Masters of Raana [v.]

Masters of Raana is an open-world RPG set in an abandoned colony, Ikaanos, on a dangerous planet that was separated from Earth several centuries ago. You could take up your brother’s old profession and train slaves into obedient servants, academy professors, fierce shield maidens, or willing sex toys. The planet of Raana also has many secrets to uncover, some you might stumble upon whilst exploring deep caverns or reading ancient books. There are many dangerous and hidden mysteries that lie waiting, ready to be discovered by those who seek the truth about Raana’s obscure past.

This is a major update Masters of Raana with a ton of new features.

New prostitution framework
The pimp profession now has an advanced set of tools available, giving the player an almost endless combination of how he can run his redlight empire. Do you want to use whoring as part of breaking in your slaves? Or is your goal to train up your girls enough to turn them into expensive escorts that deal with Ikaanos’ finer clientele – while collecting tips and fraternizing with Spheremasters?

All your slaves can be assigned as prostitutes – as long as they’re obedient or corrupted enough. You can either restrict whoring to a single or just a couple of slaves, or run a large stable of working girls that bring home a sizable chunk of cash each night.

Legacy framework
The MC can now ask a household slave to take his hand in marriage. If she accepts, the player will have a whole new set of features available to him.

– Going through the ceremony and making the right choices can grant you huge amounts of Influence, Willpower enhancing events and priceless gifts.
– A newly wedded wife will be immediately transferred to the wife slot, freeing up her space for another slave/servant in your household.
– A wife can work or study just like any other girl, or take on one of the sacred duties of a wife: slave mistress, herald or stewardess. (More duties will become available with the combat upgrade in 0.8.3).
– You can impregnate your wife and make her give birth to your offspring.
– Raise your children in any way you please by training them in a wide variety of skills.
– Full interactions become available on your child’s tenth birthday.
– The wife/kids interaction framework features over 50,000 words with many unique anecdotes, events and other dialogues.

More information can be found here.

New domestic servant/mercenary engine
A new group of living NPCs have moved into Ikaanos. The player is able to hire these non-slave characters and use them in his household for various tasks – as guards, janitors, accountants, scavengers or prostitutes.

The current mercenary system will eventually merge with this framework, giving your soldiers the same versatility and customization options as domestic servants (scheduled for That also means all NPCs will be assignable to your combat group.

NPCs keep all training and affection progress, even if you choose to dismiss them for extended periods of time. They also age accordingly – waiting two years before picking up Loden and Laika from the temple means they’ll be two years older than their starting age when you actually hire them.

All NPCs also have their unique background stories which you can explore by increasing their Affection. Raising Affection unlocks new assignment options and might increase their willingness to contribute more to your household depending on their task.

With the 0.8.1 release, you’ll be able to hire:
Loden (Temple of Yidhra).
Laika (Temple of Yidhra).
Armand (Bank of Ikaanos).
Loren (Moe’s Tavern).

All added NPCs have full renders and full background stories, as well as various anecdotes/custom dialogue based on their current assignments.

Loren has a fully rendered sexual interaction option .

New Tier4+ starting templates

Perfectionist parents. Provides a +15 boost to all skills, and a slightly higher starting INT. This template allows you to go through the full character creation framework, where you pick your parent’s profession, focuses and traits.
Wealthy parents. Provides an economic boost in Gold, and a special quest (see below).

New quests
The Inheritance – A Tier4+ starting template. A letter in your mail box starts an investigation/treasure hunt that takes you through everything from abandoned tunnels to forgotten family memories. Activate this quest by choosing the Wealthy starting template (Tier4+ only). ”Current Tier4+ saves can activate this quest in the Debug menu at your Home.”
The Vault – Lovisa’s character quest. Activates if your Affection toward Lovisa is Amiable or higher, after asking about her background in the Talk section. IF Lovisa is your wife, she’ll automatically accompany you on the quest even if she has other active assignments (waiting for the new Follower system coming in

A dynamic world
Some roaming enemies will not show up on the maps during storms and heatwaves.
Added various storm and heatwave related dialogues to stationary enemies.
All enemies will now drop less loot during Famines.
Powerful enemies will drop additional food during Famines (because they are more able to stockpile/rob less powerful factions).
Merchants at the market offer less for Merchandise during Famines.
Gold prices can now move up and down between 180-225 per unit. Gold becomes more valuable during scourges, famines and other special events. Killing off to many bandits will also lower the value of gold.

New location: Medical facility
The great Medical Facility at Crystal Heights – a beacon of technology and refined medicine, has finally opened after suffering a catastrophic hardware failure. The Medical facility offers:

Plastic surgery.

New location: Bank of Ikaanos
The Bank of Ikaanos in Crystal Heights offers a loan at modest interests (roughly 10%) if the MC’s Influence is high enough (2000+). You’re also able to hire an accountant (Armand Lessor) from this location. Armand will help improving your merchant empire – unless you assign him as janitor or guard.

Gameplay changes
A high Respect (25+) will now cause slaves and wives to be better and raise skills faster at the Academy.
Redesigned layout for all keypads. New sounds and new UI.
Working at the Golden Dragon now has a 20% chance to increase a girl’s Performance skill, if it’s below 90.
Added a charuck encounter to Caitlin’s quest with new art.
Union formations! The Assembly plant has increased their wages ($45/$130 instead of $35/$120).
Starving girls should now increase their risk of losing weight (from 20% to 33% per day).
Girls weighing over 60 kg will decrease weight slightly faster if set on a starving diet.
Lowered the chance of increasing the Oral Fixation Trait during oral sessions.
Added a new character perk to Piper. She’ll now provide an extra +3 Influence per day if assigned as a maid, IF her Domestic skill is 70+ and her affection is Amiable+.
Added a LikeSexual checker that keeps the $like variables from falling below -10.
Slightly raised the chance of lowering Defiance if you Thrash your slave’s ass.
Raised the sell price for automatic rifles in Hamah Bay if the charucks are present.
Bandits will now only respawn in Stokke Hills and Marston Avenue if the Bandit faction has a strange of 8000 or more.
Increased ammo cost of 7.62 and MAG by 15-20%.

Masters of Raana Art
Replaced 6 sex scenes for Lovisa (seduction).
Added 9 sex scenes for Lovisa (oral in bedroom).
Added 33 bondage pics for Rebecca.
Added 6 training pics for Rebecca.
Added 6 sex scenes for Caitlin.
Added 8 inspect pics for Caitlin.
Added 34 bondage pics for Caitlin.
Added 3 Arena pics for Caitlin.
Added 6 training pics for Caitlin.
Added 1 orgy pic for Caitlin.
Replaced Rebecca’s Arena pics (x3).
Added 31 sex scenes for Amelia.
Added 8 Inspect pics for Amelia.
Added 3 sex scenes for Piper (oral wash, cum events).
Added 2 household pics (Tier2+ slave in various living rooms).
Replaced Tier2+ slave stealth armor pic.
Added 5 wedding ceremony pics (Lovisa, Tier2+ slave, Aria, Rebecca, Caitlin).
Added 4 pregnant casual wardrobe renders.

Release date: 2023-01-21
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, BDSM, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Humiliation, Creampie, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Prostitution, Spanking, Sex toys, Romance
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: GrimDark
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Size: 867 MB

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