The Entrepreneur [Episode 1-4 Steam Final]

Sex game The Entrepreneur. A young man leaves his college and friends to fulfill his deceased father’s dream, to renovate and open the bar he dedicated his life to and therefore, become an Entrepreneur. As he goes back to the city where he was made to the man he is now, he will end up living with three women on which he’ll have a major impact. How will he react when facing important choices and what impact on their future will it have ? It is all in your hands.

Steam Version

Episode 4
Let me proudly give you what I’ve worked on during the past 2 years and 4 months. The Entrepreneur, complete edition!

This last episode marks the achievement of my first game, The Entrepreneur. As such, I complete the project I’m the most proud in my entire life.

This last episode I’m releasing today is in my opinion the best I’ve released out of the 4 which make The Entrepreneur.
More statics than any other, more animations, a great plot and beautiful endings.

I know that this episode will have some issues which I intend to fix ahead of the Steam release for the minor ones.

I won’t have you wait any longer, and give many IMPORTANT recommendations you need to follow in order to play the game.

You will NEED to start the game from the beginning again as changes have been made to the script from episode 1. If you don’t, you might reach the end, but you will encounter crashes, script errors, and won’t get the ending you should have based on the route you followed.

The game has 4 possible routes, which all have 3 different endings.
Therefore, you will get lost and I strongly advise you to use the option that’s been added to allow you to name your saves.

The Gallery is up and running for scenes, and I don’t think there’s any issue with it, but during testing, I’ve had troubles at times, and other times didn’t have them.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me talk about the last episode.
The first 3 episodes all together amounted to 2.5 GB, while the last episode brings the whole package to 4.5 GB. Yeah, there’s a lot of content for you to see.

Here are some numbers:
Statics: 1873
Animations: 81
Music: 100 new songs have been added to this episode.

The music used in the 4th episode though, is entirely new. I’m also happy, that none of those 232 songs has been used twice in the game.

The Entrepreneur Christmas episode
403 static renders
42 animations
1000 lines of dialogue between characters

Episode 2
1429 static renders
32 animations
12 lewd animations
4800 lines of dialogue between characters

Release date: 2023-08-30
Genre: 3dcg, animated, creampie, groping, handjob, humor, male protagonist, milf, oral sex, pov, romance, stripping, teasing, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: MisterMaya
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Episode 1-4 v.1.0 Final Release Steam (Completed) + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod / Christmas Special
Language: English
Size: 4.32 GB / 536 MB

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