Four Elements Trainer [v.1.0.6e]

Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of characters, quests, stories, fights, and mysteries to unlock.​

I’m going to forget a lot of the smaller changes and stuff I did like the changes I did to the volleyball game during book 2’s love route on Ember Island, but the biggest changes are as follows.
– You’ll be required to find food and drinks for a party. Hint, scenes which take place at the beach are where you’ll do most of your searching.
– There will be a scene with Zhuli and Varrick using a bottle
– Sex with katara, while everyone watches.
– Bumfun with Nagina or the spirit(left both accessible for bughunt purposes but if you got the white serpernt, that should work too)
– One of the elder council will show you how to use a stalagmite(optional of course)
-sex with Nami, Una, Lyka, , Anka and mysterious shadow girl(? also optional)[
-added the option to come inside Lyka and Anka’s mouth during the scene where they enter Nami’s store.
-you’ll fight a sssserpent!
-meet Sokka
-measure and compare Rei/Ajala’s biceps(only if you already asked rei to measure her before)
-Serial fucking everyone on Ember Island island during the party(As you might imagine I took some major shortcuts to make this possible so don’t let your fantasy go wild)
I think that should be all. Like I said, once you see Ikki jump(you’ll know it when you see it) you’ll have reached the end of the build.

Izumi will lose something which you’ll have to help her with. You’ll be rewarded by getting a hand and blow something from both her and her mother afterwards. You might be under surveillance while being rewarded though…
All the BeiFongs… all of them… will get something up the bum during a scene.
A new visitor! Korra’s mom will arrive on the island. And if you don’t interfere with the cardgame, she and her daughter will both provide some missionary fun.
Korra can give you a job… using her feet!
Oogi and Senna(optional of course)… ’nuff said.
Finally, the pregnancies can be ended in an organic way for Korra, Jinora and Kuvira. If they weren’t pregnant there will be an option to retroactively make them pregnant. I will probably take that part out in future versions, but for now it’s in.

There will be a foot scene with Korra.
A vaginal scene with Korra and Senna(who’ll make her appearance IF you either chose Korra or Korra and Jinora)
All the Bei fongs will get it up the butt. Suyin, Lin, Opal and Toph. The tower of lust will(or will not) be erected!
You’ll help Izumi find her glasses. She’ll in turn give you a helping hand(job) and she and her mom will suck… on it.
Pregnant bellies will turn unpregnant or vice versa.
Fire nation soldiers will get new orders!

Four Elements Trainer v1.0.4a
Good day all! Been “frolicking” with the new build(and uploading it) and finally have some links for you. No alternative links just yet.
This build will continue the love route epilogue. Nothing too fancy, a bunch of scenes I wanted to have in there before I move more into the final story elements. As to what exactly these new scenes are, read about it in the spoiler log at the bottom of this post.
If you find any problems(I’m sure you will) and would like to tell me about it, you can do so by sending me a dm or leaving a comment below. Both are great and appreciated. Of course I’ll be happy with any sort of bugs you can find and tell me about, but don’t feel limited to just that. Whatever you feel like sharing, I feel like listening to.
Thanks, and I hope this build will make you laugh and fap! Not necessarily at the same time

This build will contain a boobjob with Asami and a vaginal scene with both her and Kya.
Azula(or Mai) will finally be able to win a card game with your help and of course that means a new scene with her. Just like with the other girls before it’ll be a butt fun scene. Speaking of butt fun scenes…
Izumi will have one too and indirectly Ikki will get a new feathery friend because of that.
And finally, now that you can take photos, There’s a mother/daughter combo who’ll reward you for your efforts(Pema and Jinora will “give you a hand”).

Four Elements Trainer v.1.0.3a
Okay, so what’s new in this? First off it’s is a continuation of the love route epilogue.

-Both Korra and jinora will be able to win at cards during the evening. This will result in the standard butt fun reward for winning at cards. I added vaginal as well. Scenes for both of them will be much alike so if you picked only one of them during your time in book 4’s love route, don’t feel like you’re missing out.

-Kya and asami will continue to try and get pregnant with your help, but this time they’ll have to lick and suck their way to getting some of the mc’s “milk”.

-You’ll find out what that little book with a lock is all about. The one you found in the treasure chest in the grotto. Was it really left behind by pirates in the past?! you’ll find out.

-Zhu li get’s to try out different swimsuits! But there’s a problem and you’ll have to help her and Varrick get some privacy to do what they need to do. The reward will be Zhu li shaking your and Varricks’… something… while other things bounce up and down. Doing different outfits is fun(but a lot of extra work). My personal favorite is the pink one.

-Speaking of bouncing, if Ravka is present and you buy her a swimsuit… she’ll also show you something bounce when you engage in a friendly fight with her. PS, if she’s pregnant that won’t work because that was just… not an option. You’ll understand once you see. Don’t forget you can undo that pregnancy in the shack. Small tip during the fights, a mouse click only registers when you release the button, pushing enter though immediately registers.

I added Korra’s pubes on Ember Island. Not everywhere yet though, but the new scene has it.

I slightly changed and added an older Opal butt fun scene.

Last but not least. What’s a nude beach without Ty Lee walking by… on her hands!

I think that’s about it. I kept things pretty straightforward.

Four Elements Trainer v.1.0.2f
– As I said this will continue the love route’s epilogue where you’re on Ember Island with the main girls and some from book 4.
In the last build a yacht arrived at Ember Island.
– In this build you can have sex(vag) with Kya and Asami.
– Zhu li and Varrick will ask you to relive the past with them(vag and buttfun)
– Katara will want you to help her win at cards resulting in butt fun in the night!
– The Bei Fong’s will blow/lick something hard… mysterious!
– Katara decides to help Ikki get candy by having some women participate in an old and (almost) forgotten tradition. It’s the Halloween part I talked about.
– This will result in a small vaginal scene with Ty Lee, a dick kissing scene with Suyin and Opal feeding you bananas without you (or her!) using hands. Pema will ask you to carefully aim when you unload on her so as not to ruin her costume.
– There are a few new idles for Kuvira during Halloween, but don’t be fooled into thinking there’s more to it than that. Oh and I’ve finally given Kuvira pubes for the beach scene. In the last build you couldn’t play that beach scene without her having to lose her pubes, but that’s not mandatory anymore. If you take her to the beach again you’ll be asked whether you want to see her with pubes or without. …And that should be about it.
– I feel like I could’ve done a lot more interesting stuff for the Halloween part, but if there’s something I hate it’s releasing a build like this after Halloween has already come and gone. I hope you’ll find this entertaining nonetheless. Thanks!
– Bugfix

– Asami Kya Impregnation
– Zhu Li Varrick Threesome
– Halloween Event
— Ty Lee Sex
— Suyin Dick Kiss
— Opal Shares a Banana
— Lots of costumes
– Beifong Girls Blowjob
– Ikki Sexy Swimsuit Sex

There are basically four new scenes in this build, vaginal with Kuvira on the beach, butt stuff with Toph at night, Two new/old girls can be found and they’ll give you a hand. I’m also finally giving you the often alluded to Beifong Boobs on the beach scene. There’s a job to be done and it involves boobs! The grotto can be explored. It’s a small grotto.

A few more spoilers for if you want. You can help Ikki find real treasure, an old snake statue, cum on Pema and meet two other new/old characters who will arrive “on the island”. All you can do right now is look at their idles though. Oh, I added a small new thingy to the pema/Oogi scene and probably did some other things here and there too which I can’t remember. ps. the stuff you can find in the treasure doesn’t have any consequences right now in this build.

-Pema and Jinora have a shared backdoor scene.
-Pema also has a solo vaginal scene and when making the right(wrong?) choices, Pema milks Oogi. The choices are super clear so it’s obvious and very easy to circumvent.
-Ravka(Kuvira) has two new scenes, both anaI. The difference lies in whether she or YOU get it up the ass : )
-Lin, Opal and Suyin have a vaginal scene on the beach.

Like I said in an earlier art update, if you play beyond the final credits you’ll be able to start a new game, pick the yin/yang sign at the center of the screen and immediately start the final chapter.

Small warning, I didn’t have that setup in the previous build, so you’ll need to load an older save game on Ember island or the compound during the final chapter and walk around for a bit and the proper variable should be triggered and the yin/yang symbol will appear when starting a new game.

The shortcut will give you a few simple choices for the final chapter when starting a new game, but there are still some things which you’ll simply have to play through the books for to unlock them. Things like pregnancy and pubes etc.

You can travel to the past(book 1, book 2 and 3) when you end up with either Nagina or the Spirit, but right now that’s a stump. I tried hooking them into the real ending of previous books (if you finished those), but that turned out to be a lot more difficult and I didn’t manage to do so.

If you play this build using a save file in which you didn’t let Kuvira escape during book 4’s love route or only chose Korra, you won’t see any of the new Kuvira/Pema stuff on Ember Island naturally, but that’s what the shortcut is for.

Four Elements Trainer v1.0.0b
Okay, so what did I change/add? I kept my changes mostly to a minimum and instead filled in some gaps. In this build you won’t be directly transported to Mai/Azula or Toph when Shady sends you to the past. Just like with Katara you’ll have to walk around in the city/village first. Their parts are still very small though.

The elder council has a new scene when you visit Katara in the past.

When picking the love route, the story will continue after the Wedding of you and Jinora/Korra. You’ll go to Ember Island and there will be a scene with Izumi and there will also be a joined scene with the four/five main girls on the beach. That last part was something most people felt was missing from the love route.

Afterwards you’ll be able to visit Katara/Toph/Azula/Mai again in the past for a moment and tell them about the fairly big change I made. It’s a story decision which is only text based. HOWEVER that won’t happen if you manage to unsplit the white serpent.

I left the development menus available (just like in the pie version) to make it easier to bughunt for myself and you.

The slave end is pretty much the same with the exception that you can also go back in the past afterwards for a very short time (provided the white serpent is still split).

There are only three new sex scenes. One with the elder council, a beach scene with the main girls and one with Izumi. I would’ve liked to include more… but that’ll have to wait for a future build.

“Most people who played Four Elements Trainer 0.9.9b till the end already can safely skip this version.
I basically had to fix one bug which could cause an infinite loop bug. The bug happens if both Jinora and Korra give you a blowjob and you pick “babies” from the menu. If you pick “cum inside” afterwards the game crashes . Should be fixed now. I hope so, because I’m pumped to start working on the final chapter!”

Summary of new build scenes. Naturally there will be spoilers in this

-The already existing Pema condom scene now has the option to go in raw(if you called her a babe when first meeting her).
-Korra can be fucked doggy style (when you picked both Korra and Jinora). You can see it after having sex with Jinora without a condom.
-Kuvira can be boob slapped and will give you a boobjob(if you free her). I also added a different angle during vaginal sex with her.
-Kyoshi and Yang chen, will have an anul and vaginal scene.(Anul is misspelled on purpose, because patreon’s auto nanny function is give me shit…badum tssh… about it)
-When doing anul with Korra there’s a new sperm option when Jinora is present after a certain point (you’ll need to have chosen the both of them)
-I added some pornlove pages.
-You can see Pema and Tenzin go at it.
-I added the option to have Jinora/Korra present during the sex scenes after a certain point when you’ve chosen the both of them. Just minor stuff like a few lines and a new pic or two.
-I’ve also added other things here and there, but those are mostly small improvements to already existing drawings.
Like I said it’s not a big build.

The already existing Pema condom scene now has the option to go in raw(if you called her a babe when first meeting her).
Korra can be fucked doggy style (when you picked both Korra and Jinora). You can see it after having sex with Jinora without a condom.
Kuvira can be boob slapped and will give you a boobjob(if you free her). I also added a different angle during vaginal sex with her.
Kyoshi and Yang chen, will have an anul and vaginal scene.(Anul is misspelled on purpose, because patreon’s auto nanny function is give me shit…badum tssh… about it)
When doing anul with Korra there’s a new sperm option when Jinora is present after a certain point (you’ll need to have chosen the both of them)
I added some pornlove pages.
You can see Pema and Tenzin go at it.
I added the option to have Jinora/Korra present during the sex scenes after a certain point when you’ve chosen the both of them. Just minor stuff like a few lines and a new pic or two.
I’ve also added other things here and there, but those are mostly small improvements to already existing drawings.

What’s in this build Four Elements Trainer? Clearly there will be some spoilers here so… perhaps not look at this until you’ve finished playing the build.
-There’s an anal scene(two versions) with Opal.
-There’s a one on one vaginal scene with Suyin.
-Two handjobs(Kuvira and Zhuli)
-A vaginal scene with Zhuli.
-Another possible scene with Suyin. If you turned down Baatar’s threesome suggestion you won’t see it.
-Two of the player’s previous incarnations will lick dick!
-Your dick will get slapped!
And a couple of other smaller things along the way.

-Two new scenes with Jinora and one old repurposed version so it can also be seen in Zoafu.
-Three scenes with Suyin(two can be missed).
-Two new scenes with Opal.
-And a bunch of other nick knacks along the way. I don’t like calling things scenes when they don’t have any animation.
Patreon complains when I write as much as even some of the abbreviations of the scenes so you’ll just have to see them yourself to figure out what they are.

So what can you expect to see in this version? There will be a message telling you when you’ve reached the end of the build when you go to sleep, but to give you a general idea.
Two new scenes with Jinora(plus one older repurposed scene just so you can see it again ).
Two new scenes with Opal.
And Suyin gets two scenes, but one will be optional and can be missed.
And then there’s a couple of other nick knacks along the way.
That’s right, no sexy Korra this time though you will see her for a few short moments.

There are small changes all over the place, but the biggest take place before/during the snowstorm, the first time you see Jinora wearing orange, but the biggest change is that we added a short Jinora scene at the end during day 11.

It’s a very small one and not really sexy, but it’s another important step to getting in her panties eventually. A pic of it is in the header.

Four Elements Trainer Halloween Special v.2
Spooky times 2 – a FET side story

Hey all! Marty talking!

I finished the Halloween side story. As you might already know, I started creating this around the 10th(?) of this month and it’s pretty much a one man creation. Coding, writing and drawing. I hope I’ve made something funny and entertaining to help you wait for the real main story build to arrive …which has become quite an ordeal to say the least…

Cbob is clearly having some sort of problem. I think I’ll talk about that some more in a not too distant post because this is getting too messed up. Just be assured I’ll send the links to that future build out via pm’s once it’s ready, so you can safely quit being a patron of ours and still get the build.

But enough about that for right now. The build I’m linking to in this post is a small Halloween themed side story like I did last year. I added a couple of extra scenes since the bughunt and streamlined it some more.

Thanks for the feedback bughunters! Both for mentioning bugs as well as suggesting other improvements. You’ll find I did my best to add most of your suggestions although naturally I haven’t been able to add all which you(or I) wanted and asked for.

It has been a few crazy weeks for me, but I’m reasonably happy with what I managed to do. I hope you will be too. And yes, there’s a bunch of scenes in here which you can miss, but I’ve added a summary of what you managed to find/do at the end of the story. Don’t assume you’ve found everything if you got a perfect score though, box spirits are hard to find!

Anyway links are below. And I also just uploaded an Art Assets update, so don’t forget that if you are in the appropriate tier.

Four Elements Trainer v0.9.0c
As much as I dislike having to release these new versions with only minor bugfixes, the last one still had a bug which can potentially lock players out of progressing.

You might not have encountered it, but the problem occurs when talking with Korra about the Equalists during book 4’s love route. Doing so would make her not want to talk anymore for that day in version 0.9.0b.

Not a problem the first time, but it can cause BIG problems later on if you repeat the conversation again and is able to lock you out of progressing. It’s fixed in this new version, but as long as you don’t repeat the Equalist conversation later you should be safe in the old one as well.

Four Elements Trainer v0.9.0b
This is basically 0,9.0a with a few small bugfixes.
Quick recap, this build contains the start of book 4’s love route. The main differences between this version and 0.9.0a is the fact we added some music and fixed some parts of the sexdoll mini-game. For some people the mini-game was over the second it started and for others, the clicks wouldn’t always properly register. Should be fixed in this version.

– extra dog walking scene
– extra end scene (fly high in the sky)
– washroom scene (gotta get clean!)
– new versions of old korra scenes (indicated with a heart)
– new version of old equalist scene (visit the cells)

Oh no those are saggy breasts that you chose to see despite all of my warnings

Four Elements Trainer v0.8.7a
Equalists invade! Oh no!
Face-to-face with Amon! Will this be the end?!
You’re on a blimp! And what’s that? Korra’s naked? What’s she doing? Oh. OH. That’s nice.
Help Asami in a way she doesn’t even know she needs! Get rewarded! Friendship is magic!
Southpole adventures continue! A surprise for you, and a birthday party! (can you create the best birthday party ever?!? Probably not!)
Squash Pema and Lin’s beef!
Be a terrible pseudo-daddy! A couple times! Don’t get caught!
Help Shady make a sexy city-wide Movers with lasers!
Take Korra on a walk!
Did you get Korra pregnant? Why did you do that?
Finish the slave route!
more equalists in prison!

Four Elements Trainer v0.8.6b
You can sort your mail!
You can return to the south pole. Including a few older scenes which you now can replay there will be a new:
– Eska scene
– Desna scene
– Eska/Desna scene
Ask everyone where Korra is.
– anal/vaginal with Asami
Get lube (not what you think!)
– Korra teaches Equalist how to bend. Or not.
– Equalist girl appears. Or not.
A shocking revelation. Or not
Provide Korra with mental support. Or not.
– Korra sad sex
Be Shady’s/Asami’s errand boy!
– Yangchen anal/vaginal
– Yangchen boobjob
Fix what’s borked! Look at the airships!

In order to use cheats, you need to open the console. In games on ren’py, the console opens the same way:
Go to Four_Elements_Trainer \ renpy \ common and open the 00console file with a text editor. Find the line # If true, the console is enabled despite config.developer being False.
config.console = False and change False to True. Save the changes.
In the game, press Shift + O to open the console.

Book 1:
katara_aff =
kpubwalk =
krespect =
money =
potions =
Waterbending =

Book 2:
total_girls =
used_girls =
fmoney =
food =
morality =
aslut =
apublic =
azula_aff =
mai_aff =
potions =
crab_potions =

Book 3:
store.bk3_lifepotions =
store.bk3_manapotions =
toph_aff =
emoney = 10000
obsidian = 100
bk3_wood = 100
bk3_steel = 100
bk3_player_life = 1000
bk3_accuracy = 100
bk3_evade = 100
crab1_hp = 10000
crab1_move2 = True
crab1_move3 = True
crab1_move4 = True

Release date: 2023-09-03
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Animated, Parody, Fantasy, Trainer, Anal sex, Footjob, Humor, Loli, MILF, Mind control, Oral sex, Titfuck, Virgin, Vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Mity
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 1.0.6e + Save + Gallery Mod + Lains Walkthrough Mod
Language: English
Size: 694 MB

Download Keep2Share Download Turbobit Download Hitfile
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