The Intoxicating Flavor [v.0.10.6]

The protagonist of the sex game The Intoxicating Flavor finds himself on a deserted island, there is no connection with the world and there is no possibility of returning. Everything changes with the arrival of long-awaited guests, funny and piquant situations did not take long to appear. With the coming of night, strange dreams appear, you understand that the island is not so simple. A fun pastime turns into a serious story with its own fears, secrets and consequences.

92 images.
2200 words.

114 images.
2,900 words

145 images.
2,900 words.
2 sounds

427 images.
7,000 words.
2 animations.

The Intoxicating Flavor 0.1 New Start
Hello everyone!
I have some good news! The first chapter is finally ready!

What’s new?
693 images.
14,000 words.
3 animations.
Some sounds have been edited.

I tried to stay as faithful as possible to the plot of the old version, only fixing and expanding upon it. The dialogue is now much cleaner, and the plot is clearer. Plus, I elaborated on some things in more detail.

As for the visuals, I don’t think there’s much to say. During development, I learned a lot, and comparing these two versions makes that very clear. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to judge for yourselves.

I also removed the single choices from the game that everyone found so annoying. I’ve long recognized this mistake and I’m glad I finally have the opportunity to fix it.

There are also important technical changes. There will no longer be separate English or Russian versions. Now it’s a single game. This needed to be done for a long time.

And the game now has an official Android version! Even on my 7-year-old phone, the game runs perfectly.

152 images
4500 words

166 images
4800 words
2 sounds

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven’t written for a long time. The update turned out to be one and a half times more than I expected. That’s what we have.

197 images
4000 words
1 sound

136 images
3000 words
4 animations

269 images
6500 words
4 animations

86 images
2500 words

109 images
4500 words
1 sound

83 images
2500 words
3 sounds

84 images
4100 words

152 images
4700 words

The Intoxicating Flavor v0.7
393 images
12000 words
9 animations

The Intoxicating Flavor v0.6.5
246 images
9500 words
2 big animations (476 frames)

The Intoxicating Flavor v0.6
243 images
8500 words
2 animations
1 sounds

91 images
2100 words
3 sounds

91 изображение
2100 слов
3 звука

177 images
4 animations
5500 words
1 sounds

52 images
4 animations
1700 words
1 sounds

110 images
4 animations
4700 words
0 sounds

138 images
2 animations
4000 words
11 sounds

Finished chapter 5 and day 2
207 images
3 animations
6500 words
17 sounds

215 images
12000 words
12 sounds

116 images
4000 words

177 images. + 2 Extra
6000 words

223 images
5000 words
3 new sounds

144 images
4000 words
1 new sound

42 images
1000 words
1-3 new sounds

156 Images + 37 (Extra)
5,000 Words
11 Sounds

54 images.
Only 1300 new words.
4 new sounds.
The update is very short. Few dialogues, but a lot of pictures.:)

47 new images.
2500 words.
5 sounds.
Fixed a bug in the text that Hiperus found. Thank him for that

3000 words.
44 images.
3 new sounds.

Do not wait for something big. There are only 116 new images, 14 new sounds, 3000 words and no scenes of a sexual nature. Plus, I updated The Intoxicating Flavor the main menu a little.

Added 393 images and 8 thousand words of text.

Release date: 2024-01-15
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Mind control, Vaginal sex, Big tits, MILF, Oral sex, Animated, Big ass, Handjob, Romance
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: PixelsLab
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 10.6
Language: English, Russian
Size: 3.95 GB

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