Beyond Persona [Chapter 1 Remake]

For now, the plot of the game Beyond Persona (old name Life Selector) seems simple and generic you’re playing as MC, in some cases you might play with another character, and you just moved with some friend of yours that you’ve known from years, but things are not as you though, getting you in some new experiences and finding new things about your new roommate and, why not, about you.

Developer Notes
Beyond Persona, one of my Visual Novels that I’m working on, the whole point of this, like the name suggests is to let you do the things as closely I can to a real life situation/simulation, I’m doing my best right now to get you a fresh experience and bring something new for you!

As I said it earlier, I’m trying to bring something new to your experience while playing the game, and as you’re going through the game you’ll notice that as you progress you’ll get get even more choices and complex scenes.

Game Features and Tags
– Multiple choices through the game with different scenes
– Most of the game plays from your POV
– Male/Female Protagonist
– Submission/Domination
– Lesbian Scenes / Fetishes / BDSM
– InWork Bonus Renders to find through the game!
– InWork Characters Menu – Insight info about the characters of Beyond Persona
– InWork Chapters Menu – Roadmap of each Chapter from game and ability to jump straight to one point of the story

The Characters that you meet in Beyond Persona Chapter One!

There she is, in her 25’s now, she is your current roommate, you’ve known each other from more than three years prior moving together, through some events that happened few weeks ago, both of you decided to move together, she broke up with her boyfriend a while ago, you also had some personal issues and wanted to get away from where you’ve been staying, and now somehow both of you ended up together, in the same apartment, as friends, at least for now…

That’s Anna for you, you meet with her few months ago through some dating app, she’s still a student but travels alot cause of her work so you don’t get to meet that often, but when you do, there are alot of sparks between you, she’s kinda crazy or at least that’s what you think of her, not your typical girl and pretty open minded you’d say, at least for her age, ah yes, she’s just 21 but that doesn’t mean anything…

And…here she is, Sandra for you, a wife and a mother, you meet with her few weeks after you moved, there was something between you two and there was no way you’d miss this chance, not your typical wife, she has an open relationship with her husband so even through they still live together, that’s not an issuee for you. She’s in her 43’s but doesn’t really look like that, and the best part of it, you can talk or tell her anything, if she likes it, she’s gonna do it cause why not? After all she married way too soon and missed some fun all those years, and you’re all in for that.

These are all the characters from CHAPTER ONE!

More to come as you advance through the game and lot of new experiences which you thought they may never happen or you were just thinking about them.

As soon as CHAPTER TWO is shaping up (which is already happening since I’ve done some renders for it) I’ll update this section with it’s characters, some may be introduced through flashbacks since Allexa’s having a lot of questions when she gets bored…

Ch.1 Remake
As I said, here we go with the first release of the REMAKE, Chapter 1, improved and upgraded to FHD. As you know, while I was remaking/remastering the old content I decided at some point to fully upgrade it to FHD, being just in HD wasn’t fitting right for me.

Anyway, here’s the first Chapter 1, in FHD, some scenes were added, some modified, please keep in mind the changes to Chapter 1 are not final, the final build can be considered once I release Chapter 3, and we’re on the track once again, so, keep in mind some things are going to change.

And, please, feel free to share your feedback regarding this, what I could improve, add and so on.

About Chapter 2, we’re on track with it, that one is going to suffer more changes than Chapter 1, but it’s going just fine, there are three scenes that give me headaches, but I’ll manage it.

Can’t give you an ETA on the release of Chapter 2 right now, but I can say it’s not going to take months.

Chapter 3 Part Two
– UI Improvements (Choices/Transitions and Main Menu for now).
– UI Improvements [ANDROID Build] (Dialogue/Char Names fixed now, text block fixed)
– Chapter 3 Part One Re-Mastered (As it says, most of the scenes were re-made/re-rendered with updated visuals)
– Chapter 2 Final Scene Re-Mastered.
– NEW Sandra Look (A fresh new look for her!)
– Allexandra’s STAGE 1 (Added to Characters Showcase)
– Re-Mastered* the Intro MC Scene (including a NEW SCENE which was previously cut, plus animations).
– New Scenes for Chapter 3 and animations.
– More Grammar fixes overall and some other fixes, plus more unused files deleted.

Chapter 3 Part One
– New Main Menu (Not 100% done but close to it, will still suffer some changes but for now will stay like this)
– ReMastered* the Intro Allexa (Better visuals plus one animation, and Allexa’s STAGE2 look)
– Adjustments to Character Anna / Sonia and Mihaela (Neither one of them were affected that hard by Aya)
– Allexa STAGE 2 (Her new look for STAGE2)
– Characters Showcase (Finally and mostly done, will still suffer some modifications but that’s the final look and how’s going to work in the game)
– Grammar Errors (No explanation needed, available for all content released so far, cause I still caught some, and there’s a friend of mine with who I do it, mostly assisted by me)

Release date: 2023-03-16
Genre: 3dcg, Big ass, Big tits, Female protagonist, Footjob, Handjob, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Pov, Teasing, Multiple protagonist, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: sn00p
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 3.50 / Ch.1 Remake
Language: English
Size: 1.95 GB / 1.23 GB

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