Love & Sex: Second Base [v.24.3.0a Patreon]

Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

Electronic harem events 4 & 5
Goth harem hot coffee 2
5 new Kat story events
9 new Kat hot coffee scenes
Angela birthday sex
Hot coffee inserts in Aletta, Alexis and Hanna scenes
Improved hot coffee scenes for Sasha & Shiori
1 new Scottie hot coffee scene

Lexi birthday date
Minami, Morgan, Palla and Samantha hot coffee scenes improved
Update Samantha selfie
Kat events 1 to 4
Kat meets Jack
Bree reverse cowgirl
Goth harem (Amy/Violaine)
Gaming harem (Bree/Kat)
Amusement Park
Amy, Kat, Reona photobooth
Amy, Kat, Reona hottub sex
Amy, Kat, Reona cuddles
All guys cuddles

New features:
Added Hanna’s armpits hair to all her scenes
Aletta, Alexis, Anna, Audrey, Ayesha, Bree, Camila, Cassidy, Emma, Hanna, Harmony, Kleio, Kylie, Lavish, Lexi hot coffee scenes improved
Amy, Ayesha, Camila, Kylie birthday dates
Amy blowjob
Amy forest date
Amy halloween party at home
Amy kink events 1 to 5
Ayesha cowgirl
Camila, Cherie story scenes improved
Criminal harem restaurant date
add amy, kat, reona tattoo parlor scene
Amy, Kat, Reona chatting artworks
Amy, Kat, Reona arcade gaming
Amy, Kat, Reona hottub
playing guitar for Amy, Kat, Reona
Electronic harem 03
intro improved
Amy, Kat, Reona restaurant meal
Amy, Kat, Reona watching movies
add guys tattoo parlor scene
add missing layers in the dance scene
abort pregnancy
can have two jobs
Jack missionary scene
scottie cowgirl
scottie doggy
scottie hot coffee in the pub
Updated victor sprite

– Added pickup line (suggested by thepostalgamer)
– Aletta date birthday
– Alexis ntr event 04
– Alexis repeatable movie event
– Alexis restaurant ntr scene
– Anna date birthday
– Blackmail dwayne
– Breemc ayesha hottub event
– Breemc ayesha kiss
– Breemc danny hot tub event
– Breemc dwayne hot tub event
– Breemc jack hot tub event
– Breemc lexi hot tub event
– Breemc sasha alternate event 05
– Breemc sasha hottub event
– Breemc scottie event 06
– Breemc scottie kiss
– Cassidy birthday date
– Chibis for arcade claw machine
– College ending
– Even more achievements
– Fashion ending
– Hanna / harmony / lexi lapdance
– Hanna birthday date
– Heart attack and hypnosis arrest
– Home harem enhancement 3
– Kylie’s murder trial
– New achievement – solitude & sorrow
– New achievements
– Palla birthday date
– Playing videogames with jack
– Repeatable alexis beach event
– Repeatable events for camila
– Ryan taking the bus
– Sasha handjob
– Shiori birthday date
– Sleepy shiori

Love & Sex v23.09e
BothMC Call a NPC in any room at home
BothMC New gift plushie
MikeMC Alternate Sasha BJ event
MikeMC Jealous harem ending
MikeMC Kleio call me master
MikeMC Lavish meeting BJ
MikeMC Lexi/Ryan pimping events
MikeMC Sam alternate beach hot coffee
MikeMC Sam doggy in her livingroom
MikeMC Sam sneaking in 1EV
MikeMC Sasha pool foreplay
BreeMC Doggy scene with Mike
BreeMC Missionary with Mike
BreeMC Angela’s hottub event & sex
BreeMC Mike’s hottub event
BreeMC Scottie’s hottub event

– When introduced to Emma you won’t be called Samantha’s boyfriend if on revenge route
– Aletta cassidy fight
– Breemc gifts dialogues
– Breemc/sasha kiss
– Crash before sam’s wedding
– Hang with kleio at the mall
– Hottub pregnancy/sexy swimsuit issues
– Lexi bj story tracker
– Meet kylie at the university story tracker
– Naked layers for watch tv
– Sam’s revenge path
– Sam’s revenge tracker
– Sasha haircut in home harem foursome
– Tracking cassidy’s meeting

– Battle of the bands solo enhancement [qol] Fix:
– Activities during scavenger hunt linked to emma
– Added delay to samantha /ryan’s baby talk, and fixed bug that prevented avoiding
– Added spoiler support to scottie’s story tracker
– Avoid sasha/scottie to trigger due to unwanted lp loss
– Ayesha and hanna event order
– Ensure no transformations are applied to npc during home harem choices
– Npcs only wearing a towel when they’re not
– Random pregnant girl
– Samantha leaving during showdown even if agreed to non exclusive relationships

34 phone wallpapers added to the supporter pack
5 new outfits for Bree
hot tub artworks
Wrestling ending for the taming harem
Amy kiss & sex teasers
Bree mc pregnancy handling part 2
Camila helping with the office investigation
Concert solos during the band story
Naked bathroom with Bree
Home harem events improvements
Minami couch fun
Minami’s masturbation
Palla restaurant bj
Pregnancy test
Sam’s baby ryan
Samantha additional post date BJ
Samantha wedding BJ
new scottie events

Gallery (Need NG+, very alpha right now)
Sasha boobjob visual update
Hanna stand
Criminal Harem Alley Blowjob
Sporty Harem Proposal + Ending
Alexis ntr bj high school reunion
Camila hospital artwork
Bree boobjob visual update
Bree spoon visual update
Just a little push
Play guitar activity
Gallery crash on kwargs
Bree minami sasha blowjob layers
Bree titfuck mouth layers
Chatting cg layers
Gallery picker issue
Lavish piercings on chatting cg
Missing button for gallery
Sexperience achievement

– Alexis ntr bj high school reunion
– Band harem events enhancement 1
– Bitchy harem events enhancement 2
– Bree boobjob visual update
– Camila hospital cg
– Cleaned up hypnosis option conditions, and added kylie yandere management
– College harem events enhancement
– Criminal harem alley blowjob
– Criminal harem events enhancement 1
– Fashion harem events enhancement 1
– Gaming harem events enhancement 1
– Hanna stand
– Jealous harem events enhancement 1
– Just a little push
– New achievements
– Office harem events enhancement 1
– Pixie harem events enhancement 1
– Play guitar activity
– Rework bree spoon
– Samantha cum shake in booty call scene
– Sporty harem events enhancement 1
– Sporty harem proposal + ending
– Tatophile harem events enhancement 1
– Sasha tittyfuck visual update
– Taming harem enhancement 1


Here is the 23.06 June monthly update, which should in all honesty be called the big fat juicy update as we have no less than 10 CG and 36 events in it (and even a few expressions and outfits)!
– Add harmony sexy date
– Add harmony to poledance scene
– Add spoilers tooltip for story steps batch 1 (experimental)
– Aletta alternate events
– Aletta repeatable restaurant cunnilingus
– Aletta restaurant blowjob
– Allow afternoon dates on week days
– Audrey playing board game scene
– Bree doggy in sasha’s room
– Bree penalty when she looses at zbox
– Bree postdate rough doggy
– Bree postdate spoon
– Breemc and mike titjob/spoon
– Breemc mike masturbate in livingroom
– Breemc random job events
– Cassidy office reverse cowgirl
– Chatting with girls
– Check home harem repeatable scenes
– Check repeatable harem events (gaming/jealous/office)
– Check repeatable harem events (pixie/sporty/taming)
– Criminal ending
– Dance sexy date outfit
– Enhanced tracker hints
– Foreplay palla spank
– Grope action visual update
– Hanna empty gym blowjob
– Harmony special dance in stripclub
– Harmony stripclub events
– Heart attack
– Hypnosis skill, book & activity
– Kylie classroom blowjob
– Lexi alternate standing hot coffee
– Lexi events enhancement 1
– Lexi pool bj during home date
– Lexi sasha threesome bedroom
– Minami events enhancement 1
– Mindless expression
– Morgan cunnilingus nightclub
– Morgan events enhancement 1
– Pet head and grope activity for every girls
– Samantha events enhancement 1
– Shiori alternate missionary scene
– Shiori falls in bedroom
– Small bitchy harem ending
– Story steps spoilers batch2
– Studio bj with kleio
– Taming harem ending
– Toggle pregnancy pop-up
– Topless command (office/work)
– Ventilate weekend events
– Watch tv on date

– Kylie wallpaper in the supporter pack
– Samantha now has toggle for calling her cupcake in command
– Assorted minor minami scene bugs
– Avoid visiting places always untick in story tracker
– Ayesha’s submission events have duration
– Bitchy harem foursome
– Bree event triggering as breemc
– Breemc story tracker + love update issue
– Breemc vo issue
– College harem sex scene triggering while bree is asleep
– Couch event triggering while the girl are sleeping
– Do checks on love/sub max assignments
– Friendly harem outfits
– Go steady overlapping labels
– Hanna’s post-date event will trigger as intended
– Harmony’s mall date fix won’t crash game
– Layers issues
– Made ayesha’s story tracker entry conditions more accurate
– Mike events issues for breemc
– Popcorn purchase cg will render collar on top of outfit
– Repeating shiori preg talk
– Samantha cowgirl layers
– Save story tracker refresh during update causing crashes
– Story tracker condition/conditions
– Typos
– Various typos and dialogue logic issues
– Watching porn with multiple people with same lp won’t crash game

Love & Sex: Second Base 23.5.0
– Added samantha cheating responses based on story and stats
– Birthday intro on dates
– Bitchy harem endings 1cg, 5ev
– Board games 4 cg
– Breemc add 4 jobs chibis + random job events
– Breemc add 5 jobs chibis
– Breemc add 5 jobs chibis
– Breemc birthday/valentine/christmas gift from npc
– Breemc jack deathless harpies 1 ev
– Breemc mike events integration 10ev
– Check aletta repeatable events
– Check alexis repeatable events
– Check audrey repeatable events
– Check ayesha repeatable events
– Check band and bitchy harems repeatable events
– Check bree repeatable events
– Check camila repeatable events
– Check cassidy repeatable events
– Check college/criminal/fashion harems repeatable events
– Check emma repeatable events
– Check hanna repeatable events
– Check harmony repeatable events
– Check kleio/kylie repeatable events
– Check lavish repeatable events
– Check lexi repeatable events
– Check minami repeatable events
– Check morgan repeatable events
– Check palla repeatable events
– Check samantha repeatable events
– Check sasha repeatable events
– Emma events enhancement 2 qol
– Emma events enhancement 3 qol
– Emma events enhancement qol
– Flat doggy date 1ev
– Friendly harem bj 1cg 1ev
– Friendly harem blowjob+cowgirl+doggy 3cg
– Hanna events enhancement 1
– Harmony events enhancement qol
– Home date eating snacks 4 cg
– Home harem girls couch fun 1 cg, 1 ev
– Iron stomach reduces hunger drain by 20%
– Mikemc add 3 jobs chibis
– Missing band harem proposal options (anna/sasha, kleio/sasha)
– Repeat friendly harem threesome
– Sam repeatable cowgirl/reverse cowgirl 2ev

– Add cache on story tracker
– Add direct link to wiki page from story tracker titles
– Ayesha events enhanced reactions
– Bree events enhanced reactions part 1
– Bree events enhanced reactions part 2
– Breemc jack alternate event 04
– Breemc jack alternate event 05
– Breemc jack alternate events 02/03
– Breemc 11 new jobs texts
– Breemc guys pregnant talk
– Breemc guys reactions
– Breemc jobs 1st batch
– Breemc jobs 2nd batch
– Breemc pregnancy
– Chat with master
– Chat with shawn
– Date intro on special dates
– Emma wants a unique wedding
– Emma wedding
– Kylie events enhanced reactions part 1
– Kylie events enhanced reactions part 2
– Kylie events enhanced reactions part 3
– Kylie hoodie
– Master reactions
– Mcpicker
– One time dates introduction with ayesha.
– Peeping on bree and samantha having sex
– Peeping on lexi and samantha having sex
– Peeping on minami and samantha having sex
– Peeping on samantha and sasha having sex
– Samantha beach hot coffee
– Samantha booty calls mc
– Sasha events enhanced reactions part 1
– Update breemc inventory
– breemc piercings shop

v23.3.0a Weekly Update 2
Bree enhanced events part 2
BreeMC pregnancy
One time dates introduction with Ayesha.
Samantha beach hot coffee
Samantha booty calls MC
Updated BreeMC inventory

Features Weekly Update 1
Improved Ayesha events
Peeping on Bree and Samantha having fun
Peeping on Lexi and Samantha having fun
Peeping on Minami and Samantha having fun
Peeping on Sasha and Samantha having fun

– Battle of the bands enhancement [qol] – Small talks enhanced reactions part 2 [qol] Fix:
– Adjust nonexclusive flag when joining a harem
– Duplicated mike in sasha ending
– Hospital issue with camila in demo
– Minami happy expression

– Add angela dance scene
– Anna 1 to 5 events enhancement
– Anna 6+ events enhancement
– Audrey after date stand sex
– Audrey tv night
– Ayesha alternate reverse cowgirl
– Breemc angela events
– Breemc kiss ayesha
– Breemc mike event 06
– Breemc sasha foreplay
– Camila blowjob
– Camila last story events
– Cassidy events enhancement
– Emma events
– Gamer harem
– Hanna housewife ending
– Hanna’s gym profits
– Kleio events enhancement
– Morning wood bree
– Morning wood minami
– Morning wood sasha
– Palla and bitchy harem enhancement
– Palla event 2 and 3 and office event 01
– Play console with girls
– Prison visit camila taunt kylie
– Small talks enhanced reactions part 1

Audrey new events
Improved legacy Audrey events
Audrey repeatable reverse cowgirl
Ayesha new events & ending
Band harem threesome art rework
Bitchy harem BJ
Camila new events & endings
Movie theater CGs
Dynamic load/save pagination
Home harem BJ Lexi/Minami/Samantha
Home harem confession to Samantha
Improved legacy Lavish events
Manage collar in command menu
Updated Sasha missionary CG
Updated Sasha standing CG

– Alexis_event_03 checked for wrong location
– Emma bj passing time
– Home harem belly comparing event won’t block other events
– Minami collar clipping hair
– Trigger conditions for kylie’s reform path 8th event
– Updates on story trackers

Emma pregnacy talk
Harmony ending
Harmony preg talk
Kylie endings
Morgan ending visuals
New harmony events
Swimming visuals
Threesome with Violaine and Vincent
Palla model ending outfit
Buying popcorn visuals
Morgan sexy dress
Added the deathless harpies original song to the supporter pack
Aletta events enhanced 2

Love & Sex: Second Base v22.12.0
Add sexy casual outfit for harmony dance
Anna oral fun
Bitchy hot coffee text update
Bree karate-gi outfit
Bree/Lexi hot coffee
Bree MC – Jack events
Bree Z-box events
Cassidy’s ending
Hanna alternate missionary
Hanna’s ending
Hanna event 10
Home harem Bree/Lexi beach date
Lexi/Minami/Samantha beach date
New Android logo
Samantha/Sasha beach date
Samantha alternate ending
Taming oral fun
Taming harem hot coffee with Ayesha
Taming harem event

Love & Sex: Second Base v22.11.0b
Palla endings
Office harem ending
New taming harem events
New Camila events
New Aletta event
New Anna events
New Bree events
New Emma event
New Kleio events
New Kylie events
New outfit for Emma (wedding dress)
New outfit for Cassidy (wedding dress)
Full Angela sprite

– Add drink with guys
– Add sexy casual outfit for harmony dance
– Anna blowjob
– Bitchy foursome text update
– Bree karate-gi outfit
– Bree lexi threesome
– Bree mc – jack events
– Bree z box events
– Cassidy ending
– Hanna alternate missionary
– Hanna ending
– Hanna event 10
– Home harem bree lexi beach
– Lexi minami sam beach date
– Lexi minami samantha after beach date
– New android logo
– Sam sasha beach date
– Samantha alternate ending
– Taming bj (repeatable)
– Taming harem bondage fuck ayesha
– Taming harem event 3

19 new events
13 new CGs including sex scenes
300+ new voiced lines for Harmony
Pixie & Sporty Harem Update
Expression rework on Audrey & Kleio

City map
526 new voiced lines
3 New events and 4 CG for the Bitchy harem
4 Lavish spanking events
Add breemc talk subjects
6 more new or updated CG
8 new events
Kleio new haircut

– Alexis love max
– Consumables
– Date events
– Disable breemc/master missing events
– Sasha collar issues
– Typos

500 new voiced lines for Alexis & Samantha
17 new events
14 new CGs including sex scenes
New ending for Alexis
New pose for Bree

900 new voiced lines for Lexi, Anna, Kleio & Mike
19 new events
14 new CGs including sex scenes
New endings for Aletta & Lavish

17 new CGs including sex scenes
20 new events
11 new musical tunes
College Harem
144 new voiced lines for Shiori
New restaurant meal poses

12 new CGs including sex scenes
8 new events
Fashion Harem
14 new chibis for Bree MC
Photobooth with guys
3 new reactions

– Band Harem Foursome 2
– Band Harem Foursome
– Dog & bird attacks
– Emma Doggy
– Jail bg on Camila Doggy
– Kylie Blowjob
– Kylie Doggy Style
– Kylie Prison Blowjob
– Lavish Cunnilingus
– Lexi Doggy
– New location jail
– New skill “Bookworm”
– Peeping bath Minami + Bree
– Photo-booth
– Piercings inserts for tatoo parlor
– Prison Visit
– Prison Visit with Camila
– Schedules adjustments Anna Minami
– Text update (Band Harem Foursome)
– Text update (Home Harem Threesome Bree/Sasha)
– add missing drink layers
– allow story tracker steps to switch between active and inactive state
– rework slap ass

1 new pose
7 new events
7 new CG
1 new outfit
6 features

– Amy teaser 1 event
– Angela sprite update + BreeMC events 2 events
– Aletta Titjob 1 CG, 2 Event
– Date Arcade Girl 1 CG
– Harmony Cunnilingus 1 CG
– Harmony Doggy 1 CG
– Harmony events 9/10 + avoid blocking events 2 events
– Karting during dates 1 activity
– Kleio new pose 1 new pose
– Kylie Jail Outfit 1 outfit
– Kylie stalking phone answer
– Pregnancy ending and child support 1 feature
– Updated Threesome with Bree and Sasha 1 CG
– Updated tattoo parlor
– Visual update for Bree Sasha Threesome 1 CG
– Walk the bitches 1CG
– Better showdown check! 1 feature
– New options screen 1 feature
– 15+ repeatable sex scenes 1 feature
– Sexual stamina 1 feature
– Girls fertility cycle 1 feature

More Fix

– Add Mike santa outfit
– Annoyed expression for Alexis, Cassidy and Morgan
– Christmas hot coffee
– Complimenting Minami unlocks at 75+ siscon
– Customized girls reactions for asking birthday
– Customized girls reactions for asking phone number
– Customized girls reactions for dumping
– Customized girls reactions for going steady
– Customized girls reactions for massage
– Customized girls reactions for offering a drink
– Customized girls reactions for slapping ass
– Customized girls reactions to pet
– Emma reverse cowgirl
– Increasing traits impacts on dates
– Kleio Cowgirl Visual Update
– Kleio Cunnilingus
– Kylie christmas gift update
– Kylie new pose
– More options on Kleio cunnilingus
– Movie watching based on traits
– Not artsy trait
– Office Christmas Party
– Random horror movie title generation
– Sasha bass training
– Sasha slave event CG
– Sasha unpack
– Scared and crying expressions for Emma
– Study with CG for Minami, Emma, Kylie and Bree
– ‘[BreeMC] Customized guys reactions for asking phone number’
– add Dwayne Sprite Santa Claus
– add Palla in tattoo shop

– New girl: Minami
– 3 new locations
– 5 new sex scenes
– 12 new story events
– 212 new lines of voiced dialogue
– New dating scene: Eating an ice cream
– Some new music tracks
– Added a button to mute the MC
– New dancing scene
– Bug fixes

– 367 voiced lines (Aletta, Bruce & Jack)
– 38 BreeMC Chibis
– 11 CGs (10 are naughty)
– 9 new sex scenes (Emma, Anna, Cassidy, Lavish, Minami, Morgan)
– Rework to try and fix the lag issue
– Condom reactions (Sasha, Shiori, Samantha)
– Command to tie/untie Aletta’s hair
– Piercings activity CG

– 134 new voiced lines (Mike)
– 20 booty slapping CG
– 8 new Halloween outfits (including kissing and dancing scenes)
– 8 new Halloween events
– 7 new Halloween sex scenes

– 11 new outfits
– 10 new CG (Minami, Bree, Alexis)
– 15 new sex scenes
– 17 new story events
– 1 new skill
– Improved peeping with getting caught chance
– Seasonal music

– Add alexis sexydate kiss
– Add lexi sexydress sprite + kiss
– Adjust Hanna schedule at work
– Cassidy close view
– Command girls to wear/unwear sexy outfits
– Kylie close view
– Kylie sexydress sprite + kiss
– Update Alexis Missionary
– Update Alexis Reverse Bedroom to Alexis Cowgirl

– More Fix

Full Changelog:
– 310 new voiced lines (Lavish, Audrey)
– 9 new sexy dresses (Cassidy, Alexis, Aletta, Anna, Ayesha, Emma, Hanna, Kleio, Palla)
– 4 Home Harem sleeping scenes
– 4 new story events for Bree MC (Lexi)
– 3 new story events for Mike MC (Aletta, Shiori, Audrey)
– 2 new expressions (Hanna, Palla)
– 2 new backgrounds (rooftop, waterpark)
– 1 new sex scene (Lavish, Shiori)
– Android icon, splash, virtual keyboard fix
– Girls SexCount on the Phone
– Pregnancy popup
– Rework impregnate logic
– bug fixes

– New girl: Minami
– 3 new locations
– 5 new sex scenes
– 12 new story events
– 212 new lines of voiced dialogue
– New dating scene: Eating an ice cream
– Some new music tracks
– Added a button to mute the MC
– New dancing scene
– Bug fixes

Here is 21.8, the August release Love & Sex: Second Base once again with a lot of new content!!!
It’s an orgy of orgies: threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes !!!
If like me you love the Office Harem you are in for a major treat

Full Changelog:
– 15 new full screen scenes (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Lexi)
– 15 new story events (Audrey, Shiori, Aletta, Lavish, Ayesha)
– 1 new location (classroom)
– 1 new background (trailer park)
– 1 new music (Office)
– bug fixes

– New girl: Minami
– 3 new locations
– 5 new sex scenes
– 12 new story events
– 212 new lines of voiced dialogue
– New dating scene: Eating an ice cream
– Some new music tracks
– Added a button to mute the MC
– New dancing scene
– Bug fixes

– 6 new CG
– 12 new events
– 3 new backgrounds
– New haircut for minami
– Lag fix
– Dick reactions
– pregnancy requests for the home harem
– repeatable home harem sex
– bug fixes

Feature Love & Sex: Second Base:
– Add Audrey cunnilingus scene
– Nightclub Lexi/Aletta
– New BG Tattoo shop
– 3 new chibis
– Snow effect
– Add Office ending
– Office cumshare
– New university background
– Update dance kleio
– 5 new chibis
– New restaurant BG
– New location – Jewelry store
– Add check on new version
– concert button
– Audrey shiori office events
– 10 new chibis
– New Samantha voices
– Aletta proposal, ending, wedding
– Aletta events 7/8/9/10
– Aletta kink events
– Add presplash screen
– Add aletta pregnant layers
– Aletta events 06/kink 3-4-5
– Adjust bg ceo Office harem scenes
– CEO office
– 10 new chibis
– New chibis
– Rework spank
– New voices
– New music
– New pub background
– More Fix

Feature Love & Sex: Second Base:
– New voices
– Allow player new game or new game +
– Audrey ending
– Audrey events 09/10 + sexydress
– New electronic store BG
– Audrey doggy + cowgirl
– Shiori ending
– Shiori piledriver
– More chibi actions
– New shooting range background
– Shiori missionary
– New flower shop background
– Kylie assault consequences
– Add missing texts for gifts
– First 10 chibis actions
– Update kissing scenes for the office girls
– Bilssard’s deal
– CEO commands
– update harem.yaml
– rework Shiori sprite
– rework Lavish sprite
– rework Audrey sprite
– Jessica teaser
– Rework Aletta sprite
– Rework sprite Minami
– KP rebalance
– Choose starting day
– New inventory screen
– Gianna teaser art
– New gym background
– New Shopping screen
– Camila voices
– New beach music
– Aletta KP events
– Improves how Shiori addresses the MC
– Reincarnation mode

Cheat code news
Hi guys 🙂
As we crossed the 15k goal the cheat menu will be made available to everyone, it will be a button in the game’s phone (which will make it easier for Android users):
Have fun

Release date: 2024-03-25
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, Dating sim, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Andrealphus
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 24.3.0a Patreon
Language: English
Size: 1.97 GB

Download Keep2Share Download Turbobit Download Hitfile
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