Seeds Of Chaos [v.0.3.09a]

Seeds of Chaos is a dark fantasy eroge made in Ren’py, inspired by the worldbuilding of Berserk, Dark Souls, The Witcher and other epic fantasy series’, as well as the adult games Corruption of Champions, Legend of Queen Opala, and Slavemaker. The game is set in The Six Realms, the westernmost continent in the world of Solanse. Seven years have passed since the last Demon War, and the defeat of Lord Karnas at the hands of the forces of Light ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity for all the races of the six kingdoms. Evil never lies dormant for long, however, and in the shadows new threats to the tenuous peace begin to stir.

«Update — So, I was so tired this morning I added the missing BGs to the git branch, and didn’t download the new version, I just rebuilt and uploaded one that still had them missing. This fixes that.»

— One new Fae event (including one sex scene)
— Two new chaos incursion events
— Two new Blackholt events (including two sex scenes)
— One new Breeding Pits job event (including one sex scene)

— 16 new CGs (with 44 variants)
— 2 reworked CGs (with 9 variants)
— 1 new sprite (Zii-Zii)
— 4 new BGs (for Blackholt locations)

— 2 new Goblin Recruitment Arc events have been added.
— The finale to the Liurial NPC arc has been added (including 2 sex scenes, Rowan x Liurial and Rowan x Alexia)
— 2 new Jezera NPC arc events have been added, which can be triggered from the «Spend Favour» option in her castle map location, after the capture of Raeve Keep if the player has enough favour (including 2 sex scenes, Jezera x Rowan, and Rowan & Jezera x Madeline)
— 5 new Chaos Incursion events have been added (including 2 new sex scenes, Rowan x Ghorza and Ghorza x Rowan, and 1 re-purposed sex scene, Rowan x Ygriss)

— 17 new CGs (with 57 variants)
— 1 new animation (Rowan x Cla-Min) with 1 variant
— 2 reworked CGs
— 2 new sprites (Tue-Row and Tue-San)
— 1 new BG (Castle baths)

Rowan x Greyhide x Alexia 1
Rowan x Greyhide x Alexia 2 (with 2 variants)
Rowan x Darla 1 (with 1 variant)
Rowan x Darla 2 (with 2 variants
Sil x Alexia 1 (with 1 variant)
Sil x Alexia 2 (with 1 variant)
Zahira x Alexia 1 (with 2 variants)
Zahira x Alexia 2
Alexia x Alexia 1 (with 2 variants)
Alexia x Alexia 2 (with 2 variants)
Alexia x Alexia 3
Jezera x Alexia 1
Rowan x Cla-Min 1 (with 8 variants)
Rowan x Cla-Min 2 (with 1 variant)
Rowan & Patron x Whore
The Dark Lord Karnas Cinematic CG
11 Andras CGs reworked to better match the game’s aesthetic
10 Rowan x Alexia CGs reworked to better match the game’s aesthetic
3 Intro CGs reworked to better match the game’s aesthetic

Rowan x Draith (Gay)
Indarah’s Dance (Erotic dancing)
Drider x Succubus (Monster, demon, anal)
Rowan x Liurial (BDSM)

Rowan x Alexia Intro (Vanilla)
Andras x Alexia Intro (NTR, anal)
Rowan x Liural 1 (Vanilla, light maledom)
Rowan x Liurial 2 (Anal, maledom)

— Major expansions to the investigative segment of the Shaya arc, including one fully reworked event
— New variant of the Shaya Rowan Orgy featuring a new sex scene [Rowan x Whore x Orgy Attendee][M/F/M, Debauchery] — New Shaya Event featuring 2 variant sex scenes [Rowan x Shaya x Whore] [Sensory Deprivation, Public Humiliation] [Sadism] — Shaya Act 1 Finale, featuring 2 Paths and 2 Sex Scenes [Rowan x Shaya] [Rough Sex, Male Dom] [Femdom, ???] — 1 major X’zaratl Event [X’z/Rowan/Alexia] [Femdom/Edging] — Major Draith Event [Rowan x Draith] [M/M, Mdom] — 1 Map Event: Village Capture [Rowan x Gretcha] [Blowjob, Rough Sex] — 2 Ruler Events [Rowan x Darius] [M/M, Prostitution] [Rowan x Drider] [Monster Sex, Mdom] — 1 Job Event: Tavern [Alexia x Goblins] [Threesome, Goblin Sex] — 19 new CGs with 16 variants
— 13 CGs reworked to better suit the game’s aesthetic
— Numerous minor bug fixes, and QoL improvements

Seeds Of Chaos v0.2.62b
This time our focus was on, and it will be for a lot of the near future, working on the NPC narrative arcs for this act. To this end, nearly all the X’zaratl events in-game have received a rewrite to bring them in line with her planned arc, alongside two brand new events. In addition, we also have more progress on the Jezera NTR narrative arc, as well as a number of new ruler, map, and job events.
This month we have 18 new CGs, with 41 variants, and 12 reworked CGs:
Rickon x Cla-Yill CGs 1 & 2 (with 1 variant)
Rowan’s Knighting CG (with 2 variants)
Jacques Fate CG (with 4 variants)
Alexia Meets Greyhide CG (with 2 variants)
Jezera x Alexia CG
Alexia x Mary CGs 1 & 2 (with 4 variants)
Jezera is Stressed CG (with 3 variants)
Shaya’s Orgy (with 1 variant)
Rowan x Courtesan (with 3 variants)
Rowan x Helyan CGs 1 & 2 (with 3 variants)
Rowan x Kether (with 2 variants)
Rowan x Bootleg Alexia (with 4 variants)
A Dream of Karst (with 1 variant)
The Arrival of the Emissaries CG (with 2 variants)
Alexia’s Fertility Treatment CG (with 5 variants)
Reworked 12 breeding pits related CGs to better fit the game’s aesthetic
As mentioned earlier, the main focus of this release is the X’zaratl narrative arc, and three of her events have undergone extensive rewrites, alongside two new events, one of which is an Alexia and Rowan sex scene. The Jezera NTR arc also has a new events, which features two sex scenes; Alexia distracting a female orc warrior, and Jezera rewarding Alexia for a job well done.
Outside of character events, we have four new ruler events, which include two sex scenes, a new one for Rowan and Draith, as well as a scene between Rowan and two members of the goblin Cla clan. We also have two new forest exploration events, which include one sex scene between Rowan and a proud huntress, as well as three new breeding pits job events, in which Alexia “meets” Draith’s newest charge, Sil, an aquatic lifeform.
This month we have seven new sex scenes:
Rowan x Alexia with X’zaratl (Vanilla, Breeding)
Female Orc x Alexia (Orc, Light Femdom)
Jezera x Alexia (NTR)
Rowan x Darla the Huntress (BDSM, Oral)
Alexia x Sil (Monster, Oral)
Rowan x Draith
Rowan x Cla-Tre & Cla-Owi (Goblin, Titjob)

Seeds Of Chaos v0.2.61b
Release Notes

— Save files can be renamed
— Save files can be deleted
— Research and Workshop updated
— Added the perks and prerequisites on the UI detail
— Research complete UI changed
— Workshop structures can now level up with perks addition
— Fixed the Dark Sanctum Bug
— Fixed mouse cursor disappearing bug
— Castle Tooltip implemented
— Portal UI cleaned and added tooltip details

— Alexia Maid Job Introduction
— Alexia Maid Job Harassment Events
— Jezera Wants a New Agent (Alexia x Garforth sex scene fully rewritten)
— Shaya Introduction
— Alexia Spying on Jezera and Shaya (Jezera x Shaya sex scene rewritten)
— (Minor) Shaya Room Event Chain
— Greyhide’s Table Manners (Greyhide X Alexia)
— Greyhide Shares his People’s Liquor ( Greyhide X Rowan)
— What happened after drinking Greyhide’s Alcohol (Greyhide X Alexia) ( Greyhide X Rowan) and (Greyhide X Rowan X Alexia)
— Nasim’s «Discuss fertility treatment» option
— Two Shaya character events (Orgy feat. Rowan, Shaya, Others) and (Rowan x Shaya)
— Two Map Events (Rowan x Kethar) (Sister Gwen x Incubus)
— One Repeatable Room scene for Helayna pre-week 30 (Rowan x Addled Helayna)
— One Repeatable Room scene for Shaya (Rowan x Shaya)
— One Greyhide character event
— One Random Cliohna castle event
— Two Alexia pregnancy woes events
— Alexia fertility treatment 1 (Rowan X Alexia)
— One Repeatable castle scene for Corrupt Rowan (Rowan X [Redacted])

— Battle of Astarte CG (with 4 variants)
— Rowan’s Childhood Dream CG
— Drinking Buddies CG
— Rowan x Greyhide CG
— Rowan x Patricia CG 1 & 2
— Rowan x Female Succubus CG 1 & 2
— Rowan x Cliohna CG
— Patricia’s Fate CG (with 4 variants)
— Rowan x Alexia & Succubi CG (with 5 variants)
— Rowan & Jezera x Mary & Maid CG 1, 2, & 3 (with 7 variants)
— The Box CG (with 1 variant)
— Alexia Solo CG (with 4 variants)
— Andras x Alexia Grope CG (with 1 variant)
— Andras x Alexia CG (with 18 variants)
— 2 Andras x Alexia animations
— 6 CGs reworked to better fit game aesthetic (Jezera x Shaya 1, 2, & 3, and Jak x Indarah 1, 2, & 3)

Seeds Of Chaos v0.2.60
— Three new ruler events, including two sex scenes (Rowan & Jezera x Maids, Rowan x Alexia featuring succubi)
— One new Alexia NTR event (Andras x Alexia)
— One new Cliohna arc event
— Two rewritten Greyhide arc events (Introduction, Drinking Buddies)
— One new Greyhide repeatable sex scene
— Three new Fae events
— One new completely rewritten Fae event (Arrival of the Emissaries)
— Two new Alexia maid job events, including two sex scenes (Jezera x Alexia, Mary x Alexia)
— One new mine resource event, including one sex scene (Rowan x Valrys)
— One rewritten orciad sex scene (Rowan x Tarish)
— Sixteen new CGs, with fifty-five variants
— Two new animations (Rowan x Alexia, Rowan x Delane)
— One new sprite (Alexia slut outfit)
— Workshop backend reworked and readied for the gameplay improvement effort
— Added the option to choose map hex position when leaving Rastedel
— First tranche of Journal revision implemented
— Fixed the blank UI for the throne room
— Added a back button for summon Liurial menu
— Fixed the blank UI for breeding pit.
— Revised Report UIs (Sanctum, Breeding pit, Barracks, Forge) for consistency
— Added scene name on the top left during the start of the scene.

Seeds Of Chaos v0.2.58
— Two new ruler events, including one sex scene (Rowan x Alexia)
— One additional sex scene added to the Succubi Murder Mystery ruler event (Rowan x female Rylea)
— One new Jezera NTR path, including two sex scenes (Alexia x Mikael, Jezera x Alexia)
— Two Alexia breeding pits job events, including two sex scenes (Alexia x Drider, Whitescar x Draith)
— One new Alexia maid job event
— One new Alexia barmaid job event
— Two new hill exploration events, including one sex scene (Ran-Cou x Zelda)
— One new village trade event
— 16 new CGs with 44 variants
— 2 new animations (Rowan x Cla-Min (Daughter), Rowan x Patricia)
— 2 new backgrounds
— All older goblin CGs (except one) have been reworked to match current game aesthetic

We have also added a number of QA features, including:

— Improved the exploration map UI, adding zoom and pan, as well as much requested UI display for objectives and deadlines
— Improved the castle map UI
— Added animation to gold change
— Added hotkey display to map for movement
— Reworked the living quarters and the throne room screens
— Adjusted map event probability, and adjust road tiles to now trigger plains events

Seeds Of Chaos v0.2.57
Finished the vast majority of outstanding Rastedel content, including (but not limited to);
— the rest of Maud’s path containing one new sex scene (Rowan x Maud)
— full integration of Werden’s route to the same level as Patricia and Jacques
— the alternative Patricia corruption route including one new sex scene (Rowan x Patricia)
— the post coronation epilogue containing one sex scene (??? x Marianne)

— One new ruler event including one sex scene (Rowan x Rylea [an incubus])
— One new barmaid job events, including one sex scene (Alexia x Tarek [an orc])
— One new forge job event
— One new repeatable Helanya event, including one sex scene (Rowan x Helyana x Liurial)
— Twenty four new CGs, with thirty-eight variants
— Four new animations
— One new background, with three new variants
— Two new character sprites
— Fixed an issue where the game would not count any captured villages above two
— Added pan and zoom functionality to the map, as well as some other small improvements

Seeds Of Chaos v0.2.55
Rowan x Alexia 1, 2, & 3 (Maledom)
Rowan x Shaya 1, 2, & 3 (Titjob)
Rowan & Ameraine x Patricia 1 & 2 (Threesome, BDSM)
Greyhide x Alexia 1 & 2 (Oral)
Rowan x Alain 1 & 2 (Gay)
Wulump Bad end 1 & 2 (Tentacle)
The Coronation (Group sex)


Release date: 2022-10-02
Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Corruption, Oral Sex, Anal sex, Cheating, Monster Girl, Corruption, Group sex, Cheating, Female domination, Lesbian, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: LordArioch
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.3.09a
Language: English
Size: 1.02 GB

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