Bright Lord [Phase 1 v.0.6c Elite / Phase 2 v.0.9 Part 3 Fixed]

Bright Lord is an adult, erotic horror game in which you become Bright Lords servant. Will you let him take over your mind completely or fight his will in his conquest for power and revenge. It’s a Porn game with horror elements.

Developer Notes
So a lot of ppl ask whats the direction of this game Bright Lord.
If you ever played walking dead games know that the choices are minor and the ending is still the same. So this game will take a similar path there will be corruption and love points and after some game progress if you go too deep to corruption the love path is locked if you maintain the love path you can go with that path. There will be two endings love path and the corruption path. You can call it kinetic novel idc tbh. Some ppl think if dev add retarded wandering around the map to look for events it will mask that its kinetic novel with some clickable houses 😀
AND the main plot of this game is not fucking the girls so the fuckings starts faster
v0.9 Part 3
Added around 450 images
Added 13 animations

Phase 2 v0.9 Part 2
Added around 200 renders.
Added 9 animations.

The versions were quite confusing. Now numbers(0.9) will represent the current episode. And it will show which part has been released. Most of the updates will be splitted into 3 parts.
Fixed some scene repeating.
Fixed some grammar mistakes and faulty renders.

Know Issues:
The landlady is still missing her pubes in her sex scene.
Grammar mistakes are still there

810 new renders
18 animations
2 elite scenes
10 bonus pictures
Fixed some bonus pictures resolution
Grammar mistakes
Screen flickering in driving scenes

710 renders
33 animations
18k words
3 events based on affection
0.1 event
0.4 Emily event

377 Images
10 Animations
15 Bonus Pictures
2 scenes that are unlocked by points
8k words
Adjusted Emily’s face so her face won’t scream Michael Jackson in some angles. Some scenes from 0.1 0.2 0.3 will be reworked with her in the future

+380 pictures
10000 words
8 animations
+30 images from 0.1
0.1 dialogs
0.2 dialogs
Reduced size from 4GB to 1.3GB

Fixed game crashing bug

Added Bright Lord gallery mode

4000 words
160 new renders
3 animations(not my proudest work need to learn more)

Release date: 2023-07-16
Genre: 3dcg, Incest, Horror, Teasing, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, MILF, Groping, Stripping, Corruption, Handjob, Oral sex, Anal sex, Masturbation, Titfuck, Threesome, Foursome, Lesbian, Vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: KissKiss Studio
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Phase 1 v.0.6c Elite + Walkthrough Mod + Gallery mod + Walkthrough / Phase 2 v.0.9 Part 3 Fixed + Inc Patch + Walkthrough Mod
Language: English
Size: 4.73 GB / 4.2 GB

Download Keep2Share Download Turbobit Download Hitfile
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