Slaves of Rome [v.20.3]

Slaves of Rome – sex game from developer Biggus Dickus Games. For decades, your family was bringing the best slaves in the republic. You are mostly known for your ability and knowledge in training the most hard, stubborn northern women and bending them to the will of the empire! However, with the last war, money ran out. Now that victory has been achieved on the northern boarders, slaves are pouring in again and you know just what to do with them. It’s time to fill your purse with new toys. And you, my noble master, you know just how to do that!

– Upgraded hairstyles
– Improved Character Creator

– Animation and sequences
– Updated Idle animations
– Fixed idle male genitalia (no more weird bendy dick)
– Fixed a few issues with sequences on Mars
– Fixed visual bugs in sequences
– General improvements and polishing in several animations

Performance and misc
– Significant performance improvements
– Improved lighting
– Improved shadow handling
– Improved the scalability of graphic settings.
– Updated GodSeeker dress
– Expanded Citizen VO

– Improved quest notification behavior
– UI improvements and handling of widgets
– Fixed a UI issue with the punishment selection
– Custom Slaves will have available only their adjustable morphs
– Minimap will correctly report actors

Main New Things This (v1.9.5 / v19.5) Build Features:
Numerous SFX additions
Ambient sounds for all levels.
New moans for Atticus, Caesar, Cicero, Custom slaves, Enu, Febian, Nymph, TheGeneral.
New grunts and screams for Custom Slaves, Enu, Febian.
New VO Ameer, ApparelCustomizer, Custom Slaves, Enu, Vin(ErectusFamily), SlaveEducation, Motombo,Romius, SlaveTraders.
New dynamic moan based on Sex Intensity
New dynamic punishment screams based on the session.
Coins SFX for transactions.
Numerous sound bug fixes.

Visual Upgrades:
The General texture upgrade.
Citizens texture upgrades.
Hairstyles have been upgraded.
Apparel upgrades.
Level design and lighting upgrades
Adjusted sex animations.
Updated skin material with male hit marks mask.
Table in dungeon will now fade out when camera goes below it.
Added General Armor.
Adjusted navigation for citizens
Remastered pillory animations
Hit marks will be visible on slave when street whipping.
Added camera zoom from gamepad during punishments.

Quest and Dialogues:
All quests have been polished
Quest logic and clarity has been improved.
Visual indicators/effects have been added to quest related assets.
Player will teleport out from Nigrum stables when entering the area
Added missing honorifics for futa
Dimiara will wear her dress after we bring it to her

Removed threesome poses requirements Amelia’s One Slave quest
Removed Synthetic VO
Removed requirements for Love/Fear from most poses


New movement system.
Hairstyles have been reworked
New threesome animations: Legio, Manipulus, Centuria, Vexillatio, Cohors.
New male recieving animations with anal deformation.
New VO for Atticus, Caesar, Claudius Protractor, Febian, Maximus, Romilious, The General.
New ambient sounds across levels.
Improved general sound experience.
New language Latin. (Google Translated)

Visual Upgrades:
Various visual upgrades across the levels.
Encampment has been updated.
City has been updated.
Nigrum Cattus villa has been updated.
New textures for various asssets.
Visual improvements to futa genitalia.

v18 hotfix
New level: Mars Realm.
New character: Satyr
Quest Prepare For The Gods completion.

Dungeon II upgrade
Alchemist Lab (unlockable through ClaudiusProtractor when completing Valeria’s questline)
Added 4 potions to the game: Nude, Love, Speed, Drunk potion. They are purchasable through the vendor outside your dungeon, or by bringing ingredients to Valeria when she has the Alchemy Lab in your dungeon.

Adult Content:
Added more love/fear adjusted animations.
Slave hit feedback animations improved.
Slaves sex/punishment animations improvements.
Genitelia animations improvements.

Interaction system improvements.
Dialogue system improvements.
Adjusted jumping.
Fixed a bug where the render scale would reset to low values.
Fixed wrong gender voice moans.
Fixed inconsistencies on materials.
Sequence fixes.
Dialogue fixes.
Level design fixes.
-Fixed the missing eyes of the characters on the main menu.
-Fixed missing character eyes on the Mars ending scene.
-Fixed a bug where the player could not return to Mars Realm.
-Fixed building overlapping polys.
-Fixed an interaction issue.
-Fixed an issue where Baba Larga didn’t load the correct dialogue.
-Fixed collisions of hidden actors.
-Level design fixes on Mars realm.
-Fixed genitalia misalignment.

Slaves of Rome Story:
New quest “One slave at a time” – Amelia’s new quest, fullfill her request and enjoy her reward.

Added random name generator in the character creation.
Updated slaves stats UI

Adult Content:
New whip system: New whip has the ability to be aimed on the slaves. The hits are more consistent now. Particle effects on hit. New whipmarks that follow the whip hits. New animation for the whip.
Added ability to keep clothes during punishment.
Female sexy pickup animation


Main story Finale – All Roads Lead to Rome.

New level – Villa

New BIG mission and mini-game for the main story.
Updated slave stats tab with a new look and their current status.

Adult Content:
New animations.
New cinematic cutscenes
New slave market with randomized slaves

Love and Fear system works now with the skill tree as well.
Certain poses will have requirements for them.
Love and Fear increases/decreases based on how you treat your slaves.
Love and Fear system is currently a WIP, in the future love and fear will be utilized for slave variety and love/fear related quests.
Updates to archery range.
Extended the time given to complete Ameer’s target practice.
Gamepad improvements.
Gameplay and dialogue fixes

Fixed in this build (13.2) vs v13.1/1.3.1:
Quests not working bug should now be fixed
The statue quest is now easier
The Nymph quest is now easier and not failing if not done fast enough

Main New Things This (v1.3 / v13) Build Features:

Aeliana (refactor)
Maximus VO (new)
Male Slave w/ extra customization (new) ($50 tier Patreon and higher)
Female hair (new)
Female apparel (new) (2 full-body, 1 footwear, 1 head accessory)

Character Mark/Brand (update) (new designs) (extra collectibles)
Character Tattoo (update) (new designs) (extra collectibles)
Quest System (update) (Maximus’ Nymph and Amelia’s statue quests currently utilize it)
MC In-Game Customization (apparel and hairstyle at new NPCs)
Gameplay Statistics (new) (located at home, interact with statue)

SFX Enhancements
First-Person camera now hides the whole MC
Texture streaming adjusted
Emissive hair fixed
Speed/Roughness higher initial values during sex
Persistent scarring punishment fix
White fade screen fix
Player info screen open/close fix
Player customization QoL improvements
Other bug fixes & tweaks

Valeria’s storyline

Motombo (refactor)
Febian (refactor)
Eyes shader (refactor)
2 New female hairstyles
1 New male hairstyle
City Citizen NPCs VO + Animations
Pathicus voice over

Persistent punishment wounds system
Change slave eyes color at the Temple of the Gods
3 New punishment tools
3 New slave contract jobs (plus, able to select time/reward)
Toggle between First/Third person camera
Mark/Brand the slaves

3 New punishment tools

Faster load times between the City and Dungeon/House, Home, Pleasure House, Temple of the Gods, Old Mansion, Custom Slave Preview
Slaves skill tree (visual revamp)
Male genitalia visibility while not obscuring it
All time-based events to use in-game time
Gameplay settings adjustable option for the NPC/POI location range (alt key)
SFX Enhancement (punish tools)
Other bug fixes & tweaks

Fixed in this build (11.1) vs v11/1.1:
Atticus sending a second time the same slave
Adult males front/back
Graphics Settings Screen Mode and Resolution
Punish tool selection now reflects correctly the end result
Creating a male without lower clothing was not intended
In Mini-Game Sex while spectating, changing dominant partner now the animation continues
Males without genitalia now use toy
Taking Julia’s clothes in dialogue wasn’t happening
Julia on private X-Cross clothes wasn’t getting removed
Maximus getting whipped wasn’t moving
Skill tree UI mini bug fix
Changing submissive roles UI pose fix
Traversing a dialogue fast and re-interacting with an NPC bug fix

Valeria x Ameer x Claudius Protractor x Romilious (story continuation)
Amelia (new cutscene, story continuation)

Japanese Localization
Nvidia DLSS
International keyboard layout support (e.g. DVORAK, AZERTY, etc)
Migrated to the newest Unreal Engine version
Game Launcher

Julia (Refactored)
New male apparel
New female hairstyle

Eight (8) new sex poses
MC(or Dominant) as submissive while having sex
Pathicus can be.. fun.. after acquiring him (inside the pleasure house)
Day-Night Cycle (City) (some events still use IRL time)
Cutscene (orgy) (five (5) new poses)
Slave Education male/female variety (plus futa)
NPCs moving around (City)
Slave Survival Elements: Hunger & Pleasure (not yet fully implemented)
Slave Contract Job: Cleaning

Oculus Quest 2 Wired (support)

Catacombs (new)
Dynamic Lighting (for all levels)
Dungeon (tweaks)

UI/UX for several elements
Graphics Settings
Control Settings
Censorship (for public and Japanese version)
Bug fixes

Main New Things in (v0.99) / Build Features:
Stories – Dharkar Ahuja x Callirhoe (Was not working on v0.9.5), Maximus, Dimiara x Pathicus and new slaves.
Characters – Ting (New Female Slave), Rhoglos (New Male Slave), Dimiara (Refactored), Custom Slave (Refactored), Maxed Slave (Refactored), MC Female (Refactored), Enu (Semi-Refactored), Cornelia (Semi-Refactored) and Pathicus (New Story/NPC)
Features – Player Customization (Female), Play As Futanari (Female), Slave Runaway (Togglable through ‘Gameplay Settings’)
Gameplay – Slaves initial cost balance, Quest General’s letter location balance, Temple of the Gods Character Customization and cost balance.
Sex – A new device slaves can be fucked on. (Send them from Dungeon)
Missions – Slave Education (a whole new punishment mode)

Environments – Pleasure House (NEW) and Inner City (Adjustments)
Fixes/Improvements – Able to exit punishment prematurely, Inner City Optimization, UI/UX for several elements and across the board bug fixes and improvements (visual & code)

Player Character Customization – (only male for now, female player customization is almost ready and will be coming soon)
New Punishment Mode – Whipping now has a new interactive mode in 1st person where YOU actually do the whipping!
Whipping Club VR – The whipping club is now working in VR as well!
New Characters – 2 new characters have been added, but.. you need to find them! (Dharkar Ahuja and Callirhoe)
New Quests/Story-lines Slaves of Rome: 2 new quests to explore!
Optimization, Fixes and improvements – Some bug fixes, UI improvements and game optimizations.

New Area – You will now get to explore the mystical lands of Arabia and the middle east and look for more exotic slaves for your mansion!
New Slave – In the deserts of Arabia, you’ll find a new exotic slave you can get familiar with.
New Quests – As usual, new quests await you of you know where to look!
New characters: 2 new characters to interact with and explore their stories
Home: Your character now has a home which is being built and you can visit. This will be further developed in upcoming builds.
New Sex Feature: As many of you have requested: Sex scenes can now get ‘view mode’ – for you to look with no need to do anything else. We are also working on new, improved sex mechanics for next builds.
New Game Mechanic in Slaves of Rome: Archery: You can now develop this new skill
Optimization in Slaves of Rome – We worked a LOT on optimizing the game. Both CPU and GPU performance was improved a lot, the GPU improvement should be dramatic.

Less “go to Patreon” white screens after sex scenes – Those will still appear once in a while, but much less and not every time. We hope it’s ok. They are there for pirated versions of the game and we hope the balance is “fair” now but would love to hear your thoughts.
Dildo skill/punishment – is now working,
Male slave underwear in whipping scenes – is now fixed and not visible.
Stamina speeds – improved
Endurance speeds – improved
X-Cross Punishment – Is bugged and is locked for this version Slaves of Rome. It will be back, working as normal for v0.8.
Old saves will not be deleted! (saves from v0.7.5 will work with this hotfix

Release date: 2024-02-25
Genre: 3DCG, 3D game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Slaves, Prostitution, Vaginal sex, Female domination, Male domination, BDSM, Animated, Anal sex, Oral sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Biggus Dickus Games
Platform: Windows x64
Version: 20.3
Language: English
Size: 5.57 GB

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