Water World [v.1.1 Completed]

In Water World, a group of teenage girls from college travel to an underwater research facility with their teachers, while they rescue a survivor from a helicopter named Greg. Not knowing where to drop him off, they have no choice but to keep him on board, at least until they get to their destination.

– epilogue for both endings
– 54 new images
– unlocked gallery at the end of the game where you can see scenes from quest paths you’ve skipped

– added two endings of the game
– 53 new animations
– 48 new images

– one new quest with two scenes
– 44 new animations
– 3 sets of character renders for Iris

– one new quest (“Flashback”)
– 46 new animations
– 19 new images

– added three new events (one night visit by Pixie, one event with Pixie and Lexi in the lounge and one event with Iris and the avatar in the holo room, where you can chose if you want to win or lose)
– added one night visit by Lexi using animations from the scene in ‘Under New Management’ quest
– fixed a bug with a missing image of Megan, Pixie and Iris at the machine shop

– one new quest with three scenes
– 45 new animations
– 20 new images
– minor bugfixes

– 4 new events (one in Sophie’s sex-ed, one in the station’s holo room with Pixie and Lexi and two in the station’s holo room while you’re alone)
– 59 new animations
– 15 new images
– fixed a minor bug
For Sophie’s event you can use the save I shared with 0.23.5
With Pixie and Lexi there are actually two events – one which uses the old animations from the connected quest and one new with them in a classroom. When you start the event, one of them is chosen at random and played, meaning you may need to run the event a few times to see the new one.

– one new quest
– over 50 new animations
– over 45 new images
– fixed some bugs

– 51 new animations
– 18 new images
– 3 new sex-ed events with Sophie
– fixed a couple of bugs

– 1 new quest (Undercover)
– 32 new animations
– 36 new images (not counting the dialogue sprites for the new girls)
– fixed a bug where some players had Daphnee still coming to ask for her money, but you’ll have to start a new game for the fix to work (big thanks to PostDrip for mapping out the steps to reproduce it)
– added a new ‘props’ system where you can have different items in the rooms which won’t affect the characters logic.

– added the final scene in ‘The Plan’ quest
– 36 new animations
– over 40 new images
– one new master location (the underwater station)
– 4 new models

Water World v0.22.0
– one new quest
– 35 new images
– 28 new animations
– one new character (Susan in Evelyn’s body)
– bugfixes

Water World v0.21.5
– 3 new repeatable events (two with Mei and Amelia at the lounge of the second ship when Yvette is there too and one with Sophie in her cabin)
– 40 new animations
– 21 new images
– fixed a couple of bugs in the 0.21.0 quest

Water World v0.21
– 48 new animations
– 57 new images
– 1 new quest with 4 scenes
– bugfixes

Water World v0.20.9
– 2 new repeatable events
– 19 new animations
– 9 new images
– fixed a bug where Rebecca wasn’t returning to the pool in the late morning after Yvette goes back to the first ship
– fixed a bug where Emma and Yvette being in the cabin wasn’t being considered as ‘busy’ location

Release date: 2020-12-21
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Animated, Handjob, Lesbian, MILF, Anal
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: NSFW Space
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 1.1 (completed) + Incest patch + Walkthrough + Save
Language: English
Size: 1.94 GB

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