Legend of Queen Opala Origin [v.3.18b]

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin – continuation of the game series about the Queen Opala, which is essentially a prequel to the first part, where you play the role of a young knight who faithfully serves country until a new dancer named Farah appears in his city. The world is waiting for you, you yourself decide what to do and whether to go only along the path of the hero, or maybe choose the path of a villain. The developer plans to reveal the stories of many of the characters encountered in the previous installments.

1. The patch notes is listing an important task you need to do.
You have to input a code into the Rune Mirror to have your inventory reorganized for the increased cap of available illustrations, if you don’t/haven’t do/done this, it’ll make the inventory count for illustrations inaccurate and blend together with the listed painting once you reach 198+ illustrations.
It does, however, NOT affect titles or Encyclopedia listings.
2. If you’ve finished the storymode up to being told to visit Beatrix’s home, be sure your save isn’t inside her house when you start this beta or any that follows.
3. Any imported saves made specifically at camp from betas earlier than v3.03 or episodes will be incompatible due to a worldmap overhaul, but literally anywhere else is all good!

Fix 674 – Several cutscenes involving Zweibelle has been revised to better tell the story.
Fix 675 – The section between the tavern in Odidania and boarding the Magna Gerulus has been expanded.
Fix 676 – The cutscene taking place before being in control aboard the Magna Gerulus has been moved to a later sequence.
Fix 677 – Fixed an issue where leaving a cavern while using the lantern could revert the player back to default speed.
Fix 678 – Talking to Paellicia in Castle Warrengard will now allow you to fight her daughters again at Skalhalm.
Fix 679 – Two new locations has been added, Illythium Trading Vessel and Tseneria Isle.
Fix 680 – Additional story has been added.

Quitting expeditions caused a black screen to persist, this has been corrected.
It’s now possible to travel back to the Beldorian Empire by boat after reaching the Divine Palace throne room.
The missing title for romancing Lady Farah has been added and can also be obtained in Hall of Memories.
Some graphical errors related to the Encyclopedia and the Art Gallery has been fixed.
A new mini-scene has been added and can be triggered by advancing the story.
The Current Version file will from now on be called Patch Notes instead.
Additional story has been added.

Legend of Queen Opala Origin v3.07
The Art Gallery has been updated to run twice as fast.
Animations can now be unlocked by collecting all ten trading cards for each individual characters.
Traveling Scholar and his unique quiz rewards is now available at Skalhalm, Queen’s Landing and Luminessa.
The Art Gallery has been updated to display all the unlockable CG Scenes missing from before.
The Encyclopedia has been updated to only list relevant information in the Explorer section.
Clothing poles now display the color correctly matching their respective character.
A few characters have added tent mechanic dialogues to match renegade playthroughs.
Windy Canyon, Fellhorn Ruins and Eastern Lighthouse has been slightly expanded.
It is now possible to trigger a third Bad Ending in the “past” Colussia.
A new full scene has been added to the end of Gabrielle side-quest.
Gabrielle has been added to the tent mechanic.

Legend of Queen Opala Origin v3.05
Inviting Opala or Lady Farah to your chamber at one point could break game progress, this is no longer the case.
The Art Gallery has been updated to display all the unlockable CG Scenes missing from before.
Several bugs related to the worldmap overhaul has been corrected.
The Slave Collar can now be purchased at the Kahr Equipment Store.
The protagonist will give more helpful dialogue when arriving at the Grand Cathedral during a certain point.
Five new locations has been added, The Magna Gerulus, Queen’s Landing, Bellfrost Woods, Celestial Gate and Luminessa.
A new Bad Ending can now be triggered.
Services offered by Black Dame can now also be accessed through the ledger in your chamber and the throne room.
Paintings you collect will now be displayed on the second floor of Castle Warrengard after the interior upgrade.
The cottage and an additional building found at the Castle Warrengard garden can now be accessed and upgraded.
The encyclopedia has been updated to list current stats progression and all the new locations, illustrations.
The Slave Collar has been given a function that’ll work from your upgraded chambers in Castle Warrengard.
A new mini-scene has been added in Odidania and can be triggered by advancing the story.
Naz’Raala and Laquadia has been added as available opponents in Stripping o’ Die.
Illumi has been updated to cover and offer dialogue to all parts up to this beta.
A new full scene has been added and can be triggered onboard the Magna Gerulus.
Feather of Awakening can now be purchased in Luminessa, Odidania and Kahr.
Illustration 180 displayed the wrong artwork and has been corrected.
Collectable paintings and certain safes have received a new look.
FOver 30 optional illustrations has been added.
Laquadia has been added to the tent mechanic.
Additional story has been added.

Release date: 2023-02-28
Genre: 2dcg, Animation, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Prostitution, Fantasy, Slave, Harem, Group sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: SweGabe
Platform: Windows
Version: 3.18b
Language: English
Size: 2.79 GB

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