Helping the Hotties (Red Falls) [v.1.0 Final]

Sex game Helping the Hotties (Red Falls) from developer xRed Games. You are a college student madly in love with your girlfriend, but instead of spending summer with her, you receive an unexpected phone call. Next day you’re on a bus going to work in a boys educational and misbehavior camp, but to your surprise it’s not boys camp anymore…

Bonus code: burnbaby

Bonus code Ep.10: cherry

v0.9.0 part 1-2 Full
Bonus code is: session

Helping the Hotties (Red Falls) 0.8.9
0.8.9 with English VO is now LIVE!
Helping the Hotties (Red Falls) is updated with full English voice over, each girl voiced by a talented voice actress, giving each of our Hotties another layer of character and immersing you even deeper into the story and everything that’s happening.
Did you ever wonder how Belle sounds when she’s teasing? How does stern Eve sound? Or how loud Naomi can become?

We’ve added a VO button to the quick menu with which you can replay the VO. It’s accessible by simply pressing R on your keyboard (you can replay Stacy’s meowing during the lake scene to your heart’s content).

We know some of you guys have their own idea of how each girl sounds and their voice etched in your mind. We don’t want to impose what we believe are some really great VO, so there’ll be an option to “mute” each girl who’s VO you don’t prefer.

With this version, Helping the Hotties is also finally available to play in Chinese!

That should cover everything coming with 0.8.9. right? Oh, we also added a bunch of ingame achievements and missions. You can earn achievements and unlock the rewards they hold in a single playthrough, while the missions require multiple playthroughs to finish. But the rewards are well worth it and everything you’ve unlocked can be found in the Gallery under Rewards!

Bonus code is: score

v0.6 4k
Red Falls Renamed, Helping The Hotties.
Bonus code is: helping

Red Falls Episode 5
The new episode features more than 1422 new renders, 81 new animations inside the story, and more than 300 renders in the gallery, Blinks, Angles and X-Ray images!
Patreon Code:fire

Red Falls Episode 4
Hi everybody,
Episode 4 is finally out! 1110 new renders, 29 new animations inside the story and more than 300 gallery, angles and x-ray images!

Episode 4 includes:
1110 New Story renders
29 Animations

Bonus content:
39 angle images
19 x-ray images
40 gallery images
190 blink images

bonus access code is: detective

Red Falls Episode 3
Hi everybody,
Red Falls Episode 3 is finally out! Another record is broken with my biggest update of 1566 renders inside the story and almost 500 angles and x-ray images! Also new is:
Angle and X-ray buttons: Will be only available to $10 Patrons (in testing phase)

Episode 3 also includes:
1566 New Story renders
10 Animations
483 New Angles and X-rays

Bonus content:
179 angle images
254 x-ray images
49 gallery images

Red Falls Episode 2
Red Falls Episode 2 is out and its hot if I may say so! This is my biggest update to date with 1379 renders in total! I’ve also added new mechanics into the game:
x-ray: When you see the “x-ray” button in the upper left corner, click on it and… well enjoy 🙂
Angle button: On some images you will see two arrows click on them to change the angle of the image. (Sometimes a bit more than just an angle…)

Episode 2 also includes:
1082 New Renders
12 Animations
Image rotation

Bonus content:
128 angle images
123 x-ray images

Red Falls Episode 1
-more than a 1000 new renders
-more than 50
-new animationsnew game

For android users
Here is the updated Android version. Due to technical limitations, there are two parts you have to download and install. But you can only have one part installed at a time. What does this mean?

Download both parts, but install just the first part. After you finish the first part, find the second part in your downloaded files and click update. Then, load the save you want to continue from. Don’t delete the first part though, because you will lose your progress.

And if you have already finished Helping the Hotties on Android and just want to continue from where you left off, download and install the second part of this updated Android version. Then, load the save you want to continue from.

Release date: 2023-07-21
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, MILF, Oral sex, Sandbox, Sex toys, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: xRed Games
Other Games: Lewd Island
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 1.0 (completed) + Gallery unlock + Walkthrough + Update only + Compressed
Language: English, Chinese
Size: 4.91 GB (Full HD) / 2.24 GB (compressed)

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