Long Live The Princess [v.1.0.1 Completed]

Long Live The Princess – you live a simple life in a small fantasy town. You have little talent other than the ability to magically tell if someone is lying. One day the news comes that the king has died of old age and his daughter, Princess Selena, is coming to your city for her coronation. By serving a powerful sorceress, you learn how to manipulate people’s minds. With this knowledge, you are ordered to prepare for the arrival of the princess so that you can seduce her and save the world. Until then, you must practice. How attractive that this practice means using your magic to seduce as many girls as possible. Life is about to get exciting!

Added a fan-made Brazilian Portuguese translation accessible through the Preferences menu. I cannot vouch for the quality or stability of this mode, and you might find English text still remains in isolated cases. Translation courtesy of zerodead.
If you skip Erato’s training in NG+ as described in the 1.0.0 changelog, the to-do list should no longer tell you to talk to Erato about the Contraceptive spell. This does not fix saves where this bug is already present, but the message can be safely ignored.
Added an extra failsafe for the extremely rare cases of stuck map tooltips, cleaning up at the end of each action. This is a case of Ren’py itself messing things up, and my fix might not actually solve anything.
Added a failsafe for the achievement popup, closing any that still remain at the end of the day. Again, this might not actually solve the bug, which appears to originate deeper within Ren’py.
Fixed a progression issue in Nell’s advanced training in NG+ that allowed you to invite the noblewoman too early.
Closed a temporal wormhole in the church that could cause hallucinations of nighttime after searching the place during the day.
Getting the benefits of donating to Sister Agnes should no longer unexpectedly award you the Blue Balls achievement as well.
Tweaked a few lines of dialogue to fix consistency.
Minor gameplay tweaks.
Minor grammar and spelling fixes.

Invalidated existing saves from Long Live The Princess versions before 1.0.0.
Updates to most remaining (9+) outdated sex scenes, improving animation, frame rates, and lighting. A few scenes were left untouched because they looked decent enough despite their technical limitations. Complete list of updated scenes:
– The first threesome with Callie and Evelyn.
– Primrose missionary.
– Primrose on all fours.
– Samarra seated outside.
– Samarra on all fours.
– Nell’s first HJ.
– Nell’s repeatable HJ in tent.
– 69 with the Leanan Sídhe.
– All Thaddeus scenes.
At the end of the prologue, you will now be given a choice between playing with or without a time limit.
The Fairy Queen’s vision and associated puzzle have both been redesigned.
Added an achievement system containing 62 achievements for you to find and collect. Can you get the elusive Electrum achievement?
Visual updates to a few non-animated scenes.
Updated a considerable amount of dialogue throughout the entire game. This includes fixes to consistency, clarity, and even rewrites where the text’s original intent was not correctly represented.
Tutorial message boxes no longer refer to outdated game mechanics.
Donating 10 copper to the church no longer counts as 1 copper behind the scenes, which fixes a progression issue with Sister Agnes.
You could get locked out of obtaining Callie’s panties legitimately. Eased up the requirements.
Belle now refers to the player by their actual name instead of nickname during replays. This is to prevent inconsistencies such as “virgin” when that would make no sense.
Seducing Lilith now requires a courage check in addition to the existing charisma check.
In NG+, if your Pathfinding is already at max and you have already cast Dispel Magic before starting your training with Erato, you can now skip training entirely. This only works under those exact conditions.
Primrose will now act less affectionate when paying you for your work if you have declined her romantic offer.
You can no longer send Evelyn to seduce Callie if you are already in a relationship with Callie. Cleaned up the way these relationships interact in general.
Fixed a few inconsistencies in the epilogue where choices and actions were not adequately reflected.
Town map: Fixed clipping issues with the hotspots, slightly increased hotspot size, and moved the marker for leaving town so that it won’t interfere with the UI on Android.
During Primrose’s investigation, there were reports that clones of Samarra and Nell were wandering around town. The clones have been taken out back and shot. Their attempt at hijacking the map icons has also been thwarted.
You can now talk to Thaddeus or train with him if Evelyn takes a break in the upper training grounds. Additionally, added some dialogue to help figure out when he is available.
Significant rebalancing of Primrose’s relationship stats. The buildup of Primrose’s love now begins at a much earlier stage, and the dialogue provides more explicit guidance on where to focus your attention. This makes seduction far more predictable and transparent than before.
Somewhat reduced the relationship requirements for Primrose in NG+ due to spending less time in the library in this mode.
Making incorrect guesses in the town hall puzzle will now give you a new hint after every guess instead of every third.
Added a few new lines of dialogue and a new pose to Sister Agnes’s altar sex scene.
Primrose’s father now also drinks on Tuesdays.
Reduced the Courage requirement for visiting the Fairy Queen for the first time from 3 to 2.
Added a new Courage check to revisit the Fairy Queen after your first encounter.
More consistent feedback when passing ability tests outside of night scenes.
Adjustments to music triggers, mainly to reduce the number of quiet sections in the game.
Added names to secrets that previously had none.
Increased the Perversity requirement for buttsex with Erato from 2 to 3.
Reduced the cost of paying for the customer’s clothes in Callie’s store from 20 to 15 copper.
Repeatable sex scenes with Primrose no longer take up an action.
Thaddeus and Evelyn will not fool around until the game’s second week.
You can no longer send Nell to the Fairy Queen without first solving her dark secret.
Samarra’s tent sex scene is now repeatable.
Added the Thaddeus scenes to Evelyn’s gallery.
Belle now has several more nicknames she can give you. You are unlikely to see them all in one game.
Significantly increased the number of clues that can be presented to Thaddeus at the town hall.
Expanded the “harem ending” slightly.
Moved a misplaced dialogue section when asking Callie for sex before buttering her up.
Added a secret way to get Evelyn pregnant without having to be in a relationship with her and without her leaving town. This option is hidden until the exact requirements appear and disappears once it is no longer relevant.
Reduced the height of the abilities screen to match the actual number of abilities in the game.
You can no longer train or have sex with Erato immediately after a climax.
The river is no longer available as a location during the prologue in NG+.
Belle will no longer encourage you to do Courage training in NG+ when you are already fully trained.
Prevented the Perversity unlock event with the Leanan Sídhe from happening in NG+ if you had already unlocked it.
Sister Agnes is no longer available in the church while she is visiting Callie’s store.
Removed the Sound slider from the preferences since it is not used.

NG+: Added two new replayable sex scenes with Sister Agnes.
NG+: Expanded Agnes’s donation scene.
NG+: Fully implemented Remove Inhibitions for Sister Agnes.
NG+: Added an epilogue for Sister Agnes.
Improved visuals and animations in Evelyn’s first romance path sex scene.
Updated a few lines of dialogue in Nell’s tower sex scene that referred to old content, and fixed the perspective button.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Vastly improved all images and animations in Nell’s tower scene, and updated some dialogue to match.
Expanded and completed the Advanced Training scene with Nell.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Added three new sex scenes for the Fairy Queen.
Added new requirements that must be fulfilled for the Fairy Queen to accept your final proposal to her in the endgame. Old saves beyond the point of no return in the FQ’s story automatically fulfill these requirements.
Changed how events resolve if Primrose ends up in prison. If this happens, you can no longer get into a sexual relationship with her. However, Primrose having been in prison will no longer soft-lock you out of getting a good ending in the endgame.
You can now see the location of characters on the town map (but not on the wilderness map).
Fixed an assortment of annoying bugs and issues with the map screens.
Various tweaks and fixes.

The night scenes for all the girls who have them (Evelyn, Primrose, Callie, Samarra, and Nell) are now fully implemented.
Updated all four existing night scenes to keep them in line with the rest of the game. Every image has been re-rendered, and every animation has been expanded and improved.
Added the Deep Sleep spell.
Implemented Perversity 6, which works differently from all other ability scores.
Removed Courage levels 5 and 6 from the game. They were no longer needed. This means all abilities are now fully implemented.
Expanded several epilogues to take the new possibilities from this update into account.
Completely revamped lighting in the Samarra/Nell night scene. Additionally, Nell’s skin texture was fixed in this scene.
Removed the ability to leave behind evidence at night. This early feature no longer fit the game’s theme and would have been very demanding to implement.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Added a new quest to obtain and learn the Shrink spell.
Added a new sex scene with Belle.
Expanded the epilogue with more options and images for Belle.
You should now be able to admit your feelings to Evelyn even if you solve her secrets out of order.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Added three new scenes with Callie featuring two new, mutually exclusive relationship branches to explore.
Expanded the epilogue with more outcomes for players who pursue Callie’s new scenes.
Callie is now romanceable and is another potential source of charisma.
Updated dialogues to reflect changes to your relationship with Callie.
Moved Evelyn’s charisma gain. It is no longer necessary to enter a relationship with her to gain charisma.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Long Live The Princess New Game Plus is now available. Unlock it by reaching one of the game’s many endings. NG+ will be expanded in later updates.
The optional ability checks in the tutorial are now fully implemented.
Completely rebuilt the masturbation scene in the tutorial to make it at least somewhat appealing. This scene changes in NG+.
Complete overhaul of several sex scenes with new poses and improved visuals and animation. These scenes are:
– Evelyn’s goodbye
– Belle wakes you up
– Belle while watching the mystery woman
– Samarra’s first training session
– Callie’s nude fashion show
– Erato’s pathfinding training.
Minor visual and animation upgrades in Evelyn’s boobjob scene and the Fairy Queen’s BJ training. Minor visual update to Primrose’s boobjob scene.
Various other visual improvements.
Added a spellbook that shows learned spells and your remaining daily attempts at Invade Mind.

0.34.0 Endgame Part 4 – Epilogue
The epilogue has been fully implemented, concluding the game’s Long Live The Princess main storyline.
One new sex scene.
Added a new musical track.
Limited the number of saved game pages shown at pages above 99 to prevent layout problems.
Various tweaks and fixes.

v0.33.0 – Endgame Part 3
The endgame climax: Added the final confrontation with Selena.
One new sex scene.
Major animation and visual improvements to Primrose’s boobjob scene.
The wilderness map has received a facelift.
The save/load screen now shows page numbers above 9.
If Evelyn had left town, the endgame content in 0.32 would act as if she hadn’t. This has been fixed.
Patched in a clue you should have received earlier if you found a certain inventory item in Long Live The Princess 0.32. Fixes existing saves.
Various tweaks and fixes.

v0.32.0 – Endgame Part 2
The endgame Long Live The Princess continues:
Added the events of the day of the coronation.
Two new sex scenes.Added a new musical track.
Major animation and visual improvements to Primrose’s BJ scene.
Improved the main menu screen once again.
Various tweaks and fixes.

v0.31.0 Endgame Part 1
The endgame begins: Added the events of the entire day before the coronation.
Two new sex scenes.
Official Android support with an improved interface and language for touch screens.
Significant animation improvements to multiple older scenes.
Added penis wetness to both new and existing scenes.
Improved Callie’s dialogue scenes with new renders and more expressions.
Standardized the capitalization of titles and professions throughout the game.
Various tweaks and fixes.

You can now cast Probe Memory on a certain princess.
Rebuilt the sex scene with Callie’s customer to feature a new costume, lighting, and massively improved animation.
Removed the Multiple Girls page from the scene gallery and moved its scenes to the respective girls’ pages.
Various tweaks and fixes.

Release date: 2023-03-26
Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, animated, cheating, corruption, creampie, exhibitionism, groping, group sex, handjob, interracial, lesbian, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, ntr, oral sex, sleep sex, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Belle
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 1.0.1 (completed) + Gallery unlock + Cheat mod + Walkthrough
Language: English, Portuguese
Size: 1.41 GB

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