Masters of Raana [v.]

Masters of Raana is an open-world RPG set in an abandoned colony, Ikaanos, on a dangerous planet that was separated from Earth several centuries ago. You could take up your brother’s old profession and train slaves into obedient servants, academy professors, fierce shield maidens, or willing sex toys. The planet of Raana also has many secrets to uncover, some you might stumble upon whilst exploring deep caverns or reading ancient books. There are many dangerous and hidden mysteries that lie waiting, ready to be discovered by those who seek the truth about Raana’s obscure past.

Gameplay changes
* Slaves with a Ranged *or* Melee combat value of 40+ will now add one PV point to the MC’s household.
* Added new scenes to when Scavenging Kahill, Silfren and Sewo’s Bend.
* Terror from The Deep will no longer spawn during the first 100 days of a new playthrough.
* The Discipline increase chance from Horse riding has been raised.
* Added additional Power Value increases when owning 10+ million and 100+ million dollars.
* Donating Assault rifles to The Bandit faction will now decrease City Control with one point per batch, down to a minimum of 9.
* Owning HULC armor will increase your Power Value with one point per owned set.
* Damage output for the Aim command has been increased by roughly 70-100%.
* Using dildos during bondage can now increase Anal Proficiency up to 90 instead of 20.
* Almost doubled the money gained from selling slaves to Dockgrave Tavern.
* Burakumin Ichi can now only store a maximum of 100,000 rations.
* Burakumin Ichi can no longer exceed 500R/day in income (only active on new games).
* Roo’s General Store will no longer provide Investment income if it has been abandoned.
* Plasma rifles can now only be bought at The Transit Department (Palace District). Loot tables and plasma ammo (energy cells) remain unchanged.

The “drunk” variable has been expanded and will now have various effects in combat.

* The “Drunk!” or “Wasted!” states will negatively affect all chance rolls for Melee and Ranged combat (-15/-30).
* The “Wasted!” state will give you a Dodge Penalty (-20) against melee opponents.
* The “Drunk!” state will increase Melee damage output by 3-5 points.

New slave: Aisha (+quest)
Explore [[Aisha Hasan]], an 18-year-old virgin from The Palace district. Aisha is a bratty upper-class em-kid who can be acquired after completing her quest “In the name of God”.

In the name of God
A lengthy quest that starts with a letter in your mail box – after reaching 10,000 Influence and finishing 12 bounties ”or” completing Kymanto: Chapter 2.

World content

New district: The Palace
The Palace District is the crown of Emerald City, featuring not only the seat of the mayor but also:
* A requisition office (The Transit Department) where you can purchase or “borrow” forbidden technology and other artifacts.
* A very expensive restaurant (The Orient).

New district: Sewo’s Bend
An adventure district west from Kahill Outpost/Silfren woods. Planned quest and hunting location.

New armor: H.U.L.C.
The H.U.L.C. is a heavy, pre-severance utility armor with a very high Soak value (50). You can either purchase it in The Palace district or gather enough HULC parts to assemble a set of your own.

New weapon: Grenade launcher
Purchasable at Imperial Arms. A powerful weapon that also deals AoE damage. Uses grenade rockets as ammunition.

Events and politics
* Added 8 new Political Events.

* Converting from one faction religion to another, with a very high Standing (20+) towards the former belief, will now decrease that Standing with up to twelve points.
* Low Control (9 or less) will now raise even more income from House Carozza and Bandits, while adding a severe penalty to normal investments.
* Very high control (90+) will now decrease bandit faction and Carozza income with roughly 75%.
* There’s now a 15% chance per day that the Bandit faction receives +5 new recruits if Ikaanos Control is below 90. This chance, and the number of new recruits, increase further if Control is 49-/9- or if Prosperity is below 20.

Mortal enemies
* Carozza business income is no longer affected by the Republic standing bonus.
* Defeating House Carozza will now increase Republic Standing with ten points instead of five.

* NPCs now share the same armor system as slaves. You either have to craft or purchase sets if you want to upgrade a follower.
* NPCs can now wear Stealth armor.

Random slaves
* Added 1 new random slave sets (Av209).
* Added 30 new names (80% females, 20% males).
* Added 30 new surnames.

* Added 41 sex scenes for Aisha.
* Added 26 bondage scenes for Aisha.
* Added 3 arena scenes for Aisha.
* Added 33 wardrobe pics for Aisha.
* Added 1 dine pic for Aisha.
* Added 4 sex scenes for Av209 (Farah).
* Added 22 sex scenes for Av108 and Av207.
* Added 4 wardrobe scenes for Rachel and Averil (harness + collar combo) – Tier request.

Gameplay changes
Walking through safe districts now only takes six minutes instead of 18.
You can now see your slave’s/wife’s religion under “Stats” as well.
Added “Licking skill” for slaves and wife.
Decreased the Pain effect from Nipple chains.
There are no longer any lecture requirements when working at The Academy.
A Warrioress can no longer gain the Pacifist Trait.
Caitlin now always starts the game as a Buddhist. There are never any penalties when interacting with a slave of this religion.
Your wife’s Stewardess assignment will now bring in more cash from high-yield investments – as long as her INT is 70+.
Your wife’s Mistress assignment is now slightly more powerful in tuning her Affection and Happiness with the slave’s she’s governing.
The Power Katana is now an armor piercing weapon.

Combat changes
The effect from the “Max Health” attribute has been somewhat nerfed when advanced enemies calculate their target.

Simplified clothing system
The old house rules clothing settings have been removed. Slaves will now permanently dress in whatever garment you put on them and auto-equip that after sex.
Some high-willpower slaves still put their casuals back on if walking around naked.
There’s now a Strip! button in the wife/slave interaction box. Pressing this will forcefully undress a slave. Note that it could come with severe Affection penalties if the girl is Shamefast, un-corrupted and/or Pure.

You’re now able to view your Libido Points during sex. Remaining Libido Points are equal to the number of “turns” before you ejaculate.

Domestic events
Watch Redhaven and your household come to life in the new “Conclude Day” framework. Observe how your slaves train their own skills, talk to each other, try to help bondage-bound sisters or increase your household’s Influence by various maidly acts. You can also make deals with local peddlers, help immigrants or chase away/embrace urchins. There are roughly 150 unique events to explore – and more will be added in future versions.

You can now train your NPCs in a wider number of skills and Attributes.
Training an NPC’s STRENGTH now has a very small chance of increasing his or her Maximum Health with one point.
All NPCs now have dynamic health bars.
Added eight sex renders, several new wardrobe pics and 2.500 words of dialogue for the adult version of Laika. Her sexual framework is more advanced than your ordinary NPC’s, with methods to lower Willpower and raise Corruption based on the MC’s copulation skill.
NPCs assigned as followers will now remember their last duty and automatically reassign once you dismiss them from your combat group.
Added “Tales of Dexter Colt” (community-written content). Dexter now provides a unique short story of events with various skill boosts and anecdotes from his past when you decide to spend some time with him. These events are non-repeatable.
Laika, Loden and other kids will now raise their max Health with 5 points/year between the ages of 10 and 16.

Random slaves
You can now acquire randomly generated slaves at various locations in Ikaanos – the slave markets in Watery Eyes and Crystal Heights, or through quests and other events. Masters of Raana’s random slave engine features a huge archive of hand crafted wardrobe pics, a 130,000 word document with random backgrounds and over five million unique combinations of traits, skills and personalities.

Capture enemies
You’re able to capture up to two enemies per combat with the 0.8.2 release and then either sell or add those enemies to your household.
You can read more about the slave hunter profession here.

New locations
Outer Marston Swamps
A destitute area just west of Redhaven. Contains The Orphanage, Fort Sera, a lootable location and a bunch of enemies (part of the Tier2+ quest).

The Wetlands
A lush post-industrial park that’s more or less completely covered in shrubbery and jungle. Contains a future quest location and a good hunting spot. Also has a dangerous enemy spawn.

Cole’s Canyon
Contains a enemy swarm spawn point (only during low Control events) and a couple of future quest locations.

The Orphanage
“Help” Mrs. Ardbegger in Marston Swamps to save her orphanage from collapsing by renovating the building, expanding their garden and establishing a worker facility in the basement.

Fort Sera (quest)
Reach Influence 4,000+ or have the military background (embraced it), a Ranged skill of 50+ and an Influence of 1,000+ to activate the Fort Sera quest (letter arrives in mailbox) in Outer Marston Swamps. This is a relatively late-game investment event that requires both some effort and monetary power.

The Underworld
Listen to random rumors at Furry’s Tavern and discover a gateway to The Underworld – a network of old pre-severance garage silos that now house thousands of misfits, runaway slaves and denaar addicts. Here, you’re able to interact with the bandit faction and deliver food/skins to vendors.

The Last Relative: Chapter 3 (Tier2+)
Speak to your old brother’s slave to activate the third chapter in the Tier2+ quest chain. Chapter 3 is a lenghty investigation quest with a couple of low to medium tier fights. It unravels some interesting parts surrounding the mystery of your lost brother.

The holy virgin
A mini-quest that starts when investigating a ruined farmhouse in Outer Marston Swamps.

Added 28 sex scenes (Mai-Lynn).
Added 16 bondage scenes (Mai-Lynn).
Replaced and added 45 wardrobe and inspect pics (Mai-Lynn).
Added 1 dinner scene (Mai-Lynn).
Added 3 Arena scenes (Mai-Lynn).
Added 13 bondage scenes (Nicole).
Added 1 orgy scene (Nicole).
Added 1 armor pic (Nicole).
Added 2 home scenes (Dakota).
Added 8 sex scenes (Laika).
Replaced 10 Inspect pics (Juno).
Added 400 random slave wardrobe scenes.
Added 108 random slave sex scenes.
Replaced 3 wardrobe pics (Aria).

Added one new music track to the default MoR playlist.

Gameplay changes:
You can now set the “Inspect body pic” as the prioritized body pic instead of the default wardrobe scenes.
Nude or harness-wearing slaves with Corruption 29 or less will now increase their Humiliation (+2) and decrease their Happiness (-1) once per day.
Sexual wear will now heal 30% faster if it’s very low (“lingering feeling of expansion”).
All inventory items are now in alphabetical order.
There’s now a 33% chance to increase your Medicine skill when using a Doctor’s kit after combat (up to a maximum of 90).
Nika’s now sells Cloth and Textiles.
The “Freezing age” option will now also stop the MC from aging.
You can now lower a girl’s Submissive Trait if you Encourage her.
The “Like Sex” variables have now been capped to a minimum of 0. This should help clearing strange texts while interacting with highly Corrupted girls.
The Prostitution page now follows the same setup as all the other Slave Interaction Menus.
Muslim MCs must now pray five times per day or they’ll lose Devotion (down to 70).
It’s now much easier to command Caitlin “Strip Naked!” if doing it with a normal tone.

Added 18 bondage scenes (Nicole).
Added 4 sex scenes (Nicole).
Added 10 Inspect pics (Nicole).
Added 6 training pics (Nicole).
Added 3 Arena scenes (Nicole).
Added 22 inspect pics (Nipple chains).
Replaced 40 Inspect pics (various girls).
Added 36 sex scenes for random slaves (Av109, Av199, Av201). **Tier4+**
Replaced 3 sex scenes (Lovisa).
Replaced 7 morning BJ scenes (Lovisa).
Replaced 2 wardrobe scenes (Michelle).

Gameplay changes
All crafting materials are now displayed under the Storage tab on the character sheet.
Advocate girls will now have a much tougher time raising their sisters’ Willpower above 80.
The Shy and Starlet traits can no longer be combined when adding a new girl to your household.
You can no longer pray at Crystal Cathedral unless you’re devoted to the Moon church.
Praying at Crystal Cathedral will now add +2 Devotion.
Making offerings at Crystal Cathedral will now transfer those money directly into the new Moon faction treasure chest.
The “fucktoy” setting in The Retreat now has a 35% chance to lower Willpower with one point per day for each occupant, down to 0, if their Corruption is below 40. The Affection drop has also been increased for occupants with Corruption 39 or lower.
Sexual wear will now cap at 150.
Adrienne, Dexter Colt and Aiko will now perform much better if assigned as Accountants – as long as their Education is 60+.

Wife changes
You can now include your wife in your daily training sessions.

New location: The Church of the Holy Virgin
The catholic church of The Holy Virgin is now accessible in Westside. This is the faction HQ for Raana’s catholic community and a great place to rest/pay homage to Jesus Christ – if you’re a devoted catholic.

New location: Historical society
The roof has been renovated and all books are back in place. The historical society in Whitehaven is once again open for the prominent men of Ikaanos!

Added 7 sex scenes (Nicole).
Added 10 bondage scenes (Nicole).
Added 24 sex scenes (0.8.2 random slaves: Av100, Mae).
Replaced 2 sex scenes (Lovisa: cum face, cum pussy).
Replaced Lovisa’s Arena scenes (x3).

Gameplay changes
An Intelligence above 79 will now add a small bonus to Gambling rolls at Dockgrave Tavern.
To avoid getting locked out of important content, you can no longer miss Dakota’s Birthday. She’ll now pospone her party if you’re a day or two (or 100) late.
Girls with Anal Proficiency below 40 will suffer slightly more Anal wear if wearing the Goliath.
Added the butt plug script to all secondary slaves (“Annex” girls).
You can no longer use butt plugs or harnesses on unconscious slaves.
Redhaven Market now sells rations in batches of ten.
Redhaven Market now sells ropes in batches of five.
You can now equip your slaves and NPCs with whipping canes.

Loren Goldwalker (Tier request)
Loren can now show up at Dockgrave Tavern if assigned as a gold walker (unique render and unique dialogues).

Expanded adventure buttons
You can now reach your Household companions even outside Ikaanos. This means you’re able to assign/remove NPCs from your combat team while doing runs in the wilderness – and that you don’t have to go back to Ikaanos to assign wilderness mercenaries like The Space Marine.

Economy overview
There’s now a seperate tab in the Household Manage section called “Business”. This tab lists all existing investment opportunities and what you’re currently gaining from them.

New sex scene location
Nicole’s renders introduce The Office as a location for having sex. The MC’s artifact-heavy office will also be the scene for future (and existing) story slaves in later updates.

Art and Audio
Added 13 bondage scenes (Dakota).
Added 2 orgy scenes (Dakota).
Added 3 arena scenes (Dakota).
Added 17 sex scenes (Nicole).
Adjusted volume (-15%) and length (-50%) of the win Arena crowd effect.
Replaced the staff hit sound.
Replaced the rifle firing sound.

Alpha content (Tier4+)

Random slaves (0.8.2 Alpha)
Added 12 random slave sets.
Added 12 sex scenes for random slaves.
Added 25 names to the random name generator.
Mae (Tutorial slave) can now only be captured in combat.

Captured slaves framework (0.8.2 Alpha)
The MC can now enslave both male and female enemies after combat. He can then either sell or free captured enemies while stationed in a market location (Redhaven, Preachers Pond, Crystal Heights, Watery Eyes) or merge female captives into his household, turning them into slaves.

Gameplay changes
– Tweaked the AI for some of Dockgrave Tavern’s NPC poker players. The poker game will now be a bit more difficult for players with a low Gambling skill.
– Increased the chance of raising your Gambling skill during a Dockgrave Poker session – if your skill is below 40.
– Girls with the Bloodthirsty Trait will now perform better and raise their Happiness naturally (up to 80) at the Arena.
– There’s now a slightly higher chance of getting a famine event (3%) if you’ve played for more than 150 days or if you play the Grimdark Difficulty setting.
– Modified some high-tier NPC salaries to better balance their abilities vs. low-tier mercenaries (roughly a 10-20% increase).
– Clicking the Slave Menu Button will not automatically set your primary slave as active.
– Added roughly 50 new female names to the random slave generator.
– Added caps to various skills/attributes (slaves) to avoid insanely high values.
– Added a fifth enemy to several combat encounters in Ikaanos and in the outskirts.
– It’s now easier to raise a slave’s STAMINA if it’s below 75 and if you hire a trainer.
– Having Bud Walton as an assigned follower while Carousing at Dockgrave will now add to his Attention Whore trait.
– It’s now much easier to persuade Amelia, Juno and Eliana into taking their clothes off during homeschooling sessions.
– Selling most weapons while playing GrimDark difficulty will now yield roughly 15-20% less money.

Virgin framework
– Added a completely new system for anal and vaginal “initiation rites”. This system features over 5,000 words of unique texts and dialogues and provides a great opportunity for a skilled slavehandler to grant his virgin girls a lasting Corruption bonus as well as a positive disposition toward sexual acts in general.
– There’s now a small chance virgins appear at the random slave auction.
– A newly acquired Lovisa is now an anal and vaginal virgin. Her initiation rites feature roughly ten new renders.
– A newly acquired Michelle is now an anal virgin. Her initiation rite features roughly five new renders.
– The virgin framework is Wife compatible – if you want to wait with sex until after marriage.

New content
– Added the JoyCum(TM) implant that grants a Happiness boost to anyone swallowing your load.

Bondage framework
– You can now have both of your active slaves in bondage at the same time.
– Added a bondage icon to MoR’s slave interaction menu, for clarification’s sake.
– You can now use stimpacks on girls in bondage, if their Health is 10 or less.

– Increased MoR’s NPC cap from 16 to 24.
– Added the Hero Trait to Ayden.
– Added NPC: Aiko.
– Added NPC: Felix.
– Added NPC: Dexter Colt.

Caitlin Tensor
– Added seven Morning blowjob pics to Caitlin Tensor’s archive. These images will only appear if she’s the sole morning blowjob servant.

– Added 24 bondage scenes for Rachel.
– Added 21 sex scenes for Rachel.
– Added 3 Arena pics for Rachel.
– Added 19 wardrobe/inspect pics for Rachel.
– Added 6 sex scenes for Eliana.
– Added 37 bondage scenes for Eliana.
– Added 3 Arena pics for Eliana.
– Added 4 training pics for Eliana.
– Added 1 wardrobe pic for Eliana.
– Added 4 sex scenes for random slaves (Body type 1).
– Replaced/added 3 sex scenes for Michelle’s apartment.
– Replaced 5 wardrobe pics for Lovisa (undies, string1, string2, riding gear, kymanto inspect).

Gameplay changes:
You now have one extra Servant Action per day.
Ending the day with a girl that has Happiness 10 or less and Affection Abhorred or worse, now has a 20% risk of raising her Jaded Trait with one point.
It is now easier to raise your Blacksmithing and Artisan skills – especially their values are low (below 50).
You now have a larger chance to increase your Blacksmithing skill if you craft advanced weapons or advanced armor.
Eliana will now be much more accepting toward low arousal states and ask for you to stop/cancel her act after reaching -15/-10 Arousal instead of -6/-6 as for normal girls.
A girl assigned as a maid now has a 27% daily chance of raising her Workaholic Trait Value if her Discipline is 50+, her Happiness 60+ and her Affection Loving+. Your household also needs to be thoroughly upgraded (Bathroom lvl 3, Kitchen lvl 3 and Living room lvl 3).
You can now decrease a slave’s Bloodthirsty Trait if you successfully declare your love for her while taking walks or having dinner dates (Events & Activities).
Girls recovering from sexual wear will now do so faster if the wear is below 25% and slower if it’s above 75%.
Having Mae from Ansel’s tutorial quest (random slave) assigned as a floor crawler will now drastically raise Ansel’s Happiness if he is a member of your household.
Added 2,000+ words of anecdote texts to Caitlin after marrying her and taking her to a restaurant. Her dialogues deal with an innocent sexual encounter, her favorite history epoch and things she saw at Crystal Heights slave market.
Increased the yield from Amiee’s Goods highest investment options with roughly $100.
Mr. Walton has lowered the cost of his 7.62 ammo with roughly 20%.
Tweaked the oral fixation trait gains during oral sex to give girls that are skilled in delivering blowjobs a chance to raise it.

Wife framework:
You can now divorce your wife.
Having a fully upgraded living room now has a 20% chance of increasing your Wife’s Affection up to Loving and her Happiness to a maximum of 50 if she’s NOT Jaded and not Angry.
Having a fully upgraded bedroom now has a 20% chance of increasing your Wife’s Affection up to Amiable and her Happiness to a maximum of 40 if she’s NOT Jaded and not Angry.

You now have one extra Servant Action per day.
Added NPC: Rifle Savant.
Added NPC: Bud Walton.

Dockgrave Tavern:
Dockgrave is a new establishment (Docks district) that offers a vast amount of interactions, entertainment and gambling-oriented mini games.
Carouse. Listen to local anecdotes, watch how Bud tries to impress the space marine and bathe in over 5,000 words of new MoR world lore. One night might look completely different from another based on who you assign to your group, especially if you bring “Party friendly” followers like Rebecca, Rachel, Bud, Ansel and The Space Marine. Going through five carousing nights will give you some form of skill-up or Influence boost as a reward.
Hire prostitutes. While not offering the same privacy as Furry’s Tavern, walking into a corner for a quick blowjob is a cheap and effective way of getting at least the same *end result*. Having Enya or (adult) Laika assigned as whores has a small chance of them appearing with a unique render.
Poker game. Test your luck and gambling skills in a very advanced poker mini game. Strategy, opponents and your Poker Fame are all important parts for obtaining victory. Maximum prize yield for one game is $1,700 if all participants raise through all three rounds.
Sell slaves. Dockgrave’s owner, Mr. Finnegan, can provide you with a very lucrative business arrangement that includes ten “hand-crafted” slaves for his establishment.
The Velvet Room (Tier Request). Reaching a certain amount of Influence provides access to the underbelly of Dockgrave Tavern. Here, an esteemed gentleman can get all his carnal desires satisfied, if he’s wealthy enough.

Added 3 household interior pics (Eliana living room lvl 1 and 2, Averil, living room lvl 2). Tier request.
Replaced 2 Rebecca wardrobe pics.
Replaced 4 Lovisa pics (bdsm initiation, various sex scenes).
Added 6 sex scenes for Eliana.
Added 18 sex scenes for Averil.
Added 43 bondage scenes for Averil.
Added 3 Arena scenes for Averil.
Added 2 training pics for Averil.

This is a major update with a long list of new addons and bug fixes. No need to patch. Fully compatible with older saves.

– New slave: Eliana Nichols (from Furry’s Tavern).
– New quest: The Golden Seal (acquisition of Eliana).
– The Retreat – increases slave cap to 19.
– Clothing rules (in the houserules section).
– New NPC: Doyle.
– Revamped last Arena fight.
– Jewelcrafting.
– Revamped Rebecca’s business trait.
– Aimee’s Goods (new location).
– Rebecca’s business trait has been revamped.
– New housewife status.
– 150+ new renders.
– And much, much more!

This is a major update Masters of Raana with a ton of new features.

New prostitution framework
The pimp profession now has an advanced set of tools available, giving the player an almost endless combination of how he can run his redlight empire. Do you want to use whoring as part of breaking in your slaves? Or is your goal to train up your girls enough to turn them into expensive escorts that deal with Ikaanos’ finer clientele – while collecting tips and fraternizing with Spheremasters?

Masters of Raana Art
Replaced 6 sex scenes for Lovisa (seduction).
Added 9 sex scenes for Lovisa (oral in bedroom).
Added 33 bondage pics for Rebecca.
Added 6 training pics for Rebecca.
Added 6 sex scenes for Caitlin.
Added 8 inspect pics for Caitlin.
Added 34 bondage pics for Caitlin.
Added 3 Arena pics for Caitlin.
Added 6 training pics for Caitlin.
Added 1 orgy pic for Caitlin.
Replaced Rebecca’s Arena pics (x3).
Added 31 sex scenes for Amelia.
Added 8 Inspect pics for Amelia.
Added 3 sex scenes for Piper (oral wash, cum events).
Added 2 household pics (Tier2+ slave in various living rooms).
Replaced Tier2+ slave stealth armor pic.
Added 5 wedding ceremony pics (Lovisa, Tier2+ slave, Aria, Rebecca, Caitlin).
Added 4 pregnant casual wardrobe renders.

Release date: 2023-10-28
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, BDSM, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Humiliation, Creampie, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Prostitution, Spanking, Sex toys, Romance
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: GrimDark
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Size: 1.22 GB

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