Timestamps: Lost Love [Release]

Timestamps: Lost Love second chapter of the game. You’re a college student who’s lustful desires have caused you to make horrible mistakes. But lucky for you, your best friend has found a way to manipulate time… You have the chance to go back and fix some of your mistakes… Will you correct the things in the past to make your life better or will you make it worse. You can make new decisions follow new paths try to get everything you desire or you just might continue to fuck things up… The only good thing is time is on your side. There are so many paths to follow… Will you help them make the good choices?

R11 PE
A lot of new steamy content and story progression!
Some corrections of errors in older content. VNGINE Changes

During the last phase of testing, we encountered a problem that was caused by the continuous increase in the size of the game with each new version. Upon investigation, we realized that the main storage container, which held everything excluding the renders, was nearing its limit. To address this problem, we made the decision to temporarily remove three animations from previous releases. These specific animations were chosen based on their minimal impact and their significant file sizes, allowing us to find a solution to the issue. We are currently working on a permanent solution, but in order to avoid further delays in the release, we will address this issue later. It is difficult to determine the exact duration at the moment since it might involve a substantial amount of work. The animations that were taken out temporarily were Day12 Police Station Walk Animation, Day 12 Beach House Walk Animation and Day 14 Chocolaterie Walk Animation

R10 PE
A lot of new steamy content and story progression!
Some corrections of errors in older content. VNGINE Changes
Added a “Open save folder” button from the options menu.
Fixed a SFX error message in an old scene.
Some bugfixing and general improvements under the hood.

R6 P1 Fixes
– Added 4 completely new animations
– Fixed some animations that didn’t play out in the scenes.
– Extended animated scenes to not be as easily skipped by accident
– Rewrote and added parts to one scene when visiting bacon
– Typo corrections
– Changed navigation from basement to go out in a more logical angle in hallway.
– Stronger Outlined navigation arrows for Beach, OMJ and outside the house.
– Moved the Beach exit arrow a bit further down.
– Changed a task-list text that was incorrect.
– Correctly updated Menu background (non animated) for R6.
– Correctly makes latest Platinum animation now show up for new players for R6
– Added a hopefully working and final fix to “stuck in elevator” issue.
– Added a few more room-blockers
– Fixed some incorrect sound effect references, and music references from R5

New scenes!
New animations!
Updated some room designs.
New “Emergency” hotkey left shift+ctrl to open up youtube… cause you know… you never know…
New Platinum menu (Unfortunately it did not switch automatically this release, realized it too late, so you can change it in Options) VNGINE Changes
Ingame Phone Notification System Upgrade
Ingame Phone Notification Popup added
Lowered volume of splash intro to 50%
Improved design for Load & Save slots – New icon for renaming save – New icon for deleting save – New confirmation box for deleting save – New editing box for renaming saves
Added new engine feature for more complex path logic in dialogue
Added new engine feature for automatic SF/Regular image swaps.
New emergency tab-out feature with Left Shift+Ctrl that opens youtube in your browser. Bugfixes -Disabled auto-forward after a flashing special effect -Disabled a flag-flipping feature when in replay mode. -Fixed an error that occurs when trying to go “Clean UI” when in main menu. -Fixed so that skipping dialogue correctly stops special effect sounds.

Timestamps: Lost Love R5 P2
– Tons of new scenes & animations
– New music tracks – Engine Changes –
– User Interface Overhaul
– New Dialogue Panel Design and changed layout.
– New “Clean UI” Setting to disable dialogue panel background in options
– New crisper buttons
– Button click sounds on phone and menues for more feedback
– Completely new Choice panel that is really slick!
– Improved the show/hide UI with Z key
– Fades on phone apps
– New Popup system and fade.
– New stacking popups feature for multiple notifcations on top of eachother.
– Revamped Dialogue History Panel
– Much improved fluidity on going back and forward in dialogue
– Improved performance in dialogue system.
– Turned off some debug logging to save on your disk space and some performance.
– Quick navigation button and panel got some graphical improvements
– Inventory got some graphical improvements
– Hover tooltips in navigation (like on doors) got massive graphical improvements.
– New Cum Effect.
– New Picture Effect.
– Code optimizations for performance.
– Bunch of quality of life improvements.

– A lot of typo and grammar corrections
– Made some content optional
– Engine Change: Reduced the skip/speedclick limiter by 25% so you can skip even faster.
– Added a new audio track for arcade
– Fixed Juli Choices in scene “if you liked it or not”
– Fixed getting stuck after bus scene for one path
– Fixed (hopefully) choices not showing up in elevator and in some other scenes for some people.
– Fixed Heather Balcony Scene if you dont flirt causing some errors in the following scene. Dialogue changes:
– Added a new choice in a scene with bacon instead of some strict conditions Replay changes:
– Mistook Molly for Maureen in one replay menu button. Engine changes:
– Changed some configuration commands to not be case sensitive

Timestamps Lost Love R2 PE
A bunch of new renders and playable scenes! Continuation of the Chapter 2 story!
VNGINE Improvements
Added a new Minigame
Added Game Setting to toggle Smoking Fetish (The choice you made at the start)
Added Smooth Layered Video Transition
Added Layered Video Background Preloading for less pop-in effect on the background. Still not perfect but without comparison better.
Options Menu has been optimized for better performance
Added new feature for room navigation to use multiple populated backgrounds (Seen in College during daytime)
Arcade Game Major overhaul with stages and special background unlocks viewable after in the easter-egg section of the replay menu.
Arcade Game Now has sounds, wider paddle, stage counter, use mouse to move paddle. Esc to quit arcade game.
New Navigation Item-pickup system for picking up stuff up in sertain situations
New Navigation Item-pickup tracking system for seeing the amount items needed to be picked up
Added new system for providing choices without making micro-saves for last choice (Specifically used now in new Elevator)
Added Last Choice button to Esc menu when in navigation (The one on the phone)
Added a bunch of new characters
Added new system to automatically linebreak dialogue in the text box.
Widened the dialogue box by about 30-40% so more text will fit on one “page”.
Updated the map icon in quick navigation.
Added multiple new rooms to the navigation.
Added 2 new quick navigation locations in College.

VNGINE Bugfixes
Regional Calendar settings messing with Save/Loading
Save/Load not sorting properly on minues/hours on the save/load screen.
Cyrillic Support
Quick navigation in college, one button went to the wrong room.
Fixed a bug where if you load into navigation and save without playing a scene, could cause error.
Changed mapping nav_nika to use the already existing nika mapping for the Veronika map pin.
Fixed the tooltip when hovering on rooms in navigation.

Year: 2023
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Group Sex, Humor, Incest, Masturbation, MILF, Oral Sex, Teasing, Handjob, Slave, BDSM, Anal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Motkeyz
Other game: Timestamps, Unconditional Love
Platform: Windows
Version: R11 PE + Inc patch + Walkthrough + CG Rip
Language: English
Size: 5.21 GB

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