Long Way [v.0.6 Fixed]

The protagonist of the porn game Long Way is Sergey, who recently turned twenty-three years old. He lives separately from his parents in a small town where he stayed after graduation. Works in one of the offices as a small clerk selling building materials. He rents a small house in the suburbs and, like everyone else, dreams of a salary increase and not miss his chance. In the game, he will meet girls … How will he behave? Depends on you.

Long Way 0.6
Nastya. Change time has been extended, errors with the camera have been removed.
Lisa. Now you will find out why protagonist bought her a smartphone. Simplified meeting with the sister in the cafe. Removed deadlock when meeting. Changed the meeting with the sister.
Tamara. Removed dead end after copier.
Alina. Increased chance of hitting guests.
Gym. The gym is now run by women. A yoga trainer and a fitness trainer appeared, as well as girls who naturally have sex with them. For reference, there is a timetable. When you pass all the girls – the bonus game “You are filmed with a hidden camera.”
Cafe. Added waitresses, some can be fired. You can mess with everyone. There is a small branch from one of them, as a result of which our Sergey will need to install a swimming pool at home. Meeting her on a nude beach at a time when no one is sunbathing.
Nudist beach. Now there is a mover. You can sunbathe, or you can take off the heifers. For tin lovers there is one attraction. And yet, Milo Moire lives there.
Lyudmila. A large branch has been added with it. The whole movement with it will start in the park on a bench, but only after you unwind it while cleaning your house. Help her, and she will repay gratitude in the form of, of course, something. For those who do not like the sounds in the game, I warn you that in her house, when she goes to the toilet and bathes, there is a soundtrack. So, don’t be too scared and don’t lean on a drink with her in a restaurant. The thread will end with molesting her at her new job.
Also, in order not to be bored, a slut appeared at the beginning of the game, which you will meet on the way to a slutty neighbor. Well, move with her: in the park, on the beach and at the bus stop. If you like it, I’ll make a sequel with it.
The chat in the laptop has been slightly changed to make it clear where Angela came from and some programs on the TV have been replaced. For political reasons.
Well, at the end of the one, because of which the update was delayed.
Ella. With it, a little fantasy, humor and a peculiar character are added. She has many girlfriends, just like her. In general, there is nothing complicated, except for her eternal employment.
More on the little things, some bugs are replaced by others (as without them).
I want to express my gratitude to Incognito12 for checking my game for bugs.
And one more thing … Do not go ahead of time to the police until you find out the name of the cop from Lena. I’m working on this bug and it won’t be in the next update.
That’s probably all I remember for the year. Have a good game.

Release date: 2023-04-05
Genre: Real Porn, QSP, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Titfuck, Milf, Lesbian, bdsm, corruption, striptease, prostitution
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: 343660
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.6 bugfix 3 Full
Language: Russian
Size: 10.79 GB

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  1. Николай

    Файл, скачанный через турбобит не открывается

  2. Доброго времени. Я проверил. Скачал, распаковал архив, запустил игру все работает. На каком конкретно этапе у Вас проблема?

    • Не могу зайти в дом в игре, выдает ошибку, как исправить?

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