Roundscape Adorevia [v.6.7 Patreon Final]

The world of Roundscape Adorevia is fraught with danger, an adventure for those who are brave enough. Walk through dense forests, see magnificent city-states and help stop a terrible threat that could result in the death of countless innocent people. Of course, along the way, you will find other brave souls ready to take part in your adventures and possibly in your bed!

New Content:
– Reworked the Museum of Xas
– Added a new NPC to the Museum of Xas with their own Questline
– Added three new lewd scenes to the Museum of Xas for both PC genders
– Added new Vendors with new Items to Xas
– Reworked the Xas City Hall
– Zedi, the Succubus, will now appear in Act 2 if you made a deal with her vack at Warlock Tower.
Features a new lewd scene for both PC genders.
– Added several new encounters across Adoveria based on story decisions you made during Xas

Added a new Tavern Owner to Summeredge: Ginger, featuring her own quest and scene.
Introduced an alternative Romance Path for Seren and Male PCs, including a new scene.
Added a new, temporary companion: Telia, a mature mercenary who you can hire accompanying you until Slinsk.
Added a new scene featuring Camilla and Clawyn.
Added a scene for Male PCs with Telia during Act 3.
Added new Act 3 dialogue to Carys.
Players can now leave in between fights at the Whitemoon Abyss.
Reworked Autosave: The game now autosaves upon map transfer and only on the very first save slot.
Added a fail-safe to Emek’s Rest Ending. Everyone should now be able to see the new ending and scenes.
Fixed the Questlog entry for “Castle Whitemoon”. It can now be completed just by entering your room.
Corrected the position in the Club Summerheat Anna Scene.
Fixed the “Perfection” Trait.
Balanced the Plug of Power.
Fixed Ul position of Crystal Cores.
Added a few new scenes to Gallery
Fixed several typos.

Bugfixes, Quest log, Gallery stuff, but we also enhanced the trait screen.

– Combat Crashing after unlocking the speedster perk
– Wrong Gender Scene triggering during Paladin/Nature Spririt Scene
– Camilla missing skills
– Added bunch of new skills to companions and classes
– Artifact being shield slot
– Issue where the PC had the wrong gender during the Origin
– Teleport to wrong location when leaving Perk Menu
– Made origin enemies a bit weaker
– fixed gallery teleporation tevent

– Issue where the PC had the wrong gender during the Origin
– Teleport to wrong location when leaving Perk Menu
– Made origin enemies a bit weaker
– fixed gallery teleporation tevent

New Companion: Camilla
Recruit Camilla, the mature druid, at the very start of Act II of Roundscape Adorevia.
We’ve spent a lot of time creating many fun scenes for her, custom encounters and dialogues across Adorevia and of course her own personal companion quests.

New Origin: Wizard
Start your journey as a young mage at a wizard academy. Featuring several new, fun characters and lots of new scenes as you progress through this new and magic storyline.

New Area: The Grasslands
Visit and explore the eternal grasslands. Help the wild folk of Tesa to solve a conspiracy and become friends with many exotic new characters: Centaurs, Minotaurs and Goblins. Features several new erotic scenes for both genders.

New Storyline: The Golden Tower
At the start of Act 3 you will be invited to the Golden Tower, where the sun elves reside. Help them solve a magical mystery and gain entrance to one of the most exclusive locations of Adorevia. Features several new erotic scenes for both genders.

New Ending: Outlander
You’re a fan of Emek’s Rest and Minotaurs? We’ve got a whole new route and ending for you. Let everything behind you: War, Politics, Gods and find peace beyond the sea, in the wild lands. Features new erotic scenes for both genders.

New Ending: Ascension
Help Mayla in her quest to regain her powers. There are souls that are waiting for you to be absorbed. Will you join her on this journey? Features several new erotic scenes for both genders.

More Features and Additions

Resolution upgrade
(From 900 x 600 to 1600 x 900)
Combat Rework
New World Quests
New Origin Quests
New Companion Quests
Many new CG Scenes
Dozens of new Items
Main/Sub Class Feature for the Player Character
New Classes
Reworked Character Creation
Perk Tree Expanded
Each Origin start with a unique Class
Reworked Art for older scenes
UI Reworks
And more…

New Quest
Join Kara in her final fight against the mysterious demon.
Features two new CG Scenes. Kara can be found in the Castle Garden.
New Path
A new Storyline has been added for the Farm Origin. This one is highly optional and triggers during Act 3. Features three new CG SCenes.
New Encounter
A new sexy encounter with Meredith being pushed by our Succubus. Features a new CG Scene. Triggers in the Jail after experiencing the Succubus Scene with her summons.
New Brothel Scene
A new brothel Scene exclusive for the Noble Origin. Requires to have at least three hired girls.
Valor Gem Rework
All Faction NPCs in the meeting room now feature a shop. Each NPC offers one Class you can buy.
Valor Quests
Mini Quests you can get after Act 1 from the Meeting Room Map. Each Quest grants three Valor Gems
New Class: Samurai
A heavy-hitting class with a focus on evasion and counter states.
New Class: Paragon
A heroic class with a focus on team buffs. Switch between four passive auras.
New Class: Arcanist
An allrounder magic class. Use all four elements to your advantage.
New Class: Reaver
A dangerous melee class. Take damage to cause massive damage.
New Items
Many new legendary Items have been added to the game
Legendary Orbs
Eight legendary orbs have been added to the game. Their drop chance is pretty low but they grant massive boosts.
Visual Improvements
Small visual improvements have been made to several maps such as the player castle, the desert of Ornesse, and more.

Roundscape Adorevia v.5.5
New Questline: Rebuild Oakshire with the help of Irvok. To start the questline you need to be in Act 3 and talk to Irvok in Slinsk.
Gessa – The Innkeeper: Can be recruited in Valorn and comes with a new adult scene for male PCs
Kaelee – The Enchantress: Can be recruited in Summeredge and features two new adult scenes
Zhah – The Healer: Can be recruited near Emek’s Rest and features one new Adult Scene.
Recruit several characters for important positions in Oakshire: New ones and someone you’ve probably met before.
Valerie returns: The fan favorite from Act 1 returns but there’s a twist. Valerie comes with three new adult Scenes.
Valerie features two paths to chose from for male PCs.
Lots of new Items: The new NPCs you can recruit offer a several new, very powerful items.
Fixed a whole bunch of bugs

Roundscape Adorevia v5.4
One new location added to Summeredge: The Broadfield Mansion
Four new NPCs added to Summeredge.
One new Sidequest and four encounters featuring the Broadfield Family, this sidequest leads you to a mysterious new plane where you’ll have to choose between two paths.
Six new erotic CG Scenes. Two for each gender and two shared scenes.
New Class: Void Knight – Somewhat of a dark counterclass to the Paladin. A strong tank with some good selfbuffs and heals.
Fixed Issue where you would get stuck during a specific Succubus Scene
Fixed Issues with sprites having the wrong z-layer
Fixed Issue with the Oakshire section of the gallery
Fixed some typos and smaller issues with the gallery

Roundscape Adorevia v5.3
New Brothel Character – Hire an exotic Nexilim from Ornesse for your brothel. Includes a new CG Scene for both genders.
New Brothel Character – Hire a feisty goblin for your brothel. Includes a new CG Scene for both genders.
New Brothel Character – Hire a curvy minotaur for your brothel. Includes a new CG Scene for both genders.
New Brothel Character – Hire a… secret character? Includes a new CG Scene for both genders.
Fiery Fun – Two new CG Scenes for Male PC with Veronica
Radiant Quests – Complete radiant quests and gain Persuasion Power and Brothel Reputation in return.
Lady of the House – A new Event/Quest for when your brothel reaches max reputation. Includes a new CG Scene for both genders.
Gallery unlock – You can now unlock the gallery scenes by providing certain Items.

Player Brothel – You can now visit and manage your own brothel. The brothel is consideren mid/endgame content. Upgrade your brothel and hire new characters to rise your brothel’s reputation level!
Your brothel comes together with several new characters, including Veronica who’ll help you manage your new location!
Hire several characters – Five different characters you can recruit and we’ll double that number with the second brothel update in february! Four of them can be recruited by all players, one of them is exclusive to the farm origin.
Sexy time – Of course every brothel characters comes with their own erotic scene. But there’s als one additional erotic scene per gender, so seven in total.
Some of those scenes have variations and one new character has two different paths to chose from. Will you obey madame Veronica or try to show her who’s the boss?
Fixes – We’ve fixed several bugs related to the questlog, especially in act 2. No more confusing “go to sleep” journal entries. We’ve also added new hints to locations to make progressing Act 2 easier.

10 New CG Scenes, new events & a lot of bug fixes

Roundscape Adorevia v5.0
Tilan is finally here, we hope you enjoy the storyline we’ve crafted for Roundscape.
What begins as a simple request for help from a Queen may turn out to be the Hero’s most dangerous adventure yet.

12 new kinky CG Scenes have been added to the game
55 new Pictures including variations
Tilan has been added to the game
Explore Tilan and experience a whole new storyline featuring new characters.
Featuring 10 new CG Scenes, many new maps and a large dungeon.
Gallery Rework We’ve updated the Gallery with help from redknight, it’s still not finished and completly perfect but we’re getting there!
New CG Scene with Meredith Enjoy a new fun scene with Meredith in Act 2 of Roundscape. Features an optional Path if you’re good with Tishtyra.
Natalia the Witch has been added for female PCs featuring a new erotic CG scene of course.
Many new Items have been added to the game, including new orbs and spheres which help you to boost your HP. Great for tank builds.
Tilan features:
Seven CG Scenes you can unlock through Tilan’s mainstory.
Five for male PC and four for our female player character.
An aftermath Sidequest featuring three new CG scenes. One per gender and one shared CG Scene.
A new fun, temporary companion.
19 new Maps including new enemies, puzzles and more.

Roundscape Adorevia v4.8
New sexy encounter featuring Meredith and her elemental spirits! Includes a new adult scene for both genders.
New encounter with Katelyn in the Whitemoon Ruins including a new erotic scene for male player characters and an optional branch for those who are in good terms with Clawyn.
New adult scene for female player characters and a certain castle companion. Triggers when going to bed in your room.
Visit Galhart and his wife in Novos for a new encounter including an adult scene for male player characters.
New Encounter for female player characters who have chosen the farm origin. Requires Katelyn! Visit the Slinsk Pub to trigger it.
Throne Hall customization is back! Choose one of seven designs to customize your castle
Throne Events! Seven small events added in which you have to make decisions regarding the land you reign.
Select an Advisor to be granted bonus affection when choosing specific replies during the Throne Events.
Quick saving! Press F5 to save anytime. We’ll add a visual indicator next patch. We’ve also locked the first two save slots (Auto & Quick) so you can’t override those on accident.
And of course a few bugfixes and QoL changes.

Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes:
1700 – Super Speed
1819 – Gold
2931 – Skip Combat Skill
Trouble Shooting
If your game Roundscape Adorevia is stuck at “Loading Now” make sure to move the game folder to another location. This bug usually happens when your game folder is located at Downloads or on your Desktop Instead on your C/D/E Harddrive folder.

Release date: 2024-03.29
Genre: Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Adventure, Big Tits, Fantasy, BDSM, MILF, Prostitution, Incest, Titfuck, Handjob, Masturbation, Lesbian
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Kaliyo
Platform: Windows
Version: 6.7 Patreon (completed)
Language: English
Size: 3.61 GB

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