Jack-o-nine-tails [v.2.3]

You are a slave trainer living in dreams of greatness and recognition. Develop your craft by buying or selecting slaves, make an effort to tame them and turn them into real, desired temptresses, so that later you can earn a lot of money from them from clients with special requirements. Become an honorary member of the Guild and achieve real greatness! You, the Jack-o-nine-tails!​

– Set farmhand and assistant daily calories to a level where they won’t gain weight if the player ignores them (unless recovering from Bony physique).
– If half of an energy star was spent yesterday, carry over the remaining half for tomorrow.
– Home decor purchase budget/premium text corrections/additions (contributed by joeshmo828282).
– Add obedience check for item refusals.
– Rename hard game difficulty to extreme.
– Reduce rental costs for normal and easy game difficulty.
– Increase initial sparks for normal starts
– Increase default and maximum sparks for normal custom starts.
– Tweak slave arena battles to emphasize gladiatrix skill more.
– remove hint from objectives tab after julia is retrieved.
– increase cow impregnation level after gangbang lessons even if master does not participate; also for xenophily (except spider and sea tentacle), dog show, public use and public toilet; remove disease risk from barn’s group insemination to make it more competitive (also lower obedience threshold to match a vaginal lesson and don’t give gangbang experience).
– add “with her weapon” to attack text when armed slave fights master.
– except on hardcore obedience difficulty, negative mood has a reduced impact on diligence.
– if more than five bottles of milk, change “sell one bottle” button to “sell all bottles”.
– minor bug fixes (thanks to sarinee for spotting these).
– include potential skill boost from clothing in master inventory to determine skill level that can be taught.
– link main screen cow milking button to farmhand milking action; add cow maintenance automation (bathe cow if hygiene is 3 or more; gradually sell bottles to milk cooperative when prices are favorable).
– increase production from Kraken and Leviathan.
– experimental: enable negotiation sales for district residents (credit to sarinee for analysis, design proposal and significant code contributions)
– reduce best-case negotiation bonuses to 1.5x instead of 2x
– report assistant grocery purchases under food costs instead of other expenses in decade billing account
– model-losing-weight farmhand or assistant eats more
– reposition milk canister in master inventory when owned without a barn; confine to inventory tab only
– Correct General Carneys’ requirements text color-coding to reflect coded expectation (A+ not S+ xenophily and secretary skill); expand Tiamat’s requirements text to indicate that all witchdoctor skills are expected
– add dungeon release/exchange/imprison button to main screen
– don’t show assistant calories on main screen
– relocate dungeon fast swap button
– Don’t immediately prompt to save set the first time you use the equip manager.
– apply no gore option for applicable tavern scenes
– Bill for all mini ponies, not just slave/assistant/prisoner
– Reposition un-expanded cryo menu to reduce chance of accidentally clicking expand button
– Cap brand reputation from arena events at Celebrity B+ instead of Famous A+
– Cap brand reputation from selling slaves to “regular customers” at B+ also
– Decanting from cryo now costs slave half an energy star
– Master strength now deteriorates at a rate proportional to the gap between inferior food quality and current strength
– Master libido now rises passively at a slower rate and declines faster with bad mood or periods without sex
– To make mood management non-trivial, master mood is now more affected by negative entries in the diary
– Change sentence inside the Objective tab which kind of change narrator midway.
– Domini dictum bypasses refusal when putting slaves in barn.
– Check for pet affinity trait for pet rule impact on mood.
– Align praetor kamael requirements text with code.
– Add an auto_end_day save point.
– Little overhaul for punishment tiers (so that a spank or a naked walk is not on the same tier as a verbal scold…).
– Glitch: Isabella’s picture wasn’t appearing during the encounter at the fog.
– Nerfed Isabella (for exemple, removed her perversion and meekness which do not necessarily fit her character or her back story).
– Make the terminology homogeneous across the tutorial and the game (awareness was “rational obedience”, devotion was “morality”). Give the stats the adequate font colors during the tutorial.
– Remove the hand holding pop-up hints introduced in 2.2.2.
– Hide equipment manager button while showing equipment manager menus.
– linked sex skill revisions: rubbing is linked to titjob skill instead of handjob skill; handjob skill is linked to overall petting category instead of rubbing skill; triple penetration tracks gangbang only up to B+ instead of up to S+
– More accurate translation from Russian of Isabella’s backstory. Her text said: “I was always a tomboy”, but that was literal translation of what in context meant “not obedient kid”, “little brat”.
– Correction of some icon from “ui overhaul”, like the city ones and the auction ones which didn’t have a golden frame. And the barn one which had a transparent background.

1. Master personality no longer rises passively to match brand reputation; instead, it tracks the lesser of standard of living or home quality, the latter being a subjective assessment based on the quality of the decor vs. the master’s reputation; personality can now slowly decrease to a new equilibrium level if the master is living in what he considers to be substandard housing and it is above the current standard of living or home quality; for example, S+ personality will gradually drop to A+ personality if the standard of living is A+, unless the master has a low brand reputation and therefore considers the home quality fantastic; in effect, it is easier to raise personality when you have lower standards; note however that personality can still be increased by other means, in the course of training, which will allow it to rise up to the standard of living level even if the master has an S+ brand reputation and considers the current home inadequate.
2. Introduced a new repeatable event with negative effects that triggers after living in the slums for a while
3. Increase rental costs of apartments and extended rentals so that progressing through the districts as you develop skills and a collection of trained slaves becomes more of a survival imperative than a roleplaying choice; living in Camira now costs 200 sparks more per decade (but includes free barn access) and charges more for boudoir, dungeon and lab (15 -> 30, 15 -> 20, 20 -> 200); Serpentine now costs 350 sparks more per decade (in compensation for easy access to cryo storage, technosphere and illusionary beach) and includes no “free” extended rentals, charging more for boudoir, dungeon, lab and barn (15 -> 30, 15 -> 20, 20 -> 200, 15 -> 100) … considering that space is at a premium in the Serpentine, a barn there is expensive; Taurus now costs 525 sparks more per decade (but includes a free dungeon) and charges more for boudoir, lab and barn (25 -> 50, 30 -> 200, 20 -> 100) … considering that Taurus has a feud with Camira, the expense of a barn here may be too low; Necropolis now costs 700 sparks more per decade (in exchange for allowing S+ quality of living and giving convenient access to the Steel Rose) and comes with a “free” boudoir and dungeon … however, the lab and barn are expensive, 200 and 100 sparks respectively; finally, White Town (only for patricians) costs 850 sparks more per decade, gives access to the highest quality of living, also includes boudoir and dungeon, and has the same 200/100 costs for lab and barn. In conclusion, an end-game patrician in White Town will be paying a base cost of 1300 sparks (+ 10 to 50 for fiend pen depending on size) per decade. Selling a single S+ slave (for base value of 8000 sparks) would cover just over 6 decades. Note however that there are still variable “cost of living” expenses ranging from 800 to 2000 sparks, plus other comparatively small expenses (food, cryo), and all of these costs are subject to the slave and/or assistant’s secretarial review. Obtaining a slave with the secretary trait and S+ intellect and secretary skill to supervise accounting will be more valuablethan ever. The much-increased laboratory cost will also reward planning ahead – bulk purchasing ingredients and dedicating a decade to alchemy training and/or renewing alchemy stocks so that the rental can be ended within the decade to save sparks until next required.
4. increase rental cost of fiend pen as the fiend grows (growing from 10 to 50 sparks per decade)
5. increase purchase price of non-meat non-alcohol food ingredients (luxury items) – money sink
6. reduce 2nd tier, 3rd tier and 4th tier loan durations to 40, 50, 60 days respectively (down from 60, 90, 120 days; 1st tier unchanged at 30 days); change values for 3rd tier from (loan 2000, repay 2500) to (loan 2000, repay 2600), which is a 1.3x instead of 1.25x ratio; change values for 4th tier from (loan 5000, repay 7000) to (loan 3000, repay 4200), which is the same 1.4x ratio, but a smaller amount; in summary, the repayment ratios are now 1.2, 1.25, 1.3, 1.4 instead of 1.2, 1.25, 1.25, 1.4 and the durations are now 30, 40, 50, 60 instead of 30, 60, 90, 120
7. revise slave sale values to reduce difference between D- and C+ (C+ is now 1000 instead 1500, C- is now 850 instead of 1000) while increasing value of higher tiers (B+ 1000 more, A- 1000 more, A+ 2000 more, S- 2500 more, S+ 3000 more)
8. reduce speed bonus by 66% for guild contracts below current guild reputation level (in other words, below the highest accessible contract level)
9. limit gladiatrix contestants per decade to 3 instead of 5 and tie them to guild reputation only, instead of both guild reputation and brand reputation, with limit of 2 contestants at B+ guild reputation increasing to 3 at S+ guild reputation
10. slower fame increases for arena battles (19 wins from F- to S+); race unchanged at 15 wins from F- to S+; a slave that does both types of contest (such as Felicity) can reach S+ fame sooner; similarly reduce brand reputation gains for master from arena battles (1 point less for all battles except the “LI-BE-RO” transitional battle to arena champion, which is unchanged at 5 points – in other words, training multiple successful arena champions is a good way to raise brand reputation, which makes sense)
11. enforce a minimum standard of living depending on current residence (for each residence, players can choose between the base level or one level above that)
12. adjust diligence formula to start giving a bonus at B+ teaching skill for master instead of A+, to start giving a bonus at A+ intellect for assistant instead of S+, and to increase the bonus for school classes and tutors by 1 point each; also adjust diligence formula on normal difficulty to combine obedience or mood override into one so that they no longer stack with each other (effectively this combined with the previous change moves discretion over 1 point of diligence to the teacher instead of the student, while ensuring that on normal difficulty a slave that is at least calm or has no thorns in their aura will be motivated to put in at least D- quality effort – which previously was done only if the slave had positive mood or obedience)
13. add console button to city screens for developer versions
14. renamed “Charismatic” label for master allure attribute to “Captivating” because charisma is represented by a different attribute (personality)
15. reduce cost of property purchase (now equivalent to 150 decades of rent instead of 600 decades)
16. fixes and refactoring; improved help text for master injuries, personality and guild reputation attributes; corrected rental prepayments so they are deducted when the rental begins and credited towards the end of decade billing; also corrected real estate agency 10% commissions which were not always deducted (also fixed the text for Camira to include the same .commission text that is there for all other apartments); added tooltips for grayed-out menswear icons in white town boutique; added tooltips for grayed-out property options in real-estate office; slightly revised Julia trigger conditions so you actually have to go outside your home to trigger it, as it claims, instead of getting an unexpected pop-up somewhere else; improved how events can be triggered for the common scenario of wanting something to happen when leaving or returning home; adjusted fridge overflow priority to discard cheaper ingredients first
17. fix partial refund for returning a purchased apartment
18. fix motivation repulse for master housekeeping lesson
19. fix missing text in arena fight for one of the first-tier dimachaeri (two sword) opponents
20. adjust guild contract deadlines giving 5 extra days for D-, D+ and C- respectively, 10 extra days for B+ through S- respectively, and 20 extra days for S+ … making it slightly easier to complete these contracts with time bonuses or reduced late penalties … and also potentially allowing time for an extra arena contest or two to supplement your income
21. re-order moodlets (order they appear in master diary or when asking slave about how she feels) and improve some of the wording
22. reverse order of “how do you feel” responses to display the positive ones first like the master diary
23. disable spoil moodlet if rape, defloration or angst moodlet is active, and relocate the code that enables the spoil moodlet
24. to reduce mood swings, apply a temporary and smaller mood bonus on the same day when positive moodlets end
25. to reduce mood swings, adjusted next day mood carry over formula to apply a bonus representing half of the previous day’s mood (counting anything above depressed as positive)
26. positive moodlets fade faster when a slave feels despair, scaling with the level of despair, but now this occurs only if the slave’s despair exceeds an empathy threshold (5 despair at F- empathy, 1 despair at A+ or S+ empathy) – this is the same condition that determines whether the “hopeless” moodlet appears when you ask how she feels
27. the “you didn’t punish me” moodlet now applies a larger mood bonus as long as it is active, instead of only on the first day, but diminishes over time, and the moodlet will end immediately if a punishment is applied; some negative side effects of doing this are also reduced slightly
28. discovered and fixed a small bug in the diligence formula that resulted in less variance than intended
29. Dexterous trait now gives chance for better diligence in concerts or when washing or massaging the master (putting those artistic fingers to good use… maybe some sex skills too?)
30. Reputation objectives tab with more direct guidance. + Empty cryo cell display. + Revised home capsule text. + Slightly revised lactation surgery text (to make clearer that it is referring to acceptance of the result, not the success probability of the surgery itself).
31. Added “repeat last recipe” button for alchemy
32. Allow access to empty cryo cells when home capsule is rented
33. Text improvements (reputation objectives, taurus club joining requirements, lactation surgery, home capsule)
34. Fixed speed award calculation for guild contracts (again)
35. Rebalanced guild reputation progression as described up-thread (also, slaves sold via guild auction earn guild reputation only if they are ranked above player’s current guild letter grade). Note: no reputation will be gained for contracts that are excessively late (zero value) or both late and with a quality penalty [quality bonus is negative] (even if non-zero value). The text indicating a reputation increase doesn’t fit with all the other text complaining about what a bad job you did, and on reflection, it does not make sense to award reputation for a late, bad job. On the other hand, if the contract is not late and still worth a positive payment overall, then you will receive reputation even if there is a quality penalty. Practically speaking, the guild is tolerant of late contracts until the speed penalty eclipses the entire payment, so you have a grace period … as long as the slave does not have excessive quality defects.
36. Tweaked some item effects, mostly mood maluses; more checking shy or frigid traits, pony gear checks race champion trait, heels aren’t comfortable for unhealthy slaves, being naked has some benefits now to compensate for the mood malus, perfume gift has an added benefit, headband gift has an added benefit (but is not better than the hijab which is priced the same), spiked collar is now uncomfortable for slaves who aren’t at least B+ gladiatrix so there’s more reason to use other collars, pet training avoids mood malus from cow gear, etc
37. Rebalance (reduce) despair increase from more than two punishments per day
38. Placing second or third in the race earns a cash prize. Other negative and positive effects of not placing first were reasonable already and still apply.
39. Reverted the despair for excessive punishments, its absence was immediately missed
40. Tightened guild contract time limits (low end is still a little more forgiving than previous versions) and reduced guild contract prepayment amounts (you already needed to have savings or supplemental income when working on these, and taken together with increased completion value for high rankings, it was excessive)
41. Deterministic pseudo-random enemy selection and deterministic pseudo-random enemy reactions in combat ( if this works as intended, combat is no longer an easy win by save scumming until you get the enemy you want and the sequence of moves you want; instead, if you reload and then do the same things, so will they, and if you do something different, so will they, so you can feel accomplished if you manage to pass a hard battle after 15 tries, instead of feeling like you’re playing a gacha game )
42. Disabled a “hack” that limits the Vatican Champion’s damage … so we can see what happens (is there a bug?)
43. Made equipment-sets able to be saved, named, viewed, forgotten.

Release date: 2024-05-27
Genre: 2DCG, Anal sex, BDSM, Big tits, Footjob, Incest, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Sex toys, Slave, Spanking, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Original Title: Валет Плетей
Developer / Publisher: Old Huntsman
Platform: Windows
Version: 2.2.3 + LPatch / 2.3 Russian Edition + Mods
Language: English, Russian
Size: 2.6 GB / 4.65 GB

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