos. Get them all! (available in new chapter)
5. Added 3 new costumes for Sonya
6. Outdated bugs were successfully updated
Full list of changes can be found in changelog.txt file, or in the Extra section in the game itself.

v0.8.2 beta
Enhanced Live2D animation engine to support more seamless transitions between movements
Fixed existing inconsistencies in Live2D engine to reduce flickering during scenes
Added “Sandbox” mode to Hermione’s “Book of Runes” Live2D scene (available in the memories)
A bunch of cosmetic UI fixes and additions for different in-game mechanics
A couple of bug fixes across the game

Added Live2D animation for Hermione’s “Book of Runes” scene (old plot + memories).
Fixed “Mysterious Fan” quest in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot).
Fixed appearance logic for the night creatures in the office.
Updated art for Halloween events (Luna, Hermione, Susan).
Fixed a number of game breaking bugs in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot).
Fixed triggers for Halloween events (they should start correctly now).
Fixed glitchy visuals when interacting with the keyhole in the office.
Corrected a number of typos.
Expanded functionality of Live2D engine in Ren’py to support future content.
Improved bugs throughout the game.

v0.8 Beta
1. Added Halloween events for each of the main girls in Act 2 Chapter 1 (new plot)
2. Added new Halloween costumes for main girls
3. Added “Mysterious Fan” quest available starting from Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
4. Extended the polyjuice event in Act 2 Chapter 1 (new plot)
5. Added “Risky Student” quest starting from Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
6. Added Daphne encounter in Abandoned wing (new plot)
7. Added hidden quest in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
8. Added random creatures that can appear during the night before sleeping (new plot)
9. Added a couple of new achievements
10. Added and updated several music tracks
11. Various small fixes and adjustments here and there (new plot)
12. Optimized existing bugs and added several new ones

v0.8 alpha
1. Adjusted the story in the prologue and act 1 chapters up to chapter 3
2. Added a fullscreen scene in chapter 3
3. Added several spicy side quests available in chapter 2 and 3
4. Added a teaser for one of the new characters
5. Added a new system for buying and selling items (it will be actively used in future chapter 4 and 5)
6. Added a scene involving two Slytherin girls in act 2 chapter 1 (new plot)
7. Added two new music tracks
8. A number of polishing and QA adjustments and fixes based on your feedback <3
9. This version includes all the additions and fixes from 0.7.2-beta
10. We heard you like bugs, so we put more bugs in our bugs so you can enjoy bugs while playing with bugs

Innocent Witches v0.7 beta
Right, it’s time for the new update for Innocent Witches – 0.7B!

This one consists of four side quests with yummy rewards like a fullscreen scene with one of the prefects, teaser of the new uniform for the prefects, as well as a number of other additions and fixes.

Here’s the full changelog:
0. (Most of the new content is available in the new story)
1. Added four side quests with juicy rewards
2. Added a fullscreen scene with one of the main girls
3. Added new uniform for the main girls
4. Restored unofficial meetings with main girls
5. Added random encounters in the corridor
6. Added new minions in bedrooms for the last stage of the main quest
7. Updated x-ray acquisition and functionality in new plot
8. Slightly updated the new plot scene with Minerva
9. Added 7 new music tracks
10. Fixed a number of annoying bugs (thanks for the reports!)
11. Added a number of QoL improvements
12. Added new bugs in accordance with multiple requests

Innocent Witches v0.7.1 Alpha
1. Fixed the error caused by sending letters in some chapters
2. Fixed Marcus floating in the cabinet after a certain event
3. Fixed game crashing after the age check on some Android devices
4. Fixed numerous visual glitches and bugs in the new chapter
5. Fixed music and sound glitches in the new chapter
6. Polished the new chapter to make the gameplay smoother overall
7. Updated alchemy minigame interface
8. Added undressed state for Andromeda’s portrait in the new chapter
9. Minerva’s encounter in the new chapter can now be replayed via memories
10. Fixed other bugs and glitches and added new ones for you to enjoy

Innocent Witches v0.7.0 Alpha
1. Added the first chapter of the updated plot
2. Integrated Live2D Susan’s scene into the game (no need for additional animations file anymore)
3. Integrated Live2D animations in the showers into the game
4. Added alternative scene with Minerva
5. Partly updated Helena’s and Minerva’s idles
6. Added a bunch of new and updated sexy minions
7. Added several new locations
8. Added three plot-related interactive events
9. Introduced several new characters for future events
10. Reworked and updated some of the core game’s mechanics based on the feedback
11. Added three new music tracks
12. Updated preferences screen to make it more user-friendly
13. Updated saving system and added new ESC menu
14. Updated interfaces throughout the game
15. A bunch of other fixes and adjustments based on the feedback
16. Bugs

v0.6.5 Final
1. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations (special thanks to those who helped with debugging).
2. Fixed an exception with transferring persistent data from a very old version.
3. Fixed several notification and goals issues.
4. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day.
5. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in Act 1 Chapter 4.
6. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in Act 1 Chapter 4.
7. Other minor fixes and adjustments

v0.6.4 final
1. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day
2. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in act 1 chapter 4
3. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in act 1 chapter 4
4. Other minor fixes and adjustments

v0.6.3 final
1. Updated Daphne’s animation in main menu to Live2D version
2. Fixed several critical problems with Sonya’s leveling
3. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations
4. Other fixes and bugs

v0.6.2 Final
1. Hermione’s background animation in main menu was updated to Live2D
2. Fixed errors with saving/transferring game progress
3. Fixed a bug caused by sending letters to multiple recipients
4. A bunch of fixes and adjustments based on the players’ feedback (Thanks!)
5. Updated old bugs and added several new ones

v0.6.1 Final
1. Fixed the Book of Runes event
2. Fixed incorrect/missing translations
3. Fixed the Wheel of Fortune (WoF) event
4. Added slightly different endings for the WoF event based on the difficulty
5. Random bedroom encounters should be reachable now
6. Further updated the drinking minigame interface
7. Fixed Xandria interactions in Act 2 Chapter 2
8. Adjusted the difficulty/time-to-finish of some of the minigames
9. Added the option to use old music from the previous versions
10. Fixed problems with saving/transferring the progress
11. Other fixes and adjustments
12. New bugs

Innocent Witches v0.6 FINAL
1. Added introductory CG scene with Hermione
2. Added new Hermione’s minigame
3. Added new tutoring scenes for Daphne and Susan
4. Added second date scenes
5. Reworked drinking game interface to make it more user-friendly
6. Added introductory scenes with Xandria
7. Added Christmas event with tasty rewards
8. Updated and added several new music tracks
9. Hermione’s interactions with phoenix received additional art
10. Added new costume for Sonya
11. Added unlockable journal notes for Daphne’s and Luna’s minigames
12. Added random bedroom encounters. Who knows who you can meet there 😉
13. Added casual dialogues option when drinking with Minerva
14. Slightly increased the quality of the art in the main office
15. Added easier version for the statue minigame in Act 1
16. Added new memories
17. Updated the game’s engine to version 7.4.0 (better performance)
18. Other bugfixes and adjustments
19. Added new bugs

v0.6 BETA
1. Made it possible to transfer some of the progress between versions (includes memories, Sonya, achievements, dressing rooms, as well as game preferences and screenshots). This functionality should work starting from this version.
2. Added introductory dating scenes with main girls.
3. Added bonus shower scenes for Daphne and Luna.
4. Sonya and achievements are now global and their progress is shared between different playthroughs.
5. A ton of fixes of numerous bugs throughout the whole game.
6. A new interactive statue mini-game was added to Act 1 Chapter 3.
7. Added proper hinting arrows to the early chapters of Act 1.
8. Reworked and updated Hagrid interactions in Act 2.
9. Act 2 Chapter 1 has different flow of events now.
10. Many events in Act 2 Chapter 1 were polished or changed.
11. Act 2 Chapter 1 can be finished now.
12. The quest journal received an additional hinting functionality.
13. The quest journal received a cosmetic overhaul.
14. Numerous hints were added to the quests throughout the game via hinting in the quest journal.
15. Added a warning message to the events that are not yet finished.
16. The message about new version of the game should now work correctly.


Release date: 2024-04-21
Genre: 2DCG, Parody, School Setting, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Corruption, Voyeurism, Trainer, Sex Toys, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Animation, Big tits, Harem, Striptease, Tiny tits
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Sab Crab
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.11a + Advanced animations
Language: Русский, English
Size: 1.96 GB

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