The Company [v.5.5]

The Company is an AIF game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works. You choose your character’s name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you’ll encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you’ll develop in the Company laboratory.

The Company Update 5.1 focuses on Ava’s more loving MCSX endings, while also adding some new content to her existing routes.
General Updates:
Added “Mommy Bride” MCSX ending events. These events adhere to the normal MCSX cooldown timer, and the second event will trigger when you try to leave for work in the morning
Added “Tightest Family” MCSX ending content to the game. All events will unlock naturally through gameplay culminating in a new sleeping arrangement
New morning event “Filling In” when Ava dosed for Threesome content
New daytrip options when Ava and Dakota are dosed for threesomes
On Ava’s “Mommy Bride” route, you can now choose to sleep in Ava’s bed after sex
If bringing lunch to work from Ava, your meal will be reflected when having lunch with Penny, Tasha, or Sophie at work
Updated Ava and Dakota ISS structure for “Tightest Family”
Updated various scene descriptions for “Tightest Family”
Added new day trip after Ava’s “Mother Lover” MCS3 dose
Added new Friday breakfast sequence when Ava is MC’s bride
Added new Friday breakfast sequence when Ava is dosed for Oral
Update passive content for “Mommy Bride” MCSX ending
Add “Dakota’s Musing” random event
Add alternative wakeup events when Ava’s dosed to be your lover
Add option to request wakeup method on Ava’s “lover” route
Added Ava’s “Maid Massage” event to non-futa maid route
Added “Playing Hooky” event if Ava’s dosed for threesomes with Dakota. Will trigger on occasion when leaving for work
Added new ISS routing to start events from room when on Tightest Family ending
New random event: Ava’s Movie Night
New random event: Peeping Neighbor
New random event: Risky Business
New night event: A Little Privacy?

v5.0 Complete
Update Summary
The Company Update 5.0 adds two new MCSX endings to Ava’s serum route, as well as several new events and a few backend updates

General Updates
Due to several functional updates being made, Update 5.0 will not support save files from earlier versions of The Company
Ava’s “Broken Home” MCSX ending has been added to the game
Requires dosing Ava down the path to bring strangers into the house
Overwrites any non-MCSX doses applied to Dakota
This ending will primarily affect events around the home with Ava and Dakota
This is not a happy ending
Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” MCSX ending has been added to the game
Requires dosing Ava down the mental break route after giving her the Strange Strapon
This ending primarily affects how events play out around the home, specifically with Ava
After completing the MCSX events for this ending, your living arrangement will have been changed, and a new random event will unlock
New content has been added to Ava’s non-MCSX “Futa Maid” ending
New content has been added to Ava’s “Sell to Company” MCSX ending
New random events involving Penny and Julia will unlock after completing this ending!
All told, this update introduces over 14 new random events, not counting new variations to static events, as well as a few new conversations
System Updates
Free Play now starts the player at the first meeting with Sophie at the lab, rather than at the very beginning of the game
The MC will now also have a random surname given at character creation
Ava’s morning “visits” now have a 3 day cooldown
“See Dakota Masturbating” random event now only unlocks once you’ve seen Dakota changing in her room after dosing her to tease you
Dosing Penny to be more dominant will also add her Domme outfit to your outfit collection
Several passages have been reformatted on the backend for easier tracking and updating
Autosave now titles save files as “Chapter – Date” rather than default titling
Manual saves now allow for custom save file names, while also allowing to save with new default titling with a single click

Update 4.0.3 focuses on implementing the Thanksgiving events, featuring new character Elsa.

Content Updates
Story events have been added through November 27th
Saves loaded with a game time after November 12th will be reset to November 12th
The Thanksgiving event has been added to the game
Elsa will arrive on November 20th and stay through November 24th
During this week, everyone will be home throughout the day
Over the course of the event there will be several opportunities for the player to interact with Elsa, and depending on how the player interacts, and how Ava and Dakota are dosed, the event can play out in different ways
There are two different ways for the event to end!
Serum sale prices have been adjusted
Dakota’s webcam event has been streamlined and should trigger more consistently
MCS-X now unlocks on December 1st
Players may now choose to start the game from Chapter 4 (No longer a dev build feature!)

The Company v4.0.2
Content Updates
Loading games from farther than November 12th will reset the date to November 12th
After the event with Craig early on in Chapter 4, you will unlock access to The Pit’s training area, where you will be able to spend time modifying, training, and interacting with your own personal test subjects!
You’ll start with one slave, two if you completed Penny’s task from Chapter 3

System Updates
The Pit’s training area has been added to the game
You’ll be able to experiment on slaves in The Pit using serums, physical modifications, and interactive training
New slaves can be purchased from Craig for $35,000 and one slave can be sold every couple of days
Value of slaves is based on several factors, including a “trending” factor that can change every Sunday
Your interactions with your slaves will vary based on how you’ve decided to manage them
This system is very new and will absolutely be going through some finetuning based on community feedback!
TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 will now remain unlocked after unlocking them
TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 serums can now be sold for profit after unlocking the ability to sell MCS-3 serums


The Company v4.0.1
Content Updates:
Story events have been added through November 18th in-game
Loading games with dates past November 12th will be reset to November 12th
There should not be any progression lost through this reset
Once Ava has been appropriately dosed, you’ll (once again) have the option to fool around with her in the kitchen before work in the mornings
A new large date event has been added for Tasha on November 18th. This requires you to have at least 30 Affection with Tasha
System Updates:
Added completion indicator to Tasks in sidebar
Sleeping in the game has been slightly streamlined
Game will now recognize if you’ve somehow ended up at the office on a weekend

The Company v4.0
Update Summary:
Update 4.0 focuses moving the game into Chapter 4, while also establishing and expanding upon new and existing systems. This should be viewed as a partial update of a much larger update cycle.

Content Updates:
Story events have been added through November 13th in-game
Loading games with dates past November 6th will be reset to November 6th
There should not be any progression lost through this reset
New random events added for Diana
Addition of these events are contingent on how you decide to react to her when she returns to the office in November
New random events added for Ms. Ann
Introduction of new interactivity in The Pit
Craig will take you on a little tour of The Pit post Chapter 3 events, hinting at a future system!
The system is not yet implemented, and will be coming in a future update
New interactive sex scene (ISS) has been added for Sophie!
In November, so long as Sophie has been dosed at least once prior, you will unlock her condo as a new location
Every few days you’ll have the option to go home with Sophie
Sophie has received new images for her new content!
Dakota’s MCS-3 unlock requirements for Dom route have been updated slightly. You can now manually trigger the Jack event after appropriately dosing Dakota to be slutty by visiting her room during the weekend in the afternoon. Triggering the scene randomly still works as well. Once the scene has been witnessed once, randomly or manually, it can no longer be manually triggered

System Updates:
New texting system added to the game!
This is a new way to pass time by sending messages to characters who’s contact info you’ve unlocked
The system is currently limited to Ava, Dakota, and Penny, and will be expanded to more characters moving forward
New random images and dialogue will be added moving forward as well!
[LOCAL] Ms. Ann (Lisa) now has her own imgLisa.js manifest file

Rerouted Sophie’s office sex scene if on feminization route
To be considered “dating” Penny and Tasha now requires 30 Affection, down from 70
Dakota’s webcam followup event should now trigger more consistently
Now only triggers on Sunday, Early Afternoon, in the Living Room
Dakota and Tasha’s evening scene should now trigger less frequently
Fixed several dialogue/pronoun recognition errors
Fixed several event option restriction errors
Fixed possibility for MCS-2 to not be properly unlocked
Fixed various event flow issues for Ava and Dakota’s ISS events

The Company v3.3.0
Update 3.3.0 focuses almost entirely on updating out-of-date backend systems that have been making forward momentum difficult, thus paving the way for future updates. Many old systems have been cleaned up and brought in line with current development practices. Additionally, a few new systems have been introduced in this update, including the new paperdoll and wardrobe, NPC outfits, and balance adjustments.
Update 3.3.0 officially removes save support for save files from before Update 3.2.1! If you’re sitting on a very old save from several months ago, you’ll need to load it into the most recent build and save again to update it. The majority of players will be unaffected by this change.

Content Updates
New MC Paperdoll models added to game
New wardrobe system added to game
Outfits are made up of sets of clothing rather than individual pieces
Players can select their base outfits, underwear and bras, and toys
Outfits can still be purchased from the mall as normal
This new system allows for more focused and accurate parsing of clothing, while making it easier to add new outfits in the future
Like image packs, outfits are entirely moddable when playing the local version of the game!
Wardrobe menu in room has been updated to accommodate new system
New NPC outfits!
During the game, you’ll discover a new kind of currency. Learn about it to unlock the ability to purchase alternate outfits for characters
Increasing characters’ Affection and Corruption stats will add new outfits to the store for those characters
Each character has at least 8 alternative outfits to collect
New outfits affect a character’s default image, portrait, and note image
Once unlocked, character outfits can be freely changed in the MC’s bedroom
These outfits are not cheap, and collecting them is designed as a type of money sink
John’s outfits only appear if he has been turned into Chanel
Read more about Corruption and Affection down in the Systems Update section
All characters and events now have full image pack support
Note and portrait images are now referenced in image packs
Notebook scene has been updated for efficiency
Many new images have been added to the game to help with variety and quality
This is still a major work in progress
All GIF images have been converted to MP4
Testing has been done to ensure compatibility across all supported browsers
New cheat!
EMPERORSNEWCLOTHES – All main NPCs start with “nekkid” outfit unlocked and equipped

Event Updates
All random events have been moved to a new event-handling system
Events no longer disable options due to high arousal or low dominance
Events now have more consistent images, locations, and stat results
This includes a much more uniform formatting as well as the ability to more easily track how players engaged with any given event
Event options can no longer reduce characters Affection
Events can now be much more easily tested through the debug menu
WorkEvent 15 allows taking Tasha’s toy even if already wearing one
WorkEvent 16 now requires “Very Dominant” to avoid chastity
WorkEvent 21 now requires “Dominant” to counter John (vs being more dominant than John)
WorkEvent 21 can now dodge John even if submissive
WorkEvent 21 now runs on the same cooldown as other events

Transformation System Updates
TF adjustments have been removed from most (but not all) actions
TF factors have been refocused on outfits and anatomy when going to sleep
Dominance loss when going to sleep in chastity has doubled
Femininity tripled and dominance loss increased when going to sleep in heavy makeup as male
Arousal increased when going to sleep with an anal toy as male
When going to sleep with a strapon as female, masculinity only increases if not identifying as “female”
Going to sleep dressed slutty as trans now only affect arousal
Growth effects of cat collar on MC have been doubled
Going to sleep with collar now drops dominance rapidly
Updated Sissy TF requirements
Must have very low dominance (10 or less)
Must be dressed feminine
Must be wearing makeup
Must have a Small or smaller penis
Updated Sissy Reversal TF requirements
Must have Neutral dominance (50 or more)
Must be wearing masculine clothing
Must not be in Chastity
Updated Bimbo TF requirements
Must have very high arousal (90 or more)
Must be dressed slutty
Must be wearing heavy makeup
Must have Massive breasts
Updated Bimbo Reversal TF requirements
Must be at mild arousal (40 or less)
Must be wearing light or lighter makeup
Must not be wearing slutty clothing
The above is only trigger the transformations, not to remain in them
Staying as a Sissy or Bimbo for 14+ days while having a low dominance (20 or less) will result in a permanent transformation
Removed Sissy Bimbo Trans state

System Updates
“Relationship” has been renamed “Affection”
Affection and Corruption now scale from 0-200 at a modified rate
Choosing “Easy” difficulty now also doubles stat gain rate (from 0.5x to 1.0x)
NPC dominance is no longer tracked or modified
Added year tracking to time functions
This is primarily to make referencing timestamps easier as the story moves into January and beyond
Many events previously tracked with flags now use a timestamp check to minimize variable usage
MCSX unlock, end of story check, etc.
Moved all initializing methods over to Javascript
Purged several more unused or unnecessary variables to speed up gameplay
[Local Only] – Image pack files for each character have been moved out of the character’s corresponding folders and into a new “data” folder that sits alongside the “pics” folder
[Local Only] – All outfit and clothing data is help in fully modifiable js files in a new “data” folder inside the main game directory
[Local Only] – The local image pack has been significantly (90%) reduced in size
[Online Only] – The online version of the game no longer references external js files, instead falling back on internal databases

Fixed broken “Sales” link in WorkEvent 19
Chastity can now be properly removed at Ash’s shop
Diana and Lauren should no longer overlap during Chapter 3
John’s events should all trigger correctly now
Fixed instances of Sophie not referring to the MC by name
Fixed several pathing and context errors

The Company v3.2.3
Update Summary:
This update The Company focuses on fleshing out some of Chanel’s content while also building on the John TF route itself, setting up for split routes in the future.

Special Notes:
Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!

The Company Content Updates:
Chanel’s existing content has been updated
Scene with Chanel in her office has been converted into a full ISS event
Scene with Chanel and Tasha has been converted into a full ISS event
Chanel has received new content
After her transformation event, Chanel will give you her phone number, unlocking new content
New Day Trip event with Chanel on weekends
New Date event with Chanel in the evening
John now has a branching serum route!
This is similar to how Penny’s branching serum route works
Currently, only the TFM-1 routes are complete through Tier 2 serums
Mental Transformation routes are coming in the next updates!
Currently unavailable content is displayed but disabled, signaling the end of that current route
John’s serum scenes have been added/altered
Initial serum scene is a general compliance dose before splitting off
New scene has John helping out in the lab as a gateway to future doses
The “Have John service others in the bathroom” dose now allows you to choose to have him service women, or both men and women. As such, what were previously two separate serum scene have been consolidated into a single scene with the aforementioned option
The “Attend Classes” serum scene has been moved to the Mental Transformation route, and is currently inaccessible until that route gets implemented
Player Escorting system now accessible outside of Dom John route!
On the night of October 1st, a new scene will play out between the MC and Dakota
After witnessing that scene, a trip to the mall will unlock the escorting option on your phone
Clients can be contacted during evening and nights via your phone
If loading a previously saved game after October 1st, the mall scene will unlock automatically after Chapter 2
The main Work and Home scenes will now always display a random thought the MC may be having, be it about current events, actions they could take, or meaningless whims. More pressing/important thoughts that act as player guides will always take priority
Conversations at the office will no longer trigger during the Evening
New reactionary dialogue has been added to various parts of the game, meant to comment on various aspects of the player relevant to that scene

The Company System Updates:
ISS events with “Dominant” actions now have a chance to appear for non-dominant MCs
These will display as a red “Dominant” button but will show “Opportunity!” instead
This gives non-dominant MCs a chance to take a dominant action as a way of increasing their dominance
Opportunity actions will not appear for “Very Submissive” or Sissy MCs
New functions have been added to easier track dose statuses for all characters
Backend updates have been made to speed up the game and reduce memory usage
Cooldown tracking is now being handled by JS functions
Time management is now being handled by JS functions
Browser detection is now being handled by JS functions
The Comment System has been removed from the game
We tried, we failed, we move on
Reactionary dialogue is effectively replacing a centralized comment engine
Removal of the comment databases has also improved load times!
Image Pack support has been added for Tasha


Cheats can be entered via the Additional Notes field during character creation
Cheats are not case sensitive
Multiple cheats can be entered at once by separating them with spaces
Current cheats include:
CHANELNUMBER5 – Start the game with John already turned into Chanel
XYZZYSPOON- Start the game at 20 maximum stamina
IDCLIP- Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control
GLITTERINGPRIZES – Start the game with $500,000
BLACKSHEEPWALL – Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2 and MCS-3
WHORUNBARTERTOWN – Start the game with 5,000x all lab materials
FASTPASS – Sets all serum cooldowns to 1 day
ZZTOP – Start the game with all clothing and toys unlocked
JUSTINBAILEY – Enables Debug Mode at bottom of sidebar
10CCSOFTITS – Starts MC off as a Bimbo
BESTBOI – Starts MC off as a Sissy. If MC is Female, this cheat will only tank dominance
The “BACKER” cheat has been removed in light of new cheats
Remember, winners don’t cheat! (Unless they’ve already beat the game, of course)

Release date: 2023-03-02
Genre: Real porn, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Oral sex, Incest, Mind control, Female domination, Lesbian, MILF, Sex toys, Slave, Voyeurism, Group sex, All sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, Hardcore sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Westane
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: 5.5
Language: English
Size: 661 MB

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