The DeLuca Family [v.]

The protagonist of the sex game The DeLuca Family, a simple guy who lives an ordinary peaceful life. His calm existence is disturbed by a letter from the head of the Deluca mafia clan. For the sins of your ancestors, you are forced to work for a dangerous and notorious criminal organization. Although all this will add color to your life and give you a lot of sexual adventures.

v0.08.0.1 Bugfix
Fixed The Contract not getting assigned when starting new game
Fixed «X Quest Complete» notification when upgrading saved game
Fixed receiving all of the level up messages when you gain XP after upgrading save.
Fixed issue where saved game might fail to load after receiving an item
Fixed player level appearing higher than it should be
Fixed player money display missing in new games

Changes and new features:
— New sprite idle animations (3 Pood)
— Save games can now be renamed
— Several new soundtracks added
— New MC theme created from scratch by a freelancer music composer for The DeLuca Family
— Luna Event: Fearless Serpent — (bit story about M6 and the other girls from the past + lewd scene with 2 animations.)
— Gracie Event: Work Seduction
— Gracie Event: I Don’t Smoke
— Gracie Event: Movie & Dinner
— Gracie Event: Morning Job
— Gracie Event: Business Toys
— Gracie Event: Sessanta Nove
— Gracie Event: Arrendersi
— Gracie Event: Nepotism
— Gracie Event: The Grind

— Fixed performance issue that may happen after prolonged play (3 Pood)
— Major code change and optimization (3 Pood)
— Equipment/inventory database change (3 Pood)

Changes and new features:
Mission Contracts can now be fully controlled via keyboard shortcuts. Designed so it can be played with only the left hand
-navigation: W,S,A,D. Explore: E, Interact: Q, Inventory: Z, Abilities: X, choices: 1-9, Continue: Space, Skip: Ctrl

— Nimble finger now also give Hardened Leather Gloves (R) when getting S
— Stats has been changed to icons (Visual change)
— Icons has been added in appropriate choices (such as battle choices)
— Gallery will stay unlocked even outside of the save game.
— Added all missing events to gallery replay
— Added new Explore stat for mission contract. Will give an overview of how much of the
contract you have explored.
— Added a little scene where the dog can save MC during nimble contract fight (Morbil)
— Saves now inform people what version the saves is and if it is compatible or not.
— Added an image of MC that shows the different gear you wear.
Works with all current equipment.
— Overhaul of the main mission GUI during contracts
— Transparent dialogue box added
— Many new translatable huds and gui

More Fixes

— Bonan meeting direction fixed
— Sound looping fixed
— Gun requirement removed for when you play in story mode only
— Gallery bug fixed
— Isabel wine quest bug fixed
Skipping leads to main game scene during warning and choice screen fixed

— Complete gameplay overhaul
— Contracts can now be ‘played’. It is all text based and in early development.
— 6 Contracts with all but one being associate ranked. The 6th is a high rank which appears during the new event.
— You can explore and obtain special renders which can be patreon polls or even commission renders patrons made.
— Hidden secrets in some of the contracts that can add to the lore.
— Gameplay can be turned off.
— Many new character introductions
— Mc focused update. We get a bit more about who he truly is and some information regarding his father (Father information can only be gained through the contracts (gameplay))
— Completion of Eiza’s rescue sister arc which include two full length events.
New animations
— 1 BJ
— 1 Kissing
— 1 Fingering
— 1 more
— Introduction has been re-rendered and also gotten a new scene (so it’s recommended to play through it)
— Dinner scene has been fully re-rendered
— Lots of new GUI changes

Events and special scenes in game The DeLuca Family
— One Isabel event (conclusion and end of her current arc)
— One minor flashback event. (Wilfred’s flashback)
— Added goodnight kiss for Isabel
— Added three Luna dream scenes
— Added one Isabel character info screen image

— Event log merged with Journal.
— Gallery with replay of all events
— Gallery with special renders
(Kudos to Mr.Qaywesdxc)
— Couple new music tracks
— The Promotion event now require the ‘The Contract’ to be done first

Bug fixes
— Spelling and grammar errors have been corrected
— Many minor bugfixes
— Old GUI tutorial images (arrows) changed with new images
— Bug: «If your rank is over 13, you get “Unknown rank”. You can also exp yourself to rank elite soldato, while in story you are still soldato.»
Fixed «Unknown rank» gone and you now must do the promotion event (from the mission board) to be able to level up.
— Story9 kill count bug fix (again, as last time kept adding to the kill count)
— ‘The Magic Touch’ bug (not triggering) has been fixed.
— bug fix section at laptop has been removed as the known bugs have been fixed

Pure Isabel focused update
6 new Isabel events (varies in length)
— New music The DeLuca Family

— Story 8 — Action Filled
— Story 9 — End of Fabio Arc
— One Luna Quest (Very long)
— 3 new animation
— Over 25 new soundtracks
— Many new character introduction (some current some in the past)

— Gracie new info picture (Gracie love point 8)
— All sprites rendered and some redone
— Bug and typos fix (Thanks to all the people at discord who take their time to point these
typos/bugs out and even show corrections)
— UI and menu changes (special thanks to Bloo)
— 6 Filler recordings for Cordia’s Office.
— Skip button at the top added (same functions as the laptop «relax» option)
— 2 short repeatable Gracie scenes (kiss goodnight)
— 3 short repeatable Luna scenes (Hug & kiss forehead)
To reach the second/third stage you need to have high enough love point and reached far
enough with their storylines. These are short so are called scenes instead of events. More
stages and longer scenes will be added as the progress with the girl’s progress.

2 new Gracie Quests
— Gracie getting new friends events
— 1 one new Gracie dance event
— 1 new story section The DeLuca Family
— New Family Introduction (The Kaskar)
— New Soldier introduction and event
— 11 new soundtrack
— Three new animations
— Typos fix

Release date: 2022-06-11
Genre: 3DCG, Dating Sim, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Big Ass, Animated, MILF, Romance, Humor, Graphic Violence, Teasing, Groping
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: HopesGaming
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English, French, German, Spanish
Size: 3.54 GB

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