My Dorm [Part 1-2 v.0.16.2]

Mark returns home after college to find that his father has fled to the Caribbean with his mistress, after years of embezzling money at his job, leaving his now ex-girlfriend at home without money. The main character will have to help turn the family home into a college dorm while reconnecting with the people he left behind when he started college in another city. The game will show how old relationships are renewed, as well as the creation of new ones, with our character deciding which women to start these relationships with. The first chapter features eight girls with whom there was a previous relationship, in the following chapters new women will be introduced, both previously known by the character, as well as new relationships to develop. My Dorm – there are a lot of sexy girls here!

30,083 words in English (700) – 1st – (417,729/105,779)
28,015 words in Spanish (652) – 1st – (389,174/98,883)
2,165 dialogue lines – 1st – (29,651/7,713)
1,686 still images – 2nd – (17,891/6,637)
17 Animations – 7th – (298/88)
2,272 animated frames – 2nd – (17,056/8,631)
3,958 total renders (92) – 3rd – (34,947/15,268)
43 development days – (645/167)
22 new songs/sfx – (/95 for Part 2)
Reconverted every image (6,680) in Part 2 with a new converter so the noise produced by the old one was removed.

Value (Daily production if I published today) – Position among updates – (Total):
27,222 words in English (664) – 1st – (387,653)
25,613 words in Spanish (625) – 1st – (361,159)
1,863 dialogue lines – 2nd – (27,486)
1,613 still images – 2nd – (16,205)
21 Animations – 6th – (281)
2,874 animated frames – 1st – (14,784)
4,487 total renders (109) – 1st – (30,989)
41 development days – 14th (tied) – (598)

Table of contents:
I’ll repeat here the table of contents to have all the information in a single post.
Daphne’s Date (or alternative scene)
Daphne’s Lewd scene
Bring Erika to work
Lunch with Eileen
Eileen’s lewd scene
Lisa goes on a date
Turmoil in the kitchen (5 alternative short scenes)
Kisses, relationships, and Meemaw
A business meeting
Kiara’s House
Students’ Girls Night (you aren’t invited)

v.0.14 (Part 2 Chapter2)
Table of contents
Continuation of Samantha/Simone scene (for those of you who got a cliffhanger).
Pool lewd scenes (Norah+Erika, or Norah, or Erika… or the three scenes through a “what if?” menu). A small surprise in the individual paths (you can play them even if you are in the combined path).
Chat with Saira.
To the beach!
Truth or Dare game (those girls don’t learn).
Long beach scene (or a lot of small scenes). Some secrets come to light.
Christmas in Summer lunch and narrator spoilers.
Visit Maddie.
Teaser for the next update.

Technical information
26,453 words in English (662 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
24,813 words in Spanish (554 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
2,089 dialogue lines (269 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
2,003 still images (460 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
26 Animations (3 less than the biggest update (v.0.9A))
2,196 Animated frames (651 more than the biggest update (v.0.10B))
4,199 Total renders (1,395 more than the biggest update (v.0.10B))

v0.13 (Part 2 Chapter 1)
Words in English: 22,028 (5th). Total: 333,978.
Words in Spanish: 20,442 (5th). Total: 310,733.
Dialogue lines: 1,596 (5th). Total: 23,534.
Still images: 1,335 (2nd). Total: 12,589.
Animations: 24 animations (tied 3rd) with 1,289 renders (3rd). Total 234 animations with 9,714 renders.
Total Renders: 2,624 (2nd). Total: 22,303.
Lines of code: 3,570 related to the update plus a lot in the new interface and features (mostly done by RiamMar).
Days of development: 37 (5th worst)

Update content:
Eileen and Kiara’s story and settling them at home.
Kate’s backstory.
Knowing a bit more about Kiara.
Visiting Scarlett’s home. We’ll meet her mother.
Kiara meets another new tenant.
Getting Saira at the airport and arriving home.
Visit Samantha and Jamaal (some branching involved).
Samantha’s long lewd scene (1,427 renders).

25,791 words. Total: 311,950.
1,820 lines of dialogue. Total: 21,938.
1,543 still images. Total: 11,254.
9 animations with 799 renders. Total 210 animations with 8,425 renders.
2,342 renderings in total. Total: 19,679.
3,016 lines of language-specific code (the largest so far, surpassing the initial release by 15.) Total: 38,254.
412 lines of shared code. Due to an optimization of the shared code, this number has practically disappeared. I will stop tracking it.

What happens in the update?
As I already posted in the Table of Contents, a lot of things happen:
Lisa’s nightmare
Kim wakeup
Debbie gets what you offered her in the airport (if you did)
Norah and some towels
Meemaw and a robe
Aunt Betty and a rolling pin
Getting lewd with Norah
NTR and GILF (not what you are thinking about)
Calling Alexia
Jamaal doing Jamaal-ish things
Edmund’s story (pseudo-closure)
Aftermath of the morning events
Debbie shows you some underwear (also not what you are thinking about. Linked to her previous scene)
Daphne inverse corruption path (closure) / Daphne romance path
Aunt Betty once again
You got an email and a box
A new arrival

20,426 words in English (286,159 total).
19,002 words in Spanish (266,032 total).
1,391 dialogue lines (20,118 total).
2,463 renders (17,337) divided into
1,089 stills (9,711 total).
19 (201) animations with 1,374 (7,626) animated frames
4,505 (53,696) code lines divided into
2,624 for each language
1,881 shared (it’s greatly reduced because of optimization. From this update on, this number will be very small)

Table of contents:
Lisa’s situation explained (several times)
Alexia meets the family
Pandora box continues opening
Scarlett’s date

799 still renders and 242 animated frames in two animations (1,041 in total).
15,637 words in English (pre-proofreading).
14,509 words in Spanish.
1,079 dialogue lines.
4,679 lines of code (pre-proofreading and sound.


Days of development: 41 (4th largest)
Words in English: 21,010, Total: 250,096
Words in Spanish: 19,474, Total: 232,521
Dialogue lines: 1,511, Total: 17,648
Still images: 1,259, Total: 7,823
Animations: 24, Total: 180
Animated frames: 1,545, Total: 6,010
Total Renders: 2,804, Total: 13,833
11 new songs.

Included RiamMar’s Decision Choice mod into the base game for all versions.
Included RiamMar’s Family mod into the base game for the Android pre-patched version.

But it’s big in everything else:
Stills: 642 (Total: 6,564)
Animations: 12 (Total: 156)
Total Renders: 1,251 (Total: 11.029)

Who’s in the update:
Martha and the MC start the day with a chat.
There’s another chat with Debbie.
Breakfast with Kate and Martha.
Simone (long lewd scene).
Picking up Meemaw at the airport.

English words: 23,025. (Total 216.687)
Spanish words: 21.265. (Total 203,633)
Dialogue lines: 1,692. (Total 15,437)
Still Images: 589 (Total 5,922 images.)
Animations: 20. (Total 144 animations.)
Animated frames: 1,074. Largest update (Total 3,856 frames.)
Total renders: 1,633. Largest update My Dorm (Total 9,778 images.)
Lines of code: 3,662, 2,961 in each language and 701 shared (Total 33,804 lines.)

The students come home and are welcomed by the family
Have you bought pregnancy tests for Norah? Well, it’s time to use them.
Someone is going to have a mini jealousy attack over something as innocent as shortening a student’s name.
Lunch and getting to know the new girls a little better.
Girls in bikinis at the pool!
Our favorite spies make a mini appearance.
Maddie – Maddie – Maddie (three slightly different scenes depending on her paths), or call Jamaal for coffee if you rejected Maddie.
Another jealous lady.
Erika. Her scene has over half the update’s renders (841/1663). A beach at sunset, a black dress falls to the ground, a goth girl gets lots of love. Or go to the supermarket to buy milk and “play” My Residence if you rejected the girl

Words: 25,234. Largest update (Total 193,662, beats Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).
Still Images: 577 (Total 5,333 images.)
Animations: 29. Largest update (Total 124 animations).
Animated frames: 388 (Total 2,782 frames.)
Total images: 965 (Total 8,115 images.)
Lines of code: 3,429, 2,916 in each language and 513 shared (Total 30,142 lines.)
Group sex goes from planned to actual tag

Different scenes with Daphne and Scarlett depending on your choices with them. You will be able to see them all, as I have introduced a menu that will allow you to see them as ‘What if?’ memories without changing your playthrough.
Conversations with Erika and Norah.
Arrival and introduction of the new students. Kim, Debbie, Lisa, and Kate.

21,489 words in English (168,428 total. Beats “The Two Towers”).
20,283 words in Spanish (158,820 in total)
1,489 dialogue lines (11,998 in total)
558 new still images (Total of 4,756)
26 animations with 385 frames (Total of 95 animations with 2,394 frames)
943 new renders between still images and animations (Total of 7,150)
3.336 lines of code (2.525 in each language and 811 shared) (Total of 26,713 lines of code)
4 new music tracks
5 new SFX
Sleep sex goes from planned to actual tag

16,298 new English words (0.7: 26,305) (Total 146,939)
15,347 Spanish words (0.7: 24,886) (Total 138,537)
1,168 lines of dialogue (0.7: 1,971) (Total 10,509) My wife says the characters talk a lot and fuck very little.
561 new still images (0.7: 904) (Total 4.198)
15 animations with 638 frames (Total 69 animations with 2,009 frames)
1,199 new renders between still images and animations (0.7: 1,542) (Total 6,207)
2,699 lines of code (1951 in each language and 748 shared) (0.7: 4,454) (Total 23,377 lines of code)

My Dorm v.0.7A
10,007 words in English
9,539 words in Spanish
803 Lines of dialogue
343 renders (no animations this time)
1,755 Lines of code (1,343 in each language + 412 shared)
10 new music tracks

18,814 words in English
17,485 words in Spanish
1,404 lines of dialogue
13 animations (335 renders)
708 still images
1,043 renderings in total (the largest to date)
3,589 lines of code (2,484 in each language + 1,105 shared)

In this new update we have:
23,810 words in English
22,352 words in Spanish
1,629 Lines of dialogue
3.637 lines of code (2.905 in each language + 732 shared)
669 Still images
14 Animations (between 8 and 121 frames) totaling 345 animated frames.
1,014 renderings in total
Titfuck and Corruption tags go from planned to real

Release date: 2024-03-05
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Interracial, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Humor, PoV, Romance, Twins, Harem, Titfuck, Virgin, School Setting, Sleep Sex, Sexual Harassment, Sex Toys, Lesbian, Group sex, Anal Sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Tropecita Games
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Part 1 v.0.12 + Ipatch / Part 2 Chapter 3.2 v.0.16.2
Language: English, Spanish
Size: 4.91 GB / 1.78 GB (compressed) / 2.51 GB (Part 2)

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