Summer’s Gone [Chapter 5 / Season 1 Steam]

Summer’s Gone – after a traumatic experience, a young spirit tries to find its way back into life. College is about to start and mysteries are about to unfold.​
Added Walkthrough/Gallery Mod for Steam version and android modded!

Season 1 Steam + DLC
– Ccompleted the rework of the first and second chapters of the game.
2150+ new renders for Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4.
Adjusted over 300 renders.
– Overhauled the Main Menu and other Uls. Added and removed more music
– Added an opacity slider for the textbox.
– I applied additional proofreading to Chapters 2 and 3.
– Added a German translation. (More languages will be added in the future.)
– Added info to the “About” section on the main menu.
– Added the new scenes and images from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 to the gallery.

Ch.5 Beta
Added a total of 2400+ still renders
Chapter 5 – ~2155 renders + 2 Cinematics
Chapter 3 – 122 renders
Chapter 2 – 87 renders
Chapter 1 – 36 renders + 1 Cinematic

Added 14 new licensed music tracks.
SFX etc. will be added with the full.

Ch.4.5 Full
– Added 979 new Renders to Chapter 2
– Added 2 animations to Chapter 2.
– Added 17 new renders to Chapter 3. (Removed the Said Fight cinematic.)
– Re-rendered 300+ renders for Chapter 3.5. (More on this in a future Dev Log.)
– Added 6 new licensed music tracks.
– Finished removing all music that would’ve needed to be removed in the future. (Including the cinematics music.)
– Added 6 new licensed music tracks.
– Applied a big amount of proofreading to all Chapters.

Ch.4.5 Beta
– Added Chapter 4.5 and 1520 new renders.
– Added one Cinematic and multiple animations (4400 frames).
– Added visual enhancements to the gallery (WIP)
– Chapter 3 is now completely accompanied by music.
– Painfully removed the rest of the songs that needed to be removed due to licensing issues.
– Added new licensced music.
– Added a default name for the MC.

Chapter 4 Full
580 new renders for Chapter 1. (New Events, characters, etc.)
Bugs fixed and music added/removed.

Chapter 3.5 Full
– 138 new Ch1 renders.
– 3 simple Ch1 animations were added.
– 6 renders added to Ch 3×5.
– Three licensed music tracks were added to Ch1. (The reworked parts.)
– Also most typos and bugs got fixed.

Added ~1400 new renders.
Added 3500-5000 animation frames. (One small cinematic removed.)
New licensed high quality music.
New Galleries. (Scene Replay, Cinematics.)
Ingame music player.
Changed some GUI things. (Default values for Sound, Music, etc.)
Some bugs from Chapter 3 fixed

Chapter 3 Beta
– ~1800 new still renders added
– ~10000 renders in animation frames added.
– Completely new Intro with the reworked Summer model.
– School scene with Summer also reworked.
– Nojiko’s skin got replaced by much more high quality. (Still needs to be replaced in some earlier scenes.)
– Visual tweaks for Nadia, Ayua, Mila, Nami, and Victoria
– The ability to disable/enable trans content is given.
– The textbox is now more transparent.
– Temporary custom main menu (Will be changed again with Chapter 4.)
– New licenses music added. (There is still a lack of music in the game. Several songs are saved and they will be added as soon as I can afford the licenses.
– You no longer have to write on your keyboard to send messages on the phone.

Chapter 2 Final version
I fixed over 120 spelling/grammar mistakes thanks to PeeM!
I fixed several coding errors and made sure saves will work in Summer’s Gone Chapter 3.
Added new unlockable Xtra scenes to the gallery for the following girls:
– 2 new Nami (Total 5)
– 2 new Bella (Total 4)
– Added Nadia Xtra scenes (3)
– Added Maya Xtra scenes (2)
– Added Mila Xtra scenes (3)
– A cinematic intro for Chapter 2 was added. (30 seconds long)
– Background music/noise added to several scenes.
– Over 100 images were overhauled in post-production due to the contrast/saturation error my old monitor had.

Chapter 2
~ 1230 still renders added.
~ Another 180 renders in some animations
5 videos added.
Gallery Summer’s Gone with Extra scenes added
Custom Gui added (Work in progress)
Interactive messenger System added.
Chapter 2 does not contain any sex scenes yet! If you’re here for a fap, I advise you to come back later.

Chapter 1:
– Introduction
– 735 Render

Release date: 2024-05-10
Genre: 3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, female domination, groping, humiliation, incest, male domination, male protagonist, milf, romance, school setting, stripping, teasing, virgin, oral sex, vaginal sex, lesbian
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Oceanlab
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Chapter 5 beta + IPatch + Walkthrough + Walkthrough/Cheat/Gallery Mod / Season 1 Steam + DLC + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod
Language: English / English, German (Steam)
Size: 8.7 GB / 9.53 GB / 855 MB (Android with Walkthrough Mod)

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