Project ATMOSPHERE [v.0.4 Part 3 Hotfix 1]

The action of the game Project ATMOSPHERE takes place in the near future. The year 2025. The main character Dan – a young man who just recently graduated from the university majoring in “Organic Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”. It would seem a great profession, but our hero can not decide what to do next. I’m sure you can help him make up his mind! He is surrounded by different people, among them there are close friends, and some even closer than he thought. Sudden incident will make our hero wake up from “hibernation” and become a real man, who is ready to do anything to achieve his goal.
Added Hotfix 1 and actual android version!

v0.4 Part 3 Hotfix 1
Fixed many errors and typos in translations and dialogs in all game days.
Completely fixed a bug with the tt variable.
Completely fixed a bug where some players could not continue the game if the player did not follow Phoebe and Susan’s routes.
Fixed a bug where some players could not continue on game days 13 and 15 if they chose Susan’s vanilla path.
Changed the structure of the build archives, this will now allow me to release updates in separate archives. So now you won’t have to download the whole game when releasing an update. It will be enough to download the archive with the new content and just unzip it into the game folder, provided you have stored it on your disk.
At the moment all files have been updated and are available for download.

v0.4 Part 3
Day 23 Gameplay Tip:
You might remember that Day 22 ended with the MC choosing where to crash for the night. So, Day 23kicks off with a unique event for each girl, depending on your pick. For those who stayed in their own block or headed over to crash with Phoebe, it might seem like the update’s a bit light on content. I suggest you play through all the character branches while the game’s still in development – this way, you’ll always get the full experience. For Susan fans, I recommend playing through the Day 2 game event, you’re in for a nice surprise. And for Amy aficionados, check out the completely revamped Day 17 event. Hope you have a great time and enjoy the game.

So… our work in numbers:
2550+ new HD static renders
68 new HD reward renders
99 new 60 fps HD animations
82 new BIOS pics
8 new licensed music tracks

New Events:
A lewd story event with Amy
A lewd story event with Yui
A lewd story event with Jesse
A story event with Phoebe
A story and very hot event with Molly
A story event with Phoebe and Maya
A lewd story event with Monica
A story event 23-day results

Updated Events:
A completely new event has been added for Susan on Day 2. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from you regarding this event. So, completely new renders were made (237 pcs), animations added (7 pcs), and the event is no longer stretched over 2 game days. Importantly, I’ve added the ability to choose Susan’s path or not to follow it at all.
Completely updated event for Amy on game day 1. Amy now looks consistent across all events.
A completely updated event for Amy on game day 17. We added 267 new renders, and replaced the appearance of the character Olivia (yes, because we are planning content with this hottie). Render quality has been improved.
Completely updated Chemical Lab location, replaced Susan and Mark’s renders. Mark’s appearance has been changed. New renders and animation added to Susan’s introduction event.
Completely updated renders for one of the prologue scenes. The part of the prologue where you meet Lily and Stan. Added Lily’s animation.

We have added a large section to the rewards gallery. We will be adding some custom renders and other art to this section. At the moment, we’ve added 68 renders. They will be available to you after 23 – 24 game days have passed.
In the Monica event, you’ll notice a new feature with pop-up messages during texting. It’s a small touch, but it’s neat and cool, and I can’t help but brag about it.

We have fixed a lot of bugs that we found and that you reported to us.
Corrected several grammatical errors in the prologue and the first day of the game.
Fixed some issues that players were having on game days 20-21.
The image that appeared before exiting the game has been changed.
A new BIO card has been added for a new character, and the images for Olivia’s character BIO have been updated.
Jesse’s event rewards (Rehearsal) have been updated.

Known issues:
If you reject Susan’s path and subsequently reject Phoebe’s path, there may be issues with finishing some game days. This has proven to be a real challenge for me. This bug appears spontaneously and not for all players, which makes it very difficult for me to work on fixing it. I am working on a solution to this problem. In the near future, I will release a patch that will fix this issue.
Some rewards and avatars in the gallery remain locked after 23 game days have passed. These awards have been added for the next update as well. So they will be unlocked when passing the upcoming events.

Project ATMOSPHERE 0.4 Part 2
New Events:
A story event with Vanessa
A story event with Jesse
A story event with Yui and Alice
A huge story event with Yui, Amy, Alice, and Lily
A huge and very hot event with Yui and Alice
A huge, fun event with Vanessa
A big story event with Amy
Smart LEWD Mechanic: We’ve tweaked this mechanic a bit to make it more interesting.

1394 new static renders
61 new rewards renders
111 new animations
27 new BIOS pics
15 new licence music tracks
New Events:
Story events with Jessy and Yui
Event at home with Phoebe in her room
Event at home with Phoebe in MC room and kitchen
Event at Bongalo house with Susan (romantic way)
Event at Beach resort with Susan (kinky way)
Small event with Karen
New Features:
Choice timer – we add a new mechanic that add’s more action to dialogs (can be switch off in Preference menu).
Smart LEWD mechanic – we add a new mechanic for LEWD scenes that add’s choices and points which affect on scene (can be switch off in Preference menu).
Dialog box opacity – we add a dialog box and make it adjustable in Preference menu (can be switch off in Preference menu).
Shaded preview for all rewards in Gallery that the player hasn’t unlocked.
Gallery now shows all reward renders available in the game.
Shaded preview for all avatars in BIOS that the player hasn’t unlocked.
BIOS now shows all avatars available in the game.
New neutral and quiet sound for notifications.
The game has been updated to the latest version Renpy 8.0.2

More than 1080+ static renders.
6150 lines of code.
19 new rewards renders.
102 new animations.
10 new BIOS pics.

New events:
Event at home, with Monica and Phoebe in the kitchen.
Event at home with Phoebe in the shower.(If you haven’t rejected Phoebe)
Event at home in Monica’s bedroom (If you haven’t rejected Monica)
Event in Yui’s courtyard (If you accepted her invitation)
Event at Yui’s house with Alice (If you accepted Yui’s invitation)
Event in the basement of the house with Yui (If you accepted her invitation)
A chain of plot events With Stan, Lili, Sam Morgan, and Jesse.
Event with new characters. (Surprise for Susan fans)
Small event with Lili in the bathroom.

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.3 P3
More than 1350+ new static renders.
6920 lines of code.
2110 lines of story text.
12 new rewards renders.
67 new animations.
4 new BIOS pics.
1 New characters.

As well:
Susan’s kinky event at Club XXX (Day 17)
Susan’s vanilla event, at the spa. (Day 17)
A story event with Amy and a new character. (Day 17)
A date at a restaurant with Monica. (Day 18)
A Date with Phoebe on the Beach. (Day 19)
Some changes and improvements to the interface

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.3 P2
Hey guys!
Work on update 0.3-P2 is finished. And I’m happy to make today, release day. I really hope you enjoy my hard work and effort.
More than 1200+ new static renders.
7030 lines of code.
2450 lines of story text.
27 new rewards renders.
22 new animations.
18 new BIOS pics.
5 New character.

As well:
Event that introduces you to Stan and Lily.
The chain of events in the mirror (Yui, Alice, and other new characters).
Epic Event (MC, Vanessa, Adam, Eve).
Event at Viola’s store.
Monica event.
Phoebe event.
Cheat mode
Some changes and improvements to the interface

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.3 P1
More than 720+ new static renders.
27 new rewards renders.
20 new animations.
10 unique scenes for day 15.
13 new BIOS pics.
1 New character.

As well:
Improved translation of Game Day 15. Thanks to SkylarMM and Luccy!
Improved interface.
Episode 1 got new english translate.
Improved interface
All laptop’s apps are working now.
Added analytic tool for better feedback (optional)
Added some new mechanics in the game.
And other little things.

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.2
More than 520+ new renderers. 3700+ lines of code 11 new rewards renders
New events in the storyline..
Jesse’s Story.
Cute Events with Phoebe.
New characters from the Mirror.
Next event with Monica.
Continuation of Maya’s story.
Interesting news about Maya
Improved translation of Game Day 14. Thanks to SkylarMM and Luccy!
Fixed small save game compatibility.
Added 6 new locations for free play.
Improved interface
Added groups for characters
Added the ability to choose a character avatar.
Added some new mechanics in the game.
And other little things.

To keep from having problems loading a saved games, do not unpack the archive into the folder with the old version of the game.
Soon we plan to release patch 0.2.1 with English translation corrections 1 and 2 episodes

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.1.8
List of changes:
More than 380+ new renderers. 3000+ lines of code 10 new rewards renders
Some new characters in the main storyline.
Next day in ATMOSPHERE.
A beautiful romantic event with Yui.
Meeting the new character of Mary.
Next event with Monica.
Continuation of Maya’s story.
And the highlight of this update is the Susan event that many of you are waiting for.

As well:
Fixed English translation of the whole first episode. Thank you Dirtybird very much!
Fixed small save game compatibility.
Added highlighting of the last save game.
Added Phoebe now lives in her room.
Added some new mechanics in the game.
And other little things.

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.1.7
Fixed small translation errors pointed out by players.
The system of game day ending was improved.
Added 11th game day (220+ new renders, +9 special renders for rewards).
Added 12th game day (240+ new renders, +9 special renders for rewards).

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.1.5
Ported to Ren’py from Unity

Now the game has a loader, which will automatically download updates and patches. It is no longer necessary to download the game client every time.
A completely redesigned event with Jesse in the shower. Added 30+ new renders.
Added an experimental function in a dialog. Now you can rewind the “classic dilogue view” forward and backward with the mouse wheel.
Added an option to change the player name. This is available in the settings menu. You asked, I did it for you!
Morning dialogues with Jesse have been optimized, now it’ s 3 instead of 8.
Fixed an error in the dialogue with Amy when no player’s messages were visible.
Fixed an error when the sound of the splash screen was not adjustable in the game settings.
Fixed an error in a dialog with Betty when the dialog with her was not started.
Fixed multiple translation errors.
Optimized all locations, scene locations now load faster.
Fixed end of conversation error, which forced to restart the game to continue.
And other minor fixes.

Project ATMOSPHERE v0.1 Full Version
Fixed: Various bugs detected in the demo version.
Fixed: Various translation errors.
Fixed: Error of displaying game interface on different monitor resolutions.
Fixed: A possible error when saving a game, causing the game to crash.
Fixed: The game interface was improved.
Added: More than 650 renders.
Added: more than 150 dialogs.
Added: 10 new events.
Added: new characters.
Added: music for Jews, and other sounds.
Added: Completely redesigned the map in the game.
Added: Program animation.
Added: support all possible screen resolutions.
Added: the ability to select the screen resolution.
Added: switching to window mode.

Release date: 2024-03-13
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Female domination, Animated, Big tits, Romance, Stripping, BDSM, Creampie, Spanking, Sex Toys, Anal Sex, Lesbian, Titfuck, Male domination, Incest
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Dr MAD
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.4 Part 3 Hotfix 1 + ipatch + Gallery unlock
Language: English, Russian
Size: 7.75 GB / 1.32 GB (compressed)

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