Rogue-like: Evolution [v.1.52]

Sex game Rogue-like: Evolution from Oni. You are a new Mutant who has the ability to be immune to all other Mutant powers including the girl with the deadly touch Rogue. She’s intrigued and susceptible to your influence so you can either play nice and show her the love she’s been missing or train her to be your lap dog.

Ok, hopefully this one should be relatively bug minimal, I hope to not have another build before 1.4. It’s mostly bug fixes, although I did do a pass on Jean’s doggy pose, I thought her face looked weird.

For those who missed the last post, I’d apparently never noticed that Patreon has a 200mb file size limit, and the latest game builds have _just_ over that, so I needed to split the install files. Since a lot of people were having issues with split archives, Plan C is to use Mega as a host, we’ll see how that works out. So far, not too big a hassle on this end, probably easier than manually splitting up files, although I am going to experiment with 7z. Does .7z format work for Mac and Linux users?

As for new content to 1.3, I added Gwen’s sex poses, and a “green button” in McCoy’s lab that will show up to all 8 girls at once on screen, which early feedback (including my own) is that it causes input lag that seems unrelated to hardware specs. I’m going to see if there are any options on my end to improve that.

What’s new this build? Some more art fixes, including to the anal plug animations, another fix to the “View” menu, which has been giving me some hassles, and just general “better”-ness, hopefully. Whoa. Deja vu. This is what I’d *wanted* to ship as version c, but forgot to include some of the updated files in that one, so not all the intended changes had made it in.
(Don’t be a lazy uploader and copy paste without removing the redundant)

Ok, this should fix some of the bugs from the last one. I’ve also included split mac and linux files, let me know if those work for you, it’s a bit of a hassle, but managable on this end. For those who missed the last post, I’d apparently never noticed that Patreon has a 200mb file size limit, and the latest game builds have _just_ over that, so I needed to split the install files. Grab BOTH files for your intended system, have them both in the same directory, extract the first and the second should extract automatically.

As for new content to 1.3, I added Gwen’s sex poses, and a “green button” in McCoy’s lab that will show up to all 8 girls at once on screen, which early feedback (including my own) is that it causes input lag that seems unrelated to hardware specs. I’m going to see if there are any options on my end to improve that.

-Gwen will no longer show up while Gwen is giving a BJ. The other Gwen. The first Gwen stays.
-Fixed an crash bug if you cum in Gwen’s mouth
-Added the option to turn their head facing in the sex poses, and also added the option to change her pose view when she’s masturbating (assuming she knows you’re there). Let me know if that one can cause any weirdness.

Ok, I guess I’ll have to use numbers now.

With any luck, this version will have few, if any significant bugs. It shouldn’t be all that different than 0.999z, I made a few tweaks that I discussed in the comments to that one, but nothing major. So I guess, give this one a try.

In the meantime, I’m well underway on Gwenpool, I have probably 80-90% of her basic sprite worked out by this point and it’s looking pretty good. I’m also working on some ideas for additions to other characters for the next versions.

I was at work all day I guess 999c is Oni rotating Jube’s sex pose around a bit the frontal one & I’d assume bug fixes, d is more bugfixes with something related to Jube’s wet sprite? Edit: based on what I saw he edited Jube’s frontal pose & it looks somewhat better, haven’t seen it in game tho.

2 new poses for Jubilee (Front and Rear) + associated sex scenes
A new outfit for Jubilee
Halloween content for Jubilee

Ok, putting together the finishing touches now, no more major content additions before it goes out, so I wanted to lay out what to expect. If this is your first time in the community when a new version goes out, welcome, but you should know what to expect. Day one releases tend to be pretty buggy. And day two. Sometimes day three. Ideally not day 7. But the point being, the early versions tend to be pretty buggy, DO NOT DOWNLOAD if all you want is to have fun playing the game without it crashing or causing weird animation glitches or something. That will come later. The early builds tend to be a bit of a mess, but with the help of this lovely community finding and reporting bugs, I try to work very hard to correct them as fast as possible, and tend to get out 2-3 new versions over the first few days, depending on how “game breaking” a given bug might be. Eventually over the next week or two I’ll be bringing the game back to a stable version, and then you can jump on if that’s all you’re looking for. That’s certainly how I’d play it. 😀

If you do find a bug, please report it in the release thread for that build, or in PMs to me, whichever you prefer. Take note of which version you have, and if I’ve come out with a version since then, you can still report the problem, but make sure to let me know because I may have already fixed that issue. If it’s a game crashing bug, it should throw out a crash report. I will want to know the top portion of that report so please copy/paste it. There will be a line that says “Full Traceback” and then sometimes a lot of stuff after that, I generally do not need all that so if it’s, long, you can trim that bit off, I usually only need the portion above it to track down the problem. Try and keep a game save from a bit before that bug, so that when I fix it, you can see if the fix worked for you. Oh, and before playing the new version, make sure that you have a save where you are in your room and alone, those are least likely to cause import issues between versions.

– New HJ/BJ/TJ poses for Jubilee
– New relationship milestone dialogues for Jubilee
– Storm’s new doggy style pose
– A new restaurant background when on dates.

What is still missing:
– Storm’s stockings and a few other clothing pieces in her doggy style pose.
– Storm’s footjob pose in the doggy position

I intend to get that missing stuff finished up over the next few weeks and included by the last build of 0.998 before pivoting to the next one.

Things to look out for
– Any animations that play in a way that doesn’t seem right, please describe what is happening, and what you think should happen as clearly as possible.
– Any story scenes that break in some way, or do not play when you expect them to, etc. I may have missed a hook or something.
– Basic idiot typos (there are bound to be some).

This one should fix some bugs, but might cause some new ones. I’ve kinda been distracted working on Emma’s new pose. I’m liking how it’s turned out. Anyway, this should add in some new interactions in the doggy style and sex poses, ones that didn’t use to have fingering, dildos, or whatever, those options should have been added in. I might add more later. Some of these might cause some animation hiccoughs when switching from one action to another, so let me know if you see any. I have some ideas.
From me will edit the Mac & Linux as I’m still uploding those

Rogue-like: Evolution v0.994c
New this build Rogue-like: Evolution:
I spent so much of this afternoon just poking holes in various stockings. . .
Jean and Storm should have proper holy stockings now, Emma still doesn’t, and might not until next major version (0.995+).
The “shrug” crash that comes up in Storm’s life story should be fixed.
Some issues with Kitty flipping poses unexpectedly should be fixed, but report any that are still happening.
I made some changes to various components in which girls are partially stripped and then behave in an expected way, like repeatedly trying to change back to other clothes or lost clothing magically reappearing. It’s complicated.
A few other little things.

Rogue-like: Evolution v0.994
Do Not Download, I cannot stress that enough. This version Rogue-like: Evolution is likely riddled with issues and should only be downloaded by those interested in testing and breaking things to figure out what went wrong. Later versions will be more stable and playable and fun for people who just want to play the game, so give it at least a few days if that’s what you’re here for.

For those that do download it, if you get any crashes, please report them in this thread, or PM me with them if you prefer. There will be an initial part to the crash report, and then it will say “Full Traceback” and there will be what is typically a longer part. I don’t *usually* need that info and it can make the thread longer, so you can clip that portion out unless I ask for it, but the first bit is important for tracking things down. Try and keep a save from a bit before the error occurred if you can (save early and often), so we can test whether what I try next fixed the problem. Let me know whether the error occurred in a playthrough fresh to the new version or from a save from a previous version.

If an error occurs that does not cause a crash, the best way for me to track it down is to describe which type of scene this was, which characters were involved, and ideally the exact lines of dialogue that were said during or right before the error, because that will let me word search and pin down the exact line of code where things stopped working right. Much easier than trying to run through the entire scene looking for potential problems.

And of course feel free to just offer feedback and suggestions that are not “bugs,” but just things that you think could be better.

The obvious causes of issues would include, but not be limited to:
Storm’s new relationship scenes not appearing or breaking at some point.
The Hose-ripping option not working as intended in some way. I’m not sure that all the girls who have this option have it properly set up. Probably won’t work right on Emma, come to think of it.
The new surprise mechanic.
Storm’s new sex poses not working right in some way, looking weird, whatever. There might be some “brakes” I put on these poses appearing that I forgot to remove.
Kitty’s new clothing options not being available or not appearing properly in some cases.

Rogue-like: Evolution v0.993
New stuff added:
– Storm has been added as a character. She should enter the game some time after Jean joins the roster.

– Storm should have her main standing sprite, several outfit options, and any activities that take place using the standing artwork. She does not yet have her BJ, HJ, TJ, or other sex options accessible. These will be added in updates later this year. Her chitchat and quiz options are a bit limited, I do hope to flesh these out, and she does not yet have her “relationship milestone” scenes in either.

– During dates, you can now chat with the girls while eating dinner. I just thought this would be a fun bonus interaction.

Known issues:
– When doing lesbian/threesome stuff with Storm and some other girls, the “ghost hands” displayed on non-Storm girls may not appear accurate to Storm being in the scene. Those appearing on Storm’s body should be accurate. I intend to fix this over the next couple weeks, but it’s a really fiddly and annoying process that would have delayed release by several days and I didn’t think it would be worth it.

Things to test:
– Make sure Storm’s sprite works in all situations, and never does anything that seems weird, like clothing not displaying as expected, or appearing in the wrong location or something.

-Make sure Storm’s scenes all play out as expected and her interactions with other characters function properly.

-Once Storm joins the cast, she should take over Tuesdays and Thursdays from Emma in class, and Emma shifts to other areas on those days. If this does not occur, if Emma shows up there on days she shouldn’t, let me know. Or if you notice anything weird about Storm as a teacher.

-If you see Rogue’s new sex pose somewhere, let me know. 🙂

-If you can somehow access any of Storm’s sex scenes that should not be available, let me know. The artwork for them does not exist, the links to access them should be locked off, and the dialog for them is just copy-pasted placeholder stuff at the moment, but it’s possible I let a path to them slip through and it would just lead to weirdness.

And just in general, if the game crashes to an error screen, please let me know, either on the release thread, or in a private message. Please include the TOP portion of the error message, but when you hit a line that says “full traceback,” you probably won’t need to include the information that comes after that, and it can get a bit long so you should probably cut that bit out. Save early, save often, and try and keep a save before the error happened so that we can test whatever fix I attempt.

Rogue-like: Evolution v0.992g
this version updates the feet for Laura’s doggy style pose to better fit her model, as well as various typos and minor tweaks.

Rogue-like: Evolution v0.991
Sorry about the delay on this one. It should clean up a few of the bugs, but it’s still not the final 0.991 release since there are some features I’d like to include but haven’t had the time to finish.

It should be noted that pre-0.991 saves will likely still not work in this build, but that is is something I intend to fix before moving to 0.992 development. In the meantime, a patron has noted that if you load a save in 0.990m and then open the “Leave” menu, showing the various places you can go, make a save there, and then load that save in 0.991 and go to a new location, you should be able to continue from there. This should be fine, the issue is not that saves are corrupted or anything, it’s that the game has become confused as to where exactly to “drop” the player into the world.

Rogue-like: Evolution v0.990
Ok, hope you guys enjoyed Rogue-Like 2020 and got to the bonus scene explaining what was going on with that one. 🙂 Here’s another update for version 0.990, which includes the phone sex addition and telepathic sex with Emma (no Jean though). Also bug fixes that happened too long ago for me to remember, but you can check the bug reports from version L if you’re curious. 😉
Anyway, this one should clean up various little issues. Rogue’s stat popups weren’t happening during her intro, that should be fixed now. Some of the face expressions during sex have been tweaked to be more in line with previous versions. Some scene interactions have been cleared up. There were some character display issues in the classroom scenes that should be cleared up. Various other stuff.

One minor element I added was, any time you see a girl naked for the first time, or she sees you naked for the first time, there is a potential dialogue, but in some cases this dialog is skipped because it wouldn’t really fit with the circumstances of the scene. I’ve made a tweak to this so that now if the dialogue is skipped, alternate dialogue appears in the potential chitchats later to achieve the same results.

Release date: 2024-06-01
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Parody, School Setting, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Stripping, Handjob, Titfuck, Masturbation, Corruption, Superpowers, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Group Sex, Animated, Creampie, Groping, Interracial, Footjob, POV, MILF, Lesbian, Male Domination, Romance, Big Tits
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Oni
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 1.52 + Multi Mod
Language: English / Russian
Size: 261 MB

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