The Adventurous Couple [Original Story Part 9b]

The Adventurous Couple – you are married, your significant other is a sexy blonde named Anna. In order to somehow add color to the routine of family everyday life, you decide to diversify your sex life. You love to show off your wife and have noticed the lustful glances of men more than once, and you yourself are not averse to touching puffy beauties. Violent fantasies begin to arise in my head…

TACOS Part 9b
Hello everyone, as I’ve mentioned before, this is now the final part of Season 1. Season 2 will start on August 3rd. I will continue with the same release schedule.

880+ New renders
29 New animations
4500+ Lines of script

At the end of Part 9b, you must save your game(s) on the final black screen when it tells you to save so that it fully imports properly in Season 2.

TACOS Part 9a
500+ new renders
32 new animations
3000+ lines of script

TACOS Part 8b
800 plus new renders
26 new animations
3500+ lines of script
A whole lot of new stuff

TACOS Part 8a
I’ve added the ability to name Save files for those who play multiple paths.
I have added a second Catamaran boat trip to the vacation on day 40. To be able to see it, you must have gone on the first boat trip and allowed Anne to go topless. You also must go to the beach and not the pool on day 40 which will bypass Ted at the pool.
Dre is back in this release, and MC’s ex shows up at the diner. For those of you who chose Anne to cheat, Martin has a very small part at the end of this release that sets up Part b.
included in this update….

– 550+ new renders
– 10 new animations
– 3000+ lines of script

TACOS Part 7b
7b has a few scenes with Martin, and depending on how you made your choices will play out differently. (Great for replayability.) Vincent comes to visit for his redo night with Anne, does he redeem himself?
785 new renders
19 new animations
Some 3000+ lines of script

Tacos Part 6a
Days 35-38 added

Tacos Part 5b
Added days 32-35

Tacos Part 5a
Added days 29-31, new animations

Let me try to clear things up here a little about TACOS! Seems to be some misunderstandings as to what is happening.
TACOS (The Adventurous Couple’s Original Story) is the story I originally wanted to tell.

The first 10 days have been released but as some of you have said here of it being the end of TAC is simply not true! I am going to put out the product I had originally planned to do 5 years ago when I started this.

Along the way I got hundreds and hundred of messages asking me to add things and telling me what I should do and I’ll admit it I lost my way! I became overwhelmed with it and didn’t know where to go with it! I tried to please as many people as I could and forgot about what I wanted!
Some of it, especially the first 14 days and perhaps afew others will be similar to previous. It is and will be the original story that I had planned!

Release date: 2024-07-03
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, anal sex, animated, cheating, corruption, creampie, groping, group sex, interracial, lesbian, male protagonist, masturbation, oral sex, swinging, vaginal sex, voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Mircom3D
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Original Story (TACOS) Part 9b + Gallery Mod
Language: English
Size: 4.81 GB

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