Succubus Contract [Part 1 Completed / Part 2 v.9.0]

Succubus Contract this is the story of a guy who met a succubus because of his excessive lust. During the kiss, he didn’t realize it, he signed a contract with him and in the morning realized that he had turned into a girl. That’s how his adventure began. How will he take advantage of this situation? How will he get rid of the shackles of the contract? Where will the adventure road lead him and will he want to break this contract with the succubus? It’s up to you to find out.

Main changes:
1200 lines of script
200 renders
fixed old bugs with labels and text
updated gallery
created playthrough
huge event with Agnes

Main changes:
All events prior to version 8.0 have been completed
Fixed minor bugs
New unified storyline
Added futa content (for those who have it enabled)
The end of the event at the bdsm club
Event wrap-up with Wilson
Small event in a university restroom
Big event with Agnes

Fetishes: Interracial, cream pie, big boobs, public sex, anal sex

General changes:
200 renders
1500+ lines of script
Event with Wilson (conclusion)
Event in BDSM club (conclusion)
Mini event with Tom
Mini event with Averia in the shower

Big cock
Double penetration
Cream pie
Swallow cum
Cum on body
Cum in ass
Sex toys
Anal plug
High sex

1500+ lines of script
200 renders
Fixed some old bugs
Updated gallery
New character
Event with Rector
Event with Ryel and Averia
Event with strangers

Light BDSM
Sex toys
Sexy photo session
Dressing up

Main changes:
1200+ script lines
201 render
Updated gallery
Big event with Wilson
Small event with Leroy

1600+ lines of script
200 images
More choices
Continuation of the event with Cody.
Big event with Wilson
Several mini animations
New location
Elections from the previous one
Gallery updated

Succubus Contract II – v2.0
1190+ lines of script
200 images
Two new characters
One small animation
New pussy MC (modern genitalia)
Correction of translation errors of the first update and improved translation of the current version.
Updated main menu design (will be supplemented)
The interface is now a little more comfortable for those who play on various gadgets
Some buttons in the main menu, at the moment do not work. This will be fixed in future patches.

This is the final, voluminous update for the first part of Succubus Contract. In this update, MC will be able to choose who to spend her free time with (if she’s not dating Wilson). Previously, only one option was available, Cody. But now you can spend time with Tom or Avery.

But I can’t promise you that if you choose Tom, you will only spend time with him… Things can change and new people can ask to join your company…

List of changes:
235 renders.
1,900 lines of script
Tom event
Averia event
The event with the two bad guys
New characters.
small animations 4-5 pieces

Blowjob in a public place
Interracial sex
Big boobs Averia
Sexy mini photo shoot
Big dicks

1,400+ lines of script
217 images
Continuation of the event – threesome sex with Wilson and Leroy
Continuing event – sex with Cody
Event – homecoming in three variations
secret event
cream pie
cum in mouth
anal plug
anal sex
talking on the phone during sex
cuckolding (light version)

1500 lines of script
201 images
New character (Wilson’s best friend)
Changed text color and background (to standard)
Edited translation of version 0.15.5
Added new fetish Queen of Spides
New sex toy – anal plug
QoS-themed underwear added
Threesomes (vaginal and oral)
Sexual domination over Tom
Sex under drugs (not propaganda)
Pussy licking
Blow job
Licking MC’s ass
Making a home video with Wilson and his friend
Playing with balls
Cheating in front of MC’s boyfriend
References to conversations from past versions ( a nice bonus for those who follow the plot)
Fixing some bugs and working through past storylines.
Improved functionality when selecting a character name (now you can put spaces and the maximum number of characters 30)

1100+ lines of script
200 images
Female lesbian atmosphere
A little romance
Clothing Store Event
Strapon domination
Oral sex
Anal sex
New clothes (casual, swimsuit, pajamas, tracksuit, sports underwear, panties)
Event in a special outfit (only available in the Cody branch)
Webcam Event
Sex Event with Cody

201 images
1000+ lines of script
Fixed errors with [name] Fixed other errors with text
Added a button which, when clicked, will take you straight to the new content (must be ticked on the main issues/selections in the menu that appears)
Fixed minor bugs in the script
New character – Alexia
Event with Alexia
Event with Cody
Event MC plays with herself alone at home.
If you took a vibrator from Averia you will get a bonus scene.

Absolutely the whole update version 0.16.6 is dedicated to the continuation of the storyline with Riel in the club. Earlier I thought I would give this branch 3/4 of the whole update, but then I thought it better to finish this event completely. That would then proceed to another storyline where there would be more lesbian content.

In this update waiting for you:
1300+ lines of script
200+ renders
completed event with James and Ryel
blowjob to two guys.
blowjob to one guy
male domination
dirty dialogues in relation to MCs

This update will continue MC’s adventure in the club with Rielle and his partner James. The options for her adventure depend on the choices made previously. And also, there are 4 different completions of this event, which also in the future will play a big role. So choose wisely 😉

180 images
950+ lines of script
Fixed past bugs with invisible text and finalised the gallery.
The event with Riel
The event with Tom
The Dream World Event
University event

202 images.
2000 lines of script.
Continuation of the story with Averia in the club
Continuing the story with Averia in her new apartment
MC can go home from the club and catch Tom off guard (very small, unfinished event)
New voluminous event in the dream realm
New characters (two orcs and one ogre)
Have you been saving up your lust, submission and dominance points? In this update you will need them, and they will affect the election
The Sleepy Kingdom is done in a fantasy style, with orcs, taverns, and one beautiful maid.
Minor bug fixes
Translation of the text is done using the new technology I wrote about earlier
Lesbian sex with a strap-on
Awesome renders

250 renders
1900+ lines of script
Fixed the bug with the “Invisible Name”

700+ lines of script
106 images
Event with Averia
A small event with a mystery girl
Event with a stranger in a public place
Very small event with Mr. Steven
Redesigned main menu
GALLERY (In the future, I’ll add a description to each scene as to how it can be accessed. by default they’re locked, but now you can view the most interesting ones at any time)
Language selection on the main menu
Added music in a certain scene (I couldn’t find suitable music for the whole game but I’m working on it)
Character prompts (in progress)
The new menu is more convenient for those who play on smartphones and tablets.

1,200 lines of code
160 images
Bug fixes (Riel, now not Rector. And other minor bugs)
Added 4 new characters
Narrative system changed (MC is now practically narrating in his own voice)
Translator, corrected the translation of the new part taking into account all comments, tips and suggestions.

750 lines of code
100 images
Bug fixes (Riel, now not Rector. And other minor bugs)
Added 3 new characters
Narrative system changed (MC is now practically narrating in his own voice)

Sex with shemale
Double penetration
Lesbian threesome
Submission, tenderness and roughness.

Slightly modified Appetite system ( max 100)
Completion of the sex scene with Wilson
New mystery world
Brand new details about the succubus contract
Sexy scenes with Avi.
650+ lines of text
73 image

350+ lines of text
+58 images
fixes for some previous bugs

500+ lines of text
83 images
Scenes that were not included in the previous public release Succubus Contract.

176 images
800+ lines of text
A small event with Wilson.
Clothing Store Events
Cody events

600+ lines of text
107 images
Sex scenes with Tom.
Fixed bugs with “forced scenes”
Bug fixes have been made to the Russian version of the game.
Added “playthrough” in the game folder

Added 175 new images
1200 lines of text
Events with Avery and Wilson
Added “characteristics bar”
Sex scenes have been added, which depend on previous elections.

Release date: 2024-03-29
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Big tits, Corruption, Creampie, Female domination, Interracial, Lesbian, Male domination, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Group Sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Stick4Luck
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Part 1 v.0.24 Final (completed) + gallery unlock / Part 2 v.9.0
Language: English, Russian
Size: 3.54 GB / 4.04 GB

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