Lust Village [v.0.65]

Lust Village – a new project of the popular author of the genre of porn games Mr.C! You will see new characters and game system.

Vivian’s new level costumes
Vivian’s new night scene
Vivian’s new shower scene
Vivian’s new shooting scene
Vivian’s new breakfast scene
Vivian’s new pool scene
Vivian’s new date scene
Vivian’s new changing scene
Vivian’s Lustgram update and various conversation updates

Elena’s new level costumes
Elena’s new wake-up call scene
Elena’s new kitchen scene
Elena’s hospital event for new level
Elena’s new bathroom scene
Elena’s new changing scene
Elena’s new night scene
Elena’s new breakfast scene
Elena’s new yoga scene (2 animations)
Elena’s new pool scene (1 animation)
Elena’s new date scene
Elena’s new night bathroom scene
Elena’s new office scene

New character Dr. Selena Intro scene in hospital
Some bug fixed

– Nora’s new outfits unlocked
– Nora’s new living room event
– Nora’s new kitchen event
– Nora’s new swimming pool event
– Nora’s new toilet event
– Nora’s new art gallery event
– Nora’s new outfit change event
– New dating scene of Nora
– Nora’s new sleeping scene
– Nora’s added Lust-gram and Gallery in the computer
– Clara’s new classroom event
– Intro of new characters: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Moore (starting in the boys’ room at school)
– Mrs. Moore’s new event (clothing shop)
– Mrs. Miller’s new event (her apartment)
– Mrs. Miller’s booty call

Lust Village v0.40
– Sophia lv2 new outfit
– Sophia game play event scene in her room
– Sophia new sleep event scene
– Sophia new bathroom event scene
– Sophia new changing scene
– Sophia new event scene with her friends at the mall
– Sophia new pool event scene
– Sophia new wake-up call scene
– Sophia new toilet scene at night
– Sophia new breakfast event scene
– Sophia new date scene
– Added Sophia’s Lust-gram
– Added Sophia’s gallery

– New movie-watching event scene in the living room

– Mrs. Jackson new story (police station event)
– Mrs. Jackson booty-call scene

– Nora (Aunt) new living-room event scene
– Nora new sleep event scene

– New character Clara (literature teacher) introduction scene

– Linda Bathroom scene
– Linda Pool scene
– Linda night kitchen scene
– Linda Living room event scene
– Linda Date scene
– Linda Task added
– Added Linda gallery in MC’s computer
– Added Linda Lustgram in MC’s computer

– Vivian basic interface
– Vivian Bathroom scene
– Vivian Pool scene
– Vivian night scene in her room
– Vivian clothes change scene
– Vivian taking picture scene
– Vivian Date scene
– Added Vivian gallery in MC’s computer
– Added Vivian Lustgram in MC’s computer

– Elena New level clothes (Normal, swim suit, Yoga, Lingerie)
– Elena New Toilet scene
– Elena New Pool scene
– Elena New sleeping scene
– Elena New Bathroom scene
– Elena New Scenes from her office in downtown
– Elena New Yoga scene
– Elena New Kitchen scene
– Rework Elena Scenes (Pool, Yoga, Breakfast event, night)
– Added changing scene and mom’s diary

– Nora basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)
– Nora Toilet scene
– Nora Pool scene
– Nora peek scene at changing clothes
– Nora Kitchen scene
– Nora Living room event scene
– Nora sleeping scene
– Nora Art Gallery scene
– Nora Date scene
– Added Nora gallery in MC’s computer

– Audrey basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)
– Audrey Toilet scene
– Audrey Pool scene
– Audrey sleeping scene
– Audrey peek scene at changing clothes
– Audrey Sauna scene in the fitness club
– Audrey Date scene
– Added Audrey gallery in MC’s computer

– Grace basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)
– Grace Toilet scene
– Grace Pool scene
– Grace sleeping scene
– Grace peek scene at changing clothes
– Grace Date scene

– Elena Scenes from her office in downtown
– Camilla (New Character) scene from Elena’s office
– Added Lust-gram to MC’s computer
– Some bug fixed (such as Sophia’s bathroom scene, etc)

Lust Village v0.15
Elena Date event
Diana Date event
Sophia Date event

Added Elena Yoga scene
Added Elena Kitchen scene

Added Elena toilet scene
Added Diana toilet scene
Added Sophia toilet scene

Added Elena wake-up Task scene
Added Diana wake-up Task scene
Added Sophia wake-up Task scene

Added Audrey’s Intro Scene at Auntie’s House
Added Linda Intro Scene in the Fitness Club Massage Room
Proceed with the main quest – after learning magic at the library

Fixed some bugs and adjust character status acquisition
added a scene when using magic to characters
Characters’ status descriptions appear differently depending on the stats

Release date: 2024-04-20
Genre: 3DCG, Big ass, Big tits, Incest, Male protagonist, MILF, School setting, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Mr.C
Other Game: Corruption
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.65
Language: English
Size: 3.75 GB

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