Cobra Venom [v.0.3.5]

Игра Cobra Venom повествует о Максе, шпионе у которого на задании погиб друг. Они выслеживали Кобру, таинственного главаря группировки террористов. У друга остались жена и дочь, с ними и будут развиваться отношения. Чем закончится история решать вам. Главный герой повстречается со многими персонажами, будет решать чужие проблемы. Кто такой Кобра и как его поймать? Вот главный вопрос для Макса.

1024 images, (including animations).
Over 4,200 lines of text.
Over 6100 lines of code, (including text).
6 sex scenes.
Added gallery of repeats.
Changed the design of the selection buttons, as well as their location. Now the selection buttons are not in the center of the screen, but slightly below. (Let me know if you do not like this arrangement of buttons.)
Changed background for text, it became more transparent. Now the text has shadows, which allows to see it better on a transparent background.
The text has become a bit stretched. In other words, if before the text was in the center, now the beginning of the text will be to the left of the screen.
The volume of sounds has been reduced.
Since there were some changes in the code have to start the game again, otherwise instead of your chosen name you will see “[mc]”. I regret that it was not possible to avoid this.
Changed location of stats button (heart), now it’s in upper right corner instead of left one. Added definition of love and friendship points for better understanding. Now you will see what the red and blue numbers are responsible for.
Settings, save and load have changed visually. I changed the backgrounds for these “rooms”, you can find the images in the game folder.
And other minor edits and changes.

– 409 images.
– 3 additional sex scenes with Megan and 1 main one.
– Sex scene with Kate.
– Sex scene with Alexis.
– 2402 lines of text.
– 3400 lines of code.

Added 274 new images.
Added 1895 code lines.
Added 1 scene of a sexual nature. (Kate)
Some interesting events with Hannah.
The beginning of the lesbian path for Kate and Jacqueline.

I worked on the bugs.
Fixed crashes when creating screenshots.
I tried to solve the problem with the android version. (I hope you will now start the game. However, if it is not so, let me know.)

Added the ability to see your points. (While this does not look very good, in the future I will do something more beautiful.)
Still continuing the episode of Hannah.
215 new images.
1466 new lines of code.
3 scenes of a sexual nature.

2250 lines of text.
3137 lines of code.
505 images.
7 scenes of a sexual nature.
An opportunity to start a relationship with Kate.

Дата релиза: 2021-10-26
Жанр: Corruption, Milf, Anal, Voyeurism, Lesbians, Gang Bang, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Big tits
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: SaVa
Платформа: Windows, Linux, Android
Версия: 0.3.5
Язык интерфейса: Русский, English
Размер: 1.74 GB / 294 MB (compressed)

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